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MARSH's of Ohio to Northern California

I unfortunately don't know a whole lot about the Marsh's, except that
Henry Marsh was born in England in 1836, he married
Rachel Belle (?) I believe in Ohio. Rachel was born in 1836 in Ohio,
her parents were born in Northern Ireland. I think Rachel
was supposed to be closely related to U.S. Grant, 1st cousin according to family history,but I have not found proof of this yet.
Harry and Rachel had one child, Ella J. Marsh b. 1861 Ohio.
The Marsh's moved to Redwood City Calif. sometime between 1870-1880.
Harry was a teamster, a farmer and I believe had brothers who worked for the Railroad.
They went back and fourth several times from Ohio to Northern California.I have them on a 1870 Census in Lorain, Ohio, then 1880 Census in Redwood City Ca.
About 1886(my guestimate) Ella married (?) CHISHOLM(from Nova Scotia)
They had 3 children all born in California,

Alexandria D.Chisholm b. 1888 Alexi married a Hayter-then Langley
Abbie B. Chisholm b. 1890 Abbie married Finnerty
Willaim Stevensen Chisholm b.1895

In 1900 Fed. Census I have Ella(widowed-married 14years) with her 3 children living with her parents in Lorain Ohio again.
Then Fed. Census 1910 in Fort Bragg California, Rachel Marsh (widowed & 0 children living), living with 2 of her grand children,Abbie(20) and Willie(16) and 2 great grand children( Abbie's children; my grandmother,Elaine and her sister, Harriet).

I found later that Ellen Chisholm died in Fort Bragg on Nov.21,1905.

Harry Marsh died in 1908 in Fort Bragg Mendocino Co. Calif.
Rachel Belle Marsh died in 1914 in Fort Bragg Mendocino Co. Calif.

After Rachel died in 1914, Abbie Chisholm was alone at that time with 3 small children and another on the way. It was shortly after that that she sent the 3 older girls to S.F. by boat to live in the Orphanage.
Shortly after that time she met Earl James Finnerty and married him. He knew nothing of these girls in the Orphanage,
he eventually found out and demanded Abbie take him to see these girls.
My Grandmother, Elaine remembered the Nuns coming up to her and saying you have a visitor, your mother, and she thought it was a cruel joke. She couldn't understand why Abbie was there to see them after years of absence.
They ended up leaving the Orphnage abt.1930 and moving in with Mr. Finnerty and their mother,Abbie and their step brother and sister.

Elaine and her sisters never did know who their real father was.

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Arnberger's from Austria to U.S.

Franz AugustErnst Arnberger was born in 1830 in Austria.
Recently I found that there is a street in Vienna named
"Franz Arnberger", along with some 40+ Arnberger families still in the vicinity.
Franz A. Arnberger moved to Holstein Germany where he met & married Sebina Seimers(b.1844) and they had 3 of the 4 sons in Holstein.
They Immigrated to the U.S. in 1876, they had their 4th son in SanFrancisco Ca. in 1877. In the 1880 Fed. Census in San Francisco, Frank Arnberger was a musician
All of these Arnberger's lived in the San Francisco area until they died.
There are other Arnberger families that were in the U.S. at that time from Austria. They were in New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Canada I have not yet linked them together to my Arnberger family.
I am so thankful for the internet, I would not even know this much.
Today there are Arnberger's in
Arizona, California, Kansas, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, and Austria.

In Austria, Arnberger is somewhat of a common name.

Marsh-Chisholm from Mendocino Co.Calif. 1880's on. Franz Arnberger from Austria in San Francisco 1876 on.

I am looking for a ? Chisholm who was b. in Nova Scotia not sure when, but died between 1898-1900. He married a Ellen(Ella)J. Marsh abt.1886. Ella moved with her parents to northern Calif.from Ohio sometime between 1870-1880. Ella and her husband had 3 children, all born in California; Alexandria Chisholm -Hayter- Langley b. 1888
Abbie Belle Chisholm -Finnerty b. 1890
William Stevensen Chisholm b. 1895

Ella died in Fort Bragg Calif. in 1905.
Abbie and her brother Willie lived with thier grandmother Rachel Marsh in Fort Bragg until she died in 1914.
Abbie is my grandmother Elaine's mother.

Franz AugustErnest Arnberger b. 1830 Austria
came to the U.S. in 1876 with his wife
Sebina Seimers b. Holstein and 3 sons
Frank A.Arnberger Jr.b.Holstein
Charles Arnberger ""
Theodore Arnberger ""
Richard C.Arnberger was b. in 1877 in San Francisco