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Lois McClintock Ellis Becomes the Youngest Graduate of Erskine College at Age 19

Fondly called "Miss Mackie" while she attended Linwood College at age 15, she later became the youngest graduate of Erskine College at age 19. Lois McClintock Ellis born 16 October 1903 in Day, Arkansas was the daughter of Rev.McClintock Todd Ellis and Lois Adeline Murphy.She was the granddaughter of William Turner Ellis and Henrietta Lucretia Carwile Ellis and James Monroe Carwile and Ephigenia Louise Brooks Carwile. She was the sister of W.Leland Ellis who was four years older then her.
She furthered her education in Richmond, V.A., the University of Southern California, Northwestern., Furman, Peabody. Biblical Seminary in New York, and received a Master's degree in English from the University of S.C.
For 38 years Lois McClintock Ellis served her Lord in mountain mission schools in N.C.,VA., KY.,and GA. After retiring at the age of 65 in 1969, she taught extension courses from Truett McConnell College in Toccoa, GA., for 9 years. At 74 she taught English to missionary children in Brazil for a year.
She went to her Lord on Sunday, 28 March, 2004. She is buried at the Due West, Abbeville, South Carolina. A.R.P. Church Cemetery.

Ellis, Wright and Lesslie (Leslie) Families Are Connected by Marriage

John Eli Ellis Jr. born 3 March,1830- death 11 July,1920 marries Isabella Wakefield on 13 Jan. 1852. They had 14 children: Ann Eugenia, Melvin, Emma, Talitha Cumi, Janie, John McD., Ida, Ella, Nora, H. Lucian, Mollie B., Arnette, and Martin L. Ellis.
Their first child born 10 Dec. 1852 marries R.Lawton Wright on 6 April,1881. They have the following children: Macie born 5 Feb 1882, dies 19 May 1896, Bernie born 20 June,1884 marries W.O.Brown, and Alma born 11 June,1888 at Clinton, SC. marries J.D. McKee.
John Eli Ellis Jr's fourth child Talitha Cumi born 25 March,1857 marries William Lesslie in 1880. They have the following children: Ella V. born 31 Jan. 1881, marries Lawrence Doby, Dec. 1896, Daisy B. born 11 Feb. 1882, marries W.T.Comer, Jan.11, 1911, Eugene C. born 26 Nov. 1885, marries Corrie Ware, May 22, 1912, Thomas M. born 14 Nov 1887, marries Katherine Huddleston, June 22, 1910, Annie born 14 Dec. 1890, Marries John R. Hope, July 29, 1910, Gustavia born 26 Jan. 1892, Julia born 4 May 1894, John O. born 25 July 1895, William E. born 24 May 1899.
John Eli Ellis Jr's eighth child Ida born 4 June 1863 marries David Lesslie Dec. 1880. They have the following children: Eva B. born 1881, dies 1900, John Nathaniel (Rev) born Sept. 1882, marries Lesslie Simpson, Nov. 26, 1913. 2nd. wife, Ruth Sheffield, Lucian born Sept. 1884, Martin L. born 18 May 1886, marries Florence Simpson, Dec. 9, 1915, Arnette born 29 Sept 1888, Janie Mae born 15 Dec. 1891, Septimus born 29 Sept 1893, Ellen born 27 Oct. 1895, marries Hugh Martin abt. 1914-1915 and Lucile born 28 Nov. 1896 at Lesslie SC.

Go West Young Man ! Go West! Due West, SC ...if You're Looking for Haddon and Ellis Families

Due West,SC, Abbeville Co. Dist.#96
John Eli Ellis who married Elizabeth Wright raised their seventeen children in Due West. They were married on July 16, 1818. John Eli Ellis was a carpenter and built the house which he took his bride and where she spent the remainder of her life. Their home was one mile south of Due West. He was a large land holder and owned several negro slaves. He and Elizabeth were united with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Their sixth child became Rev.Augustus Elmore Ellis and their thirteenth child, William Turner Ellis had a son McClintock Todd Ellis who also added Rev. to his name.
Their third child, Polly Ann, born Jan 13, 1822, married Zechariah Haddon on Nov. 14, 1841 and they had twelve children. The children were as follows: Infant, Permelia P., Winfield S.,Robert Marshall,Cassandra E., Chalmers D.,John C., Joseph M., Twins, died 1856,Augustus E., Isaac and Mollie Haddon.
Many of the Haddon's and Ellis family members are buried at ARPChurch, Due West, SC.

Garrard Riley leaves his beloved Father and Mother behind

In March 1800, Garrard Riley, son of Ninian Riley and Elizabeth Taylor Riley, led his 75 year old mother to the minister to be baptized. She had been a member of the Church of England and had been baptized as a infant. Now she saw it as her duty to follow the ordinance of the Baptist faith and walked slowly into the stream to be baptized like her dear Saviour. Garrard's twelve year old daughter also entered Hickman Creek that Sunday morning.
Five years later, 1805 Garrard Riley moved his family to Clermont Co. Ohio. He told his beloved parents that his leaving was a great trial. He also told them he would come back to see them every year if he lived and could as long as they lived, it was a promise he tried to fulfill...

Ninian Riley leaves Maryland to settle in Surry County , North Carolina

Ninian Riley, the son of Eliphaz Riley, was born March 18, 1725 in Montgomery Co.,MD. and died 1814, in Fayette Co. KY. He was a farmer and a Baptist Minister.
His reason for leaving appears to be harrassment for supporting the Patriots and the fact he converted to the Baptist faith. He had been a Warden in the Rock Creek Episcopal Church. At least two of his sons were later ordained ministers in the Baptist faith.

Ann Reid Ritchie in Casstevens (1981): "Ninian Riley, Sr. performed patriotic service in the Revolutionary War. He signed the Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to the State of Maryland. His was the eighth name on Samuel McGruder's return. Ninian was the Warden of St. Paul's Parish, Rock Creek Church (now in Washington, D.C.) for the years 1763 through 1767, and 1772.
Ninian Riley married Elizabeth Taylor in 1746. She was born in 1726 and died 1812, in Fayette, KY. They had eight daughters and four sons. Sarah, born 1748. She married John Johnson. Rachel, born 31 Dec 1750. Mary, born 1757. She married William Allnut. Elizabeth, born 1758. She married Isaac Johnson. Nancy , born 8 Feb 1760. She married Isaac Windsor. Zachariah, born in MD. James Taylor, born 1764, in MD. He married, first, Susan Lanneau, then Martha Cass, 25 Feb 1789 and third Susan Mockerbee. Gerrard, born 20 May 1766, in MD. He married Carolina Frances Wright who was the daughter of John Wright III and Ann Williams. Ninian Riley, Jr. born 10 April 1767. He married Sarah Wright also the daughter of John Wright III and Ann Williams. Lucy, born 1770. She married Robert Cass. Precious, born in MD. She married Stephen Wood. John, born 1778. He married Sarah Elsberry.

Record of The Family of Joseph Ellis

Preface of the book states: Much credit for the record is due Lallah Haddon, born 1 Oct., 1890. Lallah was the daughter of John C. Haddon, born 2 March, 1853, and Hattie Sandley. Lallah married C. E. Dayvault. She served as secretary of the Ellis Reunion, 1911-1917. We regret that the record is not complete, as to some families, due to inability to contact them. The descendants are scattered from South Carolina to California. On account of expense, it has been necessary to omit much of interest and to condense the record. There were seventeen children of John Eli Ellis and they are designated I to XVII; his children by A,B, and etc. The words, born, died and married have been omitted. For example under III,"Polly Ann Ellis, Jan. 13,1822 - June 20,1887-Zechariah Haddon, Nov. 14,1841-June 28, 1900", means "Polly Ann Ellis was born Jan.13, 1822, died June 20,1887; married Zechariah Haddon Nov. 14,1841 and he died June 28,1900, and so on throughout the record.
On August 23, 1884 a reunion of the family was held at the old homestead in Abbeville County,S.C. with 85 present. On July 27, 1911 a reunion of the descendants was held at Bethelem Church near Due West, with 170 relatives present. This family reunion was held annually until 1929 with as many as 400 present. The five preachers of the family served in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Information Prepared By: Rev McClintock Todd Ellis, D.D.
July 31, 1939, Fayetteville, Tenn.

Looking for Emma Wright, First Wife of Augustus E. Haddon

Elizabeth Wright,(b.March 20,1804 and d.June 21,1885)daughter of John Wright,married John Eli Ellis,(b.December 12,1794 and d.May 9,1859)on July 16,1818. Elizabeth had two brothers, Daniel Wright who moved to Texas and a brother Lorenzo who continued to live and raise his family in Dew West,SC where his parents spent their entire lives.

Their third child Polly Ann Ellis,(b.Jan.13,1822 and d.June 20,1887)married Zechariah Haddon,(b.November 14,1841 and d.June 28,1900)
Their 11th. child Augustus E. Haddon (b.September 28,1856 and (d.June 9,1920)married Emma Wright in abt.1888. Emma Wright was the daughter of James and Sarah Wright.

Augustus and Emma had the following children:
Annie Laurie Haddon,(b. March 24,1892 and d.July 1976) She married E.H.Tillery.
Alpha Omega Haddon (b.April 2,1885 and d.August 21,1966) She married Frank Leslie Riley on Feb.16,1910
William J. Haddon, (b.November 13,1890)
Mary Haddon, (b.Feb.19,1893 and (d.January 1978) She married D.J.Holladay.

Emma Wright dies. No information

Augustus E. Haddon then marries Ora M. Liddell,(b.1864 in Miss.) and d.March 12, 1931 SC.)
Augustus and Ora (May or Mary)had the following children:
Ora Rebecca (b.1901)
Ernest Haddon (b.1902)
Ora Mary Liddel's parents were James H. Liddell(b.in SC) Rebecca Perkins (b.in Miss)

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