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EAGLES marriages New Zealand

EAGLES marriages 1880-1933

Alexander Mafeking Eagles (1900-1941)
married Rawea Phyllis McIver (1907-1952) in 1928
* daughter of Norman James McIver & Emma Webb
* Alexander served as Acting Corporal 21758 with the NZ Engineers, 7 Field Company. His next of kin was his wife Rawea at 18 Wallace Place, New Plymouth. He was killed in action 31 May 1941 aged 2 weeks from 41. His memorial is at Athens Memorial, Phaleron War Cemetery, Athens, Greece
NOTE the dates verify he was 41 but his war records say he was 37 as does NZ BDM

Ernest Henry Eagles (1891-1951)
married Florence Falla (1892-1982) in 1914
* daughter of Daniel George James Falla & Sarah Toneycliffe
* Ernest served as Corporal 39781, Reinforcements J Company, New Zealand Rifle Brigade. His next of kin was Florence at 544 Worcester Street, Linwood, Christchurch. He arrived home to West Melton in 1919

Francis George Amos Eagles (1881-1954)
* In 1910 Francis passed in three subjects in the Civil Service Senior Examinations. He was an examiner at the chief Post Office in Wellington until 1920 when he was post to Nelson as District Accountant
married Edith Barnsley (1884-1949) in 1904
their known children
1905 - 1985 Francis Henry Eagles
1906 - 1982 Leonard George Eagles
* In 1912 Francis & Leonard received first-class attendance certificates at Maranui School, Lyall Bay, Wellington (opened 1 Feb 1909, with 178 pupils. Know known as Lyall Bay School). In 1920 Leonard was in Standard VI at The Terrace School, Wellington. Francis & Leonard married Hastie sisters
1907 - 1982 Gwendolyn Lorna Eagles
1911 - 1981 Eric Gordon Eagles
* In 1922 Eric got 69/100 at the Nelson Baptist Sunday School exam
1913 - 1990 Harold Eagles
* Harold served with the Air Force in WWII 417041

Francis Henry Eagles (1905-1985)
* In 1919 a Francis Eagles of 19 Aurora St., Petone, fractured his collarbone when he fell off his motor-bike
married Irene Margaret Hastie (1904-1972) in 1932
* daughter of William Hastie (born 1872-1923) & Helen Victoria Seguin (1879-1957) of Dunedin, sister of Helen Victoria who married his brother Leonard George

Francis Henry Eagles (1901-1975)
married Leah Marjorie Smith (1904-1956) in 1929
* daughter of Edward James & Emma Smith

Gladstone Alfred Eagles (1874-1951)
married Mary Ann 'Ellen' Gray (1879-1964) in 1899
Evening Post, 11 Oct 1900
Of all the romances of real life the unusual experiences of a lady of Normanby (Taranaki) (recently published in a local paper) may be placed on record among the most remarkable. Twenty-one years of age and with the brightest prospects in life, Mrs G. A. Eagles has nevertheless found herself in a serious predicament. To the pressman who called at her home (Normanby-road, Normanby), she said with charming frankness:- "I am just 21, and was born in the Clutha district, having resided in Hawera and Normanby for 12 years. For years I did not enjoy good health. I became anaemic. My strength failed, mu face grew pale and I suffered from severe headaches and prostration. I lost my appetite and hardly dared perform domestic duties. I grew so ill that doctors were consulted and I took medicines for five months, only obtaining temporary relief. Then I commenced Dr Williams' pink pills. Two boxes improved me so greatly that I continued them and before long regained perfect health. I am now quite strong, have a good appetite, sleep well, and every trace of anaemia has vanished. My recovery is, I am sure, entirely due to Dr Williams' pink pills.
If we feed and enrich the blood, for which Dr Williams' pink pills are especially famed, we check anaemia (from which Mrs Eagles suffered) and ward off and cure indigestion, sluggish liver, debility, nervous ailments like St Vitus dance, neuralgia and paralysis. Dr Williams' pink pills also cure rheumatism, sciatica, bronchitis, chest and lung troubles, but they must be the genuine, bearing the full name in red and white wrapper. Sold by the Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Wellington, three shillings per box, six boxes sixteen and six, post free, and by chemists and storekeepers.
NOTE People in NZ back in the late 19th, early 20th century, were paid a small fee to make such adverts for Dr Williams. Whether they were afflicted as they said or were enterprising enough to make a few pounds is unknown. The ad for her continuing good health was still going in 1903
their known children
1900 - 1941 Alexander Mafeking Eagles
* killed in action (see top)
1903 - 1994 Gladys Eagles
1908 - 1961 Hector William Eagles
* I believe it was Hector, who in Feb 1918 had an accident at Lowgarth, Taranaki when his right hand was cut off through the palm. He coolly picked up the severed member and held it firmly against the bleeding stump for some minutes, innocently thinking it would stick back on, before he reported that he had been injured. The surgeon who attended stated that the act probably saved him from bleeding to death

Harry William James Eagles (1909-1977)
married Dorothy Gertrude Johnson (1912-1963) in 1933
* daughter of Frank Burrell Johnson & Gertrude Ellen Cooling

Hector William Eagles (1908-1961)
married Elsie Glentworth (1906-1993) in 1932
* daughter of Henry Glentworth & Eliza Jane Preston

Henry William Eagles (1905-1986)
married Alice Hilda Bullen (1910-2007) in 1933
* daughter of John Christopher & Alice Amelia Bullen

James Payn Eagles (1849-1906)
* Born Birmingham to James Eagles & Annie Payn, married in NZ. The family moved to Australia
married Emily Burland Blandford (-1902) in 1880
* daughter of George & Eliza Blandford
their known children
- born in Christchurch
1882 - 1949 Lionel James Payn Eagles
- Lionel married Jeannie Morrison MacFarlane (-1968) in 1907 in Newtown, NSW. He died in Burwood, NSW
1886 - 1961 Cecil Frank William Eagles
- Cecil married Margaret Brown in 1909 in Sydney. He died in Burwood, NSW
1888 - 1963 Harold Blandford Eagles
- Harold served as Private 51, 3 Divisional Cyclist Battalion and 1 Reinforcements, 2nd Australian Infantry Battalion, embarked from Sydney 18 May 1916. Married Elsie May Jones (-1977) in 1919 in Burwood, NSW. He died Ashfield, NSW
* Emily died 17 Dec 1902 at Rob Roy, Victoria street Burwood, Sydney
* James Payn Eagles died 1 Nov 1906 in Burwood, NSW

Joseph George Eagles (1875-1952)
married Florence May (1879-1966) in 1899
* Joseph bred and showed prize poultry. He won many prizes in Wellington and the Wairarapa. Florence won prizes at these shows for her home entries, once winning the most entries
their known children
1900 - 1960 Leslie Eagles
1901 - 1975 Francis Henry Eagles
1904 - 1958 Violet Edith Eagles
1905 - 1985 Henry William Eagles
1907 - 1954 Daphne Eagles
1909 - 1977 Harry William James Eagles
1911 - 1911 Joseph Eagles (aged 5 hours)
1911 - 1911 John Eagles (aged 2 days)
1915 - 1915 Daisy Eagles (aged 48 hours)
1915 - 1915 Jim Eagles (aged 24 hours)

Leonard George Eagles
married Ellen Christina Johnson (1887-1927) in 1913
* daughter of Neils & Annie Johnson
Evening Post, 4 Nov 1927
EAGLES - On the 3rd November 1927 (suddenly), Ellen Christina, widow of the late Leonard Eagles and youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs N. Johnson, Taitville. Private interment,

Leonard George Eagles (1906-1982)
Helen Victoria Hastie (1908-1995) in 1932
* daughter of William Hastie (born 1872-1923) & Helen Victoria Seguin (1879-1957) of Dunedin, sister of Irene Margaret who married his brother Francis Henry

Leslie Eagles (1900-1960)
married Phyllis Asenath Holmes (1903-) in 1921
* daughter of Edwin James Holmes & Nina Mary Jackson

Maurice Percival Brenner Eagles (1907-1987)
* base born son of Sarah Eagles (& of George McGrath). He was adopted by Sarah's parents, see below. He attended Ngaio school, Wellington
Maurice married Elizabeth Ann 'Betty' Cook (1907-1996) in 1929
their known children
* 1930 - 2012 Maurice 'Graham' Eagles
* John Eagles
* Mary Eagles
* Margaret Eagles
* Maurice & Betty farmed at Kairanga-Bunnythorpe and are buried at Kelvin Grove

Sam Ernest Edmund Eagles (1890-1967)
* In 1918 he was a Carpenter at Ngaio in the Class C, Second Division, Wellington Recruiting District
- married Alice Maria Wiggins in 1913
their known children
1915 - 2015 Alfreda Ernestine Eagles
1917 - 2004 Keith Edmund James Eagles
1919 - 2008 Alan Francis Eagles
1929 - 2002 Neil Daniel Salter Eagles

William James 'Jim' Eagles
married Elsie Maria Oliver (1886-1934) in 1906
their known children
1908 - 1908 Maria 'Rye' Eagles (aged 17 hours)
Evening Post, 19 Sep 1908
EAGLES - On the 18th September, at her residence, Kaiwarra, Maria (little Rye), the daughter of Mr and Mrs Jim Eagles, Wellington. Auckland papers please copy
1912 - 1992 James Colin Eagles
1916 - 1997 Ralph Oliver Eagles
- Ralph, (aka Honest Ollie 1916-1997), served as Acting Captain 2993
1919 - 2002 Sylvia Sybil Eagles

Daphne Eagles (1907-1954)
* attended Petone High School
married Kenneth William Hall in 1933

Ellen Eagles
married Thomas Edward Robson (1864-1948) in 1899
* son of Thomas William & Christina Campbell (1838-1923) Robson
their known children
1891 - 1969 Lily Ellen Frances Robson
1902 - 1955 Huia Thacker Robson

Ellen Eagles
married Walter Bond (1894-1981) in 1925
* Trooper 16265, Machine Gun Squad, 16th Reinforcements, NZEF

Gladys Eagles (1903-1994)
married Thomas Roy Perry (1897-1970) in 1924
* son of Thomas Perry & Maria Louisa Jenkins

Gwendolyn Lorna Eagles (1907-1982)
married George Sutherland Glenday (1908-1996) in 1933

Lilian Daisy Eagles (1887-1930)
married William Howard Harrison (1883-1960) in 1907
their known children
1908 - 1918 Thelma Lilian Daisy Harrison
Evening Post, 26 Jan 1918 HARRISON - On the 21st January 1918, at Taumarunui Hospital, after a short and painful illness, Thelma, dearly beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs William Harrison and granddaughter of Mrs F. Eagles, Ngaio. Safe in the arms of Jesus
1913 - 1993 Joyce Linda Harrison
1919 - 1998 Marjorie Thelma 'Marge' Lillian Harrison

Lucy Emma Eagles (1870-1950)
married Alexander McInnes in 1893
their known children
1894 - 1995 Maud Eva McInnes
1896 - 1918 Horace Alexander McInnes
1898 - 1983 Bertha Emma McInnes
1901 - 1986 Gladys Robina McInnes
1909 - 2004 Mavis Lucy McInnes

Mary Elizabeth Ann Eagles (1882-1974)
married Daniel Ernest McKay (1880-1960) in 1905
* son of Daniel McKay & Louisa Jane Le Brun
their known children
1906 - 2000 Myrtle Lilian Daphne McKay
1908 - 1955 Ivan Ernest McKay
1917 - 1950 Noel Horace McKay

Millicent Ellen Eagles (1872-1943)
married George Leslie Sowerby (1862-1914) in 1895
their known children
1898 - 1954 Alma Sowerby
1900 - 1969 Belmont Sowerby
* Millicent next married William Francis Mantle (1876-1949) in 1925

Priscilla Elizabeth Ann Eagles (1877-1949)
married Albert George Barlow (1876-1950) in 1898
* son of Joseph Thorpe Barlow (1838-1927) & Ellen Holmes (1841-1924)
their known children
1899 - 1983 Victor Albert Henry Barlow
1900 - 1900 Lancelot Joseph Francis Barlow (2 months)
1902 - 1998 Mildred Priscilla Barlow
1909 - 1977 Sydney John Barlow
1914 - 1986 James Gordon Barlow

Theresa Ann Eagles (1880-1966)
married George Alfred Swanger (1883-1958) in 1906
* son of Walter Swanger & Janet Hogg of Wellington
their known children
1907 - 1985 Raymond Walter Swanger
1913 - 2006 Eunice Ruby Swanger
1920 - 2002 Doris Janet Swanger

Violet Edith Eagles (1904-1958)
married Arthur Ernest Mullis (1897-1969) in 1923
* 1 of 13 children of William Mullis & Arabella/Anna Bella Davis Adams

A Francis Eagles (1843-1914) married Sarah Morgan (1847-1932) in Warwickshire, England and had a number of children, emigrated to NZ in 1874 and had more
their known children
* 1868 - 1944 James William Eagles. Married Elsie Oliver. In 1907 he received the Colonial Auxiliary Forces long service medal for having over twenty years service with the New Zealand Garrison Artillery Volunteers
* 1870 - 1950 Lucy Emma Eagles. Married Alexander McInnes
* 1871 - 1874 Elizabeth Eagles, died aged 3
* 1873 - 1873 Samuel Francis Eagles, died Sep 1873 age 3 months of whooping cough at sea. His parents arrived in NZ 28 Jan 1874 on the 'Ocean Mail'
* 1875 - 1952 Joseph George Eagles. Born in NZ, married Florence May
* 1876 - 1949 Priscilla Elizabeth Eagles. Married Albert George Barlow
* 1878 - 1966 Theresa Ann Eagles. Married George Alfred Swanger
* 1880 - 1954 Francis George Amos Eagles. Married Edith Barnsley/Bardsley
* 1882 - 1974 Elizabeth Mary Ann Eagles. Married Daniel Ernest McKay
* 1884 - 1929 Sarah Rubina 'Ruby' Eagles. Ruby was born 9 Nov 1884. She had a son when she was 22, *1907 - 1987 Maurice Percival Brenner Eagles, who was adopted by her parents. Ruby never married. She died 8 Aug 1929 aged 44 at a Private Hospital in Bowen St Wellington after an illness. Her parents were living at 16 Kenya St., Ngaio, Wellington. She is buried Plot 191O at Karori
* 1887 - 1930 Lilian Daisy Eagles. Married William Howard Harrison
* 1890 - 1967 Sam Ernest Edmund Eagles. Married Alice Maria Wiggins in 1913
* 1904 - 1956 Marshall Jack Eagles. *Marshall was also adopted. In 1915 he received a prize at the Ngaio Methodist Sunday School examination. In 1917 he passed the Theory of Music, Trinity College Exam with 96/100 in Wellington. In 1919 he was at Wellington Boys College and won first prize in Bookkeeping and mathematics. In 1922 he won 2s 6d at Trentham in the Central Command rifle meeting between the Territorial and Cadet competitions. He served in WWII Warrant Officer 1494, Class 2, New Zealand Artillery, 4 Field Regiment, 26 Battery. Wounded in action 1942. His next of kin was his brother Sam Ernest Edmund Eagles. He married Joyce Garland Sabine Adams (1910-1999)
Evening Post, 30 March 1914
EAGLES - On the 28th March 1914, at his late residence, Ngaio, Francis, dearly beloved husband of Sarah Eagles, after a long and painful illness; aged 71 years. At rest.

Francis & Irene Eagles at Makara Cemetery, Wellington

STEMP in New Zealand

Ada Stemp (1863-1943)
born Surrey to Henry Stemp & Mary Hershey
married Herbert Ernold Reade (1864-1937) in 1898 in New Plymouth. They are both buried at Te Henui cemetery
New Zealand Herald, 1 Nov 1937
of Mr H. E. READE. The death has occurred at New Plymouth of Mr Herbert E. Reade, at the age of 73. Born at Whangarei, he was the only son of the late Mr James Reade, of Auckland. Much of his early life was spent on his father's extensive run in the extreme north of the Dominion, from Awanui toward North Cape. His account of his experiences of station life of 60 years ago with the then Maori occupants of these lands was of great interest. At 16 years of age he was sent to jersey (Channel Islands) to complete his education. Returning to New Zealand he entered engineering works in Auckland. From there he came to New Plymouth and married. He entered the building trade and only recently retired from active work. He is survived by Mrs Reade and a sister, Mrs Wintle, of Parnell (his sister Florence (1879-1955) married Walter Wintle (1866-1969)

Ada Elizabeth Stemp (1888-1976)
* Ada did well at school in Model Drawing
married Frederick Karl 'Fred' Masemann (1889-1968) in 1914
Dominion, 13 Nov 1914
The wedding took place in St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Wanganui, of Miss Ada Elizabeth Stemp, eldest daughter of Mr Gilbert Stemp of Wanganui, to Mr Frederick Masemann, eldest son of Mr Masemann, also of Wanganui. The Rev J. D. McKenzie, B.D., performed the ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attended by Misses Olive and Doris Stemp (her sisters) and Mr Herbert Masemann (brother of the bridegroom) was best man
their known children
1915 - 2008 Joyce Evelyn Masemann
1918 - Rae Lorraine Masemann
1920 - Shirley Jean Masemann

Alexander Henry Stemp (1892-1910)
son of Gilbert & Eliza (below), was drowned at Parson's Point Jetty, Gladstone, Queensland on 3 May 1910 aged 18. He was one of the original crew of the NZ training ship 'Amokura'. He later joined the 'Rippingham Grange' and was having a promising career in the mercantile marine when the accident happened. He and a shipmate, Harman, were fishing on the Gladstone wharf at 7.30 at night when they were knocked into the shark-infested water by a passing, empty meat truck, drawn by horses. Alex did not know how to swim. Harman was keeping him afloat while waiting for a lifebuoy, until someone shouted "Sharks" whereby Alex panicked, struggled free and was lost in the dark. He is buried in the Gladstone Cemetery (NSW) .. see photo

Doris Evelyn Stemp (1901-1994)
married Harry Richard Mancer (1899-1975) in 1923
their known children
1926 - 2002 Gwenneth Patricia Mancer
1928 - 2002 Betty Ileene Mancer
1935 - Neil Harry Mancer

Edward Henry 'Ted' Stemp (1921-1988)
born in Wanganui
Edward served in WWII as Driver 376152, N.Z. Army Service Corps, Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force
He married Jean Elizabeth Parker (1923-2002) in 1942
He married Hilda Critchon?
* Edward died in Lower Hutt

Edwin Hersey Stemp (1888-1951)
married Ethel Maud Ward in 1914
their known children
1919 - 2012 Joan Stemp
1921 - 1988 Edward Henry 'Ted' Stemp

Gilbert Stemp (1860-1937)
Surrey born son of Henry Stemp & Mary Hersey
married Eliza Jane Rae (1861-1948) in 1888
their known children
1888 - 1976 Ada Elizabeth Stemp
1892 - 1910 Alexander Henry Stemp
1895 - 1961 Olive Cooper Stemp
1901 - 1994 Doris Evelyn Stemp

Henry Stemp (1831-1911)
born Surrey, Henry joined the Surrey Constabulary in 1853. He 'resigned' in 1864 and emigrated to Bluff NZ on the 'William Davie' 12 April 1874 and worked as a Porter in the Railway
He married Mary Hersey (1832-1893) in Frensham, Surrey in 1853. Go to his link for story and photos ..
their known UK born children
* 1854 - 1920 Sarah Stemp
* 1855 - 1932 Henry Hersey Stemp
* 1857 - 1859 Edwin Stemp (aged 16 months in Surrey)
* 1858 - 1859 Mary Anne Stemp (aged 3 months)
* 1860 - 1937 Gilbert Stemp
* 1861 - 1861 Emily Elizabeth Stemp (aged 1 month)
* 1863 - 1943 Ada Stemp
* 1864 - 1865 Isabel Stemp (aged 6 months)
* 1866 - 1867 Walter Stemp (aged 9 months)
* 1869 - 1869 Stanley Stemp (aged 4 months in London)
* 1872 - 1874 Herbert Stemp (aged 22 months on the William Davie)
their known NZ born children
* 1875 - 1875 Minnie Stemp (aged 4 months, Invercargill)
* Henry died suddenly, 5 Jan 1911 aged 79 at his daughter's home (Ada Reade), in Pendarves St., New Plymouth
NOTE The William Davie brought 294 passengers. 36 married couples, 71 children, 116 single men & 22 single women for Bluff. A Report of Inquiry by Commissioners on the Ship "William Davie" ..
.. The immigrant vessel 'William Davie' arrived at Bluff harbour on the 12th instant, at 11.30a.m. From inquiry the Commissioners learned that the health of the immigrants during the voyage had been very good; that the provisions had been good and were served out in accordance with the dietary scale and to the entire satisfaction of the surgeon-superintendent' that the supply of water was ample, the distilling apparatus having worked well; that the conduct of the immigrants in each compartment had been very good and that the immigrants were all of the labouring class and, as a whole, very fairly adapted to meet the wants of the Colony. The few exceptions (the most notable being a case of cancer in the stomach, which rendered the sufferer not only unfit for employment, but a probable burden on the district for support) were the result, as we learn, of any chance of inspection on the part of the surgeon-superintendent being precluded, owing to the immigrants being put on board at dusk, just as the vessel was sailing.
From personal investigation, the Commissioners ascertained that the ship in all its compartments was thoroughly clean and remarkably free from disagreeable smells, carbolic powder being well used throughout the voyage.
That the compartments were arranged according to contract; as also the hospitals, of which there were three in number.
That a bath-room, with proper appliances, had been provided in the single women's compartment, in which were two closets, besides eight others on deck for the married and single men.
So far from there being any complaints, all the immigrants spoke in grateful terms of the kindness and attention they had received throughout the voyage from the captain, doctor and officers of the ship.
The total number of adults landed at the Bluff was 240, four adults electing to go on to Dunedin and Christchurch to join their friends, making in all 244 adults.
The surgeon-superintendent reports nine deaths during the voyage (all children) and four births. Two children died of bronchitis after the anchor was dropped.
The arrangement fixing the berths fore=and=aft in all the compartments, instead of athwart ships, is one which deserves special remark and commendation. Not only did all add greatly to the comfort of the immigrants while in their bunks, by modifying the motion of the ship, particularly in bad weather, but gave a larger space in the compartments to move about in during the day and enabled each mess to have, as it were, a small compartment of its own in which the meals were eaten, with a sliding table, which, when not required, could be lifted and fastened close to the roof of the cabin. The whole arrangements of the three compartments, it would, in our opinion, be advisable to adopt in all immigrant vessels.

Henry Hersey Stemp (1855-1932)
born in Surrey to Henry Stemp & Mary Hersey
* emigrated around 1880-81 on the HMS 'Emerald'
* worked as Porter & Storeman in the railways at Hawera, Patea, New Plymouth & Wanganui
He married Hannah Hartley (1864-1952) in 1886
their known children
- born in New Plymouth / Hawera -
1887 - 1967 Mabel Adelaide Hartley Stemp
1888 - 1951 Edwin Hersey Stemp
1889 - 1911 Muriel Florence Stemp
1893 - 1981 Ivy Mary Stemp
1896 - 1966 Henry Louis Stemp (didn't marry)
* wife Hannah Hartley was born in New Plymouth. They are buried together at Aramoho cemetery, Wanganui

Henry Louis Stemp (1896-1966)
served in WWI as Private 31367, 19th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company, NZEF

Hersey Edward Stemp (1888-1951)
(Edwin Hersey?)
served in WWI 79792
served in WWII 2/19/137

Ivy Mary Stemp (1893-1981)
married Stewart Morgan Fairclough (1885-1965) in 1920
their known children
1923 - Robert Morgan Fairclough
1925 - Stewart Hartley Fairclough
1928 - Peter Gordon Fairclough

Joan Stemp (1919-2012)
born in Wanganui
married Rae Gordon Shipman (1919-1970) in 1940

Mabel Adelaide Hartley Stemp (1887-1967)
married Stanley Cato Gunn (1890-1972) in 1914
* they didn't have children

Olive Cooper Stemp (1895-1961)
* Olive was a teacher in Mangaweka & Wanganui
married Donald Brook Bannatyne (1889-1970) in 1916
their known children
- twins
1917 - 1917 Alex Bannatyne (6 hours)
1917 - 1917 Jean Bannatyne (16 hours)

Sarah Stemp (1854-1920)
born in Surrey to Henry Stemp & Mary Hersey
married Samuel Lindsay (1837-1901) in 1887
their known children
1888 - 1893 John Lindsay (aged 5)
1889 - 1969 Ada Lindsay
1891 - 1974 Henry West Lindsay (Funeral Director, died Masterton)
1894 - 1915 Mary Lindsay

Gladstone Cemetery, Queensland
burial place of
Alexander Henry Stemp (1892-1910)

GREEN buried Hauraki cemeteries

GREEN buried Hauraki District

born Waihi
died 26 Nov 1923 aged 12 hours
buried lot 143, block E, section PRB
at Waihi Public Cemetery

born O'Carroll, 27 March 1894
* daughter of David James O'Carroll & Annie Gertrude Cronin
* married Nelson Charles Green in 1919
died 20 May 1978 aged 84
buried 399, block 2003
at Ngatea Memorial Wall

born Lincolnshire, England
lived Paeroa
died 24 May 1948 aged 66
buried lot 73, block A, section ANG
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born Blenheim
lived Paeroa
died 29 Oct 1992 aged 21
buried lot 17, block F, LWN
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

* son of Henry & Daisy Green
* married Annie Haidee O'Carroll in 1919
died 19 May 1956 aged 60
buried lot 200, block 2003
at Ngatea Memorial Wall

born Dunedin 29 April 1918
lived Paeroa
died 26 Nov 1986 aged 68
buried 472, block A, section ROC
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born Wolstanton, England
lived Paeroa
died 27 March 1994 aged 74
buried lot 7, block G, section LWN
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born Opotiki
lived Murupara (bushman)
died 31 July 1964 aged 22
buried lot 473, block A, ROC
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born Palmerston North
died 26 June 1961 aged 50
buried lot 141, block G
at Waihi Public Cemetery

born Australia
died 7 Feb 1921 aged 53
buried lot 40, block G, section PRO
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born Blenheim to Welby Edward Green & Gertrude Mary Ward
lived Paeroa
died 9 Feb 1986 aged 83
buried lot 472, block A, ROC
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born in England 30 Nov 1911
lived Waihi Beach
died 16 Sep 1978 aged 66
buried lot 20A RSA
at Waihi Public Cemetery

born 15 June 1926
died 12 April 1999 aged 72
buried lot 396, block T, section PRO
Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

lived Paeroa
died 15 Aug 1971 aged 55
buried lot 46, block S, LWN
Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

died 15 Oct 1937 aged 74
buried LOT 9, block P, section PRO
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born in Auckland 15 Aug 1922
died 16 Sep 1989 aged 67
buried lot 51A, RSA
at Waihi Public Cemetery

born London
died 24 Feb 1993 aged 53
buried lot 312, block H
at Waihi Public Cemetery

born 23 Dec 1915
lived Paeroa
died 13 Aug 2004 aged 88
buried lot 7, block G, section LWN
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born NSW
died 27 Feb 1920 aged 49
buried lot 38, block G, section PRO
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

died 16 April 1989 aged 57
buried lot 401, block 2003
at Ngatea Memorial Wall

born Auckland
lived Paeroa
died 5 Nov 1989 aged 76
buried lot 149, RSA
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

born Devonshire
died 8 Sep 1930 aged 69
buried lot 9, block P, PRO
at Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery

John Alfred Green

EDMONDS buried Palmerston North

EDMONDS at Palmerston North
- all Kelvin Grove -
born still or unnamed infants not included

* ADA Edmonds aged 81
born 1872
died 4 March 1952 aged 81
* plot 38, block 3, area L
* spinster, daughter of George & Harriet Edmonds

born 7 Jan 1888
* son of Charles William Edmonds & Elizabeth Stevenson
died 24 July 1958 aged 69
* plot 39, block 14, area M

born 2 March 1929
* son of Cecil James Edmonds (1893-1966) & Mary Louisa Janet Stuart (1901-1976)
died 6 March 1989 aged 60
* plot 44, block 7, area DA with Russell Phillip

* ALLAN/Allen JOHN Edmonds
born 8 Jan 1915
* son of Llewellyn Apcass Walton Edmonds (1883-1933) & Cecilia Mary 'Cissy' Neary (1894-1976)
* served in WWII as Sergeant 420798, Infantry Brigade, 2nd NZEF
died 15 June 1981 aged 66
* plot 102, block 7, area P with Nerina

born 1 March 1895 in Eketahuna
* son of Gilbert George & Emily Edmonds
married Mary Elizabeth Annie Algie (1894-1929) in 1919
married Ngaire Elizabeth Wilson (nee Lovelock 1912-1974) in 1933
their known children
1922 - 2003 Sylvia Elizabeth Edmonds (married Patrick Arthur Parrott & buried Kelvin Grove)
1924 - 1924 Stewart Edmonds (buried Masterton)
1926 - 1983 Stewart George Edmonds
1935 - 2008 Graeme Edmonds (buried Foxton)
* Ngaire next married Thomas Kitchener Broderick (1918-1976 & buried Foxton
died 29 March 1958 aged 63
* ashes taken

born 26 June 1893
* nee Pye, daughter of John Pye & Daisy Ellen Burnett Tomlinson
married Frederick Charles William Edmonds in 1926
died 25 Sep 1983 aged 90
* ashes taken

born 19 Jan 1862 at Wickham, Kent, England
died 3 Aug 1938 aged 76
* plot 1, block 6, area H
married Elizabeth Stevenson in Ashburton 12 Aug 1886

born Stevenson, 6 April 1866 at Kaiapo
* parents, Thomas John Stevenson (1838-1919) & Elizabeth Magowan (1837-1924) both from Ireland
died 13 Jan 1959 aged 92
* plot 3, block 6, area H
married Charles Edmonds in 1886
their known children
1887 - 1948 Ethel Elizabeth Johnstone Edmonds
* married Alexander Buick in 1914
1889 - 1958 Albert George Charles Edmonds
* married Ethelda Mary Hooker in 1911
* married Catherine Theresa Hogan in 1923
1890 - 1891 Francis Thomas Edmonds
* died aged 7 months
1891 - 1963 Francis Arthur Thomas Edmonds
1893 - 1966 Cecil James Edmonds
* married Mary Louisa Janet Stuart in 1923 in Awahuri
* also died Palmerston North
1901 - 1976 Eric Charles Percival Edmonds
* married Alice Mulhern in 1936
1907 - 2000 Reta Marjory Edmonds
* married Henry Norman Whitbread Lancaster in 1929

born 31 Oct 1891
died 19 July 1963 aged 71
* plot 1, block 6, area H with parents

born 3 April 1914
* son of Francis Arthur Thomas & Ada Edmonds
married Margaret Jean Wright in 1937
died 26 July 1985 aged 71
* ashes taken

born 9 Aug 1897
* son of Arthur Edward Edmonds & Ellen O'Brien
died 25 May 1977 aged 79 at Horowhenua
* ashes taken

born 10 Feb 1901
* parents Frederick Robert Edmonds & Jessie Elizabeth Isabel Migan
married Catherine Sarah Laxon Pye (1893-1983) in 1926
died 27 March 1969 aged 68
* ashes taken

* GEORGE Edmonds
born 11 March 1912
* son of William Edmonds & Frances Elizabeth Perry
died 11 Dec 1982 aged 70
* ashes taken

born 1940
died 22 May 2006 aged 66 at Wellington
* ashes taken

born 8 Jan 1906
died 12 Feb 1979 aged 73
* ashes taken

born 11 Oct 1916
* nee Wright, daughter of Robert John Wright & Jane Taylor Purdom
married Francis Claud Edmonds in 1937
died 7 July 2006 aged 89 in Wellington
* ashes taken

* NERINA ANN Edmonds
born 1 Jan 1921
died 18 July 1993 aged 72
* plot 100, block 7, area P
* wife of Allan John Edmonds. They met in Italy while he was posted there in WWII

born 17 Aug 1916
died 31 Aug 1986 aged 70
* plot 62, block 3, area GK with Richard James

born 4 Dec 1925
died 10 Nov 1996 aged 70
* plot 46, block 1A, area U

* RICHARD Edmonds
born 15 Sep 1901
died 25 March 1982 aged 80
* ashes taken

born 27 Jan 1909
* son of Frederick Aynon Edmonds & Mabel Lizette Thomas
* grandson of James Moore Edmonds from Devon & Elizabeth Aynon Williams from Wales
died 26 Feb 1981 aged 71
* plot 62, block 3, area GK with Norval Pauline

born 1960
died 12 Dec 2004 aged 44
* plot 44, block 7, area DA with Alexander Keith

born 1963
died 11 Nov 1993 aged 30
* ashes taken

born 1947
died 24 May 1990 aged 42
* plot 13, block 2A, area T

born 22 Aug 1927
* son of Arthur Stanley Edmonds & Mary Elizabeth Annie Algie
died 24 June 1983 aged 55
* plot 5, block 13, area R

born Eaton, 8 May 1911 in Masterton
* daughter of William Eaton & Mary Zeinart
married George Edmonds in 1934
died 15 March 1975 aged 63
* plot 5, block 13, area R

grave of ALLAN & NERINA

OTTOLANGUI in New Zealand

NOTE many of the Ottolangui in NZ changed their names to Langley, for other than legal documents. The name Langley was originally O' Ta' Langui, which later becoming Lamgie and then Langley. A lot more info at the link David Ottolangui (1812-1882) who was a convict to Van Diemen's Land in 1830, his ancestors (father, Israel Ottolenghi of Italy) and their descendants spread the name around the world; London, Tasmania, California. You will see a lot of the given names here match those at the link. NZ mentioned on this page

the Ottolangui GROOMS (see photo)
Abraham Ottolangui (1843-1911)
married Katherine Dale (1855-1914) in 1880
their known children
* 1881 - Rayner Ottolangui
* 1882 - 1970 Aaron Abraham Ottolangui
* 1885 - Amelia Ottolangui

Albert Victor David Ottolangui (1887-1958)
born in Dunedin - died in Sydney
married Rose Jacobs from Victoria in Dunedin in 1912
Rose was a daughter of Samuel Jacobs & Katherine Solomon. Katherine Solomon was the daughter of Rachel Ottolangui and Lewis Solomon. Rachel Ottolangui and David Ottolangui were siblings
their known children
* 1912 - 1981 David Samuel Victor Ottolangui
* 1914 - 1914 Jacob Ottolangui (aged 2 days)
* 1915 - 1989 Katherine Agnes Ottolangui (died in Sydney)
* 1917 - 1983 Sylvia Ottolangui (died in Australia)
* 1920 - 1982 Marcus Louis Ottolangui (Doctor)
* 1925 - 1993 Valda Victoria Ottolangui (died in USA)

David Ottolangui (1846-1907)
born in London - died in Dunedin
married Agnes Dossett from Tasmania, in Dunedin 18 March 1875
their known children
* born in Dunedin
* 1876 - 1946 Emma Rachel Ottolangui
* 1877 - 1963 Johanna Ottolangui
* 1878 - 1959 Maurice Gershon Ottolangui
* 1880 - 1899 Rayner Amelia Ottolangui (aged 18)
* 1882 - 1972 Ethel Sarah Ottolangui
* 1887 - 1958 Victor Albert David Ottolangui
* 1890 - 1980 Florence Mabel Ottolangui (twin)
* 1890 - 1976 Frances Lilian Ottolangui (twin)
* 1891 - 1915 Herbert Henry Walter Frederick Ottolangui
* LANGLEY, Herbert, Private 12/593A. 6th Company. Auckland Regiment, NZEF. Killed in action 25 April 1915. Son of Mrs A. Longley of Queen's Drive, Musselburgh, Dunedin. 72. Lone Pine Memorial
* 1892 - 1989 Agnes Harriet Alice Ottolangui (born xmas day)
* 1894 - 1917 Jacob Joshua Ottolangui (served as John)
* LANGLEY, John, Private 23473. 13th Reinforcements, Otago Infantry Regiment, N.Z.E.F. 1st Battalion. Killed in action 17 Aug 1917, Ypres, Belgium. Youngest son of Agnes Langley of 85 Queen's Drive, Musselburgh, Dunedin. J.3. Maple Leaf Cemetery
* 1904 - 1980 Rayna Amelia Ottolangui

David Samuel Victor Ottolangui (1912-1981)
* married Catherine Wildey
* married Violet Wildey in 1936

Gershon David Ottolangui (1900-1974)
married Jeanie McKinven in 1924

Maurice Gershon Ottolangui (1878-1959)
married Maude Marion Hayden in 1900
their known children
* 1900 - 1974 Gershon George David Ottolangui
* 1901 - 1972 Herbert Victor Ottolangui (never married)
* 1903 - 1988 Maurice Lloyd Ottolangui

Maurice Lloyd Ottolangui (1903-1988)
married Hella Kennedy in 1924
their known children
* 1926 - 2018 Reta Hella Ottolangui

the Ottolangui BRIDES
Agnes Harriet Alice Ottolangui (1892-1989)
married Robert Edward Alexander Wilkinson (1895-1960) in 1930

Emma Rachel Ottolangui (1876-1946)
married James Clark (1878-) in Invercargill in 1898
* divorced shortly after
Emma Rachel Ottolangui
married Percival Ernest Wall (1885-1965) from Geelong in 1912

Ethel Sarah Ottolangui (1882-1972)
born in Dunedin
married William Duke Gilmore in Auckland, 31 Dec 1909
their known children
* 1907 - 1986 William Cuthbert Gilmore
* 1912 - 1996 Raymond Alexander David Gilmore
* 1914 - 1915 William John Gilmore (aged 13 months)
* 1915 - 1993 Allan John Gilmore
* 1917 - 2010 Eric William Gilmore
* 1920 - 2000 Rona Frances Gilmore

Florence Mabel Ottolangui (1890-1980)
* Florence had a child in Wellington
* 1925 - 1997 William Herbert Ottolangui
William's father died in WII. William was adopted by George & Rita Merrett. Florence never married

Frances Lillian Ottolangui (1890-1976)
married William Rogers (1888-1966) in 1922
their known children
* 1923 - 1999 Agnes Langley Rogers
* 1925 - Florence Melville Rogers

Johanna Ottolangui (1877-1963)
born Dunedin - died in Hastings
* Johanna had a child
...* 1899 - 1966 Ernest Sidney Ottolangui
* Johanna married Oliver Draught Tibeaudo (1879-1911) from Wagga Wagga, NSW in Dunedin 1904. He died in Sydney
* Johanna married Edgar Albert Sulzberger (1890-1918) from Tasmania in Balclutha 1913. He died in Dunedin
their known children
* 1915 - 1997 Agnes Lucy Sulzberger
* 1918 - 2000 Jacob Joshua Langley Sulzberger (WWII 38380)
* Johanna married Archibald Steele Dobbie (1876-1960) in 1926

Rayna Amelia Ottolangui
married Allan Joseph Campbell (1896-1978) from Melbourne in 1924
their known children
* 1925 - 1930 Ian Hatherly Campbell
* 1926 - 1995 Florence Patricia Helen Campbell
* 1930 - Allan Gershon Campbell

Headstone of Abraham Ottolangui
Block 4J. Plot 62 Southern Cemetery, Dunedin

James AUSTIN & Johanna CALLAGHAN, Taranaki

James Austin (1884-1944) was a son of James & (?) Mrs Austin of Glasgow (may have emigrated to NZ, research continuing)
Johanna Callaghan was born in Taranaki, to John Callaghan (1839-1913), from County Cork & Mary Ann Enright (1853-1922) from County Kerry, who married at St Mary of the Angels, Wellington 19 Feb 1876.
thanks to ScotNZ for correction 12-8-2018
Her siblings were..
1877 - 1950 Johanna Callaghan
1878 - John Callaghan
1882 - 1962 Cornelius Callaghan
1883 - Elizabeth Callaghan
1886 - 1944 Patrick Callaghan
1888 - Mary Callaghan
1891 - 1906 Catherine 'Kate' Callaghan
1893 - Dorothy Therese 'Doris' Callaghan

Stratford Evening Post, 9 Sep 1912

A quiet but pretty wedding took place at the Roman Catholic Church, Stratford, on Wednesday last, 4th, when Miss Johanna Callaghan, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Callaghan, of Finnerty Road, Ngaere and late postmistress of Ngaere, was married to Mr James Austin, eldest son of the late Mr James Austin and Mrs Austin, of Glasgow, Scotland.

The Rev Father Tracey performed the ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr C.(Cornelius) Callaghan, was attired in a pretty dress of silver-grey ciolienne, made with pointed tunic and trimmed with silver-grey Oriental trimming, transport yoke of lace outlined with shaded rucheel ribbon to match. She wore a black velvet hat, with grey wings and carried a shower bouquet of white jonquils, white narcissus and asparagus fern.

The bride was attended, as bridesmaid, by her youngest sister, Miss Doris Callaghan, who wore a creme radianta with Peter Pan lace collar and cuffs, black chip hat, with white plumes and touch of cerise; she also carried a posy bouquet of white flowers and maiden hair foliage and wore a gold bangle, the gift of the bridegroom. Mr P. O'Reilly acted as best man. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a set of silver-backed brushes, comb and hand mirror, in case. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was gold double Albert chain.

The wedding presents were numerous and costly, showing the esteem in which the bride was held and included a handsome case of solid silver afternoon tea spoons and sugar tongs from the guards of the Hawera-New Plymouth section of the railway department.

In the evening Mr and Mrs James Austin left by motor for their future home at Opee road, Opunake.
The bride's going-away dress was a navy blue tailored costume, creme silk voile blouse, trimmed with rich silk insertion, brown tuscan hat with brown ribbon

the children of JAMES & JOHANNA
.. 1 1914 - 1984 Margaret Mary 'Peggy' Austin
* Peggy married Mr ? Guise. She is buried at Mangare, Auckland
.. 2 1915 - 1920 Alison Elizabeth Austin 'Betty'
* Betty died aged 5 & buried with her parents
Taranaki Daily News, 25 Oct 1920
AUSTIN - On Sunday, Oct 24, 1920, Alison Elizabeth (Betty), second daughter of Mr and Mrs Jas. Austin, late of Opua Road, Opunake; aged 5½ years.
The funeral will leave St Joseph's Church, to-morrow (Tuesday Oct 20) at 2.30pm for the Te Henui cemetery
.. 3 1916 - 2005 James Jeffrey 'Jim' Austin
* Jim became a Catholic priest
TRIBUTE 28 Jan 2005
, Reverend Father James Jeffrey 'Jim' 16 Sep 1916 - 28 Jan 2005, Retired Priest of the Wellington Archdiocese - Peacefully at the Vincentian Home, Berhampore. Dearly loved son of the late James and Johanna Austin (New Plymouth); loved brother of the late Peggy Guise, Betty Austin and Joan Bignall; loved Uncle of Austin and Moray Guise, Jeff and Bev Bignall, Kevin and Irene Bignall, Catherine and Graeme Wall and all their families. In lieu of flowers donations to the Cancer Society 52 Riddiford Street Newtown would be appreciated. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Hill Street Thorndon on Thursday February 3rd 2005 at 11:00am thereafter to the Taita Cemetery. The Rosary will be recited in Church on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm
.. 4 1919 - 1992 Joan Patricia Austin
* Joan married Leonard Bignall & is buried at Taita

James Austin died 7 Dec 1944 aged 60 in New Plymouth
Johanna Austin died 30 Sep 1950 aged 73 in New Plymouth
They are buried Roman Catholic Block, Row 11, Lot 8, Plot 1 at Te Henui with daughter Betty

the Immaculate Conception Church 1913

The Roman Catholic Church, Miranda St, Stratford, as it looked during the wedding of James & Johanna's. Larger photo can be seen at the link

COOPER buried New Plymouth

COOPER buried (or cremated) at Awanui, Inglewood, Okato, Te Henui & Waitara to Dec 2017
* Born still or unnamed infants not included

Albert Cooper 14 Nov 1969 aged 74
* buried Waitara - Albert was a Bushman

Alice Celia Cooper 2 May 1974 aged 83
* buried Te Henui

Amy Cooper 15 Feb 1972 aged 83
* buried Te Henui

Andrew McClelland Cooper 11 Jan 1937 aged 85
* buried Te Henui - Andrew was a stonemason

Arthur Alan Cooper 9 Oct 2008 aged 65
* cremated

Arthur Valentine Cooper 27 Jan 1938 aged 54
* buried Te Henui - Arthur was a Land & Commission Agent

Averill Daisy Cooper 8 Feb 1963 aged 69
* nee Tooke, married Francis Edgar Cooper in 1922
* buried Te Henui

Caleb aka Charles Cooper 4 Sep 1914 aged 79
* on database twice
* Caleb was a Settler/Sawmiller - buried Te Henui

Caleb 'Dick' Cooper 22 March 1938 aged 85
* buried Waitara - Dick was a Carpenter

Caleb George Cooper 5 Oct 1982 aged 65
* buried Inglewood

Catherine Alice Cooper 23 April 2006 aged 81
* buried Awanui

Cecelia Anne Cooper 1 Jan 1985 aged 69
* buried Awanui

Cedric Frank Cooper 8 June 1963 aged 46
* buried Te Henui

Charles Cooper 16 Oct 1934 aged 73
* buried Te Henui - Charles was a Factory Manager

Charles Arnold Cooper 18 July 1962 aged 71
* buried Awanui

Charles Francis Cooper 29 March 1987 aged 59
* cremated

Christopher Cooper 4 May 2009 aged 55
* buried Awanui

Claire Muriel Cooper 15 June 2014 aged 68
* buried Awanui

Clive Cooper 16 Dec 1993 aged 71 Years
* buried Waitara

Craig Ian Cooper 23 Nov 1996 aged 19
* buried Awanui

Desmond Allan Cooper 14 Feb 2003 aged 60
* cremated

Donald Alfred Cooper 2 June 1987 aged 56
* cremated

Edith Evelyn Cooper 26 Jan 1921 aged 42
* nee Ritson, married Francis Edgar Cooper in 1906
* buried Te Henui

Edward George Cooper 9 Aug 2014 aged 78
* cremated

Edward Raven Cooper 2 Aug 1985 aged 71
* married Evelyn Maud Taylor in 1935
* buried Awanui

Edwin Andrew Cooper 9 August 1929 aged 28
* buried Te Henui - Edwin was a Labourer

Eileen Cooper 11 Sep 2014 aged 87
* cremated

Eileen Daphne Cooper 14 March 2005 aged 74
* cremated

Eliza Rosina Cooper 11 June 1953 aged 80
* buried Te Henui - Eliza never married

Elizabeth Cooper 25 Dec 1947 aged 86
* buried Te Henui

Elmer Olaf Clive Vivian Cooper 6 Feb 1947 aged 64
* married Mildred Mary Bishop in 1914
* buried Inglewood - Elmer was a Farmer

Elmer Clive Cooper 19 June 2000 aged 82
* son of Elmer & Mildred
* buried Waitara

Eric Vipond Cooper 8 May 2001 aged 80
* cremated

Evelyn Maud Cooper 19 Aug 1973 aged 63
* nee Taylor, married Edward Raven Cooper in 1935
* buried Awanui

Florence Julia Cooper 31 Aug 1980 aged 91
* nee Corbett, married Bertram Edward Cooper (1880-1918) in 1907
their son George Bertram Cooper (1907-1984) served as 543194 in WWII (also 513191). Their son James Eric (1909-1969), NZ434988 also served
Bertram died at the Stratford Hospital 8 Dec 1918 aged 36. He is buried at Kopuatama
* Florence was cremated

Francis Edgar Cooper 30 June 1932 aged 51
* buried Te Henui - Francis was a Builder
* he married Edith Evelyn Ritson in 1906
* he married Averill Daisy Tooke in 1922

Frank Cooper 23 March 1968 aged 81
* buried Te Henui

Frank Cooper 30 June 1998 aged 87
* buried Awanui

Frank Cooper 6 July 2013 aged 95
* buried Awanui

Gary Cooper 23 May 2015 aged 65
* buried Waitara

Geoffrey Cooper 5 Dec 1964 aged 44
* buried Inglewood - Geoffrey was a Dairy Farmer at Onaero

George Henry Cooper 28 Nov 1891 aged 42
* buried Te Henui

George Leslie Cooper 18 Aug 1983 aged 78
* buried Awanui

Henrietta Ivy Cooper 24 April 1958 aged 73
* buried Te Henui

Ida Cooper 2 Dec 1888 aged 56
* buried Te Henui
Star, 26 Feb 1884
COOPER-KAUFMANN - On 6 Feb at New Plymouth, James Cooper to Ida Kaufmann, widow of the late Ferdinand Kaufmann

Jack Cooper 30 July 1926 aged 36 hours
* buried Inglewood

James Clarence Cooper 25 Sep 1990 aged 77
* cremated

James George Cooper 2 April 1894 aged 22
* buried Te Henui
Taranaki Herald, 3 April 1894
COOPER - On April 2nd, 1894, Carrington Road, New Plymouth, James George, the youngest and dearly beloved son of James Cooper. Aged twenty-two years. The funeral of the late James George Cooper will leave residence of his father at half past one o'clock for the Te Henui Cemetery, passing the Wesleyan Church at two o'clock pm. Friends please accept this intimation

Janene Elizabeth Cooper 2 July 2013 aged 56
* buried Okato

Jeffery Bernard Cooper 9 Aug 1979 aged 63
* buried Te Henui - lived Tongaporutu

Jeremy Robert Cooper 20 June 1992 aged 18
* cremated - Jeremy was a Freezing Worker

John Michael Cooper 24 Sep 1998 aged 66
* buried Awanui

John Wesley Cooper 25 July 1986 aged 62
* buried Te Henui - John was a Machinist

Julie Ann Cooper 23 Sep 2014 aged 79
* buried Te Henui

Kathleen Mary Cooper 18 Oct 1999 aged 93
* nee Hook, married Thomas Cooper in 1927
* buried together at Awanui

Keith Cooper 5 May 1985 aged 61
* buried Waitara

Laura Jane Cooper 23 Nov 2007 aged 84
* cremated

Leonard Cooper 9 May 1959 aged 52
* married Marjory Elizabeth Page in 1932
* buried Awanui - Leonard was a Poultry Farmer

Lillian Alice Cooper 13 Dec 1961 aged 78
* nee Pattrick, married Robert Lawrence Cooper in 1909
* cremated

Mabel Elsie Cooper 3 Sep 1998 aged 82
* cremated

Malcolm Cooper 27 Dec 1915 aged 9 weeks
* buried Te Henui

Margaret Ann Cooper 1 Jan 2015 aged 76
* buried Awanui

Margaret Fay Cooper 15 Dec 2017 aged 91
* cremated

Maria Denise Cooper 14 March 2016 aged 64
* buried Awanui

Marjory Elizabeth Cooper 10 Dec 1997 aged 87
* nee Page, married Leonard Cooper in 1932
* buried Awanui - lived at Longview Home, Tawa, Wellington

Mary Ann Cooper 31 July 1926 aged 3 days
* buried Inglewood

Mary Ann Cooper 27 Oct 1928 aged 69
* buried Waitara

Mary Ellen Cooper 27 April 1957 aged 89
* buried Te Henui - lived at Belmont Rest Home, New Plymouth

Mary Jane Cooper 30 June 1921 aged 76
* buried Inglewood

Michael John Cooper 25 Feb 1988 aged 32
* cremated - Michael was a Cabinetmaker

Mihi Korama Millie Cooper 22 July 1987 aged 51
* buried Waitara

Mildred Mary Cooper 31 July 1926 aged 35
* nee Bishop, married Elmer Olaf Clive Vivian Cooper in 1914
* buried Inglewood

Moana Marie Cooper 24 Sep 2016 aged 54
* buried Waitara

Monica Joan Cooper 24 March 2011 aged 90
* buried Waitara

Muriel Eileen Cooper 13 June 2000 aged 85
* cremated

Murray Neil Cooper 20 Jan 1995 aged 23
* buried Awanui

Norman Albert Cooper 2 Aug 2015 aged 70
* buried Waitara

Norman Alec Cooper 25 July 1982 aged 70
* born 2 Dec 1911 to Bertram Edward Cooper & Florence Julia Corbett
* cremated - Norman was a Farmer

Norman Ross Cooper 15 Oct 2010 aged 35
* buried Waitara

Peter Guy Cooper 10 Aug 1987 aged 41
* cremated - Peter was a Farmer in Stratford

Richard Douglas Cooper 28 Feb 2006 aged 21
* buried Awanui

Robert George Cooper 24 July 2001 aged 62
* cremated

Robert George Owen Cooper 26 May 1985 aged 59
* buried Waitara

Robert John Cooper 17 June 1969 aged 2 days
* cremated

Robert Lawrence Cooper 25 June 1963 aged 81
* married Lillian Alice Pattrick in 1909
Their son Howard Robert Cooper (1913-1942) was killed in action in the Western Desert, WWII
* cremated - Robert was a Journalist

Rona Joy Cooper 1 Oct 1963 aged 30
* buried Awanui

Ronald Cooper 9 Aug 1988 aged 60
* buried Waitara

Sandra Diana Cooper 13 Nov 2016 aged 45
* buried Te Henui

Sarah Elizabeth Cooper 2 June 1965 aged 86
* buried Te Henui - Sarah was at Noradene Hospital

Sarah Jane Cooper 20 Jan 1960 aged 91
* buried Awanui

Stanley David Cooper 17 Oct 1988 aged 60
* buried Te Henui

Sydney Neil Cooper 1 March 1972 aged 52
* buried Te Henui - Sydney was a Building Contractor

Thomas Cooper 11 July 1972 aged 71
* buried Awanui - Thomas was a Bootmaker

Thomas Blatchley Cooper 17 Oct 1941 aged 63
* buried Te Henui - Thomas was a Labourer

Thomas Murray Cooper 14 June 1998 aged 70
* buried Awanui

Thora Henrietta Cooper 7 April 1982 aged 88
* buried Awanui

Violet Muriel Cooper 4 May 1982 aged 91
* cremated

Warner Varnham Cooper 3 May 2004 aged 85
* cremated

William Cooper 6 Feb 2015 aged 76
* buried Waitara

William Alfred Cooper 4 June 1971 aged 35
* buried Awanui

William George Cooper 31 July 1952 aged 68
* buried Te Henui

Zharn Ryan Wiremu Cooper 23 Jan 2002 aged 16 months
* buried Waitara

Te Henui Cemetery, aka New Plymouth Cemetery, is the oldest public cemetery in New Plymouth, first used in 1861

Jean & Nellie CAREY, sisters in PATEA

A little on the lives of two Taranaki sisters
anything in italics is my addition to source

* Jean Elizabeth Carey (1914-1986)
* Selma Ellen 'Nellie' Carey (1918-2009)

* parents Charles Henry Carey (1890-1974) & Annie Elizabeth Dowthwaite (1887-1980)
* paternal grandparents Matthew Carey (1861-1948) & Jane Elizabeth O'Neill (1862-1941)
note granddad Matthew was an Undertaker in Patea until 1931. Alfred Arnold Carey (1911-1988) took over in 1932 - he was also a builder
* maternal grandparents Henry Dowthwaite (1854-1942) & Emma Jane Lilly (1859-1931)

Jean was born 16 Feb 1914
.. A week before her first birthday Jean was struck down with polio. There followed years of treatment in hospital at Trentham, where the medical technology of the day did its feeble best. But the scourge of polio left Jean with one leg 1½ inches shorter than the other. She did not walk until she was five and then with the aid of a heavy boot and calliper to the thigh. But her glowing spirit was already apparent. She was chosen during a later stay at the hospital, to present a bouquet to Lady Alice Fergusson, wife of the Governor-General, who was paying a visit.
Jean did most of her schooling in Patea. She learnt piano from her aunt 'Gert' Carey who was a double diploma holder (Doreen Louisa Gertrude 'Gert' Edwards, A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L4, married Alfred Arnold Carey) and Jean herself became an Associate of the Trinity College of Music.
Jean was a cheerful, willing and positive woman whose disability was not a factor in the way she lived her life, one of usefulness and service to others. She managed a Patea clothing factory for a time, was a leader of the Girl Guides, organist at St George's Anglican Church for many years and took her share in other community activities. She became an apprentice tailor with Jack Dempsey at his shop in Egmont Street and then moved to Wellington ..more at her link

Patea Mail, 23 March 1938

Miss Jean Carey was guest of honour at a farewell party in the Druid's Hall on Monday evening last on the eve of her departure for Wellington. On her arrival Miss Carey was presented with a dainty posy by little Miss Lord.
A very enjoyable evening was spent in dancing to music supplied by Mr Melbourne Fairweather. Songs were rendered by Miss Carey and Mr Chas Carey, while Miss Joan Nelson won a competition.
Near the close of the evening Mr F. Ramsbottom spoke in eulogistic terms of Miss Carey and on behalf of those present wished her every happiness and prosperity in the future and asked her to accept a handsome handbag. As Miss Carey rose to reply she was accorded musical honours.
A dainty supper was served and the singing of Auld Land Syne brought the evening to a close.

* The adventurous Jean went to Melbourne before the war, meeting up with Carey relatives. She returned to Wellington and worked as a tailoress and dressmaker. It was there she met Milton Kingston Fleet

Hutt News, 9 June 1939

A jolly evening was spent at the residence of Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey recently, in honour of their eldest daughter, Jean, whose engagement to Milton Kingston, third son of Mr and Mrs T. J. Fleet, of Lower Hutt, was announced at the party.
* son of Thomas James Fleet (1877-1940) & Mary Ann Henwood (1882-1950)
Mrs Carey received the guests wearing a gown of black wind-swept satin and the guest of honour was wearing a frock of carnation pink georgette with an orchid spray. Games, competitions and items were enjoyed during the evening, the winners being Misses Jean Carey, Frances Bromley and Mr N. Blake

Patea Mail, 17 June 1940

Mrs G. Cosford (sister Nellie) and Misses N. Fowler and B. Thomason were hostesses at a kitchen evening last week in honour of Miss Jean Carey. As Miss Carey entered the hall she was presented with a shoulder spray of cyclamens and carnations by Miss Thomason. The guest of honour wore a smart frock of shell pink georgette. The evening was spent in dancing. Prior to supper Mr Brian Minton, on behalf of those present, wished Miss Carey and Mr Fleet every future happiness and asked them to accept the many gifts with the best wishes of all present. Mr Fleet suitably replied.

Jean married 15 June 1940 at Patea
Patea Mail, 17 June 1940

St George's Church, Patea, was beautifully decorated last Saturday afternoon, June 15th, when Jean Elizabeth, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Carey, Patea, was married to Milton Kingston, third son of Mr and Mrs T. J. Fleet, Lower Hutt
The service was fully choral as a compliment to the bride, who was a member of the choir. The organist was Mrs A. Carey ('Gert', her aunty & music teacher) and the officiating minister the Rev W. H. Walton.
The bride, who was escorted by her father, looked charming in a dainty frock of ivory needle-run lace and satin. The skirt formed a point in the centre of the bodice in front and fell in soft folds to ivory velvet shoes. The V-neck was edged with tiny satin pleating and the long sleeves, ending in points over the hands, were finished with the same pleating. At the waistline in the back was a true lover's knot of pleated satin, which was inlet into the lace, the ends reaching to the long train. From a dainty orange blossom tiara fell a beautiful hand-embroidered tulle veil which formed a second train. Her bouquet was of chrysanthemums, carnations, helibore and maidenhair fern.
In attendance were Mrs G. Cosford (sister Nellie), sister of the bride and Miss B. Thomason, Cambridge, who were frocked alike in reseda green georgette ankle-length frocks. The skirts came to a point in the centre of the bodices in front. Tiny self buttons trimmed the back and finished at the belt. An unusual note was introduced in the shirred yolks, shirred puffed sleeves and shirred hemlines, forming a scalloped effect. Their smart hats were in stiffened reseda green net, trimmed with scarlet velvet ribbon and flowers. Their shoes were also scarlet and they carried beautiful bouquets of scarlet flowers and berries.
Little Cherry Campbell, Patea, cousin of the bride, was a picture in a sweet ankle-length frock of green sprigged organdie with a scarlet velvet sash and a tiny scarlet bow trimmed the neck. A halo of scarlet rosebuds was also worn and she carried a basket of scarlet flowers. Her scarlet shoes completed a dainty picture.
The bridegroom was supported by Messrs K. Fleet (Milton's brother Kenneth Thomas James Fleet 1907-1985), Wellington and B. Minton, Patea. Messrs M. Carey (Jean's brother Matthew Henry Carey 1913-1984) and R. Burgess, Patea, were ushers.
During the service Mrs G. Corbett sang the solo "Just For To-day". The reception was held in the Town Hall supper-room, which was tastefully decorated with scarlet flowers and berries
Mrs Carey (Jean's mum Annie) received the guests attired in a smart fuchsia velvet frock, musquash fur coat and matching toque. Her bouquet was of helibores and violets. The bridegroom's mother (Milton's mum Mary) chose a bottle-green ensemble with matching hat and accessories. Her bouquet was of lavender flowers and maidenhair fern.
When Mr and Mrs Fleet left by car for the north, the latter wore a smart prunella quilted suit under a fur coat. Her hat and accessories were to match. Mr and Mrs Fleet's future home will be in Patea

In 1943 Milton was called for service in WWI. They were then living in Seaview Road, Lower Hutt. He served as Temporary Lance Corporal 70104, 3rd NZ Division, Second NZEF. Jean moved back to Victoria St., Patea while he was overseas

* Milton died 18 July 1986 in Waitotara, South Taranaki, aged 74.
Jean died 28 Sep 1986 at Wanganui only two months later. Some said she died of a broken heart. Milton and Jean are buried Plot 4851, Patea, RSA. Her sister Nellie died 23 years later, thereby being the last of the Careys of Patea (not Jean, as her top link says)


SELMA ELLEN 'Nellie' Carey
Nellie was born 7 January 1918
Patea Mail, 9 Jan 1939

Very bright and jolly was the party held at the residence of Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey, Meredith Street, on Saturday night, to celebrate the coming of age of their youngest daughter Nellie.
Mrs C. H. Carey received the guests wearing a smart gown of black French needlerun lace. Miss Nellie Carey was wearing an ankle-length frock of magnolia triple woven mariette, cut on simple lines with a satin sash at the waist and a lovely shoulder spray of pink, lemon and mauve carnations and maidenhair fern. Miss Jean Carey wore a gown of Viennese blue glace satin patterned all over with gold and a gold spray at the neckline. Mrs M. Carey (her grandmother Jane) senr., was gowned in black cloque. Dancing was held on the lawn to music played by Mr Jack Sampson. Very beautiful the surroundings looked with dozens of many coloured lights interwoven in the trees and shrubbery round the lawn and all of which reflected on the evening frocks of the dancers. Several amusing and novel competitions were held as well as Monte Carlos.
The supper tables in the dining room looked charming with vases and bowls of shaded pink and mauve sweet-peas. Pride of place was given to the beautiful and unusual birthday cake which was in the shape of an Early Victorian lade. The cake was all green with shaded pink roses on the 'skirt' and tiny silver bows. A slender golden key hung over the arm of the 'lady'. The cake was made and iced by Miss Jean Carey.
The following toasts were honoured in the usual manner: "The King," proposed by Mr M. Carey senr (her grandfather Matthew), "Host and Hostess" proposed by Mr R. Burgess and responded to by Mr C. H. Carey (her father Charles), "Mr and Mrs Carey snr" proposed by Mr N. Blake and responded to be Mr Carey, "Absent Friends" proposed by Mr S. Edwards and responded to by Mr F. Williams, "Visitors" proposed by Mr C. Carey and responded to by Mr V. Cosford (Vivian James, her father-in-law's brother). "The Guest of Honour" was proposed by Mr Cosford senr. Miss Carey, in reply, thanked her parents for the lovely party and her sister Jean for all her help. She also thanked everybody for the beautiful gifts they had brought, which she would treasure. Mr M. Carey senr., then presented Miss Nellie with a golden key which was duly autographed by all present.
Mr George Cosford (husband-to-be, or father-in-law to be) then read letters of congratulations from various parts of New Zealand. Songs were sung during the evening by Mrs C. Masters, Mr C. H. Carey, Misses Jean and Nellie Carey and M. Naismith. Mr Melbourne Fairweather gave a very interesting exhibition of conjuring etc. Dancing was continued until the early hours when the singing of Auld Lang Syne brought a very happy evening to a close

Patea Mail, 22 Jan 1940

A very enjoyable evening was held on Wednesday, when Mrs J. White hostessed a pantry evening in honour of Miss N. Carey; (whose wedding took place on Saturday). On arrival Miss Carey was presented with a spray of carnations. The evening was spent in games, competitions and community singing, competitions being won by Miss J. Carey (sister Jean) and Mr J. White.
After a delicious supper had been served, Mr White asked Miss Carey to accept the gifts which their friends had brought along. with their good wishes for her future happiness, Mr Cosford suitably replying. Games were continued till the singing of Auld Lang Syne brought a very pleasant evening to a close

Nellie married 20 January 1940 at Patea
Patea Mail, 24 Jan 1940

St George's Church, Patea, was beautifully decorated in pink and white flowers last Saturday afternoon, January 20th, when Selma Ellen (Nellie), younger daughter of Mr and Mrs Chas. Carey, Patea, was married to George Oswald, second son of Mr and Mrs G. Cosford, Taumaranui.
* son of George Edward Cosford (1884-1959) & Madeline Locking Bankart (1895-1967)
The ceremony was performed by the Rev W. H. Walton and the organist was Mrs A. A. Carey ('Gert', her aunty and music teacher).
The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her father made a striking picture in her beautiful gown of silver embossed lamé. Regal simplicity was the feature of her frock, which was on slim fitting lines, with a slightly draped bodice, while her heart-shaped neckline was caught with two silver flowers. The back was finished to the waist with tiny crystal buttons. Her full length court train was edged with silver sprays. Long sleeves ended in a point over her hands and from a halo of orange blossoms sprinkled with silver, fell a long tulle veil which was hand embroidered in roses. Silver glitter shoes completed her toilette. A beautiful shower bouquet of white roses, water-lilies, carnations and gypsophila was carried.
She was attended by bridesmaids, her sister Miss Jean Carey (chief), and Miss Margaret Naismith, who were dressed alike in dainty frocks of rosebud pink Swiss satin embroidered organza. Made on slim-fitting lines with a heart-shaped neck, a smart finish was added with a scalloped front and scalloped elbow length sleeves. Matching mittens and silver glitter shoes were also worn. From a halo of pink roses fell their shoulder length matching veils, while they carried artistic shower bouquets of rose-buds, carnations, and gladioli.
Also in attendance were the bride's two cousins, little Cherry Campbell of Patea and Barbara Bennett, Palmerston North, who made a dainty picture in their early Victorian frocks of eau de nil organdie sprigged with rosebuds. Godets of frilled lace were inlet into the skirts and smart little saucer-shaped hats trimmed with clusters of rosebuds and finished with streamers, tied under their chins. Silver glitter shoes were also worn and they carried pink horse-shoes.
Mr R. Burgess, Patea, was best man and Mr H. Cosford (Harry Charles 1922-1995), brother of the groom was groomsman. The ushers were Messrs M. Carey and M. Fleet.
On leaving the church, the bride was presented with a silver key by little Verona Edwards of Wanganui.
The reception was held in the Town Hall supper-room, where the tables were decorated in pink, white and silver. The handsome 3-tiered wedding cake held pride of place on the bridal table. A novel feature on the cake was a miniature bride and groom, a gift from a friend.
Mrs Carey (Nellie's mum Annie) received the guests wearing a striking model ensemble of citrus green wool crepe-de-chine with a quilted front and a model black hat of black bangkok straw, trimmed with scarlet field daisies. Her accessories were of black and she wore a dainty shoulder spray in scarlet tonings. She was assisted by Mrs Cosford (George's mum Madeline), who wore a smart ensemble in London tan. A black tagel straw hat and black accessories were also worn and her should spray was in autumn tones.
When Mr and Mrs Cosford left by car for a tour of the North, she was attired in a model frock of mermaid green charmaine, with a sun-ray skirt. A gold clasp finished the neck and her leghorn hat and accessories were in wine. She also wore an edge to edge coat of mermaid green. Mr and Mrs Cosford will live in Patea.
Among the guests present were Mrs M. Carey (Jane), Patea, grandmother of the bride and Mrs Bankart, Auckland, grandmother of the bridegroom. (Susan Jane nee Franks married Charles Locking Bankart in 1889)

* George died 2 July 2004 aged 89.
Nellie died 28 Sep 2009 aged 91 in Hastings. Her ashes are interred plot 1395 (old plot 6), block 72, under the headstone in the Carey family plot at Patea, with those of George. She was the last of the Careys of Patea, her passing ending a family connection with the town of more than 120 years.

St George's Anglican Church, PATEA

CAREY & DOWTHWAITE Silver Anniversary, Patea 1937

Charles Henry CAREY (1890-1974) & Annie Elizabeth DOWTHWAITE (1887-1980) married on 12 Oct 1912
Their Silver Wedding Anniversary was celebrated in the Patea Town Hall Supper-room on Sat evening, 9 Oct 1937

A very happy evening was spent in the Town Hall when friends from far and near assembled to do honour to Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey who were that day celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage.
Mrs Carey, who was wearing a smart model gown of Malmsey wine ring velvet, made on draped lines, with a silver rose on one shoulder, was presented by the Mayoress, Mrs Ramsbottom with a beautiful bouquet of toning flowers, tied with silver ribbons. Mrs M. Carey was also presented with a shoulder spray.
Miss Jean Carey (Jean Elizabeth Carey) was wearing an ivory corded frock of duchesse, with a posy at the waist, and a white fur coat. Miss Nellie Carey (Selma Ellen Carey) wore a tunic frock of carnation pink crepe angela and lace with a white fur coat.
* also read Jean & Nellie Carey, sisters of Patea

The tables were charmingly decorated with silver vases of shaded red tulips, anemones and ferns. Outstanding among the decorations were two large silver bells which were suspended from the ceiling above the happy couple, and over the handsome anniversary cake, made in the form of an old-fashioned English thatched cottage, complete with gardens made by Misses J. and N. Carey.

After a delicious supper had been enjoyed a brief toast list was gone through. His Worship the Mayor who presided said nothing could give him grater pleasure than to be present that night to assist in doing honour to Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey. Mr Carey had been a valuable asset to Patea. He had given his best in the sporting world and other activities for the benefit of the town. He congratulated him on having been appointed to the Dominion Council of the Fire Brigade's Association of New Zealand. He had not only assisted the town as a member of the Fire Brigade, but he had been an active member of the Band, the Rifle Club and a member of the Borough Council. His parents, Mr and Mrs Carey were amongst the oldest settlers as well as the most respected settlers in the town and they should feel good at the gathering that night to do honour to Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey. He wished the guests of honour every happiness and prosperity in the future (applause)

Mr Pettitt, Hawera, said he had been associated with the guests of honour for over 25 years. As a member of the Fire Brigade and Rifle Club he had seen quite a lot of Mr Carey and found him a good sport, He wished them another 25 happy years of married life (applause)

Mr F. Spooner as an old bandsman also expressed his best wishes for the future. As a bandsman he had been an example to other members of the band. Whatever he took in hand he did well (applause)

The Rev. W. H. Walton also paid a tribute to Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey and congratulated them on celebrating their silver wedding and wished them every happiness in the future

Mr F. Naismith, Deputy Mayor also added his congratulations to Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey on their silver wedding. He had been associated with Mr Carey for 21 years and had nothing but good feeling and respect for him. Both Mr and Mrs Carey had been ready to assist any worthy cause. He wished them and also Mr and Mrs Carey senr. a further 25 years of happiness.

Mr Norman Coad on behalf of the Rifle Club also congratulated Mr and Mrs Carey and wished them every happiness in the future.
Mr C. H. Carey in reply thanked all present for attending to do honour to Mrs Carey and himself. He thanked his son and daughters and Mr Cosford for having arranged such a happy evening. He also thanked the speakers for their very kind remarks with regard to his work as a fireman for so many years but he would not have been able to do what he had but for the loving help he had received from Mrs Carey (applause). He again thanked those present for coming to do them honour (applause)

Other toasts proposed were those of Mrs Carey's parents, proposed by Mr Brown and responded by Mr Douthwaite; Mr and Mrs Carey proposed by Mr E. F. Hemingway and replied to by Mr M. Carey; the Mayor and Mayoress, proposed by Mr Douthwaite

Messrs Norman Blake, J. Haworth and H. Baogey in brief speeches paid eloquent tribute to the worth of the guests of honour and added their congratulations to both

Miss J, and N. Carey, Mr M. Cary and Mr G. Cosford proposed by His Worship and responded by Mr Cosford

The cake was then cut by Mrs C. H. Carey amid applause

Prior to supper a flag 500 competition was held the winners being Miss Larsen, Mr Brown, Mr C. Beauchamp and Mr C. H. Carey

Items were contributed during the evening by Mr Colin Brown (Wanganui), Mrs Masters, Mr J. Cunnison, Mr C. H. Carey and Miss J. Carey.

Among the relatives present were Mr and Mrs Franklin-Browne, Mr Colin F. Browne, Miss J. Larsen (Wanganui), Mrs D. Bennett (Palmerston North), Mrs Geo. Douglas (Wellington), Mr H. Douthwaite (Wellington), Mr and Mrs A. Douthwaite (Wellington) and Mrs Masters (Stratford)

Patea Town Hall 1950
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FAZACKERLEY deaths New Zealand

Some of the Fazackerley/Fazakerley deaths recorded in New Zealand. Because of spelling inconsistencies, the list is probably not comprehensive

Agnes Kirkland Fazakerley aged 31
born in Scotland 1881
wife of John
died 6 Feb 1912
buried Northern cemetery Dunedin

Alice Johanne Andrea Fazackerley aged 60
born 1904
died 1964

Alvera Robina 'Vera' Fazakerley aged 85
born Egan 16 May 1902
married Charles Joseph Fazackerley in 1921 and had 12 children
died 1987

Alvera Teresa Fazakerley aged 12 weeks
died 1934

Arthur Fazackerley aged 64
born 1897
married Florence Mary Freda Rule
died 1962
served as Private 70904, 41st Reinforcements F Company, NZEF. NOK Mrs M. L. Fazackerley (mother), 16 Tilford St, Woolston, Christchurch

Bert Leo Fazakerley aged 70
born 24 April 1935
died 2005

Charles Joseph Fazackerley aged 57
born 1888
married Alvera Robina 'Vera' Egan (twin) in 1921
they had 12 children
died 7 Nov 1945
buried Taihape

Charles Vincent Fazackerley aged 25
born 1930 to Charles & Vera
died 1955

Christina Fazakerley aged 67
born 1896
lived MacAndrew Rd, Dunedin
died 18 March 1963
ashes scattered

Cissie Isabell Fazackerley aged 82
born Cissie Isabell Brown 1884
died 1968
married Edwin Henry Fazackerley
buried Kopuatama

Daisy Frances Fazackerley aged 80
born Daisy Frances Symonds 28 Nov 1894
married James Fazackerley 1923
died 1974

Edgar Alfred Fazackerley aged 74
born 1894 in Glenorchy, Tasmania
died 1968
served in WWI as Private 39575 22nd Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company, NZEF
married Evelyn Fever 4 Feb 1925 in Stratford

Edwin Henry Fazackerley aged 14 months
born 2 Nov 1910 in Taranaki
son of Edwin Fazackerley & Cissie Brown
died 16 Jan 1911
buried Kopuatama

Edwin Henry 'Harry' Fazackerley aged 58
born 11 March 1885 in Tasmania
son of Michael Fazackerley & Emily Caroline Tyler
married Cissie Isabel Brown
died 29 May 1943, killed instantly when knocked down by a car in Stratford
managing director of E. H. Fazacherley Ltd
buried Kopuatama

Elizabeth Margaret Fazakerley aged 11 weeks
died 1913

Elsie Alvera Fazakerley aged 81
born 20 March 1924
died 2005

Erskine Arthur Fazackerley aged 87
born 2 January 1887
died 14 January 1974
buried Awanui, New Plymouth

Eva Rhys Fazakerley aged 61
born 1905
died 1966

Evelyn Fazackerley aged 47
born Evelyn Fever 1899 at Kaponga
died 23 July 1946
married Edgar Alfred Fazackerley
buried Kopuatama

Ethel Joan Fazackerley aged 92
born 5 July 1921
died 18 March 2014

Florence Mary Freda Fazackerley aged 82
born Rule 3 April 1901
daughter of Frederick John Rule & Annie Euphemia Frances Ward. Sister of Frances next
married Arthur Fazackerley in 1920
died 1983

Frances Evelyn Fazackerley aged 62
born Rule 1902
sister of Florence above
married John Fazackerley 1925
died 1964

Harvey Dulcie Belle Fazackerley aged 81
born 7 March 1918
died 1999

Jack Fazakerley aged 16
born 1928
lived at Waipahi
died 1944
buried Andersons Bay Dunedin

James Fazackerley aged 56
born 1894
died 1950

Joan Fazackerley aged 92
born Joan Dove 1921
died 18 March 2014 in Christchurch
married Maurice Fazackerley, lived Upper Riccarton

John Fazakerley aged 50
born 1884
died 1934

Joseph Fazakerley 59
born 16 May 1927
died 6 Sep 1986
buried East Taieri, Dunedin

Joseph John Fazackerley aged 25
born 1921
died 4 Nov 1946
buried RSA Taihape
served in WWII as Private 193195, Infantry Reinforcements, Second NZEF. NOK Mrs A. R. Fazakerley (mother), Somme Parade, Aramaho

Josephine Robina Fazakerley aged 89
born 12 August 1926
died 2015

John Fazackerley aged 18
born Dunedin 1926
died 24 Nov 1944, killed instantly when he was struck by the Clinton-Tapanui train at Waipahi

John Fazakerley aged 50
born 1884
died 1934

John Fazackerley aged 69
born 1900
died 1969

John Vivian Acton Fazakerley aged 79
born 6 May 1913
died 1992

Laurel Fazackerley aged 84
born 19 April 1926
died 2010
married name White

Lily Miriam Myrtle Fazackerley aged 80
born 23 July 1893
died 5 March 1974
buried Awanui, New Plymouth

Maria Louisa Fazackerley aged 55
born 1872
died 7 July 1927 in Christchurch
wife of Thomas

Mary Emma Fazakerley aged 59
born 1865
died 1924

Mary Joyce Fazakerley aged 77
born 13 Feb 1927
died 2004

Melvie Ralene Fazakerley aged 10 months
died 1926

Nona Evelyn Fazackerley aged 88
born 9 March 1926
died 15 Oct 2014
married name Bainbridge

Norma Margaret Fazakerley aged 67
born 1926
lived in Mosgiel
died 19 March 1993
buried East Taieri, Dunedin

Ohlson Esma Charlotte Fazackerley aged 84
born 5 Sep 1917
died 2001

Pearl Fazackerley aged 1 hour
born 8 Dec 1931
died 8 Dec 1931
buried Bromley, Christchurch

Phyllis Puriri Fazakerley aged 70
born 21 March 1925
died 1995

Sylvia May Fazakerley aged 65
born 21 March 1925
died 1990

Thomas Fazackerley aged 63
born Preston, Lancashire in 1872
died July 1935 at his residence, 25 Buchanan's road, Sockburn, Christchurch. Widower of Maria Louisa. Father of James, Lena, Arthur and Jack
started the large poultry farm in Woolson and was the first in Canterbury to make his living from poultry farming
Obituary for Thomas

Thomas Henry Fazakerley aged 63
born 1898
died 1961

William Henry Leslie 'Les' 'Taffy' Fazackerley aged 93
born 1918
died 2011
served WWII as Staff Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Artillery, 16 Field Regiment, Korean War

William Henry Leslie Fazakerley aged 93
born 9 Feb 1920
died 2013

William James Fazakerley aged 3 days
died 1931

Winifred Patricia Fazackerley aged 95
born 8 June 1912
daughter of Edwin Fazackerley & Cissie Brown
died 2007
married George William Gowen in 1933

NOTE of interest
The Fazackerley millions

HEADSTONE at Kopuatama cemetery
Evelyn Fazackerley 1946