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Looking for any descendents of Francis CARRUTHERS 1575-1679 the 3rd of DORMONT.
My line descends from him through the BRYDEGILL & GEDHILL line
through the GUILEBURN & SORYSYKE lines to:
William CARRUTHERS babt. 1753-1827 (born in Soriesyke)
pleased to share Gedcom's or what have you - The McDONALD & BELL families are predominantly connect to this line as spouses.
Ian > home@zim.co.zw

COMRIE, GOW & GILFILLAN from Perthshire

Looking for any family connected to my mothers line from Perthshire Scotland: Gilfillan, Comrie, Gow or McEwan. From the specific location of Cultoquhey, Comrie & Crieff.
Ian > home@zim.co.zw

Carruthers Africa by Ian L H Carruthers

The Carruthers family were present with William Wallace when he rebelled against English rule in the early 1300's. The slaying of the Red Comyn by Bruce, in Grey Friars Kirk Dumfries, culminated in the Battle of Bannockburn. They rose with Robert the Bruce during the Scottish War of Independence, helping him to victory at Bannockburn in 1314. Dumfriesshire featured largely in Scotland's War of Independence. Under Bruce, Carruthers attained positions of high office becoming hereditary Stewards of Annandale. The English were routed and driven from Scotland; English bases in Scotland were demolished as there was not enough troops to garrison them. The family were also represented at the siege of Stirling in 1585 and were included in the unruly clans within the West Marches in 1587.

Borderer's valued loyalty above all else and despised treachery. They were rugged hard people who lived by their own directives. They became known as the ?Border Reivers?. Sheep stealing and burning of each other?s homes were regular occurrences. The Reivers were a unique group who came from all walks of life. They consisted of farmers, labourers, poachers and blackmailers, most preferring a lengthy lance as their weapon of choice. The Reivers were hardened fighting-men who could handle their weapons competently. It was a cruel time and not just about England vs Scotland. Scots raided Scots and English raided English. There was internal strife between families on the same side as well as the regular raids into the northern counties of Cumberland, Westmoreland and Northumberland. Inter-marriage between the rival factions was frequent and so made it difficult to establish loyalties. Unquestionably the Carruthers family played an important part within the Border Reivers. These folk feuded for almost 300 years from the 13th to the 16th century. Today their lineage can be traced all over the world.

Carruthers now has a recognised coat of arms and Tartan. Some consider Carruthers to be directly descended from Robert the Bruce, illegitimately through a liaison with a Mary Carruthers. Unlikely though this direction demands further, more extensive research. Carruthers were considered a Sept of the Bruce Clan and therefore entitled to use the Bruce tartan and Coat of Arms. On account of their great deeds, their Armorial Shield consisted of 2 chevrons between 3 fleur-de-lys, a symbol of faith and wisdom. A backing of red signifies military fortitude and nobility. The Clan motto is Promptus et Fidelis meaning Ready and Faithful.

Researching all Carruthers in Africa with roots in Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Ian Carruthers ~ rivertailfriction@gmail.com
Harare - Zimbabwe

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