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John SIMMONS was a convict, native of Taunton, Somersetshire.After...

John SIMMONS was a convict, native of Taunton, Somersetshire.

After much sifting through surviving records, it is thought that his parents were most likely Richard and Elizabeth SYMONS who baptised two children, John and Hariett, on 31st January 1808 in St James Parish, Taunton SOM.

John arrived in Sydney on 25th July 1827 aboard the convict ship "Guildford" after 116 days at sea, having been tried and convicted for stealing a quantity of silk from the dwelling house of Thomas ATKINS, at the Lent Assizes on 25 March 1826. He had spent the interim months in the Ilchester Goal and the convict hulk "Justita".

John was assigned to John BLAXLAND, brother of Gregory BLAXLAND of Blue Montains Crossing fame. Our John obtained his Ticket of Leave on 31st May 1835 but remained in the service of the BLAXLAND family.

On 27th Febuary 1839, John married Mary Ann FULHAM in the home of John BLAXLAND, Wollombi, John with permission of the Governor and Mary with permission of her carer, William Sheppard. Mary was the daughter of Laurence FULHAM, a soldier (at the time serving in Norfolk Island), and Bridget McNAMARA who had died in 1932.

John SIMMONS c. 1808 - 15 July 1895 m. 27 Febuary 1839 at Wollombi, NSW Mary Ann (Marianne) FULHAM

1. Harriet SIMMONS b. 16 May 1840 in Wollombi NSW; m. 7 Jan 1959 in Singleton NSW James ELL; d. 21 Jan 1879 Merriwa NSW; bur. 22 Jan 1979 Merriwa NSW. (James b.23 Jun 1832 Shoreditch LDN ENG; d. 22 Mar 1892 Merriwa NSW; bur. 24 Mar 1896 Merriwa NSW). They had 9 children.

2. John SIMMONS b. 17 Jul 1842 West Maitland NSW; m. 8 Jan 1862
Merriwa NSW to Mary BOURKE; d. 5 Feb 1909 Quirindi NSW; bur. Quirindi NSW. (Mary: b. c. 1844 Thurles TIP IRE; d. 24 Nov 1918 Quirindi NSW)
They had 9 children.

3. Elizabeth SIMMONS b. 2 Nov 1844 Black Creek NSW; m. 6 Jan 1864 Cassilus NSW to Michael BLAKE; d.14 Aug 1929 Merriwa NSW; bur. 15 Aug 1929 Merriwa NSW.(Michael: b.c. 1839 Inniskillen FER IRE; d. 24 Jan 1881 Merriwa NSW; bur. Merriwa NSW) They had 8 children.

4. William SIMMONS b.30 Oct 1836 Merriwa NSW; m. 25 Aug 1872 Warwick Qld Aus to Isabella COLLINS; d. 18 Dec 1925 Gunnedah NSW; bur. Tambar Springs NSW. (Isabella b. 4 Jun 1854 Maryvale Qld; d. 31 Jan 1926 Gunnedah NSW; bur. Tambar Springs NSW). They had 14 children.
William was my husband's Grandfather.

5. James SIMMONS b. 9 Mar 1850 Merriwa NSW; m. 18 Apr 1870 West Maitland NSW to Mary TREHY; d. 20 Feb 1983 Merriwa NSW; bur. Merriwa NSW (Mary b. 1823 Gutring TIP IRE; d. 12 Sep 1920 Waverley NSW; bur 24 Sep 1920 Randwick NSW). They had 7 children.

6. Edward Mark SIMMONS b. 20 Mar 1852; m. 11 Jun 1974 to Mary Ann Elizabeth SPRATT; d. 4 Feb 1938 Waitara NSW; bur. 5 Feb 1938 North Ryde NSW. (Mary Ann: b. 1854 Maitland NSW; d. 19 May 1932 Ryde NSW; bur. 20 May 1932 North Ryde NSW). No known children.

7. Richard James b. 1855 Merriwa NSW; m. 7 Feb 1877 Merriwa NSW to Mary Agnes SMYTH; d. 27 Apr 1910 Newcastle NSW; bur. 28 Apr 1912 Newcastle NSW. (Mary: b. 6 Mar 1856 Melbee NSW; d. 8 Nov 1820 Hamilton NSW; bur. 9 Nov 1920 Newcastle NSW). They had 11 children.

8. Jane Catherine SIMMONS b. 7 Aug 1857 Merriwa NSW; m. 22 Jan 1888 Merriwa NSW to James Fenton WALMSLEY; d. 23 Oct 1944 Merriwa NSW; bur. 24 Oct 1944 Merriwa NSW. (James: b. c. 1955 Blackburn LAN ENG; d. 2 Dec 1904 Stony Point near Merriwa NSW; bur. Merriwa NSW). They had 7 children.