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Looking for Brock in Bickleigh, Devonshire, England

William Brock and Susan Daniel were married in 1852 in the parish church in the parish of Bickleigh. In the county of Devon.Their residence at time of marriage was Bickleigh and there daughter Mary Jane was born at (ham?) Bickleigh. Williams father was William Brock farmer of Bickleigh.

Any info on death and/ or burial place any other relevant information possible would be greatly appreciated.

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Matthews family, Thomas and Leah in New Zealand.

Thomas Matthews b. 11 October 1888, Venton, plympton, Devon, England. Family lived at Leemill near Ivybridge. Devonshire, England. Arrived in New Zealand approx 1913, was at Kaikoura married to Leah McLeod during World War One. Joined New Zealand expeditionary force in March 1917 although he only served 15 days as he was rejected on medical grounds of having flat feet despite having served 18 months in the British Navy. On enlistment he is described as being 28years 4 months of fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 4 1/2 inches and occupation Miner. Thomas,Leah and family moved up to the north island, Dargaville . It is believed he was a roading contractor for many years. Thomas died in Auckland Hospital on 25 October 1941.

Brick walls

So I was born in New Zealand , my parents were born in New Zealand, and my grandparents before them.
My mother has always been interested and researching her family so she had charts, photographs, certificates, letters etc that I could look through on her side, but what about my fathers family, I started researching his family which got him, my grandparents, and other aunts and uncles interested to and it was great how much information and stories they had to tell. I just had to find out which stories had truth to them and which were told to cover any skeletons.
One that could be considered a brick wall was my Granny (Margary Evelyn Boucher) born 1897 in Methven, Canterbury, New Zealand. Her mother was Maria Boucher (known to us as Aunty Rye) and her father was unknown and never revealed to her, she asked me one day if I could find out. Granny was bought up in the Boucher family sort of as the youngest sister to her aunts and uncles. Seems she was close to her uncle Frank Boucher who wasn't much older than her however he was in World War 1 and killed in action (October 12th 1917) in the field, Belguim, buried at Pashendail. Maria Bouchers parents were John Wakefield Boucher and Jane East. I still have no idea how to find out or if I ever will who my Granny's father was.

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My first blog post

This journal is to introduce myself and share my whakapapa (family history)

Why genealogy?
I thought I might start with why I am researching my genealogy. I think maybe my decision to trace my family history is a need to find a connection to the land and roots of my ancestry. My desire to find the location, the place, where my ancestral heritage began.

Genealogy to me is so much more than just names, dates and places, every one of my ancestors has a story to tell, it's the story that makes history, the stories that add flesh to the bones, They, my ancestors, determined my genetic inheritance. They have determined my height, my shape, the colour of my eyes, the colour of my hair. The choices and decisions that my ancestors made cumulate in me being me.

I have always been interested in my ancestors who decided to make the move from their home land and travel to a new country, in search of a better life for their families.
Who were these people? Where did they come from and what sort of people were they? What led them to travel so far, enduring the discomfort and danger of long sea voyages, often in small sailing ships with many voyages at that time ending badly with many illnesses and casualties on board the ships. To an untamed land covered in bush. To a life filled with hardships, and hard work,to the new paradise, the promised land. The land of the long white cloud. New Zealand.