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My major focus at this point is my Hawkes side of the family. In particular...

My major focus at this point is my Hawkes side of the family. In particular I would like to find out about my English ancestors.

My great great great grandparents were Robert and Sarah Hawkes who came to Adelaide South Australia in 1848 on the barque Gratitude. Robert was born in 1803 and Sarah in 1804. They are recorded in the Adelaide Observer of the time as coming from newcastle Upon Tyne. With them came their 6 children, John Henry Mason, (1827) Elizabeth Anne, (1828) Charles Flaxman,(1833) Robert Joseph, (1836)Jonathon Lea, (1839) and George William (1842). I have located Sarah and Elizabeth Anne, Charles F, Robert Joseph and Jonathon in lodgings at Tynemouth in the 1841 census. I think that I have placed Robert (merchant) and John Henry Mason (apprentice) in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne at that census. The census has Robert Joseph and Jonathon Lea as being born in Northumberland, the rest of the family not so. George William was also born in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Family stories have Robert Hawkes have Robert visiting South Australia in 1836. It is also believed that when he returned in 1948 it was in the employ of Sir George Fife Angas. He was an educated man (Sarah on the other hand I think was illiterate, mark not signature on her will), and fairly soon was in business for himself as a merchant, land broker etc. Hence he may have come to SA in 1836 as one of the SA Companies employees, or not. Family stories also tell that he went to school with George Fife Angas, though neither Angas's age or that of his sons fits with a scenario of Robert being at school with any of them. He was however a non-comformist, and became very active in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in SA throughout his life here. I have not as yet been able to verify Robert,s visit to SA in 1836, or his employ by George Fife Angas.

I wonder if a more likely connection is Charles Flaxman. That they named their son Charles Flaxman Hawkes in 1833 prior to their arrival here, and Charles Flaxman's, he came with the German immigrants in 1837/38, the noncomformist connection and the George Fife Angas connection suggest some kind of relationship. Charles Flaxman was George Fife Angas's Chief Clerk at his London House and his agent in South Australia, initially, until scandal about land purchases strained their relationship. George Fife Angas was born in and lived in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Charles Leslie Hawkes who is in marlin1945 is the grandson of Charles Flaxman Hawkes.

I do not know how to progress from Robert and Sarah to their parents. I have tried a number of searches based on the assumption that Charles F being 3rd child and second son is a Flaxman, and a variety of others around the possibility of the names of the children. Have been abviously unsuccessful. Would be interested in advice as to how to progress or in any out there who might think they are the same family. And any who might want further information I would love to share.

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