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Jacob Clark and Rachel Ullom early 1800's

I am searching for the names of the parents of my ancestors Jacob Clark and his wife Rachel Ullum (variously spelled Ullom, Wollam, Olm, Ulm, Ulem, Wollen, etc.). You can help me by doing the following:
1) If you are a descendant of Jacob and Rachel, contact me. My cousins and I are assembling a compendium of descendants.
2) If you have found any references to Jacob and Rachel, please send me a link.
3) If you have a lead on Jacob and Rachel's parents, please contact me.

Joe Henderson
610-212-1558 (US, PA)

This is the story of Jacob Clark and Rachel Ullom, as of March 17, 2008. All information needs to be confirmed.

Jacob Clark was born in Pennsylvania, probably in Somerset or Greene County; on January 22, 1799; it needs to be determined exactly where. He married Rachel Ullom (Wollam, Olm, Ulm, Wollen, etc.). Rachel was born May 5 1802, probably in Somerset or Greene County Pennsylvania.

We believe that he was born and married in or near Greene County, Pennsylvania. This is because there are two censuses for 1820 that make sense, one in Somerset County and the other Greene County. Greene County looks most promising because of (1) the proximity of the Ullum and Clark families, (2) the age of Jacob Clark and his spouse, and the number of family members in his household.

We believe Jacob was in Pennsylvania for 1820 census is because his daughter Nancy Clark says in two of her later census entries that she was born in Pennsylvania and online people have her birthday March 1st 1821 in Pennsylvania.

We believe that they moved to Anderson Township, Hamilton County, Ohio soon after Nancy?s birth on March 1st 1821 because the next child, Mary Clark, said she was born March 15th 1822 in Ohio. The only 1830 census found that fits the family is in Anderson Township, Hamilton County, Ohio.

We believe that the family moved to Harrison County, Indiana between the 1830 census taken in Anderson Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, on which the Jacob Clark family is annotated, and the death of their son James Clark on June 23 1832. The timing of this move is a safe assumption because James is buried in his parents? plot in Palmyra, Harrison County, Indiana, and not in Ohio (because this James is buried with Jacob and Rachel we can assume that he is their son).

* * *
In October 2008 Joe Henderson commissioned the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society to do research on our Jacob and Rachel. Here are excerpts from the researcher's letter:

?November 16, 2008

The 1800 census for Somerset County, Pennsylvania lists 4 men with the surname Clark. They are all between the ages of 26 and 44. They all have at least one male child under the age of 10. Two of them live in Stony Creek Township. One is named Samuel and the other is Noah. Samuel has 4 sons under 10; Noah has two sons and a daughter under the age 10. Another Samuel lives in Somerset town. He has a son and a daughter under 10, and there are two males in his home ages 26 to 44. The fourth man is Tench (sic) and he lives in Turkey Foot Township.

?In 1816 Shade Township was formed from Stony Creek Township. The first tax assessment for Shade Township, however, was dated 1814 and on it was Samuel Clark, farmer. On the second assessment list in 1816 Samuel Clark was listed as a distiller. The third, and last one that we have, was in 1818 and Samuel Clark was listed with a still. This time period was just a bit past the Whiskey Rebellion.

?We have some church records for Somerset County, and I hoped to find either baptism or marriage records for some of these Clarks. The Berlin Evangelical Lutheran and Berlin Evangelical Reformed in Brothers Valley yielded nothing. The same was true of the Beam German Reformed church. I do not know what other churches existed at that time. The communities may have been served by circuit riding ministers who traveled between a number of church communities. Not many of their records have survived.

?The 1820 census for Somerset County lists a John Ulem. He was aged 26-44 years and had two daughters aged 10-16. At that time 16 was a marriageable age.

?I also check census records for Greene County in 1800 and 1820. There are no entries for the surname Clark or Ulem in 1800 in Greene County. In 1820 there is a Jacob Clark age 16-26 living with a female who is in the same category in Franklin Township. With them is a ?foreigner? who is not naturalized. Could be her father? The name Ulem might well be German. There are 6 entries for the surname Ullum in Greene County in 1820. One Peter Ullum is listed next to James Clark. They all live in Franklin Township, Greene County.

?I have checked the Atlas of Warrantee Maps of Greene County by Sharon McInnes without finding either the Clark or any form of the Ullum name in the land records there.?

* * *

In June 2008 Joe Henderson commissioned the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County Pennsylvania to do research on our Jacob and Rachel. Here's an excerpt from the librarian's letter:

"July 25, 2008

I have checked the Clark Family File for Jacob Clark, who married Rachel Ullom, and was unable to locate any information. We do not have a Family History on the Clark Family. I have checked the Church Records that we have for the 1795-1800 time period as [sic] was unable to locate any other that the one [Jacob Clark, not our ancestor] born in 1796..."

* * *

Children of Jacob Clark [0001] and Rachel Wollam [0002]:
Nancy E. Clark [0003]
Mary Clark [0019]
Rebecca Ann Clark [0072]
William Clark [0085]
John Clark [0086]
James Clark [0103]
Sara Ann Clark [0104]
Lydia Jane "Liddy" (A) Clark [0114]
Jacob Clark [0159]
Eliza Jane ?Ella? Clark [0164]
Sherman Wesley ?Shem? Clark [0229]
Rachel Suvannah Clark [0591]
Benjamin F. Clark [0595]
David Clark [0674]

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