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Researching Harrison, Bosket, MAYLE, Whitmarsh ,Demar, Deyo, Slater,Walker, Beach, Yeaw/Yaw

I have been researchimg the following names for some time; Harrison, Beach, Whitmarsh,MAYLE, Bosket, Yaw /Yeaw, Slater,Walker,Deyo, Demar. I'm having the most problem with Harrison I have gotten as far as my 3 rd great grandfather and his birth and place of birth and that he was in the Civil War and died at Harpers Ferry with the date he died but I can get no further than that he was born in connecticut in 1817. It gets quite fuzzy from there back wards. I am looking for the town in CT and his parents, if he has siblings and where they orginated from . I know the name it self is English. I know that its possible that they originated from Virginia but I have no proof . the records from back then are very fuzzy and with so many Harrisons back then its hard to tell who was siblings and uncles and such .in the early 1800's Harrisaon was a name that was all over. Its possible also that this branch may be related to the 2 presidents but its not a confirmation with the lack of evidance to support the claims so I keep searching , one day I hope to find the answers I'm looking for . BOSKET: I have also gotten as far as Thomas Bosket in England and having possible siblings that stayed when the three brothers left the country , They were from the area of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England the name spelling may have changed when they traveled to America. I have that they were on the ship jesse that departed from Ireland but stopped in Liverpool ,England I'm not sure where they docked so I'm looking for that info as well. all of the surnames that I have fore mentioned are from the areas of NY,PA, CT,possible VA OR, IA, OHINKS