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Fillary's of England

This is the tree of Filary:
Starting with
Walter "Jack" Fillary born 1899 Iford Essex England, died 2nd March 1968. Married Eva Mae Mildred Hall 1st January 1920 at Northleach Register Office.

They had 6 children that I know of:
Margaret Fillary 8th July 1922
Walter Fillary 1925 died 2nd March 1931 aged 11 yrs old
Victor Loder Fillary 1930
Kathleen Lille Fillary 1931
Patricia Kathleen Lille Fillary 1929
Frank Fillary 1932
Robert W. L. Fillary born 1871 West Wickham Kent England ( died 9th March 1952) married Margaret Mahar born 1876 Ireland (died 5th May 1953)in Ireland at Curragh Camp 24th november 1894.

They had 10 Children:
Robert Fillary 1895 Curragh Camp Ireland
Margaret Fillary 1896 West Wickham
George Fillary 1897 West Wickham
Walter Fillary 1899 West Wichham
Eldridge Fillary 1900 West Wickham
Thomas Fillary 1904 West Wickham
Catherine Fillary 1905 West Wickham
Edward Fillary 1910 West Wickham
Elizabeth Fillary 1912 West Wickham
Lillie Fillary 1915 West Wickham
George Fillary born 1847 in West Wickham he married Elizabeth Tucknott born 1850 WEst Wickham Kent London on December 6th 1866

They had 8 children that I know of:
George L Fillary born 1869 West Wickham
Robert W.L. Fillary 1871 West Wickham
Alice Fillary born 1875 West Wickham
Carolone F Fillary born 1879 West Wickham
Horace T Fillary born 1881 West Wickham
Crice Thomas Fillary born 1881 Beckenhan Kent England
Eldred L Fillary born 1884 Beckenham Kent England
Maggie M Fillary born 1889 West Wickham
Voice Fillary born 1814 Horsham Sussex England married Mary Ann Loder born 1825 Harwell Berkshire England,

They had 3 Children that I know of:
Mary ann Fillary 1844 Witchurch Hampshire England
Voice Fillary jr 1845 Chievely Berkshire England
George Fillary 1847 Chievely Berkshire England
Henry Fillary born 1788 Horsham Sussex England married Sarah Mitchell 1789 Cowden Kent England

They had 6 Children that I know of:
Eldred Fillary 1815 Horsham Sussex England
Catherine Fillary 1818 Horsham Sussex England
Joseph Fillary 1820 Horsham Sussex England
James Fillary 1823 Horsham Sussex England
Richard Fillary 1828 Horsham Sussex England
William Fillary 1833 Horsham Sussex England
Harry Fillary born 1740 married Anne Payne born 1740 in Horsham Sussex England.

They had 1 child that I know of:
Henry Fillary 1788 horsham Sussex England
James Fillary born 1706 Oakwood Surrey, married to Sarah Ffoice, born 1706,Billinghurst Sussex England

They had 1 child that I know of:
Harry Fillary born 1740
John Fillary 1686
The father of James Fillary 1706

John Fillary 1636 Cuckfield Sussex England
the father of John Fillary 1686

Richard Fillary born 1607 Cuckfield Sussex married Joane Barnett born 1611 Cuckfield Sussex. They got married in 1632 in Cuckfield Sussex.
They had
Richard Fillary 1633 Cuckfield Sussex
John Fillary 1636 Cuckfield Sussex
William Fillary Cuckfield Sussex England

This completes my tree of the Fillarys

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These are the Hathaway's of Witney Oxfordshire England:
Sarah Hathaway born 1868 Ducklington Witney, married Joseph Bishop born 1868 in Crawley in Witney.
They had 8 children:
Joseph jr Bishop 1890 born Curbridge Witney
Henry Bishop 1891 Minster Lovell Witney
George Bishop 1895 Hatherop Gloucestershire
Richard Bishop 1897 Hatherop Gloucestershire
Rose A Bishop 1900 Hatherop Gloucestershire
William Bishop 1903 Hatherop Gloucestershire
Fred Bishop
Anne Bishop
James Hathaway born 1838 Crawley Witney married to Ellen Floyd
born 1846 Ducklington Witney.
They had 7 children:
Emily Louise Hathaway 1869 Ducklington Witney
Joseph Hathaway 1871 Ducklington died 1886 Witney
Alice Hathaway 1873 Ducklington Witney
Jason David Hathaway 1876 Ducklington Witney
David Hathaway 1877 Ducklington Witney
George Hathaway 1879 Ducklington Witney
Annie Hathaway 1885 Ducklington Witney
George Hathaway born 1834 Crawley Witney Oxfordshire, married Marlin Martin born 1835 Crawley Witney died 1919 Enstone Oxfordshire.
They had 5 children:
Elizabeth Hathaway
Henry Hathaway
William Hathaway
Levi Hathaway 1870 Crawley Oxfordhire died Enstone Oxfordshire
Marlin Hathaway 1873 Chipping Norton
George Hathaway born 1808 Curbridge Witney married Ann Greenaway born 1806
They had 9 children:
Elizabeth Hathaway 1829 Crawlley Witney
Mary Hathaway 1832 Crawley Witney
George Hathaway 1834 Crawley Witney
Joseph Hathaway 1837 Crawley Witney
James Hathaway 1838 Crawley Witney
Leah Hathaway 1840 Crawley Witney
Harriet Hathaway 1844 Crawley Witney died 1844 Witney
Alice Hathaway 1847 Crawley Witney
William Hathaway 1852 Crawley Witney
George Hathaway born 1780 Witney Oxfordshire married Sarah Early born 1777 Witney Oxfordshire.
They had 7 Children:
Eliza Hathaway 1805 Witney
George Joseph 1808 Witney
Sarah Hathaway 1810 Witney
Rachel Hathaway 1813 Witney
William Hathaway 1816 Witney
Edward Hathaway 1818
Thomas Hathaway born 1703 Witney married Elizabeth Poulton born 1704 Witney.
They had 5 children:
Jemima Hathaway 1732 died 1737 Witney
John Hathaway 1735 Witney
Mary Hathaway 1738 Witney
Thomas Hathaway 1742 Witney died 1758
Joseph Hathaway 1744 Witney Oxfordshire
Thomas Hathaway born Witney abt 1679
Mary Marling married 24 Jul 1700 Witney Oxfordshire England

This concludes my journal for the Hathaway's



I have in my tree a woman called Polly Ervin, She was married to John William Flanary. He was also married to a called Nancy E Johnson
and he was also married to a lady called Eleanor. Busy man!!!!!. Please can anymore tell me more about Polly Ervin

Thank you

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Im reseaching the Flanary's of Virginia, and one of my way back rellies was married to Sarah Walker Tate born 27th march 1824. Her father was called John Tate and was married to a woman called Virginia Jane Lark. I would dearly like to know more about Sarah Tate and her mother.

If you are related in any way to the Flanarys or the Tates or the Larks , please contact me.

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Hawkers of England


The Hawkers of my tree are connected thru' my husband, and he's conected to the Fillary tree.His great grandfather father(Walter "Jack" Fillary, 1899) married a woman called Eva Mildred Mae Hall (1900) and her mother was call Emily Hawker (1862). Eva and her mother were born in Turkdean Gloucestershire. Does anyone out there have any connection to the Emily Hawker of my tree?

Thank you

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Lane's English and American


My name is Annie,

I'm looking for my American ancesters.
Most of them was born in Clinchport Scott Virginia.
My father was Swandon Utah Lane and he was born in Clinchport in 1936 and died in 1963. He had two brothers, one called Harlan, and one called Thomas.Harlan passed away some years ago but as far as I know uncle Tom is still alive and living in Texas.
Their father was called Thomas Mack Lane, He died back in 1979. I'm really trying to find Thomas Mack Lane's father. If you know this family or are part of the family I would really like to hear from you

Thank you

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Mahar England,Ireland


I'm researching the name of Fillary. The Mahar in my tree was married to Robert W L Fillary (1871), her name is : Margaret Mahar and she was born in Ireland (1873). They got married in Ireland in 1897 at the Curragh Camp Roman Catholic Church. Does anyone have
any info on Margaret Mahar?

Thank you

P>S> If you think you are part of the Fillary/Loder family that I am trying to trace please write.

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Hathaway of Witney

The Hathaway's that I am tracing begin in Ducklington Witney Oxfordshire. Her name was Sarah and she married Joseph Bishop from Crawley in Witney. They got married and moved to Fawley Hatherop in Gloucestershire. Had a whole passle of kiddies then moved back to Witney area. Can oneone help.

Thank you

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Flanary's Usa


Im researcing my family from England and I would really like it,if the American side of my family would help me in my research by writing to me about their family tree. Just dates and names and like virginia tennessee etc nothing too personal. I will then fit them into my tree.
Mine starts with
Lille Mae Flanary
Tillman G Flanary
Lafayette Flanary
Tillman Sinclair Flanary
Tandy Flanary
John Flanary
Silas Flanary
Thomas Flanary

If anyone can help please write back

Thank you

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Fillary's English Sussex

I have Fillarys going back to 1600's ,What I would like is anyone with a Fillary connection to write to me so I can enter them in the family tree, providing of course I can figure where they go HA! HA!. This research is very important to me as I'm trying to build a huge piture of the Fillary family.

Thank you

ps. Although this is called English Sussex I would very much like to hear from anyone overseas who may belong to this family.

Thank you

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