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Never Give Up

To all those people out there who are looking for relatives living or dead I say to you never give up.

I was contacted at the end of September last year about a query, I myself had posted concerning my mothers maiden name of Madden. I did not know at this time that I was about to undertake my first reverse tree. I could not refuse helping the lady who has now become a very good friend, she had been given away at a couple of weeks old in 1951 and now was looking for her mother who also happened to have the same maiden name as my mother, however we were not related. I discovered that she had 3 half sisters and her mother who is now 81 is still alive.

6 months later I had her meeting her mother, 2 sisters and a nephew she did not know she had, it was also discovered that she has also got a brother plus another sister.

So if you come across that one person asking for that little bit of extra help it is sometimes worth it.

footnote: There are reasons that women gave their children away and sometimes it might just be too painful for a mother to acknowledge the child. However in this case it was my friends sisters that have taken her in with open arms

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Done that and it worked ta

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where has it gone

I use the igi only tonight when I went on it low and behold Scotland and Ireland have disappeared aint we as important as England. Anyone know what has happened....Joan

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MOLLISON of Edinburgh

I have been doing the Beveridge Adamson family tree. The name Mollison comes into the family when Euphemia Mollison married John Adamson on the 13th of July 1893. Although I have managed to get certain information about the Mollisons it seems to be very thin on the ground.
My family of Mollisons originate from Edinburgh and I have only been able to get back as far as Euphemia`s grandparents.
Effie had 6 other siblings and they seem to have gone to ground.
Euphemia died when she was only 36 in 1909 after having 5 children one who is buried at Halbeath cemetry in Dunfermline, she is remembered on his headstone.
I started this family tree to see if I could identify what line a genetic disease came down, it has always been assumed that it came down the Adamson line, however I am beginning to doubt this, therefore my search has to head down another line. Euphemia`s daughter died of this disease in 1954 when she was only 61 and what I can gather a few of her siblings have also succumbed to this horrendous disease.
So my research has now had to go down the Mollison line so if there is any Mollisons out there who are related to James Mollison and Mary Burt I would like to hear from them. Until then I will continue with my research.

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