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Inhabitants of the Colony asked to produce their proof of freedom.
A certificate proved you had done your time and therefore all your rights
and privileges as a free citizen were restored. These certificates should
have been carried at all times and produced when asked by the authorities

.......Secretary's Office, Sydney,
.......16th November, 1816
WHEREAS, during the late General Muster of the
Inhabitants of this Colony, several Persons who had
originally come into it as Convicts reported
themselves at the said Muster as free, either by
Servitude or by Pardon, or as being allowed to
employ themselves for their own Benefit by the
special Permission of His EXCELLENCY the
GOVERNOR; and whereas several of the Persons
who thus reported themselves did not produce
any Certificate, Free Pardon, Emancipation,
or Ticket of Leave, without which the Truth
of their said Statements could not be satisfactorily
ascertained; and there being much Reason
to believe that Imposition is frequently practiced
in this Respect, the Names of those Persons who
at the late Muster did not produce any Certificate,
Free Pardon, Emancipation, or Ticket of Leave,
but who represented themselves absolutely
free, or conditionally so, by Virtue of one or
other of the above named Documents, is now
published, in Order that each of these Persons
may be apprised that unless he or she do, in, the
Course of Six Months from the present Day, obtain
at the Secretary's Office, either a certified Copy
of such Certificate, Free Pardon, Emancipation,
or Ticket of Leave, as they represented
themselves to have been once possessed of in
the Event of his or her having actually lost the
Original, they will be considered as Impostors,
and immediately recalled to Government Work
as Convicts still under the Sentence of the Law.
No. Name. Ship came in. Residence. Occupation.
1. Richard Hawke, Alexander, Sydney
2. Anthony Rope, ditto, Castler. Landholder
3. John Cross, ditto, Port H. ditto
4. Mary Clark, ditto 2d., Sydney
5. John Glade, Atlantic, ditto
6. James Hague, ditto, Windsor, Landholder
7. Richard Ridge, ditto, Hawksbury (1771-1842)
8. Christ. Dodding, ditto, ditto
9. Richard Verrier, Active, Sydney
10. Timothy Doyle, Nepean, smith
11. James Higgins, ditto, Hawksbury
12. John McEwen, ditto, Liverpool
13. John Taylor, Albemarle, Windsor
14. James Sutherland, ditto Hawksbury
15. John Brown, ditto, Hawksbury
16. Owen Hobson, Ann, ditto -
17. John Campbell, ditto 1st. Liverpool
18. William Aldridge, A. Barrington, Richmond Landholder.
19. Benjamin Elton, ditto, Wilberforce
20. William Reynolds, ditto, Hawksbury
21. Joseph Hunt, Barwell, Sydney
22. Thomas North, ditto, Richmond.
23. John Caton, Boddington, Hawksbury.
24. James Kenny, ditto, Liverpool
25. Mary A. Parker, Canada, Sydney
26. Thos. Douglass, ditto 1st, Hawksbury
27. James Kibby, ditto 1st, Liverpool
28. John Dugan, Coromand., Nepean, Landholder
29. Wm. Stevens, ditto, Pitt Town
30. Timothy Webb, ditto, Windsor
31. William Webb, ditto, Hawksbury
32. Jonas Mordecai, ditto, ditto -
33. Joseph Smith, ditto, ditto -
34. Richard Holland, D. of Portland, ditto, Landholder
35. John Williams, ditto, Wilberforce, laborer
36. John McKenzie, ditto, Hawksbury
37. Thomas. Getham, ditto, ditto -
38. Thomas Knight, E. Cornwal., Richmond, laborer
39. Thomas Rudd, ditto, Liverpool.
40. Patrick Mason Friendship Hawksbury. Landholder
41. James Timmens ditto Richmond, Landholder
42. Roger Twyfield ditto Hawksbury
43. Hugh McAvoy Glatton Sydney -
44. Joseph Oners ditto Windsor Landh.
45. Mark Doolan Gambier 1st. Sydney
46. Peter Patullo, Ganges, ditto -
47. Samuel Stevens, ditto, Richmd. -
48. John Fitsgerald, Hillsboro', Sydney -
49. Robert Ritchie, Hercules, Castler. Landh.
50. Stephen Dunn, ditto, Pitt Town -
51. Martha Eaton Lad. Penryn Sydney -
52. Thos. Woolton Minorca ditto -
53. John Hewitt Minerva Windsor laborer
54. John Everett ditto Hawksb. -
55. Joseph Burrows ditto ditto -
56. Nicholas Crosbie, M. Cornwa., Windsor, Landh.
5 7. Robert Allen ditto Richmond
58. John Riley, ditto, Hawksbury
59. Michael Balf ditto ditto -
60. Wm. Horsford Matilda ditto -
61. John Booth ditto Port H. -
62. Henry Hyam ditto Hawksbury
63. Steph. Richardson ditto Richmond. Landholder.
64. Daniel Phillips ditto Hawksbury
65. Adam Bell ditto ditto -
66. Isaac Farmer, Neptune, Wilberforce
67. Thomas Eager or Heather, ditto Hawksbury (Thomas Eather 1764-1827)
68. Wm. Mackey ditto Richmond
69. Dan. Anshutz ditto Hawksbury
70. James O'Neille, Pitt Sydney -
71. Rd. Hammett ditto ditto -
72. James Higgins ditto ditto -
73. Alex. Cumberbech ditto ditto -
74. Joseph Pearce ditto Richmond Landholder
75. John May ditto ditto ditto
76. Thomas Brown ditto Hawksbury
77. Matthew Elkins, Perseus, Windsor, shoemaker
78. Joseph Butler, ditto Wilberforce
79. J. Mainwright, ditto Hawksbury
80. Wm. McDonald, Queen, Pitt Town Landholder
81. F. McLawrence, Queen, Richmd. sawyer
82. Catherine Evans, Royal Admiral. Sydney ?
83. Thomas Pateman, ditto 1st ditto -
84. William Green, ditto Brokenb. Limeburner
85. Donald Kennedy, ditto Castler. Landh.
86. Richard Willis, ditto Pitt Town ditto
87. William Ezzey, ditto Windsor ditto (1768-1830)
88. Henry Rochester ditto Richmond
89. John Norman ditto Windsor -
90. Henry Tredaway, ditto Hawksbury.
91. James Dunn Royal Admiral ditto -
92. Thomas Tailby, ditto Liverpool. (1767-1823)
93. John Summers, ditto 2nd., Windsor ferryman
94. Patrick Byrne, Rolla Wilberforce.
95. Cornelius Lyons ditto sydney -
96. James Bradley, Scarborough, Sydney
97. Robert. Forrester ditto Windsor, Landholder (1758-1827)
98. Richard Hagley, ditto Hawksbury
99. William Smith, ditto ditto -
100. Thomas Glaves, ditto ditto -
101. Wm. Hubbard, ditto ditto -
102. James. Ruse, ditto ditto -
103. James. Spooner, Salamander Sydney
104. Jos. Welstead ditto Hawksbury.
105. William Pimblett, Surprise, Sydney
106. William Knight, ditto Port H. Landh.
107. Simon Freebody, ditto Windsor ditto
108. Edw. Woodham, ditto Richmond
109. John Sullivan Sugar cane ditto Hawksbury
110. James Knowland, ditto Hawksbury
111. Charles Barwick, Wm & Ann Sydney
112. L. Wetherhead ditto Hawksbury. Landholder
113. Thomas Noble - Liverpool -
114. John Hopkins - ditto -
115. Roger Fletcher - ditto -
116. John Masterson - ditto -
And the foregoing Persons are hereby Apprised, that the proper
Time to apply at the Secretary's Office for the obtaining any of
the above Documents, is the first Monday in each Month.
........By Command of His Excellency,
...............J. T. CAMPBELL, Secretary.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW )
Saturday 16 November 1816
Page 1

Held at SYDNEY Post Office 1847 - unclaimed letters

This is a List of unclaimed letters for the month of October, 1847:—
Dawson Mr. Thomas, Bathurst;
Davis William, ticket of leave Campbelltown ;
Daye Miss M. A. E., care of Darvall Esq., Elizabeth-street ;
Dogharty Michael, Mary and Susan, care of Ford Esq., Concord ;
Donaldson Miss Isabella, Morpeth;
Donnellan Miss Matilda, Saltram, Bathurst;
Doyle Barney, Goulburn Plains;
Drinkwater Thos., care of M'Intyre, Hunter's River;
Dunn Thomas, carrier, Parramatta Road
Edgess Win., seaman ;
Edwards Jas., Maitland ;
Edmonds Mr. Francis, Albury ;
Evans Mrs. Sarah, Sydney ;
Evans Mr. Thomas, Molonglo,
Farensworth A. W., Sydney
Farquhar James, Fairlie, Yass;
Fegan William, Haymarket ;
Felham Eliza, Sydney;
Flannery Wm., care of Mr. Hurley, Campbelltown ;
Fogarty Thos.- care of Mr. Alford ;
Fonry Owen, care of General Steward, Bathurst ;
Fowler Mr. H. Albury;
Fraser Miss M. Jane, care of Mr. Josephson, Enmore, Newtown;
Fraser Mr. farmer, Dapto;
Fricker Samuel, N. S. Wales;
Frost Simon, Penshurst.
Gale Mr. Edward, Kissing Point;
Gardner Mr. Peter, Morpeth;
Garland. R. L., Clarence River;
Carrigan James, Lake Bathurst;
Glaspol Joseph, Hunter's River ;
Goodwin Mr. Mount Pleasant ;
Goodwin Mr. Charles, Sydney ;
Grady Mr. Jno., Newcastle Gaol ;
Graham Mr. Wm., V. D Land ;
Granfield Wm., Hunter's River;
Greaves Mr. Wm., Parramatta;
Grice Richard Esq., Sydney;
Guest Chas, gun room steward, ship Calliope,
Guy Mrs. Robert, at Mrs. Neils, grocer.
Hall Mr. Edward, Bogolong, Yass ;
Handers Luke, William's River ;
Hansford John, Sydney ;
Harridge Mr D, George-street, Sydney :
Hart Henry, Parramatta;
Hartly Richard, Bathurst;
Haslam Henry, Sydney ;
Heely Patrick, Esq., New Military Barracks;
Henry William, Goulburn ;
Henretta Mr. P., Greek-street, Glebe;
Higgins Peter, Mr., Sydney;
Hill Sarah, Sydney;
Hill Samuel, Macquarie grove, Camden ;
Holcombe H. seaman, V. D. L. ;
Hood George, convicted at Norwich, 1829 ;
House Geo., barque Jane ;
Hony Mr., Wilmot-street ;
Hutchinson Wm , care postmaster, Berrima;
Huxtable Isaac, Parramatta Road.
Ingram John Mr, County Murray ;
Irwin Mary,A. Hunter's River.
Jackson Mrs. Eliza, Bathurst;
Jackson Miss, Sydney ;
Jackson Robert, blacksmith ;
Jamieson Miss Jane, Sydney ;
Jenkins Joseph, King-street;
Johnston Peter, barque Sultana,
Jones Ann, Sydney;
Jones Matilda, Sydney ;
Jordan John, Parramatta.
Kehoe James, Bathurst ;
Kelly David, Morpeth ;
Kelly Peter, Mr. Sutton Forest ;
Kemp John, Mr. Pyrmont ;
Kennedy Mrs, Goulburn ;
Kennedy Michael, Cornish : Settlement, Bathurst ;
Kennedy Mr, Goulburn ;
Keenan Jas., Bathurst;
King Mr, dancing master :
Kirkman Thomas, Bathurst;
Knight John, Yass.
Larkin James Mr, Goulburn ;
Larkin Mrs, Kent street ;
Law Daniel, Sydney;
Layton ,Wm, Union-street;
Levy W W, Esq, Newcastle;
Lees William, Albury ;
Loneghan Patrick, ship Castle Forbes,
Lilly Mr W G, carpenter, Sydney
Lockyer George, Yass ;
Lowe Wm, Clarence Town ;
Lowe Matthew, Mud Creek ;
Logan Mr, Morpeth ;
Loughlane Michael, Bathurst ;
Lomer John, care of Walter Ryan, blacksmith, Bathurst.
Machner Catherine, Castlereagh-street ;
Magee Lawrence Mr, Sydney ;
Maher William, Lane Cove;
Magher Catherine, N. S. W ;
Mansill Mr F, Newcastle;
Marley Mr Thomas, Clerk of the Court, Scone ;
Marlow George, Macdonald River ;
M'Arthur, Liverpool Road;
M'Carty Michael, care Mr Scott, Glebe Inn ;
M'Cauly Mr Charles, blacksmith, Newtown ;
M'Clin Mr, Sydney ;
M'Cue Mr Brian, Hinton ;
M'Donald William, per ship Providence ;
M'Donald A. K. Esq, Ovens River;
M'Donald Mrs William, Paddington ;
M'Elarney Jane, Sydney ;
M'Gonagill Pat, Hinton;
M'Guigan Miss, care of T. Cardwell, Camperdown ;
M'Kenzio Mrs, of Bundoona;
M'Lean Daniel Mr, Morpeth;
M'Lean Mrs M J, Richmond ;
M'Lean Archibald, Goulburn;
M'Lennan Mr D., Warialda,
M'Intyre River ;
M'Leod Donald Esq. Sydney ;
M'Nally James, Ovens River ;
M'Phillamy Denis, Armidale ;
M'Uhr Mr. John, Hinton;
M'Quarie Mrs Edward, Pyrmont ;
M'Seway John, Eagle.Farm ;
Melia Owen, Kent-street ;
Merritt Mr, Parramatta;
Marsden Mr J. W., Sydney ;
Miller Mrs Eliz, Morpeth ;
Mills Mrs F, Northumberland;
Milne Mr John, Sydney;
Mitchell Henry, Tourang;
Molle W. M., Esq, Mollerdille ;
Monaghan Timothy, Redfern ;
Montgomery George, Bussorah Merchant ;
Moogan Martin, Victoria Barracks ;
Mooney Mr James, Bathurst;
Morgan Mr James, Bathurst;
Morton Miss, Penrith ;
Morton Andrew, sawyer; Maitland ;
Moore Mr J. W, Scone ;
Moran, Mr William, Ovens Green ;
Moyce William, Parramatta;
Murphy, Mr John, N. S. W. ;
Martin Edward, Esquire, Yass;
Muschtune Mrs, Sydney.
Nelson Frederick, Gloucester-street ;
Nightingale Mr J., Cumberland-street.
O'Hara Mr H, Goulburn;
O'Hara Mr F. Muswellbrook ;
O'Hair, Mrs Sydney ;
Oldfield Mr, Surry Hills ;
Olive Charles, Mr Newtown ;
Owen Mr John, Hume River ;
Owen Mr G.B. Sydney.;
Oxford Mr George, Paddington.
Parkinson Mr James, Fort-street;
Patterson Mrs, care Mr. Sterling;
Pease Aaron, Lane Cove;
Peate Mr Jas., Sydney;
Pedberry Mr. Newtown ;
Peebles Mr, Sydney ;
Philip Mr. David, Shoalhaven ;
Pessy Mr Theodore, Sydney ;
Platt Mr F, at Walter Beames ;
Pout, Mr Joseph, Newtown;
Powell- Elizabeth, Parramatta;
Pritchard Mr. Osgard; Sydney;
Purcell Miss, Sydney :
Putten David Cassilis.
Quin, Michael, Sydney;
Quinell Jas., Botany Bay,
Rand Mr John, Dowling Forest;
Rand Mr R, Sydney or Yass;
Read Joseph, Monera ;
Reboul Mr, Redfern Estate ;
Redman William, Sydney;
Reid John, Esq, Sydney ;
Renny John, Yass;
Richardson James, Sydney;
Robinson Mr D, Pitt-street ;
Rogan Thomas Bathurst ;
Rogers W, Esq. Sydney ;
Rogers Mr Thomas, Sydney;
Ross G. R, Esq, Sydney ;
Rutherford Mr G; Ryan William, Ryde ;
Ryan Michael, Sydney ;
Ryan Patrick, Port Macquarie.
Sadler Mr John, Bathurst ;
Sanderson Edward, constable ;
Saunders Mrs, Prospect ;
Sawyer William, Murrumbidgee ;
Schofield John, Windsor road ;
Screvens Mr John, Morpeth;
Sempill Mr. Robert, Fitz Roy Terrace ;
Shepherd Mrs, care of Williams, publican, Glebe ;
Sheridan Patk., Bathurst;
Sharpley Mary Ann, Parramatta Road;
Shuttlewood Wm., Port Macquarie ;
Simmonds Mrs Mary, Sydney ;
Simons Mr Wm., Bathurst;
Skinner Mary, Clarence Town;
Slattery Jas, Bargo ;
Smith John, Parramatta Road ;
Smith Dennis, Merton;
Smithers James, York-street;
Sprout Joseph, Annandale;
Squires Barbary, Goulburn;
Stace George, Carpertee;
Stead Mr J, H, Fairfield;
Stephenson William, Esq, surgeon ;
Stringer Mr J, Goulburn ;
Stuckey Master Wm, Normal Institution ;
Sullivan Mr. John, Sydney.
Taylor Thomas, fellmonger ;
Taylor Maria, Cook's River ;
A R, Parramatta Road ;
Teboutt Mrs A, Sydney ;
Telliffe Henry, Goulburn;
Thompson George, 34, Elizabeth street ;
Thompson, Yass Plains;
Thomson Gabriel, Chippendale ;
Thompson Mrs, Black. Hill House ;
Thomson Mrs, innkeeper, near Sydney ;
Thomson Mr. Piper's Flat, Bathurst;
Thomas William, Kissing Point Road;
Thomas Wm, Pitt-street ;
Thorne George, opposite Waterloo-stores, George street:
Thornhill William, Mill Point;
Thury Pat, Parramatta;
Timmonds Patrick, Lake George ;
Toaly Mr, Sydney ;
Tomlinson Mrs S, Stockton ;
Tranter Mrs, opposite Petersham Racecourse;
Trundle Mrs E K, Port Jackson ;
Tupping Mr George, Buckenbower ;
Tyler Thomas, fisherman, Cook's River.
Wakely Mrs., Scone;
Wallis Mr John, Dungog;
Walsh Mr G. S., R. N.; Wardrop & Clerk, Murray ;
Warrand Mr, Murray River ;
Warren Thomas, Sussex-street;
Westropp Jane, Miller's Point ;
Wayman Thos, ticket of leave, Bathurst;
Watson Mrs H , Sydney ;
Watson Mr Joshua, 84th Regt. ;
Weight Master Jas., Campbelltown;
Worrall Mr W. merchant ;
West Major, Yass ; White John, Bathurst ;
Williams Richard, Parramatta Road ;
Williams Mr J. M., Engineer ;
Wilson Joan V. D. Land ;
Whittaker Mr Saml., N. S. Wales ,
Woods, Captain, late Star of China ;
Wytove Thomas, Fish River, Bathurst.

I had written him a letter which I had, for want of better
Knowledge, sent to where I met him down the Lachlan, years ago,
He was shearing when I knew him, so I sent the letter to him,
Just `on spec', addressed as follows, `Clancy, of The Overflow'.

And an answer came directed in a writing unexpected,
(And I think the same was written with a thumb-nail dipped in tar)
'Twas his shearing mate who wrote it, and verbatim I will quote it:
"Clancy's gone to Queensland droving, and we don't know where he are."

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Windsor NSW and district Licenses 1839 and 1840

The following persons obtained Certificates for Licences at the annual and
adjourned licensing Meeting, held on the 16th and 30th April 1839, before
G. M. C. Bowen, Esq. J.P. and W. Cox, Esq. J. P.

NAME..... ....HOTEL ... .... ...DISTRICT
Sarah Donelly, King William the Fourth. Windsor;
Margaret Gosper, Currency Lass, ditto;
Edward Coffee, Daniel O'Connell ditto;
John Primrose, Bird in-Hand, ditto;
Thomas Lovell, Hole-in-the-Wall, ditto;
Edward Robinson; Plough, ditto;
John Barker, White Hart, ditto;
Henry Forrester, Erin go Bragh, ditto;
Richard Ridge, jun. Horse and Jockey, ditto;
William Cross, Windsor Hotel, ditto;
Patrick Byrne, Kings Head, ditto;
Charles Gawdry, White Swan, ditto;
George Freeman, Cricketer's Arms, ditto;
Thomas Freeman, St. Patrick, ditto;
also, Joseph Foss and John Shearing, Windsor, a Confectioner's License.
Daniel Dickens, Archer, Richmond ;
Margaret Seymour, Black Horse, ditto ;
John Wheeler, General Darling, ditto ;
Paul Devlin, Welcome Inn, ditto;
Robert Potts, New Inn, ditto ;
Thomas Eather, Union Inn, ditto;
Thomas Mortimer, Plough, ditto;
John Town, jun. Woolpack, North Richmond ;
Thomas Tarrant, Five Alls, North Richmond;
William. T. Baylis, Bird-in-hand, Richmond Road;
Charles Ezzey, Plough and Horses, ditto;
John Sullivan Traveller's Rest, M'Donald's River;
Lawrence May, Bird-in Hand, ditto;
David Cross, Queen Victoria, ditto;
Richard Palmer, Bullock Wharf Inn, ditto;
David Roberts, Horse and Jockey, Maroota ;
George Cobcroft, Pack Horse, Colo ;
J. Ridge, Steam Packet Inn, Wilberforce;
John Cobcroft, George and Dragon, ditto ;
James Morris, jun. Old Retreat New Revived, ditto;
William Johnson, Macquarie Arms, Pitt Town;
Daniel Smallwood, Bird-in-Hand, ditto.

The following Persons were refused Certificates.
Sylvester Butler, Wine and Beer Licence, M'Donald's River;
Ann Leeson, General License, Wilberforce;
Harriet Cadden, Wine and Beer License, Windsor;
John Montague, ditto, ditto;
Thomas Norris, General License, ditto ;
William Heath, ditto, ditto;
John Suffolk, ditto, ditto;
John Gardner, ditto, Wilberforce.

At the Annual Licensing Meeting, held at
the Court house, in Windsor, New South Wales, on Tuesday the
21st, and Saturday the 25th of February 1840,
the following persons received certificates to hold
Publicans' General Licenses for the ensuing year.

William White, Windsor Hotel, Bridge street.
Margaret Gosper, Currency Lass, ditto.
Peter Hough, William IV., ditto.
John Shearing (Confectioner), ditto.
Charles. Daly, Hole in the Wall, Macquarie-street
Henry Hudson, Jim Crow, ditto.
Edward Coffey, Daniel O'Connell, Thompson-Square;
James Cullen, Butchers' Arms, George street.
Richard Ridge, jun., Horse and Jockey, ditto
Walter Blanchard, White Hart, ditto.
Edward Robinson, Plough, ditto.
Ridge, Erin go bragh, ditto.
Charles Gaudry, White Swan, ditto.
Thomas Freeman, St. Patrick, ditto.
Joseph Suffolk, White Bear, ditto.
Patrick Byrne, King's Head, ditto.
Henry N Fisher, Commercial Hotel, ditto,'
George Freeman, Cricketers' Arms, Fizgerald-street.
John Primrose, Bird in hand, ditto.
James Mount ford (Confectioner), George-street.
William T. Baylis, Bird in hand, Richmond-road.
Charles Ezzey, Plough and Horses, ditto.
Thomas Father, Union Inn, Richmond.
Margaret Seymour, Black Horse, ditto.
Thomas Mortimer, Plough, ditto. .
Robert Potts, Seven Brothers, ditto.
Daniel Haniskey, Welcome Inn. ditto.
Margaret Wheeler, General Darling, ditto.
Edward Jeffrey, Archer, ditto.
John Town, jun., Woolpack, North Richmond.
Thomas Tarrant, Five Alls, Kurrajong.
George Cobcroft, Pack Bull, Colo.
James Huxley, Colo Lass, ditto ( Wine&Beer)
Thomas D'Arccy, Branch Inn, Wiseman's.
Elizabeth Small wood. Bird in hand, Pitt-town.
William Johnston, Macquarie Arms, ditto.
John Gardner, Ferry Inn, Wilberforce.
John Cobcroft, George and Dragon, ditto,
William Jasper, Old Retreat newly Revived, ditto.
James Miller, Steam Packet, ditto.

I fight for All
I pray for All
I rule for All
I plead for All
I pay for All

My sister has found me

I'm quite overwhelmed and not at all sure how she will cope with me. But gee, what a marvelous surprise!
We had no idea of her existence.
Once I reached my seventies I thought the world was all out of surprises for me but BOY oh BOY this was a beauty!
Our mother died this January past, so she's escaped my third degree; but hey what a lovely legacy.

The baby girl came suddenly to Jim and Rita, not even time to buy a cot or a pram, no knitted bootees or linen, from her poor and desperate mother; just her name 'Carol'.

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Special Constables in Australia

The office of special constable was created to enhance police strength at times of unrest and
when the Police Force was in its infancy.

In August 1789, Governor Arthur Phillip established a night-watch which came under civil control. It consisted of eight of the best-behaved convicts in the Colony. This was the first Police force in the country.
The force was re-organised along English lines by Governor Hunter in 1796, with constables being placed under the control of local magistrates. It remained this way until January 1811, when a certain degree of centralised control was achieved by Governor Macquarie's appointment of D'Arcy Wenworth as Police Superintendent.
As the Colony expanded and the population grew a number of specialised forces were established. These included a Water Police force which was set up in Sydney c.1832, abolished in 1843 and re-established with the appointment of a Water Police Magistrate in 1847; the Native Police corps which operated mainly in northern New South Wales from 1848; and the Border Police, who were responsible to the Commissioners of Crown Lands for policing the land regulations in the remote Squatting Districts.
The most important of these specialised forces was the Mounted Police, which had the responsibility of protecting settlers in outlying areas as well as goods in transit on the roads. It was abolished in 1850. A Gold Escort was formed a year later in 1851 to provide safe passage for gold being transported from the diggings to Sydney.

The following is the form of oath taken and subscribed by persons who enrol themselves as special constables :—
" I do swear I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the office of special constable for the city of Sydney without favor or affection, malice, or illwill, and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the
peace to be kept and preserved, and prevent all offences against the persons and properties of her Majesty's subjects, and that while I continue to hold the said office I will, to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully, according to law, so help me God,"

STONE - Victoria- Australia

The Age Mon 4 Nov 1895 Page 1 Family Notices
STONE.— On the 2nd November, at his residence,
Graham-street, Port Melbourne, George, the beloved
husband of Catherine Stone and beloved father of Mrs.
Jas. Dawson, Heath-street, Port Melbourne North, aged
56. A patient sufferer gone to rest.
The Age Mon 4 Nov 1895 Page 8 Family Notices
STONE.—The Friends of the late Mr. GEORGE STONE are respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting place, in the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to leave his late residence, No. 141 Graham-street, Port Melbourne
THIS DAY (Monday), the 4th inst, at half-past 2 o'clock
R. M'KENZIE, Undertaker and Embalmer.
260 Bay-street, Port Melbourne ; and 87 Clarendon-street
South Melbourne.
BD&M Record information
Event: deaths
Registration number 14742 / 1895
Family name: STONE
Given name(s) Geo
Place of event: Pt Melb, Australia
Personal detail
Parent 1's family name at birth EBERETHET
Parent 2's given name: Thos
The Age Mon 5 Aug 1901 Page 10 Family Notices
STONE.— The Friends of the late Mrs. CATHERINE STONE are respectfully
invited to follow her remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to leave her residence, 66 Ross-street. Port Melbourne. THIS DAY (Monday), 5th August, 1901. at 2.30 p.m.
W. G. RAVEN, Undertaker, Smith-street, Fitzroy
Victoria BD&M
Record information
Event: deaths
Registration number 11231 / 1901
Family name: STONE
Given name(s) Cath
Place of event: Pt Melb, Australia
Personal detail
Parent 1's family name at birth REDMOND
Parent 2's given name: Baines Geo
The Age Mon 3 August 1903

In loving memory of my dear daughter
and our dear mother, Catherine STONE, who departed
this life on 2 August, 1901, at her residence,
Ross-street, Port Melbourne.
Sadly we miss her, but yet in our sorrow
Hope for the future will banish all pain;
Faith points the way to a brighter to-morrow.
And gives us the hope that we'll meet again,
Inserted by her sorrowing mother, also her loving
[and this below is possibly the sorrowing mother. ]
Record information
Event: deaths
Registration number 13062 / 1904
Family name: BAYNES
Given name(s) Gina Ann
Place of event: Melb H, Australia
Personal detail
Parent 1's family name at birth UNKNOWN
Parent 2's given name: Unknown

Victoria BD&M
Name: Rebecca Ann Baynes
Birth Date: Abt 1854
Birth Place: Emerald Hill, Victoria
Registration Year: 1854
Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: George Baynes
Mother: Ann Redman
Registration Number: 1572

George BAYNES 1820- 1900 Canterbury City Sessions: Convicted of Larceny & sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia on 21 October 1841. He was born about 1820 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Transported to Tasmania in the 'Surrey' arrived 11 August 1842. Married Gina Ann BRAINE in Victoria in 1855. Marriage registered in name Georgina BRAINE. The following year George Jnr was born in Emerald Hill, sth Melbourne.
The children I found of George STONE 1840-1895 and Catherine REDMAN 1853-1901
1. Catherine Elizabeth Stone 1871–1959 usually known as Lizzy; she first married James DAWSON 1865-1896 in Victoria in 1888. they had an infant Olive who did not survive infancy. James Dawson died in Port Melbourne in 1896. Lizzy STONE next married Thomas Alexander PARKER 1874-1932 in Victoria in 1901.
2. Alfred Thomas Stone 1874–1945 m. Isabella WOOD in 1901
3. John Stone 1876–1971 m. Eugenine SHEEDY 1905
4. Herbert Ernest Stone 1878–1961 Isabella SHEEDY in 1919
5. Georgina Rhoda Stone 1881–1929 m. Frank MOULIN in 1900
The Age Fri 27 Sep 1929

MOULIN.—On the 26th.September, at the
Alfred Hospital, late of 221 Grant-street
South Melbourne, Georgina Rhoda Moulin, beloved
Frank, Rhoda ( Mrs. Lehuiann), Herbert,
Philip and lillian, aged 48 years.
MOULIN.— On the 26th September, at the Alfred Hospital, Georgina Rhoda Moulin,
beloved sister of Elizabeth (Mrs. Parker), Alfred, John, Letty ( Mrs. Layfield),
Violet ( Mrs. Marshall), Herbert, Olive (Mrs. Parsons). aged 48 years.

6. Sarah Jane Stone 1884–1968 m.1. John William Henry PEACHMAN 1904. m.2. William Henry HEFFEY in 1915
Before Sarah Jane Stone married William HEFFEY in 1915, she was married to John William PEACHMAN in 1904.
The Argus Melbourne,Fri 21 Nov 1913 Page 13
Sarah Jane Peachman, of City road, South Melbourne, boardinghouse keeper, sought divorce from John William Henry Peachman, on the ground that
he had been guilty of misconduct at the conjugal residence. After the marriage at South Yarra on April 15, 1904, the parties lived together till
August, 1911, when it was alleged that the petitioner had found the respondent in the house in a compromising situation. After hearing evidence,
Mr. Justice Hodges granted a decree nisi, allowing the petitioner custody of the child of the marriage and permanent alimony at the rate of 15/ a week.
7. George Stone 1886–1887
8. Victoria Ann Stone 1888– married Frank PEACHMAN in 1908
9. Olive STONE 1890-1981 m. Bentick Burnbury PARSONS in 1913
10. Violet May born 1892 married Clarence James David Marshall (died 1959) in 1912 Violet May died in 1978 at Heidelberg
11. Mabel Lillian Stone 1894–1923 m. Ernest DUGGAN in 1921
The Age Tue 10 July 1923

DUGGAN (nee Stone) —On the 8th July. at the Queen Victoria Hospital,
late of 14 Aberdeen-street, Northcote, Mabel Lillian. the dearly loved
wife of Ernest George Duggan, The loved youngest daughter of the late
George and Catherine Stone, late of Port Melbourne) , and loving sister
of Catherine ( Mrs. Parker). Georgina (Mrs. Maulin) Alfred. John, Herbert,
Lettie (Mrs. Layfield) Sarah, ( Mrs. Heffey ) Annie (Mrs. Peachman),
Olive (Mrs. Parsons) and Violet (Mrs. Marshall), and sister-in-law of
Mrs. Duggan, aged 28
DUGGAN (nee Stone). — On 8th July at
at the Queen Victoria Hospital, Mabel Lilian, dear
sister of Alfred, and sister-in-law of Isabel,
and [?] aunt of Ruby and Doris. R.I. P.
by A. T. Stone and family.
12. Letitia Stone xxxx-1957 who married Percival Morley LAYFIELD 1877-1945 son of Allan in 1905

Death Notice for George Baynes Junior. He'd married Annie JOHNSON 1855-1937 in Mathoura in 1886 the children I could find were:-
Francis Mary Baynes 1887–1953 m. 1. Alfred BUTCHER, 2. William DAVIES
Kathleen ( Kate ) Baynes 1888–1962 m. Thomas George HETHERINGTON
Maud Annie Baynes 1890–1963 m. James Taylor JOSS

The Australian Worker Wed 26 Jan 1938 Page 17
An old member, in the person of George Baynes crossed the Great
Divide recently at Mathoura, at the age of 80 years.
In the early years of the Union he was employed in the
pastoral industry, and subsequently was a teamster in the Deniliquin
and Mathoura districts, where he made a wide circle of friends.
The sympathy of all is extended to the relatives of the departed comrade.

The Electoral District of Goulburn, New South Wales, 1865-66

QUALIFIED to Vote for the Election of Members of the
Legislative Assembly, in the years 1865-6, for the Electoral
District of Goulburn, for which I act as Collector.
Dated at Goulburn this 28th day of January, 1865.
Where Situate
Christian and Surname. Residence. Qualification. or How Arising.
Adams Edgar New Line household Towrang
Adams Joseph New Line resident Towrang
Adams Thomas Bourke-street household Goulburn
Adams William Aysh Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Affleck William Cowper-street household Goulburn
Ahem Peter Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Aldridge James Bourke-street household Goulburn
Aldridge Samuel Bourke-street household Goulburn
Aldridge William Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Alexander Charles S. Bradley-street household Goulburn
Alexander Jacob Mundy-street freehold Goulburn
Alexander Maurice Sydney freehold Goulburn
Allison Robert Grafton-street household Goulburn
Allman John James Cowper-street household Goulburn
Allsop John New Line household Towrang
Allsworth Henry Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Anderson Alexander Auburn-street household Goulburn
Angel John Garroorigang leasehold Garroorigang
Armstrong John Rankin Sloane-street household Goulburn
Arnheim Edward H. S. Verner-street freehold Goulburn
Arnott William Clifford-street household Goulburn
Atteridge Thomas Lansdown resident Lansdown
Avery Obediah Lithgow-street freehold Goulburn
Ayling John Sloane-street household Goulburn
Bacon Frederick Old Township household Goulburn
Baddock William Manning Beppo-street household Goulburn
Bailey Josiah Coromandel-street household Goulburn
Baily John Clifford-street household Goulburn
Baird Moses Goldsmith-street freehold Goulburn
Baker William Clifford-street household Goulburn
Ball Edward Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Banon Edward Ifield household Ifleld
Barber John Clifford-street household Goulburn
Barbour Thomas Auburn-street household Goulburn
Barnard Robert Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Barnes James Lansdown resident Lansdown
Barry John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Barton William Mundy-street household Goulburn
Bassingthwaite Edward Lake Bathurst freehold Goulburn
Bastian George Bradley's Mills resident Goulburn
Bastian Samuel Bourke-street household Goulburn
Bates Charles Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Baxter William Henry Verner-street household Goulburn
Beattie David junr. Off Cowper-street resident Goulburn
Beattie David senr. Off Cowper-street household Goulburn
Beattie James Bourke-street household Goulburn
Beazley Thomas Tirranna freehold Goulburn
Beer Benjamin Clifford-street household Goulburn
Beer John Towrang household Towrang
Belcher S. Harborne Bourke-street household Goulburn
Bell Thomas Bourke-street household Goulburn
Bellamy William Cowper-street household Goulburn
Bellgrove Richard Towrang freehold Towrang
Benyon Benjamin Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Benyon Edward William Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Bickley John Ifield freehold Ifield
Bishop George Bourke-street household Goulburn
Blackshaw Charles Towrang resident Towrang
Blackshaw Edward Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Blackshaw Henry Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Blackshaw John Towrang freehold Towrang
Blackwin Charles Sloane-street household Goulburn
Blatchford Robert Huxham Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Bourke John New Line resident Towrang
Bowtell Benjamin Towrang freehold Towrang
Boxer Felix Cole-street freehold Goulburn
Boyd Andrew Clinton-street household Goulburn
Bradley William Sydney freehold Goulburn
Brady Philip Bourke street household Goulburn
Brady Philip Lansdown resident Lansdown
Bray James William Off Bourke-street household Goulburn
Bray William New Line resident Towrang
Brennan James Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Brennan James Mulwarree-street freehold Goulburn
Brennan Thomas Cross Roads freehold Garroorigang
Briggs Charles Market-street resident Goulburn
Briggs Henry Old Township household Goulburn
Britten James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Brown Benjamin Auburn-street household Goulburn
Brown Charles Auburn-street household Goulburn
Brown David William Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Brown John Clifford-street household Goulburn
Brownrigg Crosby B. Montague-street resident Goulburn
Bryant John Walker-street household Goulburn
Buck Abel Goldsmith-street resident Goulburn
Buckley William Bourke-street household Goulburn
Bull John Grafton-street household Goulburn
Bull Joseph junr. Clifford-street household Goulburn
Bull Joseph senr. Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Bullard Joseph Sloane-street household Goulburn
Bunyan William New Line freehold Towrang
Burgess John Lansdown resident Lansdown
Burgess Leonard Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Burgess Samuel Towrang household Towrang
Busbridge William Bradley-street freehold Goulburn
Butler Edwin Market-street freehold Goulburn
Bye Charles freehold Goulburn
Byrne John Collector freehold Goulburn
Byrne Richard Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Byrne Thomas Auburn-street household Goulburn
Byrnes James Parramatta freehold Goulburn
Byrnes William Parramatta freehold Goulburn
Caldwell James Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
Caldwell John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Callaghan Matthew Gundagai freehold Goulburn
Carrol John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Carroll Dennis Prosper-lane household Goulburn
Carroll Joseph Auburn-street household Goulburn
Carson William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Carter John Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Carveth Lawrence Bourke-street household Goulburn
Cashman Luke freehold Goulburn
Chambers Richard Clifford-street resident Goulburn
Chapman William Mundy-street household Goulburn
Charles Thomas Towrang freehold Towrang
Charteris Frederick M. Lithgow-street resident Goulburn
Christie William Clifford-street household Goulburn
Cheawass James Mundy-street household Goulburn
Clarke Hugh Savage Auburn-street household Goulburn
Clarke William Auburn-streot resident Goulburn
Clegg Hugh Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Clewitt Richard Clinton-street household Goulburn
Clifford William Montague-street resident Goulburn
Colbert Charles Verner-street household Goulburn
Cole Charles Verner-street household Goulburn
Collins Joseph Montague-street freehold Goulburn
Compton George Off Grafton-street household Goulburn
Conolly William Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Connors Michael Mundy-street household Goulburn
Cook Thomas Grafton-street household Goulburn
Cooper Francis Sydney freehold Goulburn
Cooper James New Line freehold Towrang
Cooper James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Corbet John Mundy-street resident Goulburn
Cossar Charles Off Auburn-street household Goulburn
Coughlan Thomas Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Cowling Thomas Towrang household Towrang
Cowper Charles junr. Sydney freehold Goulburn
Cowper Charles sner. Wivenhoe freehold Goulburn
Cowper William Montague-street household Goulburn
Cox Frederick Cowper-street resident Goulburn
Cox Samuel Cowper-street household Goulburn
Craig Robert Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Crampton George Montague-street household Goulburn
Cropper Edward Unknown freehold Goulburn
Cropper John Tarago freehold Goulburn
Cropper Michael Unknown freehold Goulburn
Crouch George Towrang freehold Towrang
Cummings John Fish River freehold Goulburn
Cummins Thomas Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Cunningham Edward John Clinton-street freehold Goulburn
Curren Henry Clinton-street resident Goulburn
Cushion William Rossiville freehold Goulburn
Cuzner James Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Dallas Hector Clifford-street household Goulburn
Dalmas Robert Bourke-street household Goulburn
Daly John Off Auburn-street household Goulburn
Daniel Thomas Clifford-street household Goulburn
Davidson Daniel Auburn-street household Goulburn
Davies William Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Davis George senr. Cowper-street household Goulburn
Davison Joseph New Line household Towrang
Dawes Aaron Ifield freehold Ifield
Day John Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
De Barr Media Auburn-street household Goulburn
Deering John W. Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Dickson William H. Montague-street household Goulburn
Dignam James Thomas Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Dignam Philip Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Dignam William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Dignam William Evans Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Dimmock Willium Cowper-street resident Goulburn
Divall William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Doherty James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Donnelly James Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Dorney Peter Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Dougal John Cooma freehold Goulburn
Dowling John Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Dunleay Laurence Near Gunning freehold Goulburn
Dunn John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Dunn Samuel Bigga freehold Goulburn
Dunton Henry Bourke-street household Goulburn
Dupierre Benjamin Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Dwyer John Bungendore freehold Goulburn
Dwyer William Sydney freehold Goulburn
Earle James Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Edmonds John junr. New Line resident Towrang
Edmonds John senr. New Line household Towrang
Edmonds Thomas Mulwarree-street household Goulburn
Edmunds Frederick Clifford-street resident Goulburn
Edwards Charles T. Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Edwards Daniel Mulwarree-street household Goulburn
Edwards Josiah Grafton-street household Goulburn
Edwards William Towrang household Towrang
Egan Daniel Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Egan Daniel Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Egar John Clifford-street household Goulburn
Egar Robert Clifford-street household Goulburn
Eggo Charles Auburn-street household Goulburn
Elliott Robert Penrith freehold Goulburn
Emanuel Jacob Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Emanuel Samuel Sydney freehold Goulburn
Emanuel Solomon Auburn-street household Goulburn
Evans Edward Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Evans George Toll Bar freehold Goulburn
Evans George Kangaloola freehold Goulburn
Evans Thomas Mulwarree-street household Goulburn
Evans Thomas Towrang freehold Towrang
Evans William A. Faithfull-street freehold Goulburn
Evans William Verner-street freehold Goulburn
Everett Thomas Wayo-street freehold Goulburn
Faithfull William Pitt Springfield freehold Goulburn
Fallick Charles Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Farquhar John Bradley-street freehold Goulburn
Fenton Roger Bourke-street household Goulburn
Finlay Andrew Gibson Cowper-street household Goulburn
Finneran William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Fitzgibbon Patrick Ifield resident Ifield
Fitzgibbon William Ifield freehold Ifield
Fitzpatrick Columbus Sterne-street freehold Goulburn
Fitzpatrick William Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Flanders Peer Clifford-street household Goulburn
Fletcher John Prosper-lane household Goulburn
Fletcher Robert Auburn-street household Goulburn
Fletcher William Young freehold Goulburn
Foggan John Bradley-street household Goulburn
Forster Arthur Noble Off Sloane-street household Goulburn
Forster Robt. Hy. Mariner Sydney freehold Goulburn
Fox George Sydney freehold Goulburn
Fox Isaac Auburn-street household Goulburn
Franklin James Mulwarree-street household Goulburn
Franklin Robert Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Freeman Ambrose Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Fuller Charles Sydney Allison-street freehold Goulburn
Fulljames John Old Township freehold Goulburn
Furner John Towrang freehold Towrang
Furner Owen Bradley-street freehold Goulburn
Futton James Bois Chere freehold Goulburn
Gale James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Gale John Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Gale Thomas Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Gale William Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Gall Andrew Old Township household Goulburn
Gannon John Thomas Bourke-street household Goulburn
Gardiner Frederick Montague-street household Goulburn
Garrett James Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Gategood George Norwood freehold Goulburn
Gaud Henry H. Goldmith-street household Goulburn
Gibson Andrew F. Tirranna freehold Goulburn
Gibson John D. Market-street resident Goulburn
Gillespie Charles Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Godsell Charles Combermere-street resident Goulburn
Goode Charles Grafton-street household Goulburn
Goodhew Henry Lansedown resident Lansdown
Goodwin Peter Towrang household Towrang
Gooley Patrick Boxer's Creek freehold Goulburn
Gordon John Verner street household Goulburn
Gould Henry Auburn-street household Goulburn
Gracey Robert Old Township household Goulburn
Graham John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Grant Edward Sloane-street household Goulburn
Grant Isaac Lithgow-street freehold Goulburn
Grant Patrick Wollondilly freehold Goulburn
Gravener William Bradley-street household Goulburn
Gray David Old Township household Goulburn
Grealey James Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Grealey Thomas Lagoon-street freehold Goulburn
Greaves John Samuel Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Greaves XXXX Bradley's Mills resident Goulburn
Grunsell Thomas Stewart's Gardens resident Goulburn
Halfpenny Joseph Towrang freehold Towrang
Hall Dennis Auburn-street household Goulburn
Hall Thomas Rossiville freehold Goulburn
Hall William Edward Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Hanford Albert W. Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Hanslow John Victoria freehold Goulburn
Harris William Joshua-street household Goulburn
Harritty Joseph Ifield resident Ifield
Hart Philip 'Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Hartly Henry Goldsmith-street resident Goulburn
Hawkins Zachariah Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Heard Robert Bourke-street household Goulburn
Heckley Robert Clifford-street household Goulburn
Hemmens John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Herbst Godfrey Old Township freehold Goulburn
Herriott Henry Auburn-street household Goulburn
Hewitt Henry Montague-street resident Goulburn
Higman John Yass freehold Goulburn
Hillas Matthew Bunnaby freehold Goulburn
Hilton John Breadalbane Plains freehold Goulburn
Hines Elijah Bradley-street freehold Goulburn
Hines William Towrang household Towrang
Hitchen David Towrang freehold Towrang
Hodges James Lithgow-street freehold Goulburn
Hollis Henry Hospital resident Goulburn
Hollis William Grafton-street household Goulburn
Holt Christopher- Church-hill household Goulburn
Horan James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Horan Thomas Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Horn Frederick Clinton-street household Goulburn
Hosford Thomas Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Hovell William Hilton Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Howard William Towrang household Towrang
Howes John Towrang freehold Towrang
Hudson William Bourke-street household Goulburn
Hughes William Old Township household Goulburn
Hulbert Daniel P. M. Bourke-street household Goulburn
Humphry Richard Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Hunt Samuel Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Hyams Henry Market-street household Goulburn
Hyde Richard Sloane-street household Goulburn
Hyett Stephen Auburn-street household Goulburn
Innes Andrew Bradley-street household Goulburn
Izzard Gabriel Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Jacob John Unknown freehold Goulburn
Jacob Samuel Auburn-street household Goulburn
Jacob Thomas Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Jacob Thomas William Auburn-street household Goulburn
James James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Jardine Robert Sloane-street household Goulburn
Jeffery Henry Murrimbah freehold Goulburn
Jenkins Francis Lewis Monaro freehold Goulburn
Jenkins Thomas Montague-street resident Goulburn
Johnson Fredk. William Stewart's Gardens resident Goulburn
Johnson James Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Johnson James Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Johnson J. Thomas Towrang resident Towrang
Johnson Joshua Chantry-street household Goulburn
Jones Charles Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Jones Edward Stephens Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Jones James Reynolds-street freehold Goulburn
Jones Joseph Auburn-street household Goulburn
Jones William Sydney freehold Goulburn
Joseph Joseph Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Kadwell Daniel Ifield freehold Ifield
Keeley John New Line freehold Goulburn
Kellick Martin Veteran's Flats freehold Goulburn
Kelly John Montague-street household Goulburn
Kenane Francis Grafton-street household Goulburn
Kennedy Daniel Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Kennedy Robert Chantry-street freehold Goulburn
Kennedy Robert junr. Towrang resident Towrang
Kennedy Robert senr. Towrang freehold Towrang
Kennedy William Towrang resident Towrang
Kershaw Abraham Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Kershaw Williams Wayo-street freehold Goulburn
King Joshua Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Kingsell William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Kirks Theophilus Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
Kitson Edward B. England freehold Goulburn
Lamb John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Lamb Pascal Auburn-street household Goulburn
Lambert William Cowper-street freehold Goulburn
Lane David Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Lane William Faithfull-street resident Goulburn
Lansdown James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Lansdown John Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Lansdown William Tirranna freehold Ifield
Large Thomas Mundy-street household Goulburn
Lawler Patrick Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Lawlor Patrick Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Lawrence John New Line resident Towrang
Leo Thomas Mulwarree-street household Goulburn
Leigh Richard Clifford-street household Goulburn
Leonard Joseph Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Levell Napoleon Auburn-street household Goulburn
Levey Montague Sydney freehold Goulburn
Lewis John F. Brickfield freehold Towrang
Liggins John Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Liggins Frederick Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Liggins William Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Lillie David Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Limbeck Jeremiah Bradley-street resident Goulburn
Lodge Henry Clinton-street household Goulburn
Longfield John Sloane-street household Goulburn
Lord Henry Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Lowrie Alexander Tirranna freehold Goulburn
Ludford Henry junr. Clifford-street household Goulburn
Ludford Henry senr. Market-street resident Goulburn
Lynch William C. Old Township household Goulburn
Maber William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Maber William A. Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Maddocks Thomas Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Maggs John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Maguire William Market-street resident Goulburn
Mahony Michael Bourke-street household Goulburn
Males George Auburn-street household Goulburn
Maloney James Verner-street resident Goulburn
Maloney Thomas Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Mandelson Emanuel Sloane-street household Goulburn
Mandelson Joseph Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Mandelson Nathan Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Mangan William Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Manion Patrick Tarlo freehold Goulburn
Mann Horace Sydney freehold Goulburn
Mann John Sydney freehold Goulburn
Marks Moss Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Maroney Michael Off Auburn-street household Goulburn
Marsden James Ottiwell freehold Goulburn
Marsden Thomas Bland freehold Goulburn
Marshall William Bradley-street household Goulburn
Martin James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Martin James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Mason William junr. Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Mason William senr. Off Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Mather Alexander Bangalore freehold Goulburn
Maybury William Hy. Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Mayo George Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Mayo Joseph junr. Auburn-street household Goulburn
Mayo Joseph senr. Auburn-street household Goulburn
Mehan John Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Mellin Ludolph Theodore Sydney freehold Goulburn
Miles Daniel Sandford Verner-street freehold Goulburn
Miller James Auburn-street household Goulburn
Mitchell Henry Clifford-street household Goulburn
Mitchell John Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Moore Frederick Victoria freehold Goulburn
Moran Thomas Grafton-street freehold Goulburn
Morgan James Joshua-street freehold Goulburn
Morgan John Mulwarree-street freehold Goulburn
Morgan Robert Tarlo freehold Goulburn
Morrow Frederick Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Moses Solomon Sydney freehold Goulburn
Mulcahy Patrick Montague-street household Goulburn
Mullins Michael Prosper lane household Goulburn
Munn George Auburn-street household Goulburn
Munn Henry Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Munoz John Mariano Montague-street household Goulburn
Murdoch Henry Montague-street resident Goulburn
Murphy John New Line household Towrang
Murphy Richard Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Murray Bernard Auburn-street household Goulburn
Murray George Auburn-street household Goulburn
Murray Patrick New Line freehold Towrang
Murray Terence Aubrey Sydney freehold Towrang
Musgrave Thomas Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
McAlister Charles Cowper-street household Goulburn
McAlister John Charles Sloane-street household Goulburn
McAlister Richard Sloane-street household Goulburn
McAlister Robert Baw Baw freehold Goulburn
McAlroy Michael Verner-street household Goulburn
McAusland Alexander Tuena freehold Goulburn
McCabe Charles Mummell freehold Goulburn
McCabe James Mummell freehold Goulburn
McCarthy Henry Bourke-street resident Goulburn
McClosky Hugh Montague-street resident Goulburn
McConnell George Clinton-street freehold Goulburn
McConnell William Clinton-street household Goulburn
McConnell William Young freehold Goulburn
McCormack John Auburn-street household Goulburn
McCullagh John Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
McCullagh Robert Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
McCulloch Andrew H. Sydney freehold Goulburn
McDonald Alexander Montague-street freehold Goulburn
McDonald Donald Tarlo freehold Goulburn
McDonald Henry Wm. Old Township household Goulburn
McDonald John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
McDonnell John Towrang freehold Goulburn
McFarland Daniel Market-street household Goulburn
McGeorge John Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
McGrath John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
McGowan William Henry Auburn-street resident Goulburn
McIvor Francis Bourke-street household Goulburn
McKay James Goldsmith-street freehold Goulburn
McKay Thomas Sloane-street household Goulburn
McKenzie Donald Beppo-street freehold Goulburn
McKenzie John Clifford-street household Goulburn
McKerrell Malcolm Tarlo freehold Goulburn
McKinlay Charles Grafton-street resident Goulburn
McNamars Martin Mundy-street household Goulburn
Nanning Paul Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Nathan Temple Sloane-street freehold Ifield
Neill Daniel Clifford-street household Goulburn
Neilly Robert A. Bangalore freehold Towrang
Nelson Thomas H. Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Newbery Frederick William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Newcombe Charles Edwin Queanbeyan freehold Goulburn
Newman Charles Clinton-street household Goulburn
Newman John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Nicholls John Union-street household Goulburn
Noble William Mundy-street household Goulburn
Nolan Laurence Clifford-street household Goulburn
Nowlan Edward Robert-street freehold Goulburn
Nowlan James Montague-street household Goulburn
Nowlan Thomas Clifford-street household Goulburn
Oakes Francis Parramatta freehold Goulburn
Oakes George Parramatta freehold Goulburn
O'Brien John Mundy-street resident Goulburn
O'Brien Thomas Deniliquin freehold Goulburn
O'Donnell Hugh Auburn-street household Goulburn
O'Donnell John Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
O'Donnell Patrick Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Oliver James Bradley-street freehold Goulburn
Olliyer James Tenterfield freehold Garroorigang
O'Neil Henry Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Ormerod James H. Auburn-street household Goulburn
O'Sullivan John Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
O'Sullivan Laurence Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Pack John Cowper-street household Goulburn
Pagett John Cowper-street household Goulburn
Pain John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Painter Thomas Lansdown resident Lansdown
Parker William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Parr Henry Cowper-street freehold Goulburn
Parr Thomas Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
Passmore Johns junr. Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Passmore John, senr. Pound freehold Ifield
Patmore Edwin Deccan-street freehold Goulburn
Patmore Israel [Ezra] Addison-street household Goulburn
Patmore Jabez Auburn-street household Goulburn
Paton John Clifford-street household Goulburn
Patterson David Clifford-street household Goulburn
Pawsey Timothy Grafton-street household Goulburn
Payne James Reynolds-street freehold Goulburn
Payten Henry Wynella household Wynella
Peard Henry Joseph Clifford-street resident Goulburn
Peard Richard Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Pedley Henry Ifield freehold Goulburn
Pembroke Samuel R. Auburn-street household Goulburn
Pendlebury James New Line freehold Towrang
Perfect Henry Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Perkins James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Perkins William Towrang resident Towrang
Perry John Cowper-street household Goulburn
Phillips N. C. Clifford Lansdown resident Lansdown
Pincher Edward Bradley-street resident Goulburn
Pinn Paul Bradley-street freehold Goulburn
Pinn Philip Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
Pitty Joseph Lithgow-street household Goulburn
Poole Charles James Church Hill household Goulburn
Porter William Union-street freehold Goulburn
Powell George, junr. Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Powell George Towrang resident Towrang
Powell Nathaniel S. Bungendore freehold Goulburn
Pratten Isaac Woodhouselee freehold Goulburn
Prior Albert Grafton-street household Goulburn
Pursehouse William Sloane-street household Goulburn
Quinton John Mundy-street resident Goulburn
Ramsay Allan Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Rawson James Bourke-street household Goulburn
Rawson Richard Mundy-street household Goulburn
Reeves Thomas Old Township household Goulburn
Reuton George Bradley's Mill freehold Goulburn
Richards Christopher E. Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Richards George Auburn-street household Goulburn
Richards John Bourke-street household Goulburn
Richards Thomas Montague-street resident Goulburn
Richardson John Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Riley James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Riley John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Riley Philip Thompson Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Riley William Russell Auburn-street household Goulburn
Roberts William New Line freehold Towrang
Roberts William Towrang resident Towrang
Robertson Colin Market-street resident Goulburn
Robertson Henry Verner-street household Goulburn
Robertson William Henry Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Robinson Orlando Goldsmith-street freehold Goulburn
Robinson Stephen Towrang freehold Towrang.
Robinson William Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Rootes George Ifield freehold Ifield
Ross Farquhar Auburn-street household Goulburn
Ross William Manse household Goulburn
Rossi Francis R. L. Rossiville freehold Goulburn
Rowe Thomas Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Rue James Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Rushforth Thomas Sterne-street freehold Goulburn
Russell Reuben Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Russell Samuel Old Township household Goulburn
Russell William Murray Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Ryan Michael Ryansvale freehold Goulburn
Ryan Nicholas Auburn-street household Goulburn
Ryan Thomas Sloane-street household Goulburn
Sams Edward Towrang household Towrang
Sasse Richard Cowper-street household Goulburn
Saunders Henry Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Saunders William Mundy-street freehold Goulburn
Scowcroft James Montague-street household Goulburn
Scaly Thomas A. Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Seaman Henry Mundy-street household Goulburn
Shannon Samuel Clifford-street household Goulburn
Shannon William Clifford-street household Goulburn
Shapland John N. Market-street household Goulburn
Shaw Edward Thomas Towrang resident Towrang
Shaw Joseph Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Shaw Thomas Brickfield freehold Towrang
Sheehy Patrick Auburn-street household Goulburn
Sheekey Cornelius Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Sheekey Edward Cole-street household Gonlburn
Sheekey Terence Grafton-street household Goulburn
Shepherd John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Shepherd Samuel Mulwarree-street household Goulburn
Shippey John Auburn-street household Goulburn
Shirt Thomas Auburn-street household Goulburn
Sibbald Robert Auburn-street household Goulburn
SibleyHenry Thomas Cowper-street freehold Goulburn
Sibson William Glebe household Goulburn
Sidwell William Sydney Road freehold Towrang
Sigmont Charles A. Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Sigmont William A. Mundy-street resident Goulburn
Silver Alexander Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Simons James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Simons John Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Simons William Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Simpson Edward Clifford-street resident Goulburn
Sims Charles Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Sims Robert Addison-street household Goulburn
Sinclair James Montague-street freehold Goulburn
Sinclair John Towrang freehold Towrang
Skinner Thomas Auburn-street household Goulburn
Slater Richard Prosper Lane household Goulburn
Slocombe George Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Smart John Montague-street resident Goulburn
Smith David Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Smith Edward junr. Towrang resident Towrang
Smith Edward senr. Towrang household Towrang
Smith George Coromandel-street freehold Goulburn
Smith Henry Auburn-street household Goulburn
Smith James Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Smith James Grafton-street household Goulburn
Smith Jeremiah Wynella resident Wynella
Smith Patrick Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Smith William Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Smith William Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Solomons Emanuel Auburn-street resident Goulburn
South George Lansdown resident Lansdown
Southeran Thomas Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Sowerby William Parsonage household Goulburn
Stacey William West Bourke-street household Goulburn
Stevenson James Sloane-street household Goulburn
Stewart James Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Stewart William Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
Strachen James Ifield freehold Ifield
Stubbings Thomas Brickfield household Towrang
Taylor William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Teece Jeremiah Sydney freehold Goulburn
Teece Richard Victoria freehold Goulburn
Teece William Auburn-street household Goulburn
Tennant Charles Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Tew Thomas Ifield household Ifield
Thomas Charles Garroorigang freehold Garroorigang
Thomas Mesac Sloane-street household Goulburn
Thompson James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Thompson Robert Auburn-street household Goulburn
Tibbey Alfred Auburn-street household Goulburn
Ticehurst George Auburn-street household Goulburn
Todd Richard Goldsmith-street household Goulburn
Topham George Auburn-street household Goulburn
Townsend Malachi Towrang household Towrang
Traynor Joseph Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Treeby Charles Ifield freehold Ifield
Trenery William Bourke-street household Goulburn
Tricker Frederick Montague-street household Goulburn
Tripp William Bourke-street household Goulburn
Tulley Joseph Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Turner Robert Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Tweedy John Bourke-street resident Goulburn
Twynam Edward Sloane-street household Goulburn
Vaughan James Towrang freehold Towrang
Waddell J. J. Clifford-street household Goulburn
Wade John Montague-street household Goulburn
Waite Richard Ifield freehold Ifield
Wakefield James Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Walker James Market-street household Goulburn
Walker Robert Clinton-street household Goulburn
Walker William Towrang household Towrang
Wallace Joseph Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Wallace Thomas Grafton-street resident Goulburn
Walsh Charles Hamilton Bourke-street freehold Goulburn
Walsh John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Ward Patrick Off Clinton-street household Goulburn
Ward Robert Clinton-street freehold Goulburn
Ward Robert Mundy-street freehold Goulburn
Warne James Brickfield freehold Goulburn
Warne John Crookwell freehold Goulburn
Waters Frederick Sloane-street household Goulburn
Waterworth James Cole-street freehold Goulburn
Watkin Samuel Towrang household Towrang
Watts Henry Bourne Mundy-street household Goulburn
Waugh Robert Market-street freehold Goulburn
Webb William Ifield household Ifield
Webster Frederick Auburn-street freehold Goulburn
Webster Jeremiah Godfrey Grafton-street household Goulburn
Welby Oswald Auburn-street household Goulburn
Welch Matthew Montague-street household Goulburn
Wells James Grafton-street household Goulburn
West Henry Isaac Market-street household Goulburn
Whaley John Sloane-street household Goulburn
White Frederick Grafton-street household Goulburn
White James Mundy-street household Goulburn
White William Cowper-street household Goulburn
Whiting Joseph, Junr. Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Whiting Joseph, senr. Auburn-street household Goulburn
Wickham Ebenezer Clifford-street household Goulburn
Wiggins Charles Clinton-street freehold Goulburn
Wightley William Lagoon-street household Goulburn
Wildgust William Clifford-street household Goulburn
Wiles James Lansdown resident Landsdown
Wiles William Old Township household Goulburn
Wilkie Thomas Off Grafton-street household Goulburn
Wilkinson Alfred Bourke-street household Goulburn
Williams George Clifford-street freehold Goulburn
Williams Jeremiah Sloane-street resident Goulburn
Williams Joseph Mundy-street household Goulburn
Williams Thomas Clifford-street household Goulburn
Williams William Bradley's Mill resident Goulburn
Williams William Sloane-street household Goulburn
Williamson William Towrang household Towrang
Wilmott Samuel Bradley-street household Goulburn
Wilson James Gunning freehold Goulburn
Winter Jacob Chantry-street household Goulburn
Winter Robert Auburn-street household Goulburn
Winter Robert Cole-street household Goulburn
Withers Alexander Towrang household Towrang
Wood Matthew Sloane-street freehold Goulburn
Wormwood Samuel Cowper-street freehold Goulburn
Wright George Edward Reynolds-street household Goulburn
Wright John Verner-street household Goulburn
Wyatt George Clifford-street household Goulburn
Yates Frederick Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Yates Saul Mundy-street resident Goulburn
Yeatman Henry Jones Goldsmith-street freehold Goulburn
Young Richard Clifford-street household Goulburn
Youngman John Auburn-street resident Goulburn
Zouch Henry, Old Township resident Goulburn

The Goulburn Herald and Chronicle.
Sat 28 January 1865
Page 6

The Romani people in Australia

Are you descended from the Romani.
Tell us your story. Have a listen to this interesting interview. Australia's Romani Gypsies

Because of a "Mary Ann Jackson" mentioned in my tree, I received this email last week and unfortunately I could not help 'sylviaeichler' -- The wrong Mary Ann.

[I am mystified by my great-grandmother, Margaret Jane Smith. Her death certificate says that her mother was Mary Ann Jackson, and father Joseph Smith. I can't find records for that match.
My Gran, Winifred McNeall, wrote on a piece of paper for me in about 1978, in front of me, that her grandmother was born at Parramatta.
Somehow the computer has led me to you.
Do you have any Romany ancestors?
My gran Winifred had dark skin, small feet, deformed hammer (overlapping ) toes, cramps, falls, skinny ankles(possible CMT). She was born in Maitland, and the Hunter Valley has the highest incidence in Aus of a rare nerve genetic disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome. My sis and I have tingling and numbness in feet and hands. My sis is planning to go to Concord hospital to get tested for CMT.
Do you have anyone in family with CMT symptoms?
I noticed that one of my dna match ladies had a Barnes in her tree, so I wonder if my Mary Ann Jackson became a Barnes?]

This was the part of my tree which attracted the email
Elizabeth Eather 1825-1884
A Mary Anne JACKSON mentioned here as Rutter's girlfriend.


I found this story whilst correcting digital text in a Newspaper published in New South Wales, Australia;
The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser.
This particular article published on Thursday 3 August 1865 Under the title MISCELLANEOUS.
I have not come across the story in any other local publication.
It's probably in publications in the United States, but, just in case it isn't, and rather than see it lost, I have repeated it here, for your interest.
Oh yes, and knowing little about the life and times of Lincoln, and knowing how aussies like to tell a bit of a yarn, I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the story.
The 'William D. Kelly' I would assume to be William Darrah KELLEY 1814-1890.
'Seward' would be Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Henry SEWARD 1801-1872.

Philadelphia, on the 24th April, the Hon.
William D. Kelly, who was on terms of
intimacy with the late President Lincoln from
the day of his election to that of his tragical
death, delivered an address upon his life and
character before the Girls' High and Normal
School, in the course of which he related the
following anecdote:—One evening in the
executive chamber there were present a num-
ber of gentlemen, among them Mr. Seward.
A point in the conversation suggesting the
thought. Mr. Lincoln said, " Seward, you never
heard, did you, how I earned my first dollar."
" No," said Mr. Seward. "Well," replied he,
"I was about eighteen years of age. I be
longed, you know, to what they call down.
South, the 'scrubs,'— people who do not own
land, and slaves are nobody there. But we
had succeeded in raising chiefly by my labor
sufficient produce, as I thought, to justify me
in taking it down the river to sell. After
much persuasion I got the consent of my
mother to go, and constructed a little flat boat
large enough to take the barrel or two of
things that we had gathered, with myself and
little bundle down to New Orleans. A steamer
was coming down the river. We have, you
know, no wharves on the Western streams,
and the custom was, if passengers were at any
of the landings, for them to go out in a boat,
the steamer stopping and taking them on
board. I was contemplating my new flat boat,
and wondering whether 1 could make it
stronger or imporve it in any particular, when
two men came down to the shore in carriages
with trunks, and looking at the different boats,
singled out mine, and asked, "Who owns
this ?" I answered somewhat modestly, ' I do.'
"Will you," said one of them, "take us and our
trunks to the steamer?" "Certainly," said I.
I was very glad to have the chance of earning
something. I supposed that each would give
me two or three bits. The trunks were put
on my flat boat, the passengers seated them
selves on the trunks, and I sculled them out
to the steamboat. They got on board, and I
lifted in their heavy trunks, and put them on
deck. The steamer was about to put on steam
again; when I called out that they had for
gotten to pay me. Each of them took from
his pocket a silver half-dollar, and threw it on
the floor of my boat. I could scarcely believe
my eyes as I picked up the money. Gentle
men, you may think it a very little thing, and
in these days it seems to me like a trifle; but
it was a most important incident in my life.
I could scarcely credit that I, a poor boy, had
earned a.dollar in less than a day—that by
honest work I had earned a dollar. The world
seemed wider and fairer before me. I was a
more hopeful and confident being from that

More Lincoln reading from Australian Newspapers

George Henry Cox 1824 - 1901

The Hon. G. H. Cox.
This is his Obituary as published in the Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW)
Monday 2 December 1901 p 2
Death on Thursday Evening. A Remarkable Man. Particulars of his Career.
The death of the Hon. George
Henry Cox, which occurred at Bur-
rundulla house on Friday evening
last, not only removes from Mudgee
its foremost citizen, but removes from
the life of the Mother State of the
Commonwealth, its senior legislator.
The deceased was born on the 18th of
October, 1824, and was therefore in
his 78th year. He was the grandson of
William Cox, the first of the family to
come to New South Wales, who in the
days of Governor Macquarie, cut the
road across the Blue Mountains, fol-
lowing the tracks of Wentworth, Blax-
land and Lawson. The Hon. George
Henry Cox was the eldest of the
family of seven. His surviving
brothers are Mr. J. D. Cox. of
Cullenbone, and Mr. Albert T.
Cox, of Broombee. The brothers
who predeceased him were Archie
Cox, of Menah, Charles Claren-
don Cox, of Broombee, the founder of
the famous flock, Alexander H. Cox,
of Oakfield, and Frederick S. Cox, of
Wallinga. The deceased's eldest sur-
viving sister is Mrs. Stephen, widow
of the late Canon Stephen, eldest son
of the late Sir Alfred Stephen, at one
time Chief Justice and Lieutenant
Governor of New South Wales.
Another sister is Mrs. White, who is
married to Archdeacon White, of
Armidale, brother of the late Hon.
James White, and Mr. H. C. White,
of Havilah. Mrs. John Cox, of Negoa,
and Mrs. Borton, also sisters of Mr.
Cox, predeceased him. Mr. Frank
Cox, J.P., of Menah, Mr. R. W.
Cox, of Bristowe, and Dr. James
Cox, of Sydney, and Mr. Viv. Cox,
are cousins of the deceased.
George Henry Cox was educated
at the Kings School, Parramatta.
that historic educational institution,
from the class rooms of which so
many of Australia's most worthy citi-
zens have come.
Immediately on leaving school he
embarked in pastoral pursuits, with
which he was associated during his
long life. In early years he owned or
part owned many very important
properties, including Garrawilla,
Nomby and Thargomindah. In him the
pastoral industry always had a warm
and able champion, for he realised so
fully, the debt Australia owed to
those men, who in the teeth of tre-
mendous difficulties fought the battle
on the frontiers of settlement. Mr.
Cox at one time took up a lot of
country in Queensland, having for his
partner, Mr. V. J. Dowling of Lue.
Pine Ridge was at one time the
property of deceased, and was pur-
chased by Mr. Buckland two years ago.
Mr. Cox was a firm believer in the
Australian type of the merino, and
throughout his life, spared no pains or
expense to keep pure and improve the
famous flock, which his family founded
with importations from the King of
Saxony's stud. Mr. Cox was winner of
numerous prizes at all the great inter-
national shows, and in 1861 won Mr.
Thomas Mort's'gold medal for greasy
wool, while at the Paris exhibition in
1878 his exhibit received the honor of
being awarded the gold medal for the
best wool in the world. One of the
last communications we received from
the honorable gentleman, was only a
few weeks ago, when he wired us from
Sydney stating that the wool from his
Menah flock had been sold up to 12½d
per lb, which stands as an easy record
for the year. It was characteristic of the
deceased that his energies were never
confined merely to the furtherance of
his own interests, and every move-
ment which had for its object the ad-
vance of the wool raising industry in
Australia had his hearty moral and
financial support, and for many years
and up to the time of his death, he
was the president of the New South
Wales Sheep Breeders' Association.
In 1853 Mr. Cox married his cousin
Henrietta, daughter of the late Henry
Cox, of Broombee. The issue of the
marriage number twelve. The eldest
son, Mr. George Henry Frederick
Cox, is now fighting at the front in
South Africa, this being his second
period of service in the Imperial Bush-
men. The second son, Mr. Herbert
A. Cox, formerly of Burrundulla, died
ten years ago, and the third son,
Reginald Cox, died about two years
ago, while on his road to South Africa
as a trooper of the 1st Australian
Horse. The sad circumstances of that
death are fresh in the minds of Mud-
gee people, whose sympathy with the
soldier's grief-stricken and aged father
was expressed, when the body was
interred with full military honors.
The two surviving sons are Mr. Allan
M. Cox and Mr. Vincent D. Cox, who
of recent years have worked a portion
of their father's Burrundulla estate.
The deceased's eldest daughter, who
died about three years ago, was mar-
ried to Mr. George Stewart, of Binna-
wee, and the second daughter is the
wife of Mr. M. R. Lowe, of Tingha,
Mudgee. The only other married
daughter is Mrs. McConochie, wife of
the Rev. W. G. McConochie, of Mel-
bourne. Three unmarried daughters,
Miss Lucy Cox, Miss May Cox, and
Miss Florrie Cox, survive their father,
who was predeceased by his other
daughter, Miss Maud Cox.
At the age of 32 Mr. Cox entered
the political arena, being elected in
1856 member for Wellington in the
Legislative Assembly under the Con-
stitution Act. During the first Par-
liament, Mr. Cox secured so well
the favor of his constituents, that
when he sought re-election he was re-
turned unopposed, but on a sub-
sequent election in 1863 he was de-
feated, and was appointed to the
Legislative Council, Mr. Charles
Cooper being Premier. At the time
of his death the Honorable George
Henry Cox was the sole surviving
member of the first representative
Parliament of Australia. Through the
long period in which he was a mem-
ber of the Council, he was a zealous
custodian of its privileges, and,
fully realized the high responsibilities
of the position. He was never at any
time a strong party man, but was a
consistent freetrader. One of the
first votes he gave was in favor of the
abolition of the law of entail, and he
was a strong supporter of the system
of State Education, being a member
of the Public School League. He
also voted for the discontinuance of
state aid to religion. Up to a few
weeks before his death the deceased
was a regular attendant in his place
in the Council, his rising always being
the signal for that respectful attention
which is accorded to men who never
speak unless they have something to say
worth listening to. The last speech de-
ceased delivered in the Council, was on
Friday, 24th Octobor, just five weeks
prior to his decease. The subject was
the proposed erection by the State of
some suitable monument to honor the
memory of Sir Joseph Banks, who
played a very important, but little
acknowledged part in the foundation
of the first settlement in Australia.
The subject was one peculiarly suited
to the honorable gentleman, who was
a master of Australian history, and
who held that honor should be done
to those to whom honor is due. Even
as the venerable legislator addressed
the House, of which he was the
oldest member, he knew that the irresis-
tible coming of the Angel of Death
would not be much longer delayed, for in
forwarding a proof of his speech to us
asking for its publication in the
"Guardian," he wrote, "It is the
last speech I shall deliver in the
council or elsewhere." The sharp,
clear writing betrayed no sign of
physical weakness, but the words were
true, and the implied prophesy ful-
filled all too soon. At the first elec-
tion for the Federal Parliament held
last March, the Hon. George Henry
Cox was a candidate for the Senate,
but failed to secure a seat. Local
affairs occupied a large portion of Mr.
Cox's time, and he was the first Mayor
of the municipality of Cudgegong,
established in 1868. The Agricultural
Society also was greatly indebted to the
honorable gentleman who was its presi-
dent for many years. For upwards of
40 years Mr. Cox was a trustee
of St. John the Baptist's Church,
Mudgee, to the funds of which he was
ever a liberal donor. A warm ad-
herent of the church of England, he
was a member of the Diocesan Coun-
cils of Bathurst and Sydney, and took
a leading part in the last sitting of the
synod of the first named diocese.
His last active work in this capacity
was as a member of the synodal com-.
mittee appointed in connection with
the All Saints difficulty. The Sydney
Meat Preserving Company always
had a very warm champion in Mr.
Cox, who was one of the directors, and
who was also a director for some years
of the Pastoral Finance Association.
Of late Mr. Cox had given a great
deal of time and energy to the affairs
of the Farmers and Settlers Associa-
tion, and was a prominent figure at
the conference of that body.
To write a personal appreciation of
the life and character of the subject of
this memoir one ought to have known
him intimately. It would, of course,
be mere deceit to say we agreed with
all his public acts and endorsed all his
opinions. We do, however, fully
recognise his honesty of purpose and
his keen appreciation of the great re-
sponsibilities of his position. He was
a man whose word was his bond, and
who was best appreciated by those who
knew him most intimately. His
numerous tenant farmers on the Bur-
rundulla estate unanimously speak of
him as being a good landlord in every
sense of the term. In many respects
his was a strange character, for while
on some quotations he adopted an atti-
tude of unbending conservatism, on
others he was a liberal, even to the
point of radicalism. This was well
illustrated by his struggle to bring
about co-operation among the farmers.
He believed in the principle, believed
in it with the absolute faith, with
which he believed in the teachings of
his church. He was the enemy of
commercialism. If he had had his
way he would have burst up the
Sussex-street commission agents, and
would have stopped all the profit going
into the storekeepers' pockets. He
went from end to end of the State
proclaiming the gospel of co-operation,
and while he could not be spared to
see the full results of his un-
selfish labors, it was doubtless a
consolation to him to know that the
success of the movement so far has
been most encouraging. He died
among his own people, in his beaufi-
ful home, amid the splendid sur-
roundings of the family estate. He
died respected and honored by the
public, aud affectionately esteemed
by those who knew him intimately.
To his family we offer our sincere
sympathy in an irreparable loss, the
the burden of which we hope will be
lightened by the memory of his splen-
did life, and the fact that he was per-
fectly resigned to the end, which
came with the close of last Thursday.
The burial took place on Saturday
afternoon, his Lordship Dr. Camdge,
Bishop of Bathurst, arriving in Mud-
gee by the mail train. The
remains left Burrundulla House at
2.30 p.m., there being an immense
attendance, among whom we noticed :
Messrs. Allan M. Cox, Vincent Cox,
F. Cox, J.P. (Menah), R. W.
Cox, J.P. (Bristowe), A. I. Cox (Oak-
field), E. D. Cox (Gunnagawah), O. D.
Cox (Wallinga), F. D. Cox, Norman
Cox, Bartle F. Cox, G. Stewart, R.
Rouse (Biraganbil), R. Rouse (Gunta-
wang), G. Cadell, C. D. Meares,
Edward Clarke, C. Barker ("A.M.P."),
Arthur Lowe (Wilbetree), A. F. Came-
ron (Mayor of Mudgee), C. J. Crocker,
Alderman H. Hall, James Loneragan,
E. Loneragan, II. A. Lowe, J. W.
Dnesbury, W. W. Millett, J. M. Cox,
C. H. Tuckerman, A. S. Tuckerman,
Harold Hardwick, A.I.A., T. H. Wil-
kinson, P.M., M. R. Lowe, W. Smith
(Carleon), B. Stacy (Commercial Bank),
C. J. Baker (Bank N.S.W.), —
Heath (A.J.S. Bank), G. Davidson,
W. Latimer, J.P., G. Rouse, W. H.
Green, Thomas Randell, J.P. Mr.
J. D. Cox and Mr. A. T. Cox,
brothers of the deceased were not pre-
sent, having been called away to the
bed side of their sister Mrs. Stephen,
who lay sick unto death at Katoomba.
On the cortege reaching St. John's
Church, the remains were received by
the Bishop of the Diocese, Archdeacon
Campbell, and the Rev. E. P. Lowe.
The coffin was borne into the church
by Messrs. J. Tarrant, A. Brown, W.
Mursh, jun., J. Mason. The service
was choral, Mr. F. Knight presid-
ing at the organ. The pulpit was
draped with black and white. After
the reading of the special lesson,
the Bishop entered the pulpit and re-
ferred to the very solemn and sorrow-
ful occasion which had gathered them
together. He could hardly realise
that it was only a month ago that his
dear form was present in that church.
He was weak and ill at the time, but
so great was his love and affection for
the church that he was determined to
come in spite of their efforts to per-
suade him otherwise, and he (the
preacher) would never forget the rapt
attention with which he followed the
service. The passing away of such a
one was a distinct loss to the whole
community, and they had only to
think of the deep interest he took in
public affairs to realise the loss to the
country. His hearers were people of
the town to whom the deceased had
endeared himself by many acts of
kindness. The Church of England
would feel his loss deeply, for there
was no layman more willing to sacri-
fice himself. He would never forget
how he raised himself from a bed of
sickness to help to bring to an end
a difficulty they all regretted. He was
always ready to help in the councils
of the churchmen, and in fact he felt
he mourned the loss of one who was
emphatically the right hand of the
Bishop. He had known him for 14
years, and from him he had always
received the greatest kindness. Those
who were near and dear to him had
suffered a terrible loss, but could take
consolation in the knowledge that his
belief in Christ was the guiding fea-
ture of his life. He was not dead,
only just the body lay in the church,
for in reality he lived as he had never
lived before, for he had passed from
a world of shadow and darkness into
the presence of the Eternal King, and
so while they felt great grief yet their
sorrow was not without hope. The
hymn, "Thy Will be Done," which
was one of the favorite hymns
of the deceased was then sung,
and as the body was carried from
the church the solemn tones of the
"Dead March" pealed from the
organ. It was an unpleasant after-
noon, a heavy wind-driven storm fall-
ing, as the long line of vehicles trailed
across Bombira Hill. The cermony
at the grave was brief, and standing
bareheaded in the scudding rain, the
people of Mudgee silently offered their
respectful tribute to the remains of a
remarkable man.
At both services at St. John the
Baptist's Church on Sunday, his Lord-
ship made special and eloquent refe-
rences to the worth of the deceased.