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How can I do this professionally?

I am fascinated. Hooked. My familt acts as if I am on drugs the way I am always thinking of it and cant go a day w/o doing some lookups. I do trees for everyone I know. I have heard of professional genealogists, but never known one. I am very serious about this. it is the only thing I can imagne doing. PLease help! ;)

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What do you do when you hit a dead end?

example: if the person is long dead, you have their gravestone location and pictures, but oyur state has seemingly no records of the marriage, ancestry(parents), or even birth or dead certs. I only know my great-great grandfather's name, and dates of birth/death. I dont know who his parents were. some local genealogists suggest that he is a farmer from MO, but family lore says he was an attny from KY. He was born in 1865. I dont know how to beak through this road block. Any suggestions?? I know the 1860's were a tough time for the country as well as for record keeping, but I know there is just something simple I havent thought of.

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Looking for Huddleston of southern Missouri, possibly from Kentucky

Jesse M Huddleston md Louisa Frances Hamilton in Oregon County, Missouri. She was born in TN. He is listed as born in MO, but family tales suggest he or his kin were from KY. He and Louisa are buried in Jolliff Cemetery,Missouri (Howell or Oregon County)- Jas M. and Lou F. Huddleston. He died in 1920. It is suggested he was a farmer, but his daughter, Roxy, told her kids that he was a lawyer from KY originally. I was told he wrote a book and that his wife ran a phone out of her house for the town. I can find no records. They had 4 kids, Roxy, Carrie, Nova, and Clarence. All children ended up in Oklahoma. Carrie md Elmer Speck, they had some kids. Nova and Clarence history less sure...Roxy md Rufus Judd, had 5 kids later she md Robert Edgar Nicholson, had 2 kids Robert jr and Betty. Robt jr md Virginia Nance had 1 child Carol. Betty md Bob Moore had 1 child Mike. 5 Judd kids: Hubert md had 1 child, Linda Lou Judd. Clifford and Lloyd passed away before starting families. Vivian had no kids. Ilah md Bill Mannen, they had 2 kids Sandra and Vicky.

Looking for Fanning in northern Missouri and where they came from

Grandparents: Robert L. Fanning md Helen Jean. He is deceased and I cannot find any records for him or his lineage. She is remarried and lives in Arkansas. I hear the Fannings came from Macon, MO.