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Looking for Jonas Jones KELLY, Harriet C WYNN

I am now searching for my gggrandpa Jonas Jones KELLY, born abt 1780 and my gggrandmother Harriet(Hariet)C WYNN, born abt 1817,,I dont have anything else on them..so if you have any info on them such as parents,siblings,children and dates,,I would welcome the input,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,

Looking for Syres,Sires,,

I am searching for my gggrandfather Richard SYRES,SIRES, he was born Mar 1877,,no death date and his wife was Una V (Cherokee Indian) she was born June 1880 and died abt 1904,,I have them both listed in Mississippi,,Richards dad was John F SYRES,SIRES. botn 1845 and died 28 Aug 1888 and Mary E,,no dates...if you have any info that you could share with me such as parents, siblings,children,,would be greatly appreciated,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,

Looking for William Kelley

I am searching for my great grandfather William Kelley b. Sep 1831 and my great grandmother Margaret"Maggie" Floyd b. 1835,,,I am looking for their parents and their siblings,,,their children were Sarah b abt 1865, Miller b abt 1867, Amanda b abt 1870, Albert Lindsey Kelley, my grandfather, b. 8 May 1871 d. 14 May 1947, Georgia Ann b. Jan 1877 and Richard Harman b abt 1878...if you can share any information with me I would appreciate it so very much,,,they were listed as born in North Carolina(Sarah and Miller and the parents) (Amanda,Albert,Georgia and Richard in Mississippi).But we were told that they originally came from Ireland,,,thank you so much for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,Cassie

Looking for Linda Compean Mendez not Mary

I posted earlier that I was looking for a Mary but her name is not Mary,,her name is Linda Compean Mendez,,,she is the sister of James Henry Smothers who passed away 8-17-1993 and was born 7-9-1927 in Polk county Florida, he was married to my mom Peggy Jean Kelley before she married and she was born 2-3 1937 and died 5-21-1979,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie

Still looking for Kelley's

Looking for anything on my grandpa: AlbertLindsey Kelley, B.May 8 1871 D. May 14 1948... If I got this right his dad, my great grandpa was William Kelley (Kelly) B. abt 1835,,married Margaret, B 1845 abt. and married abt. 1863 most likely in Co. Antrim ,,,they had these children Sarah B 1864-Baptized at St Patrick's Belfast Miller B. abt 1867-no rcd in Ireland Amanda B. abt 1870-no rcd in Ireland Albert B 1871-Baptized at St Patrick's,Belfast Georgia B. 1875-no rcd in Ireland Richard B. abt 1878 John B. Feb. 1885 If anyone has any information I would sure appreciate any that you would share with me,,,I do not know Margarets maiden name,,,thank each and everyone of you that has anything to share with me, you take care God bless you and your loved ones,,

Looking for lost Mary Compean Mandez

I am looking for a Mary Compean Mandez,,she used to live in Clarkton Mo. She was a friend of my mom, Peggy Jean Kelley,then she married James Henry Smothers, my mom passed away in May of 1979,,so she has been gone for 29 years,,that is the name that Mary had back then,,so I dont know if she has married or if she has any children,,also I dont know if I spelled her last name right or not,,reason I am trying to find her, she has pictures of my moms,that maybe she might want to get rid of them after all these years and I would love to have some of them, since I am researching our family tree (Kelley)Mary's brother was named James Henry Smothers,from Florida,i think, who is now deceased, and his ex was named Linda Smothers...and I believe that she is also deceased according to the ssdi,,but Mary, I cant find her there , so I do hope that she is still living or someone related to her can redirect me to someone that can contact her,,I would appreciate any info or help that anyone would care to share with me,,,thank you for your time and patience , you all take care God bless you and your loved ones,,or does anyone have any links that I could list on that I could go in and post for her on any kind of site where they find people that seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth,,I wrote her a letter about 3-6 years ago and the letter came back , so evidently she had moved or something from the previous address that she had.

Looking for these surnames in my kelley family line

Hi,,I am looking for these names in my family line,,they are Kelley, Flood, Smith, Jackson, Summers, Sackett, McClish, Tansil, Jaco, Mabry, Rudd,Crawford, Wade, Flowers, Holt, If you are related to any of these please email me and I will get back with you,to see if we are related in any way,,my aunts names were Pearl Jaco (married name)(maiden name Kelley) Christine Mabry, Anna Mae Jackson,Summers, Blanche Sackett-McClish,Helen Tansil, Lilly Kelley, dont know her married name, Georgia Flood-Smith, and Bedy (Beddy) Kelley, she is a half sister to these...and my uncles were Homer Kelley, Richard Kelley (still living) Clayton Kelley (Still living) Lloyd Kelley, Leslie (Lesley) Kelley, and Charles (Charley) Kelley, these last three kelleys are half brothers to these listed, and my dad's name was Wallace Kelley..My mother's name was Peggy Jean Crawford, if anyone has any information please email and I will share what I got ,,and will answer all emails,,thank you for your time and patience,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,

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Hi,,I am still out here in internet land looking for all you kelley's, I know that you are out there somewhere,,please email me and let me know where you are,,,,I am interested in running down my family tree,,,thank you all so much for your time and your kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,

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Still looking for kelley , kelly genealogy

Hi there,,I am still looking for the kelley, kelly family tree,,,if anyone has any kelley,kelly connections,,please let me hear from you,,you can never tell where we connect in the family tree,please let me hear from you soon,,thank you all for your kindness and your time,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,

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Looking for Kelley

I am researching my Kelley genealogy,,,My dad's name was Wallace Kelley,mom Peggy Jean Crawford,,My dad passed in May of 1978 of cancer and mom in 1979 murdered,gunshot to the head, my grandpa was named Albert Lindsey Kelley born May 8, 1871 and passed of unknown in May 14 1948, my Grandma was named Annie Belle Sairs,,may not be the correct spelling, she was born May 1 1900 and passed Dec 14 1962 of cancer, okay now,,we were told years ago that my grandpa had only one brother,,now we are told that there are 3, One is named Miller abt 1867, Richard abt 1878 and i found a John Feb 1885 and there are sisters also that we didnt know about, Sarah abt 1864, Amanda abt 1870 and Georgia abt 1875,,I am interested in knowing if anyone has anything on these people,,they were from Ireland,,my great grandpa's name was William abt 1835 Ireland , married abt 1863 Co. Antrim, dont know the death date, great grandma was named Margaret abt 1845, dont know the death date, or maiden name, hopefully I got the right family,,this is as far as I can get,,,thank you all for your kindness and your time, take care God bless you and your loved ones,,also if anyone is interested in the Crawfords,,we can correspond for that one too..

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