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I have heard both on the Harrison name, one it could be a middle name after family members, and or it could be a married name.
Since we can not prove who Elizabeth Harrison Blair's parents are (possible; Alexander Blair and Elizabeth Breeding); we thought maybe the possibility of Harrison being a married name.....even though she was married to Absolem Randolph about the age of 16....

Just kicking some ideas around as we are at our "Brick Wall", with both Absolem Randolph and Elizabeth Harrison Blair Randolph....my 4th great grandparents...

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Descendants of Joseph Randolph

Generation No. 1

1. JOSEPH1 RANDOLPH was born Abt. 1750, and died Abt. 1816 in KY. He married UNK. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

I do have a copy of a deed where Joseph deeded almost all of his personal property to his only Absolem Randolph.

Child of JOSEPH RANDOLPH and UNK is:
2. i. ABSOLEM2 RANDOLPH, b. 1791, Ky; d. Abt. 1870, Mo.

Generation No. 2

2. ABSOLEM2 RANDOLPH (JOSEPH1) was born 1791 in Ky, and died Abt. 1870 in Mo. He married (1) ELIZABETH HARRISON BLAIR October 30, 1815 in Washington Co Mo. She was born Unknown in Unk, and died Bef. 1826 in KY. He married (2) MATILDA GORDEN June 11, 1826 in Adair Co Ky. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.

In the 1820 Green Co KY census, Absolem Randolph is shown with 3 males in the household under the age of 10 (himself - one male between age 16-26) and one female (age 26-45) - this is probably his first wife - Elizabeth Harrison Blair.

3. i. BURTON (BIRT)3 RANDOLPH, b. January 27, 1818, Ky; d. February 13, 1903, Reynolds Co Mo.
4. ii. HIRAM RANDOLPH, b. 1817.
iv. (UNKNOWN) RANDOLPH, b. Abt. 1819.

Generation No. 3

3. BURTON (BIRT)3 RANDOLPH (ABSOLEM2, JOSEPH1) was born January 27, 1818 in Ky, and died February 13, 1903 in Reynolds Co Mo. He married (1) ELIZABETH WARREN July 11, 1850 in Reynolds Co Mo, daughter of STEPHEN WARREN and LINA HOLMAN. She was born December 21, 1832 in Shelby Co Il, and died May 1, 1921 in Reynolds Co Mo. He married (2) ELIZABETH CONLEY 1842 in Mo. She was born Unknown, and died 1847 in Mo. He married (3) ELIZABETH LEGGIT 1848 in Mo. She was born Unknown, and died February 1849 in Mo.

8. i. JASPER LEANDER4 RANDOLPH, b. February 6, 1853, Mo; d. Abt. 1941, Tx.
ii. INFANT RANDOLPH, b. February 28, 1852; d. Unknown.
iii. INFANT RANDOLPH, b. February 28, 1855; d. Unknown.
9. iv. JOHN FRANKLIN RANDOLPH, b. April 18, 1856, Mo; d. Abt. 1941, Reynolds Co Mo - Polk Cemetery.
10. v. GEORGE WASHINGTON RANDOLPH, b. June 23, 1858, Mo; d. March 3, 1946, Shannon Co Mo - Bethany Chapel Cemetery.
11. vi. JOSHUA HARRISON RANDOLPH, b. January 16, 1861, Reynolds Co Mo; d. Unknown.
vii. ARMINDY JANE RANDOLPH, b. August 25, 1864; d. Unknown; m. EPHRAM DILLARD, March 18, 1880, Reynolds Co Mo.
viii. SENY ELIZABETH RANDOLPH, b. August 19, 1867; d. Unknown; m. AUBA LEE.
ix. SOPHA RANDOLPH, b. 1870; d. Unknown.
x. PETER HIRAM RANDOLPH, b. November 2, 1871; d. Unknown.
12. xi. MARTHA ISABELL RANDOLPH, b. February 18, 1873, Logan Creek - Reynolds Co Mo; d. May 11, 1959, Reynolds Co Mo - Potter Valley Cemetery.

Generation No. 4

JASPER LEANDER4 RANDOLPH (BURTON (BIRT)3, ABSOLEM2, JOSEPH1) was born February 6, 1853 in Mo, and died Abt. 1941 in Tx. He married MARTHA THOMAS June 19, 1870 in Mo, daughter of WILLIAM THOMAS and REBECCA UNKNOWN). She was born October 9, 1856 in Mo, and died 1924 in Shannon Co - Mo.

19. i. WILLIAM B.5 RANDOLPH, b. March 14, 1881, Ellington - Reynolds Co - Mo; d. April 1, 1966, Poplar Bluff - Butler Co - Mo.
20. ii. MILES HENRY. RANDOLPH, b. May 23, 1871, Mo; d. October 5, 1928, Reynolds Co Mo - Polk Cemetery.
21. iii. JOSHUA JONATHAN RANDOLPH, b. November 10, 1873, Mo; d. May 17, 1930, Bethany Chapel Cemetery, Shannon Co, Mo.
22. iv. NARIE S. ELIZABETH RANDOLPH, b. February 7, 1876; d. November 3, 1903, Polk Cemetery - Reynolds Co.
v. POLLY ANN RANDOLPH, b. September 4, 1878; d. November 19, 1964, Farmington Mo; m. WILLIAM ALEX DILLARD, October 21, 1894, Reynolds Co Mo.
23. vi. LAURA J RANDOLPH, b. July 18, 1883; d. 1906.
24. vii. FRANCES EVELYN (EVA) RANDOLPH, b. March 30, 1886; d. Unknown, Polk Cemetery - Reynolds Co.
25. viii. GEORGE WASHINGTON RANDOLPH, b. September 23, 1888; d. Unknown.
26. ix. CHARLEY A. RANDOLPH, b. May 30, 1891, Mo; d. December 13, 1952, Shannon Co (Reed Cemetery) Mo.
27. x. ROBERT F. RANDOLPH, b. March 2, 1895, Mo; d. August 23, 1970, Reed Cemetery, Shannon Co, Mo.
28. xi. ALVIN LEEROY RANDOLPH, b. January 14, 1898; d. 1983, Fairview Cemetery - Pampa TX.

Generation No. 5

MILES HENRY.5 RANDOLPH (JASPER LEANDER4, BURTON (BIRT)3, ABSOLEM2, JOSEPH1) was born May 23, 1871 in Mo, and died October 5, 1928 in Reynolds Co Mo - Polk Cemetery. He married RUTHY JORDAN August 11, 1895 in Mo, daughter of JOHN JORDAN and ELIZABETH TOMPKINS. She was born December 1876 in Mo, and died 1935 in Reynolds Co Mo - Polk Cemetery.

The picture is of Burton Randolph in his Mexican War Uniform 1846 - 1848

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I am looking for any information on Levi C Jordan;

LEVI C. JORDAN 9; (Francis 'Frank' Marion Jordan 8; Thomas Jordan Sr. 7; Arthur Jordan 6; George Jordan 5; George Jordan 4; Arthur Jordan 3; Arthur Jordan 2; William Jordan 1); b. Aug.21,1792/Aug.21,1793 (two different Bibles), in New Jersey; and on Tax records in Franklin Co. Tenn.; d. 1835-1840 'prob.' in Reynolds Co. MO; Buried: 'maybe' in Chitwood Cemetery in Ellington, MO.
Levi C. Jordan is the son of: FRANCIS 'FRANK' MARION JORDAN, & EASTER BOREN. LEVI C. JORDAN ~m~ Nov. 8, 1810 (1ST); FANNIE (FANNY ANN) TOWNSEND; b. Nov. 18, 1792, in Indiana (Bible record); d. 'prob' 1829; 'prob' Shelby CO. Illinois.