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Looking for Conno;;y family in Strongfort, Craughwell, Co. Galway, Ireland

I am researching my family tree and have been told that my family go back about 400 years in the same house and location. I can go back to my great great grandfather Denis Connolly. From an inscription on family headstone I know he was born in 1780. And that his wife's 1st name was Mary but I dont know her maiden name.
I would like to know where I can go to find out more about these people and their families.
I know that they probably got married circa 1830 and they had 4-5 children. One of these children was my great grandfather Michael Connolly.

Seeking my ancestors

I am trying to find out if my grandmothers 2 brothers emmigrated to Illinois. 1 of them mayhave become a priest. His name was Edward Connolly. He was born in Sonnagh, Kilchreest, Co.Galway, Ireland in 1876. He had 7 brothers and 3 sisters, 1 of which was my grandmother Mary Connolly. She married Denis Connolly from Strongfort Craughwell Co. Galway Ireland. He had 2 sets of twin brothers older than him. His brother Thomas also emmigrated to the US but I dont know where. Edward would have left Ireland in 1900 or before that , possibly circa 1897.
His father was Martin Connolly and his mother was Bridget McTigue. That is all the information I have on either of these brothers. Unfortunatly my father is deceased and I have no one living that I can get information from and therefore I am hoping there is someone out there that can help me.
Tell me what local papers or church I can view to continue my research. I just want to know what happened to these 2 brothers after they left Ireland.
I would be very grateful for any assistance. I am having a Connolly Reunion in July for all the decendants I can find for rest of this Family.

I am looking to see if there are any Egan family members anywhere in the world that might be related to me

I am doing my family tree and would like to know if there are any other Egan families out there that are related to me.
My great great grandparents were James Egan and Nora Higgens from Kiltrogue, Claregalway Co.Galway, Ireland. They would have married circa 1854-1855 From what I can find out they only had ! son Patrick born 26-07-1856. He married Mary Fahy circa 1886-1887. They had 8 children. Their 1st child, a girl may have died in infancy. My grandfather William was born in 29-06-1894. He married Margaret Mulryan from Kiltulla, Castlegar, Co.Galway, Ireland.
I dont have any information on either Nora Higgens or Mary Fahy. I would like to hear from anyone that may know anything.
Thats all the information I have at present.

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I am looking to find any Mulryan families that may be related to me?

My grandmother was Margaret Mulryan and she was born in Kiltulla, Castlegar in 1890. Her parents were Patrick Mulryan and Honor Nolan. They had6 children. " of them emmigrated to America.My grandmothers sister Sarah Mulryan alon with her sister Mary emmigrated to America alon with a 1st cousin Michael Mulryan. Sarah and Michael married and I don't think that Mary ever married.I am looking for any of their decendants that may be in America possibly Chicago Obviously Sarah and Michael Mulryan are deceased as indeed some or all of their children may be also. But hopefully there are grandchildren and great grand children alive who may be 3rd and 4th cousins of mine.I would like to hear from anyone who may be related to me. I am doing my family tree. Please get in touch with me if you wish. I would love to hear from you.
Also I think that I may have some cousins in Australia, in Queensland I think.
A sister of my great great grandfather William Mulryan, her name Margaret Mulryan married Michael Lydon and they had 2 daughters Delia and Catherine who both emmigrated to Australia
I would like to find out what happened to them and who if any of their decendents are still living in Australia and who would like to get in touch with me.

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I am looking for Edward and Thomas Connolly who emmigrated to America circa 1900?

I am looking for my grandmothers 2 brothers Edward and Thomas Connolly who I believe emmigrated to America circa 1887-1900. They probably travelled from Qieenstown to New York. I dont think that they travelled together but went different years. They were born in 1876 and 1877 respectivly. Their parents names were Martin Connolly and Bridget McTigue. They came from Sonnagh, Kilchreest, Co. Galway, Ireland. They had 2 sets of twin brothers older than them and after Thomas was my grandmother Mary Connolly. there were 2 other sisters and 2 brothers after that, 11 children in total. I think that 1 or both of them may have become priests and may have gone to Chicago.
Is there anyone who may know anything about these 2 brothers. If so I would love to hear from you.
This is all the information I have concerning these 2 brothers that would have been my granduncles. One other thing, they could have also joined the policeforce but I think that unlikely, it probably the priesthood.