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Morgan Information... :)

Definition: Derived from the given name Morgan, from "mor", the sea, and "gan," born.

Surname Origin: Welsh

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Morgans, James and Kate Morgan to Charles and Eliza Morgan.

James and Kate Morgan
29th September 1816 ? James Morgan born in Longford, Ireland. Was educated in a private school in Edgeworthstown.

30th October 1830 ? Catherine (Kate) Barton was born in Mulliingar, Country Westmeath, Ireland.

1836 - after a successful education was interested in the study and profession of surveying. So he joined a party of surveyors operating in the vicinity of Snowdon, Caranarvonhire, Wales and was there for 3 years so he was a valuable assistance to many struggling owners.

26th of October 1841 ? at age 25 he set sail of Plymouth on the sailing ship ?Palestine?, arriving in Sydney, NSW on 6th of March 1842. On the voyage, he was teaching classes while at sea. One child was a child named Catherine (Kate) Barton, short for Catherine, aged 10 years with her aunty and uncle.

1842 ? his first few years in Australia, were spent in the Broken Bay district. At this time he came to the attention of William Charles Wentworth, so then James was engaged to work at one of Williams Namor River properties. He became so successful that his reputation reached such an extent that he was able to move to what became Queensland.

1848 ? James at 32 years old married Kate Barton aged 17 at Christ Church St. Lawrence in Sydney on the 17 of April 1848. They had 13 children, 11 of which reached adulthood.

1849 ? James and Kate move to Darling Downs in Queensland, where James was appointed Manager of Talgai Station. There they were subjected to great hardships and were continually harassed by the natives who destroyed stock and were responsible for many of the murders in the area. As a result the station was divided into 2, Old Talgai which no longer exists today, and East Talgai which still stands.

1850 - on the 10th of April, James and Kate had their first son born to them, Charles Talgai Morgan, he was the first white child born at Talgai station. Two further children were born before the family left Talgai, Mary Jane, born on 21.6.1851 and Kate Ann, born on 3.3.1853.

1854 ? The family moved from Talgai and James leased Crows Nest Station. By this time James was 38 year old. High mortality rate of stock, brought about disease and death by the natives, forced the Morgan?s to return the property to the owners.

1855 ? James is appointed manager of Frasers Creek Station. He soon resigned to take up a position as Manager of Rosenthal Station, which was situated south of Warwick.

1856 ? Arthur Morgan was born in Rosenthal. He subsequently became famous as a Knight of the Realm, Premier of Queensland, and Lieutenant Governor of Queensland.

1857 ? James at age of 41 formed Toolburra Station of Messers. James did not leave Rosenthal Station until 1858, so he must of ran both stations at once, but then moved to Toolburra, in late 1858, as it is assumed.

1858 on the 4th September ? Henry Thomas was born to Jams and Kate at Warwick.

1860 ? August 1st Harriet Honoarh was born at Warwick.

3rd October 1860 ? James Morgan was appointed as the first scab Inspector for the Warwick District and held his position until late 1867. He was thought to be to honest towards his duties.

21st of June 1861 ? James bought Summerhill Station and lived there for approx 10 years.

11th of March 1862 ? James was appointed Cattle Inspector under a new Act.

17th of July 1862 ? Elizabeth Morgan was born at Warwick.

1863 ? James is listed as Auditor with the Warwick Council.

1864 ? Henry Thomas died on April 4th. Mary Morgan was born on 21st of July and Warwick, tragically she died on the 27th. James also becomes Mayor of Warwick.

1865 ? James Morgan (Jnr) was born on 31st of October in Warwick. James (Snr) is listed as judge with the Warwick Jockeys? Club.

23rd of May 1866 ? James is appointed Returning Officer for Warwick.

1868 ? Edward Morgan is born in the 18th of January at Warwick. James purchased ?Warwick Argus?, published the first edition of the Argus.

1869 ? James became Justice of Peace, after taking the Oath. Nora Morgan was born on 21st of July.

1870 - James is elected as representative for Warwick to the Legislative Assembly.

1871 ? Lousia Morgan born on 1st of December at Warwick.

1872 ? Kate Ann Morgan marries Phillip John Whelan on 19th of August.

1873 ? James and Kate?s grandchild was was born to Kate and Phillip on 18th of March. Charles Talgai Morgan marries Eliza Jane Holmes on 19th May. James is re-elected to the legislative Assembly on 7th of November.

1874 ? James is appointed to the position of Chairman of Committees
1875 ? Mary Jane marries George Hall on 3rd of May.

1875 ? James is appointed to the Warwick West School Committee. He continued to serve the Warwick Electorate until 1878.

1878 ? While aboard the ship ?Kate? on a fishing party on the oppositions boat he fractured his leg. To survive the journey took great courage and strength on his behalf. When he finally got home became seriously ill as a result of his journey. Enlargement of the Liver set in and James died on the 29th of November 1878. Cirrhosis of the Liver was listed as the cause.

30th of November 1878 ? James was buried at Warwick Cemetery. The funeral procession was over a mile and consisted of 110 vehicles and approximately 1200 persons. James was 62 year and 2 months of age when he died.

Charles and Eliza Morgan
10th of April 1850 ? Charles was born at Talgai Station. He was educated at a Warwick at the first Government School established in Queensland. The school is now know as East School.

1854 ? Charles moved with his family from Talgai and lived a multiple stations that were managed by his father.

25th of March 1854 ? Eliza Jane Morgan was born in Windsor, N.S.W. She is the granddaughter of convicts.

1869 ? in Warwick, he worked as a Letter Carrier.

1873 ? he was with Electric Telegraphs, employed as a line repairer in charge of Telegraph Station, at Dee River, Dundee Queensland.

19th of May 1850 ? Married Eliza Jane Holmes in St. Pauls (temporary) Church of England in Rockhampton.

1877 ? He was the Telegraph Station Master.

30th of November 1878 ? Charles arrived in Warwick aboard the special train to attend the funeral of his Father James Morgan. The train was run so that Political and other Dignitaries could attend the funeral in Warwick.

1879 ? Charles resigned.

1880 ? Charles declares himself insolvent. At this time he was the Overseer of a road party.

1881 & 1883 ? He is listed as an Overseer.

1889 ? Charles is listed as a Manager.

1894 ? Charles is now of Mount Castor, near Mackay, is listed as a Grazier

1878 ? Charles was appointed to the School Committee at Mirani.

1898 ? Charles is a member of the pioneer River Farmer?s Association. He is now involved with cattle in this period.

1902 ? Charles and Eliza move the family into Mackay. Charles is listed as a Justice of Peace.

1907 ? Eliza Jane dies on 15.9.1907, in Mackay. Eliza Jane was lady universally
esteemed by all who knew her. Also on 24.2.1907, Charles? mother Kate dies. Charles looses both his wife and mother within 2 weeks.

1912 ? Charles is living at Baker?s Creek, employed as Timber Inspector.

1915 ? Charles is listed as being removed from Mackay Electoral Roll.

1915 ? Charles now living with Ethel May (his daughter), on Rockhampton Road, Mount Morgan. He is now 65 year old.

1922 ? Charles Talgai Morgan dies in Mount Morgan General hospital, aged 73 year and 8 months.

James Morgan, Ireland?

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