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where I found my information on George McElwee

Of course I found some information in the book "A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia", under the Misc Section. Then in the Ancestry.Com census. You can find George in the 1850 census under McElewee, in the 1860 census as McElwell, and in the 1870 census under McElva. Now George was born in 1801 in Bath, VA and his first wife was Elizabeth Dunlap, his second wife was Nancy Haney. I am not for sure which census this is in, but there is a Margaret C in one of the census, and then in the next census they have Morgan C, Now I can't quote you where I saw this, but I haven't found it again, since of the new format of Ancestry.Com. But I know I found in the census, where it said Morgan C was not a relative, something other than a relative and his name is Charles Morgan (But I still can't prove it until I find that record.) After the 1870 census George and Nancy disappears, no record of their death. Children with George and Elizabeth David, George M.D., William Worsley, Sarah E, James Alexasnder, Mary E, Margaret C/Morgan C (or both). George and Nancy, John, Isaac N, Adam C, M.S. (male), Amanda E. and Virginia. Any help Appreciated, Karen

Note on McElwee

I have found in the book "A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia" a Michael McElwee married Piddy Demott. Children were: John (m Betsy Payne of Lewis), Michael Jr (m Mary Payne of Lexis), Nellie (m Robert P Toomey/Ptomey), George (m Elizabeth Dunlap), William, Sallie (s). OK this George is my George for sure. Then I found a Family Tree that has Michael I McElwee born abt 1771 Hot Springs, Bath, VA died abt 1800 Bath, VA, it shows his wife as Bridget Biddy McDermoot, born abt 1771 in Ballyheerin (parish), Donegal, Ireland. Married abt 1790 in Ballyheerin, (parish) Donegal, Ireland. Now this family tree shows a Cornelia (Nellie) married to a Ptomey, this would also match my findings, then the mates and dates are different. I have questions, how could Michael marry Bridget in Ireland, then the last 3 children could not be his, their birthdates are 1802, 1806, and 1810. This person has him dying in 1800. Now I sent my information to Margaret Gentges (mgentges@mindspring.com) a researcher. She e-mailed me back and said the person that died was the son Michael, not the father Michael, but I failed to ask her any other questions on this family as I had not found this tree yet. So does anyone have any idea how I can figure this out, some of the information is right according to the information I found, the rest is wrong. Any help appreciated. Thank You Karen

Parents of William Dunlap

Robert Dunlap abt 1740 Goshen, Augusta, VA, Mary Elizabeth Gay b abt 1745, Augusta County, Va., Children: William b abt 1764, Ann b 12-5-1765,, Robert b abt 1767, Alexander b abt 1768, Margaret b abt 1770, Mary b bef 1775, John b beg 1777 and Nancy Agnes b abt 1779. Parents of Robert Dunlap: Alexander Dunlap, abt 1716 Ulster County, Ireland and Jean Ann McFarland b abt 1721 in Scotland. Children Robert,

Elizabeth (Dunlap) Coursey Parents

James Coursey b abt 1735, Orange, VA., Winifred Riddle b abt 1739, Orange, VA., Children of James and Winifred were: James 1761, Winifred, Mary 1764, William 1765, Elizabeth 1768, Lewis, Margaret, Joann

Elizabeth Dunlap's Parents

Father William Dunlap b 1767 and d 1834 married Elizabeth "Polly" Coursey b 1768. Children: James C b bef 1791, Robert b bef 1791, Winifred b 1792, William Dunlap JR b 11-11-1797, Preston L b 1800, Mary G b 1807, Alexander b 1808, Elizabeth born 1814 all in Rockbridge County, VA

Believe this is George McElwee's Parents

Michael McElwee m Piddie De Mott c: Nellie (m Robert P Toomey, Michael (m Mary Payne of Lekis), William, George (m Elizabeth Dunlap), John (m Betty Payne of Lewis), and Sallie (s). I found this information in the book entitled "A History of Rockbridge County, VA...By Oren Frederic Morton. You can find the information under Miscellaneous Data. I also found in another book (sorry can't remember the name) Bond by Benjamin and Robert Kincaid etc gentlemans justice for $1000 June 10, 1817 for Thomson's service as guardian of George McElwee, orphan child of Michael McElwee, also others were bonded for John, Sarah orphans of Michael McElwee. The researcher Margaret Gentges, e-mailed me and said that this Michael was young when he died, so I take it he is the brother of George, he just had a son named George, my George married Elizabeth Dunlap.

Some families related to the McElwee's

Adams,Adkins,Anderson,Anson,Bagley,Benner,Bisemeyer,Bowman,Bradley,Brooks,Brown,Butler,Cain,Clevenger,Cline,Coats,Collins,Cordell,Cox,Davis,Derstler,Evans,Eichler,Feil,Filley,Fisher,Friedley,Gant,Gentry,Gilbow,Griffin,Hanson,Hall,Harlan,Harrison,Hartman,Hayes,Herbst,Holder,Jones,Kavanaugh,Kelly,Kincaid,King,Lamar,Lawson,Liles,Logston,Lyle,Masear,McBee,McCubbin,McDaniel,Middleton,Moore,Murray,Neal,Owen,Owens,Pence,Phillips,Proffitt,Pruitt,Roberts,Rodgers,Ruddick,Russell,Silkwood,Simmon,Simpkinson,Smith,Thompson,Trautwein,Trujillo,Underwood,Vanderpool,Vogelsesang,Walker,Watts,Stone,Streeter,Sunderman,Stanton,Taft,Tanner,Taylor,Thomas,Whittemore,Wi..iams,Willis,Woodson,Wooters,Worley,Wright,Yoakum. ONLY A FEW NAMES OF THOSE RELATED TO THE McELWEE FAMILY.

George McElwee

George McElwee, was born 1801 in Virginia. He left his home in Virginia in 1836. He and his wife Elizabeth Dunlap and children set up housekeeping in Clay County, Missouri. In 1850 Clinton County, Missouri Census we find George with wife Nancy Haney and seven children. During the period between 1841 and 1850, Elizabeth probably died, but we have no proof. Only that she was alive in 1841 in Clay County, Missouri and missing in 1850 in the Clinton County, Missouri Census and replaced by Nancy Haney. Children of George and Elizabeth are David, George M, William Worsley, Sarah E, James Alexander, Mary E, Margaret, (they mention a Morgan C, but I find that this is Charles Morgan, something other than a relative.)...Children of George and Nancy were John, Isaac N, Adam C, M S (male), Amanda E and Virginia. We do not know the dates of death of George, Elizabeth, or Nancy.

William Worsley McElwee

William Worsley was born 7-10-1835 in Virginia. He died 5-29-1907. He married Lydia Filley on 2-14-1856, she was born 5-12-1838 in Ohio, daughter of Israel and Permelia Hinderson Filley. She died 6-14-1906. They were married in Missouri. Children were: M Y (female) born 1857,, Ellen Francis, Thomas John, Mary, Oliver, William O, and Ida Bell.

William Oak McElwee

William Oak bas born 10-15-1872. He married Lydia Myers on 6-20-1894. Lydia was born 8-11-1880 and died 3-4-1963. William Oak committed suicide in Ray County on 6-22-1900 by drinking a quantity of carbolic acid. After his death Lydia eventually married William Perry Richardson. Children of William, James Odus, Estella Livinia, and William Beauford Pearlie.