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Sarah Ann Brown - Census 1861 Nottinghamshire

I am searching for my Great grandmother in the 1861 census. Sarah was born in 1860 in Kirkby-In-Ashfield. However, I can't find her birth record either.

Sarah's parents are William Brown 1842 and Pheobe Ann Hayes both born in Kirkby-In-Ashfield.

Sarah had a number of brothers and sisters, but one older born in 1858 all others born after 1861.

Can anyone help, I have tried numerous time and adjusted my searches without any luck.

Thanks Steve

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Trouble finding census's

I am finding on numerous occasions that one or more census's can't be found during my research. There may be many reasons why this may be the case; such as mis-spelt surname or christian names, incorrect data entry, no entry given. But there is another reason being census records destroyed by fire or similar fate.

It's the latter I am inquiring about. Are there any details of what census records are not available. If there is, then I could refer to the list to save many hours searching for something I will never find. It will also indicate that I could continue searching.

Thanks in antisipation


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Frederick Irving 1913 Manchester

Please can some one help me with what happened to Frederick. He was married to Louisa May Davenport (nee Irons) who died in 1951. I understand that Frederick travelled to New York, I guess this would be after his wife's death. I can't not find any any death record in UK for Frederick, so I guess he dies in New York.

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looking for marriage and death for Jessie Leary nee Irving

My Jessie Irving born November 1897 parents William McDonald Irving and Georgina nee Gleadell. She had 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Jessie is believed to have been married to a Serviceman name of Leary. They had two children Lillian and Victor. I understand Jessie died in 1975 in Glyndwr, Clwyd, Wales.

I can not trace any marriage for Jessie, her spouse is unknown to me.

I can not trace any birth records for Lillian or Victor.

I can not trace Jessie's death.

This is a long shot, can anyone help by tracing the marriage? This would confirm her husbands name. Any other help would be appreciated.


Stephen Smith

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Searching for a Death in Australia

I have a Edna Smith born Sep 1812 who past away in 2000's, she had emigrated to Australia back in 1962 ish. She lived with her Daughter Shirley Fountain in Brisbane. Edna had previously been married to a George Fountain before leaving England. Her maiden name was Tatley.

Can someone look up a death record for her for me.


Stephen Smith

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Searching for Smith ancestors, anyone research these family members

I have a George Smith born 1880, William Henry Smith 1897 and Frederick 1900, all born in Nottingham . They lived with their mother Rebecca Smith nee Chaplain in Nottingham in 1911, I have this from the 1911 Census. They have a brother Albert which I know about (I am a decendant).

Is anyone researching Smith's which may help me trace their ancestors.

I know some about the Chaplain's it is the Smith's I am having trouble with.


Stephen Smith

Is anyone researching Holmes family

I have a Gertrude Smith born 1888 in Nottingham who marries a Frederick Holmes born 1890 in 1910. The had a daughter Gertrude in 1910. They lived with their mother in Nottingham in 1911, I have this from the 1911 Census.

It is not known if they had anymore children.

I would like to know if anyone is researching this family and have any knowledge of Gertrude mother or duaghter.


Stephen Smith

Help with Ancestor - Sarah Ann Kirkham from Nottingham

I have a Sarah Ann Kirkham born 1835 in Nottingham. I know she married Thomas Chapl(a)in and had serveral Children. However, I can not find any marriage between them. It is possible that Sarah Kirkham married William Barnes in Sep 1849 and remarried John Thomas Chapl(a)in in Dec 1850. I can find a death for William Barnes in Dec 1849. What I don't know is this true. How can I find out?

I have a census for 1881 with Sarah as head, I understand that Thomas died before 1881, but do not know when.

I can not find a census for 1871 for Sarah or her children.

The childrens names are Joseph 1857, William ?? 1861, Thomas 1863 and Rebecca 1865. All the children I can find births for as Chaplain buy not for William only one I can find is Chaplin and registered in Radford where others are Nottingham.

Incidentally I can not find anything for Sarah Kirkham or Thomas Chapl(a)in for census 1861, 1851 or 1841.

Can anybody help me out here.

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Finding a lost Uncle

I would like to share how I found a lost Uncle who had lost contact for over 34 years.

My Father enjoys walking and on occasions, when I visit my parents I would go along with him on his walks around Derbyshire. We often talked about his family and he would tell me about my Uncle Albert. I tried to gether as much information about him, but it was never enough to base a search on.

I had found that another Uncle had tried to find his brother without any luck and also his sister had tried to search for her brother and failed.

I stepped in and tried to gather as much information as I could. My Uncle Albert was in the Navy and was based in Portsmouth in the early 1960's. I remembered visiting them when going on holiday to the Isle of White.

There was a feature on Radio 2 where Jimmy Young would help to find lost family. I wrote as much as I knew and out of the blue I had a response from Radio 2 following details of my Uncle being read out on this feature.

My cousin was a taxi driver and by chance was listening to radio 2 when the feature was on and he responded. I rang my cousin that evening and although we had only seen each other acouple of time in the early 1960's we talk for over an hour as if we knew each other all our lives.

I found that my Uncle also wondered about his family and didn't know how to go about finding them.

My Uncle continued to live in Portsmouth from the 1960's. My cousin and I arranged to get our Dad's together and bring them together. We meet in a pub on Sunday, I took my Mum and Dad and we meet up with my Uncle, his second wife, his children from his first marriage and their children and grandchildren, there were over 50 of us for Sunday lunch. This was a fabulous reunion that I shall always remember.

I then arranged for a reunion with my rest of my Uncles, Aunties, cousin and their families to meet my Uncle from Portsmouth.

I draw up a family tree and pinned it to the wall, there were members of the family I had never meet such as second and third cousins. They were all eagar to add their names to the family tree.

Like with most families, there were break-up and family members not talking, which I was not aware of, but both attended the reunion and they found a way to put their differences a side and starting talking again.

Sadly my Uncle has past away, he would have never been forgotten, but meeting up again will ensure happy memories of the reunions.

In memory of my Uncle Albert 1925 - 2002

Looking for Decendants of George Birchenough

George was born in June quarter 1861 in Macclesfield.

In 1871 census he was living on Pickford Street in Macclesfield. His father died in 1874 and sister, Mary, was married in 1876.

In 1881 census George lived with Mary and her husband and brothers and sister in the family home.

There is no listing for their Mother, Hannah, and it is feasible that she could have re-married. There are four possible marriages for a Hannah Birchenough between 1874 and 1881, and one in Macclesfield.

There is a marriage for a George Birchenough in Jun 1884 in Macclesfield. It may be possible that he married Rachel Swindells.

Is there anybody reasearching Birchenough who can help spread some light on decendant for George and what happened to Hannah.


Stephen Smith

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