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Parental info of David DRONE-- Penn. & Illinois.

Any new wrinkles?
"The DRONE TAPESTRY" of my research;--
A "brick wall" of mine is as of 23 Feb 2006 yet unresolved; which is the probable linkage between the following Drone persons, with Biblical names elsewhere not common. One might say "The DRONE TAPESTRY" consists of Israel (the Tailor) Drone, Jesse Drone, David Drone, Michael Drone and John Drone;-- all with variable surnames AKA Drohn, Thron & Throne at different times and locations.
Israel (the Tailor), Jesse, David, in 1840 were in Venango County, PA, all moving to Illinois by 1850 in and around Sangamon County, NOTE! David and Israel Drone are listed adjacent to each other in the 1840 PA census.
Israel (the Tailor) in 1855 was in Muscoda, Wis. State census, and Israel Drone has a daut. born 1857 in Muscoda, Wisconsin, thus Israel's departure from Muscoda, Wisconsin was after daut. Lucinda being born in 1857.
John Drone, in 1855, sent his son Andrew to Muscoda, Wis. to select a home site to which the family moved in 1856. John's family arrives in 1856 and settles there, descendants are yet there to this day.
The initial account given to me in 1986 by the 20th century (1986) descendants of this family was that Adam another son of John Drone, age 15 or 16, elects to NOT stay in Wis. that he, Adam, kept going and these descendants heard or knew not of Adam Drone nor did any others hear of Adam again.
** WHY? - - On a whim? - - Had there been a riff in the family? --- Whatever the reason? -- A "Paper trail" exists.
By my research I submit that Adam DID know some person. A relative, Adam knew Israel Drone, as did the others. The natural gravitation would be go to or with known personages. That makes the option of going with or to a location of former acquaintances (be they aunts, uncles and cousins) more likely. NOTE !-- This option seems to apply to Adam and in the case also of John Drone moving from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin in 1856 to where Israel Drone (the Taylor) had located after going to Illinois.
Israel Drone (the Tailor) is in 1860 dwelling # 1331 in Kansas, and in 1870 & 1880 census he was in Missouri.
Well research finds Adam in Kansas in 1860 as labor on a farm unit 1325 just 6 units from Israel Drone's location of 1331: Adam enlists in Union Army from Illinois. However in Adam's appeal for Civil War veteran benefits his Vet file has copies of letters sent to his sisters who resided in Muscoda, Wis. Thus Adam's sisters did know Adam's where abouts and were quiet. Leaving the unanswered question of WHY?
Now add this to the mix, Jesse Drone about age 14 spends time (1831) with John's family and learns some tailoring skills prior to splitting to Illinois, which Jesse did practice in Illinois; did Jesse learn tailoring from John Drone or Israel Drone, the tailor?
Research finds Israel, Jesse and David all become members of the Masonic order, in the same Illinois Lodge. Now one must wonder did they KNOW each other -- or -- just know OF each other?
Who then, is the probable common denominator of these quality gentlemen?
** Orally given to and by John Duffey a grandson of Andrew W. Drone; the paper trail has other questionables in materials attributed to Andrew W. Drone, though he is my 1g-father, such is not included herein.

Israel (the Tailor) in 1855 was in Muscoda, Wis. State census, when Andrew, son of John, was sent to select a place to settle. John's family arrives in 1856. By the 1860 Kansas census in dwelling # 1331 Israel Drone has a daut., Lucinda, born 1857 in Muscoda, Wisconsin, thus Israel's departure from Muscoda, Wisconsin was after daut. Lucinda being born in 1857. Thus we know abt time and with whom Adam, son of John, split from Muscoda, Wis. Isreal Drone, the Tailor, is found again in 1870 & 1880 Missouri census.

As of this date we have learned Israel Drone, the Tailor, is a brother of John Drone. Now then what of David?

Phylotha Webster

Searching Parental info for Phylotha WEBSTER, d. abt 1840 Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio, USA; wf of Abraham BROWER.