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Adopted Daughter

Franklin LaGassey and Beverly Ann Boucher placed a child (Daughter-Judy) up for adoption @ 1957. This daughter died at age 4. I am looking for anyone who can help locate any records of her.


Looking for children of Emma and Jack Landry. Emma was born in Louisianna and both relocated to Texas. It is said that Jack died from slipping and hitting his head in a bath tub and Emma who surrered from parcasins died in 1981 from a stroke. Emma lived several years with my family. Sadly, I do not know much about her other than she was my protector. I think she had three children, two girls and a boy. If your out there, I want you to know that she was a great woman and deserves recognition.

Tall Tale or Not?

My father told his name to be, Lord Joseph Franklin Louis Wilfred LaGassey IV. Said to have been born in Marseille France, approximately 1936. His Father & Mother were said to be taken prisioner by German Nazi's ( I have no names). He and his brother (I'm assuming Leo LaGasse, due to age) were smuggled out of the country with a maid handling laundry service. He and Leo were to be taken to a sister (Leona Lagasse) who resided in Limestone, Maine where they were raised by her and husband, Come Lagasse. Leona was siad to have a sister, Delphine. I can find no certain records of Delphine or if she were my father's real mother. Other related Lagasse's said to be siblings of my father are: Florence, Andrew, Ronald, Omer, Leo and Reginald. Only living siblings are Florence and Reginald. My father said that he was in the military with Andrew and Leo but had to lie his age in order to enter. I can't find any record of him but the time line would meet agree with World War II. He also said that he did some boxing in Texas with the Fort Worth Sheriff's Dept. His name would have been "The Powder Puff Frenchman"? His children that I know of are: Myself, Judy Leann (given up for adoption said to be deceased?), Gary Wayne, Delphina and Judy R. When he was a little boy his nick name was "Darky" due to his dark french complexion. He worked as a Mortician, Construction worker for mobile homes and an Oil drum maker. Was married twice to, Beverly Ann Boucher and Jo Ann Adams and said to have three children with a Lanora Henderson ( Alan, Sandy, Renda).

If anyone thinks this sounds like someone they know, heard of, even if its the smallest bit of info or seems unimportant please contact me. I've done all the research I can but need something, anything to help me continue. Thanks