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callahans from michigan

my fathers last name is mcilrath. his mothers maiden name was mildred mae callahan, i think she was born in michigan over by detroit, my grandfather lewis mcilrath was her second husband, her last marriage was to a man last name moore, right now i cant remember his first name. many thanks, kristine lee

cossat, cozad, cossart, early american settlers

the cossat or cosart, cozad, and a few other spellings from early america. the mcilraths,cosarts, aikmans, brainards, they all kind of married brothers and sisters of their spouses family members. they all kind of came over from the old countries about the same time, to settle in the new world. like possibly new jersey, pennsylvania, ohio, iowa,. my gggrandfathers name was james mcilrath, he was born in ohio about 1850. he was being raised by solon mcilrath and eliza ann (jenne) mcilrath, not sure if they were his biological parents or not? solons fathers name was samuel mcilrath and i think his mothers maiden last name was brainard, like maybe lucy might have been her first name. solon and elizas other childrens names were samuel thompson mcilrath, who i think worked for the early railroads as soon as he was old enough to probably retirement. also their was a younger sister named jenne bell mcilrath who i think may have married a man with the last name carroll, not positive but i think someone with the last name carroll published a family line geneology book of the familys. tried to find but was no longer being published. her name was something like rose ann carrol or somthing like that? any info would be great. i know these families all lived in ohio about 1780 or 1800s. just want to know what happened to all of the cousins and other familys. my fathers name is richard mcilrath, his fathers name was lewis or louie mcilrath,grandpa louies parents names were james mcilrath and nora (downey) mcilrath, james parents names were james mcilrath and catherine (berg) mcilrath. catherine berg was born in bavria germany about 1853, she came to america as an infant. she settled with her family in ohio. catherine berg then married james mcilrath born ohio 1850 and moved to michigan (shelby) stoney lake michigan to raise a family. they had four girls and one son. grandpa james mcilrath always had a love for the water. he built boats and sailboats on the shores of stoney lake by the channel of lake michigan. grandpa and grandma mac lived in a log cabin he built, you could walk out the back door and go fishing of the dock he built. boats were everywhere around him thats why they called him captain mac. thanks for listining to my story, krisy lee

cozad and cossart may be same line just different spellings, married to mcilraths from early new jersy

i think these last names may be just different spellings of the same family line, not sure though. my line is the mcilrath family from scotland. samuel mcilrath was a popular family first name in our line. i think samuel mcilrath from cuyahoga ohio named his son samuel aiso, they both worked for the railroad at some time. wish i knew more , but im still researching this line, my maiden name was mcilrath, not a very common name in northern michigan. my mcilrath side of the family moved from ohio in the late 1800s, to muskegon michigan. greatgreatgrandfather, james mcilrath and his wife catherine (berg) mcilrath had one son, named james, also and i think four daughters, not sure of their names right now but i know one was named hulda, one was named jenny, not sure what the others names were, but i do have the other names in with all my genealogy stuff.enough for now, many thanks kristine(mcilrath) lee in northwestern, michigan. lots of snow here today.

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mcilrath or mcelrath in 1700s in new jersy, pennsylvania,ohio early settlers.

hello, my name is kristine(mcilrath)lee. im searching for any families who may of heard of this name, also searching for shaws, brainards, ruples, aikmans, galagher,or mayby gallagher. i am trying to find out more about a man named solon mcilrath and his wife eliza ann (jenne)mcilrath.solons fathers name was samuel mcilrath, and i think his mothers name was lucy brainard. i would like to try and find out what happened to this family. solon and eliza are listed in cuyahga county ohios 1850s censes with jas. w.gallagher 8months old or close to that age, next listed is samuel thompson mcilrath also an infant. then in the 1860s censes everyone is listed as solon,eliza, but jas.w gallagher is now named james mcilrath, then samuel thompson,and a sister named jenne belle. ive read that solon died about 1863 from some kind of accident. eliza returned home to her family, taking samuel and jenne bell with her. what happened to james who would of only been about 13 years old at that time. eliza ann (jenne)mcilrath went on to marry her mother in laws brother justin brainard. just would like to know more about the family, many, many, thanks. kristine(mcilrath)lee

mcilrath or mcelrath in 1700s in new jersy, pennsylvania,ohio early settlers.

hello, my name is kristine(mcilrath)lee. im looking for any info on the mcilraths,brainards, aikmans,shaws,jennes,. my gggrandfathers name was james mcilrath, he was raised by solon and eliza mcilrath. he was born in ohio about 1850. they lived in cuyahoga county which is now clevland. had a brother named samuel who i think worked the railroads untill probably he retired. his sisters name was jenne bell mcilrath, i think their father solon was killed in an accident dont know how or what happened but i think the year was 1863. many thanks.

mcilraths in early ohio

im looking for any information on the mcilraths from ohio, and early new jersey. also,brainards, aikman, cossart,cozad, shaw. my gggranfathers name was james w mcilrath, born around 1850 in ohio. i think his parents names were solon and eliza, solons fathers name was samuel mcilrath and his mother was i think lucy brainard.any info would be very much appreciated.many thanks. kristine lee.

mcilraths in early ohio

im looking for any information on the mcilrath families and their ancesters, such as last names,shaw, aikman, brainard, jenne, cozad,cossart,many thanks. kristine(mcilrath)lee

mcilraths in ohio 1800s-2007

my name is kristine(mcilrath)lee im looking for the mcilrath, shaw,aikman,ruple,everet,jenney,brainard, and other related familys,from the early 1800s from northern ohio to now. does anyone remember samuel,or solon mcilrath. samuel was solons father, solon was married to an eliza ann jenne mcilrath ,who i think was my gggrandfathers parents his name was james mcilrath born about 1850 he also had a younger brother named samuel thomas and a little sister named jane. solon died about 1863, not sure how, but i think it was some kind of accident.i think eliza may have remarried,his name was justin brainard, her mother in laws younger brother, i think she died about 1875. any info. greatly apriciated.thanks much!

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