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My Davis Family including Cherry and Austin lines .

I am seeking further information on this line and descendeants within this line .Starting
with my fifth greatgrandfather Isham Davis .2.
greatgrandfather James Davis .
3. Third greatgrandfather Calvin Marshall Davis
2.Second greatgrandfather Thomas Davis
1. Grandfather John Calvin Davis .Am interested in finding information on any of these desceneants and their children .
Isham Davis Sr.(Christopher ) d. Nov. 15,1839 Anson Co,Nc . Married Elizabeth Ingram 1793 Union Co,Nc b. May 7,1774 Anson Co,Nc d. Oct.16,1853 Union Co,Nc
Children of Isham and Elizabeth
1. Mary Davis b. abt. 1795 Anson Co,Nc. d. abt. 1845 Anson Co,Nc .
2. Arthur Davis b. abt. 1891 Nc. d. abt. 1880
3. James Davis b. abt. 1807 d. aft. 1877
4. Christopher Davis b. 1794 Anson Co,Nc mar. Frances Dixon
5. Edmund Lilly Davis b. Feb. 19,1813 Anson Co,Nc d. June 6,1896 Union Co,Nc(note this was the Rev. Edmund Lilly Davis )
6.William Davis
7.Isham Davis Jr.
8 Andrew Jackson Davis b. Feb. 26,1814 Nc.
9. Job Davis
10.Daughter Davis
James Davis (Isham ,Christopher) b. abt. 1807 in Nc d. aft. 1877 married Elitha Kenne bef. 1831 b. abt. 1804 d. bet. 1870-1880
children of James and Elitha
1. John T. Davis b. 1831 Nc
2. Noah Davis b. Feb. 11,1853 Anson Co,Nc d. Feb.2,1908 Chester Co,Tn
3. Mary A. Davis b. Jan. 17,1834 Anson Co,Nc d. Nov. 11,1911
4. Jobe Davis b. 1835 Nc
5. William Davis b. 1836
6. Calvin Marshall Davis b. Sept. 1837 d. March 12,1927 Chester Co,Tn
7. Elisha Davis b. abt. 1838 Nc
8. Henderson J. Davis b. abt. 1839 Nc.
9. James H. Davis b. abt. 1842 Anson Co, Nc
10.Jane Elizabeth Davis b. Jan. 1942 Anson Co,Nc d. 1925 Henderson ,Tn
11. Isham Davis b. abt.1845 Nc.
12. Sarah Davis b. abt. 1847
13.Henry Davis b. abt. 1848
14. Elizabeth Davis b. aft. 1848
Calvin Marshall Davis (James ,Isham,Christopher) b. Sept. 1837 Anson Co,Nc. d. Mar. 12,1927 Chester Co,Tn married Sarah Ann Claude abt. 1869.Married no.2. Maranda Stanfiill aft. 1870
Children of Calvin Marshall and Sarah
1. Thomas Davis b. Aug.27,1860 d. Apr, 12,1939 Chester Co,Tn.
2. James Davis b. abt. 1863
3. Mary Davis b. abt. 1865
4. Margaret Davis b. aft. 1867 married John Weatherington
5. Lithanna Davis b. abt.1869 married William W. Davis
Thomas Davis (Calvin Marshall,James,Isham,Christopher) b. Aug. 27,1860 d. Apr.12,1939 Chester Co,Tn married Sara Colwell Feb.28,1764 Edgecombe Co,Nc.
Children of Thomas and Sarah
1. Tilda Ann Davis
2. JohnCalvin Davis b. Sept. 3,1888 d. Dec.1,1968 married Dovie Esterlee Cherry b. Apr. 8, 1891 d. Mar. 11, 1967 Chester Co,Tn Parents of Dovie Serenus Cecil Cherry b. Sept. 27,1860 d. Jan. 9,1935 mother Beadie Ann Austin b. Aug.18,1861 d. Sept. 25,1903 daughter of Jacob (Jake ) Austin and Elizabeth Little
Children of John and Dovie
1. Carl Davis (my father) b. Sept.9,1917 Henderson Tn Chester County d. May 21,1972 Shelby Co,Tn .My mother was Carl's second wife Jeannie Margaret Oakes b. Oct.23,1929 d. Nov. 9,1997
2. Bruce Davis b. Apr. 7,1919 Henderson ,Tn Chester County d. Mar. 9,1990 Tn . married Lucille Marshall
children of Bruce and Lucille one son still living
3. Jim Davis
4. Dossie Davis b. July 16,1897 d. Aug. 17,1927
5. Mattie Davis b. July 21,1890 d. July 25,1977 married Charlie Dees
6. P.J. Davis b.. Apr. 24,1902 d. Apr. 6,1907
7. Eddie Davis
Thomas married no.2.Della Dees
b. Sept. 29,1880 d. Nov.6,1962
children of Thomas and Della Dees
Hartwell Davis still living b. Feb.7,1915
2. Otis Davis b. Mar. 15,1916 Still living married Virgie Carroll b. Feb.27,1910 d. Nov.4,1993 Chester Co,Tn her parents were Athner N. Carroll and Madie G. William b. May1,1883 d. Aug. 21,1955
My grandfather John Calvin Davis (Thomas ,Calvin Marshall,James,Isham,Christopher) b. Sept. 3,1888 d. Dec. 1,1968 mar. Dovie Esterlee Cherry b. Apr. 8,1891 d. Mar. 11,1967
Children of John and Dovie
1. Carl Davis b. Sept. 9,1917 Chester Co,Tn d. Sept.9,1972 Shelby Co,Tn
2. Bruce Davis b. Apr. 7,1919 Chester Co,Tn d. Mar.9,1990 Madison Co,Tn .
Anyone with information or knowledge of any descendeants listed here I would love to share information with you .I have more on some of the children listed here but would like to gather more on children and others that I do not yet have .
Thanks and sorry this was so long .

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Looking for Ancestors To Christopher Davis & Wife Mary ???

I am researching the families of Christopher Davis and wife Mary ???. Thus far have found nothing but speculation no documented proof on Christopher before abt. dates vary 1729 -1740 on his date of birth .
Hisson Isham Davis is my fifth ggrandfather ,his son James ,his son Calvin Marshall,his son Thomas ,his son John Calvin ,his son my father Carl C. Davis .
I'm in hopes of finding connections to my Davis through any of these names .

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