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I found Catherine Mary Margaret Hagan

Ive finally hit on the death cert for Catherine Hagan. She was born on April 10 1867 in the "Kerry Patch", an Irish settlement in St. Louis Missouri. According to the cert, Her father was James Hagan. Her mother was Mary Igoe (?) Both were born in Ireland. according to the 1870 census she had a sister named Ann. By the 1880 census, the family included:James Hagan
Mary Hagan
and the children: Catherine 13, Anne 11, Mary 9, Michael 8, Elisa (elizabeth?) 7, John 5, Thomas 4, and James Hagan's brother Michael Hagan 45
still looking for the O'Hagan connection. But I'm very excited about the info I have up to this point

John W Riegel and Catherine Hagan

I found a 1900 census. It was dated as 1 June 1900. John and Catherine had only been married for a couple of months. I know this because I found a pic of the ledger that shows that John applied for a marriage licence on 16 April 1900. So they had to have been married between Apr. 16th and May 31st of that year. That is if the laws on obtaining a license before the ceremony applied then. Not sure how to look that up. Also in the 1900 census under "how long married" the answer is "0" for both of them. Either this reflects that they had been married under 1 year, or (mercy me) they were not married yet and were living under the same roof anyway. I assume they had a private (apartment) dwelling. I do not see anyone living in the same household.
There was also a birth month and year for Catherine and John. John's birth month and year matches the ss death index. Catherine, it turns out, was born in April 1871. That clears up a lot. whew!

New information on Hagan

Katherine Hagen was buried in Memorial Park Cemetary, St.Louis,Mo under the name Catherine Margaret Mary Riegel. Every Census I look at after 1910 says that she was born in Missouri, parents both born in Ireland. No two census reflects the same age. eg. of the three census, in 1 she is 1 yr older than her husband John w. Riegel, another she is 4 yrs older, and in the last she is 8 yrs older. I can only assume that she was older than John.(i think). Based on this,I figure she had to be born between 1868-1875

The Holmes connection

My father's name was Orville Kenneth Holmes. His parents were Marie(merrie)Louise Eason and Orville Otho Holmes. My father was born in missouri 1929. Orville Otho born in Missouri about 1886. He worked for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Marie Louise was born in Alabama around 1898

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looking for family of KATHERINE HAGEN, JOHN RIEGEL

Catherine and John Riegel were my Great Grandparents. I have lots of info on John, but Catherine Hagen seems lost in time until she married John. They had two children, Cecilia and Lenora. Cecilia married Charles Sumner and had two children, Gwendolyn and Kenneth.
I am Gwendolyn's daughter. Lenora married Russell Hulan and as far as I know had two children, Richard and Joann.
Catherine was buried at Memorial Park Cemetary in St. Louis, Missouri, 11-03-1934 as Mary Margret Catherine Riegel. John followed her on 2-6-1946.
I'm looking for Lenora's family because mine are all gone. I'm hoping to learn Catherine's Parents name and what county they came from in Ireland. My Grandmother made a HUGE deal of telling me that her mother's family dropped the "O" from their name either just before or just after arrival in America. All Census records 1910-1930 say that her parents were born in Ireland. Help, researching the mothers of my family is VERRRRRY important to me.

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