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Jeffery Allen Davis of Florida

hi I am looking for a great-uncle living in Florida by the name of Jeffery Allen Davis.

Researching Evelyn Margret Gradick Krenshaw County South Carolina

My mother was bought at a Dallas Texas bus stop in 1954. She was never legally adopted by the people who paid $1000.00 for her. We have spent the last 27 years looking for people in her biological family. There has been alot of mystery surrounding the search. Her birth mother is suppose to be Gaynell Medlin of Columbia South Carolina, but no one is for sure. We have been looking for Evelyn for quit some time. She is suppose to be Gaynells sister. No one can tell us if she is dead or living. We were told that around 1959 she just disapeared. I have been told everything from, she just left and started over somewhere alone; to she was killed and thrown in quicksand. It never seems to end. There are alot of children envolved now. We have located some of Gaynell's other children in Columbia South Carolina, but they had all been given away or raised by other family members who have since died.

Here are a few names that might help in a search: Bobby Medlin(deceased) Columbia, SC;
Stanley Medlin(deceased)Columbia, SC; Betty Medlin Justin, Bentsville,SC; Edith Medlin Hatcher, Bermingham AL; Donna Medlin Jerigan, Peilion, SC; Elizabeth Sanders Baker, Camden, SC; Etta Sanders (Gaynell and Evelyn's Mother), Blaney(White Pond), SC;
JoAnn Gradick Sanders,Columbia SC;

There is so much that we don't know, and for so long no one wanted to talk. My mother's "adopted" parents would never talk and would get defensive when the subject was aproached. They past away many years ago now and they never told us anything. Their names were Johnny McGee and Alice Alene Mcgee. They lived in the Dallas, Texas area and Sulphur Springs, Texas area.

If anyone knows anything about any of this or even where I should start looking, please let me know. I will greatly appreciate all the help I can get.

Researching Marie Bradshaw of Sydney Australia

My Grandfather, James Bernon Nolen, was in WWII stationed in Australia, and other places in the South Pacific. He had married a Marie Bradshaw in, I think, 1943 or 1944. He was then sent back to the states in 1945 and she did not want to return with him. They were divorced on May 21, 1946. The reason I would like to find her or her family, is that I was told by my uncle that Marie was pregnant when he returned to the states, and that they have a half brother in Australia somewhere. If this is true we would like to find him so that I can complete our family history.

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Researching the Nolen and Braden Family History

My grandmother, Vela Lorene (Braden) Nolen b. 11/19/1921 d. 06/04/2007, recently past away and I was astounded by how little my dad and uncle knew about their family history. So I have decided to take the information that I found while going through her things and try to put it all together for them and myself. I am new at this and not really sure where to start.
My Grandmother married James Bernon Nolen b.01/17/1923 d. 04/07/1990
She grew up in the Como-Picton area of East Texas and he in Yantis Texas. Her parents were Bessie (Strassner) Braden and Paul Braden
and his were John Bowden Nolen and Daisy Mae (Landcaster) Nolen.

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