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Continuing the Bundock Research

I almost forgot I had this Journal. I actually did, and ran across it during a google search. Needless to say, I have bookmarked it and will try to keep it up as much as time allows me.
Three years is a long time and much has been learned on my Bundock family. I keep my family database on Ancestry, so for this journal post, I will be referring to what I have there.
thanks to a cousin connection in England who did all the research, Samuel's lineage now goes back 8 more generations (including Samuel's father, Thomas), all within various locations in Essex.
To avoid getting too technical, I'll just give the first names of each Bundock grandfather - Geroge Frederick (his daughter, Kate, is my grandmother) - Henry - Samuel - Thomas - Samuel - Jonathan - Thomas - Jonathan - Nicholas - Alexander - John.
This brings the Bundocks back to the 1500s, still in Essex. John, the earliest ancestor, died in Runwell.
My Bundocks moved from Runwell to Copford to Colchester to Great Birch to Bentley to Colchester to possibly Mundon to Chelmsford. From Chelmsford immigrated to the U.S.
My "forward" research to descendants now living is quite complete. I have many still living in the Northern California area.
My focus is still on Samuel's 2 children - Harriet and Charles. I still know nothing about them. I believe it was Charles who may have started on Dister inheritance claim and when he passed away, John Samuel took it over. Newspaper articles indicated that Charles was military at the time of his death.
I am posting a pic of the Bundock Pottery crew from Sacramento. It is said that each person in the pic is a Bundock. The man sitting in the front row with the white shirt is George Frederick, my great-grandfather. Henry, his father, stands behind him (hands on hips). It is only speculation as to who the others are. Speculation has the bearded man on the right as John Samuel, which would date this photo prior to 1900 as J.S. died in 1900; but that is just speculation.

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Samuel Bundock from Chelmsford, Essex, England

I am reseaching Samuel Bundock, my 3nd great-grandfather.

He married Mary Ann Dister in Chelmsford, Essex, England. They were the parents of seven children: Charles, Mary Ann, Harriet, John Samuel, Henry Frederick, Isabella and Mary Ann.

Not much is known of Charles. I believe from reading various newspaper articles that he was in the military of Great Britian at the time of his death which occurred sometime between 1890-1900. I do not believe he was married, but this is only an assumption.

The two Mary Ann's both died at birth or shortly thereafter.

Harriet is also a mystery. She died at about 19 years of age. I have no other information on her.

John Samuel immigrated to the United States. He married Eunice Mercer and had 9 children. He was involved in the Bundock Pottery business in Sacramento or Oakland with other members of the Bundock family.
At the time of his death, he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, but was en route to England to make claim to an estate through the Dister branch. He died in his sleep at a hotel in St. Joseph, Missouri.
One of the mysteries is where he is buried.

Isabella married George Muddox. They immigrated to the United States and settled in Sacramento where George was a well-known and well-repected businessman. Isabella was briefly known as an artist, painting scenes from around California. They had seven children.

Henry is my 2nd great-grandfather. He immigrated with his father, Samuel, and Samuel's brother, Henry. They first settled in Iowa - later moving to Alton, Illinois. There Henry married Lucy Long Wright and the first two of their eight children were born there. They moved to Oakland and then on to Sacramento.

Henry and Lucy's children were John Franklin, Anna, George Frederick, William Nelson, Mattie E., Eunice Ophelia, Robert Barton, and Henry J.

Henry's son, George, is my great-grandfather.

The Bundocks operated a pottery family business in Alton, Oakland and Sacramento. I'll blog more on the business another time.

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