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The elusive Welshman JOHN DAVIES is holding up my tree

One of these people who seems to have left no paper trail and with a common name like Davies in Wales, I have given up! Can you help, please?
John DAVIES (10 Mar 1820 - 4 Nov 1902), who emigrated to NZ in 1841 from Llanelli, Wales. He married Amelia Ann Newth on 1 Jan 1847. He died age 82 in Dovedale, Nelson, NZ . Buried: Dovedale, Nelson, NZ.

Relatives of William Edward Hogan (1933 Auck-1996 Ohakune)?

This was my birthfather whom it took decades to meet and who died before he could pass on any family history to me. Any connections for me to follow greatly appreciated. His mother was Margaret Violet Forbes and he was the widower of Judith Ann Moule, NZ.

An ancestor of Douglas Kennedy Collison (1905-2003) NZ?

This is my children's grandfather about whom I'm starting a family tree for Christmas.

HOOLOHAN descendant looking for Mary who died in Panmure, Auckland, NZ

I'm trying to find the ancestors of Mary Hoolohan (as spelt in the records but we know it varies) who died in 1864 and was married to Patrick Murphy (1801-1886) a Fencible from Ireland. They had two children: Mary Ann Murphy born July 1849 and Johanna who was born 17 May 1851 and lived only a year until 16 May 1852. They spent their lives in Panmure Auckland.

Any one related to Lucy Murcott (1886-1938)?

Am having problems with my family tree (RUSS) stopping here as the father of her child is not registered. I have her daughter Annie (18 May 1886-5 dec 1967) registered at River Tce School and also a brother Henry being registered on the same days and the parent/guardian for both showing as George Murcott (Lucy's father) in one year and William Murcott (Lucy's brother) in another. Records show she remained unmarried until her death but two illegitimate children seems a bit unusual to me. Anyone who can cast any light on this please - with some sort of verification? Many thanks.

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NZ RUSS family

Can I help you with this? I need the England ancestors verified (Robert RUSS and beyond)

Patrick Murphy (Fencible) and Mary Hoolohan?

Patrick MURPHY came to NZ from Ireland in 1848 on the ship "Clifton." Patrick was born in 1801 in County Clare, Ireland, and died in Auckland 1886. He was a Fencible from the 58th Regiment. He is my great great great grandfather on the WRIGHT side of the family. (I'm a RUSS descendant).
He married Mary HOOLOHAN (various spellings, but this is the one on early records), which was shown incorrectly as Oloyhou on the family tree I was sent. Given that most people were illiterate in those days and relied upon others to write down their names, HOOLOHAN in a thick Irish brogue was heard as Oloyhou, consequently the family tree had stopped at that point. Now that I have verified through records that Patrick MURPHY married Mary HOOLOHAN, I am on a roll to set the record straight but cannot find who either of their parents are..... Any help in the right direction greatly appreciated. Also the correct parents of John WRIGHT (1800-1884) and his father William WRIGHT, please.

RUSS descendant (b. 1950)

Born Joy Russ 20.12.1950 my name was changed by my adopting parents.
I am descended directly from the male Russ line in order Milton Russ, Frederick Russ, Charles Russ, Job Russ, Jonah Russ, Robert Russ.