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I am looking for Michael Winters. Who are his parents? His wife?

What I have found is that he was born in 1689 in Currituck, NC. He has a son named Daniel Winters who was born circa 1728 in Pickford Creek, NC.
Daniel died in 1800 and under burial, Old Napton Burying ground on Tick Ridge, is listed.

I am looking for Thomas Derefield/Derifield

This is supposedly William Issacs (Father to Enos) father, according to records on MyHeritage and all those records have him married to Margaret Mary "Polly" (Cherokee native american) Jones (Born Burnett). That is not true. Shes not Cherokee and a person that has been researching the Burnett family for over 50 years says there is NO record of her being married to Thomas. Now I did see a census with David, Mary J, Leban and John and there was a Thomas and Mary as well. Had them both listed as 62 years old. They had David listed at 38. The age difference between him and Mary J on the census is 18 years, where on a marriage certificate their age difference was 10 years apart. This was an 1860 census. David wouldn't have been 38 if he was born in 1828. Now, I realize that could be a mistake on the takers part, but what about Thomas? According to most records and the line I'm following, Enos & Jemima are David's parents and William Issac and Ann Jordan are Enos' parents, making Thomas his great grandpa, but the age difference between Thomas and David doesn't reflect this. So where does Thomas actually fit in? Did Enos have a brother named Thomas? Because all I've seen is one sibling for Enos and thats Ann. Help! This is getting super confusing!
Better yet, can anyone tell me if im even following the right family? What started this search with this family is my great grandmother Ollie Ward (Deerfield). Her parents are William David Derrifield and Lyddia F. Marcum. Some have Lyddias maiden name as Lewis, but thats his second wife's (Loddie) maiden name. Thank you on advance.

Bring LuLu home

I am looking for descendants of David Derifields children. I just learned earlier this morning that the ashes of his daughter, Lucretia/Loucreatia still remain at Oregon State Hospital. They have been there since she died in 1927. Nobody claimed her. It doesn't seem that she had any children of her own, so any descendants of her siblings can claim her.
I would love to hear a story about her coming home and perhaps being buried with her father or siblings. Perhaps a thread could be started on this site and everyone in the Derifield, Derrifield, Deerfield line could contribute to help make that happen?

More on Derifield, Deerfield, etc Were there two Jordan's married into the Derifield, Deerfields?

I'm pretty sure it's a mistake as both the husband's married to these Jordan ladies are William Issac. One being born in late 1700s (Enos Derifields dad), married to Ann Jordan and the other being born in 1818 (?), Enos' son), married to Lucy Jordan. According to additional info I have found on MyHeritage, these Jordan ladies are related has well. (Perhaps aunt & niece?)
Any help confirming, correcting or pointing in the right direction would be extremely helpful.

I'm looking for Lucretia (spelling) Derifield. She was born in 1872 in Kentucky and passed away in Oregon. Who was her spouse, children, etc? What took her to Oregon?

Her father is David Derifield, born 1828 in Lawrence kentucky and her Mother is Melissa Sarah Culver. Lucretia/Loucreatia has several siblings. She would be my Great x3 Aunt
Any info would be helpful

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I seen an old thread on here (my reason for signing up) where someone was trying to find the Native American connection to Deerfield. Did anything come from that?

I have Deerfields in my family line. My father's grandmother, my great grandmother is Ollie Ward (Deerfield). Her parents are William D. Derrifield and Lyddia Derrifield (Marcum). Williams father is David Derifield; his parents are Enos & Jemima