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Adam Owens

I am looking for information, regarding an Adam Owens. His wife was, Julia Ann Fleener- Owens. The generations following Adam and Julia, were from Indiana. This information, would be very old. Somewhere between the 17oo's or 1800's. I am only looking for, the names of their parents, to finish my Family Tree. Thank you.

Priscilla Lynfield

I am looking for information regarding my late Mother-In-Law. She died a tragic, untimely death in 1972, at the age of 30. Her passing happened in Massachusetts. If anyone knew her, I would appreciate any information that you might have.

Any information at all, even the samllest or most insignificent. I'd even like to know if, you knew her. Her married name was Schofield. After her divorce, she took back her maiden name, which was Lynfield. She was using tha name Lynnfield at the time of her death. Thank you very much.

Carrie Elizabeth Friddle- Lee

My Great Grandmother was, Carrie Elizabeth Friddle- Lee. I am looking for, her parents names. I need to fill in the blanks, on my Family Tree. I have been told that, either one or both parents, were possibly from Indiana. However, Carrie and her husband William Lee, resided and died in Virgina.

Anthony Marciano "Tony" Famigletti

My Grandmother-In-Law, was married to Anthony Marciano Famigletti. They were both married for years, and resided in Massachusetts until their death. However, I know little about this man. I am interested in knowing, who his children are.

Furthermore, who he was married to previously. I am only in search of, this information to, fill in the blanks of my Family Tree. If anyone should have this information, I would appreciate the help. Thank you, ~Beth~

William Samuel Lee

I am looking for the names of, the parents of, William Samuel Lee. He was from Virgina. His wife's name was, Carrie Elizabeth Friddle- Lee. William and Carrie, were my Great Grandparents. In doing my Family Tree, I am stuck at this point.

Charles Riddle

I am looking for, the names of, the parents of, Charles Riddle of Indiana. He was married to, Florence Owens- Riddle.

{I have found this information, if anyone needs it.}

John Shelton Carter Sr.

I am looking for the names of, the parents of, John Skelton Carter Sr. His wife's name was, Margaret Louise White- Carter. His family was from Mt. Rest, South Carolina.

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Raymond Kavanagh Stetson

My Grandmother-In-Law, was married briefly to, a Raymond Stetson of Massachusetts. I am curious to know, what year they were married, and what year he died. His full name was, Raymond Kavanagh/Kavanaugh Stetson. He was born, somewhere in Maine. His birth year, was in about 1911. He died, in Quincy, Massachusetts in December of 1968. Is anyone familar with this man, or his family?

John Andrew Cortez Fella

My Aunt, was married to a man named John Andrew Cortez Fella. They were briefly married, in the 1930's. I was told that, they were married in 1937, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He died quite young, due to alcoholism. He passed away, in Hammond/Valpariso Indiana, on March 17, 1959.

I have also found, an additional date and place of death for John. The death year was in 1983, and the location, was in Ohio. I would so very much like it if, someone had the correct information for me. Whereas, I am a loss.

His father's name was, Adolph Fella. Adolph, was born in Indiana on February 4, 1879. His death date, was in April of 1965. However, I have no death location or date. His mother's name was, Hattie M. Fella. Hattie, was born in Indiana. Her birth year was, about 1884. Although, I have found no records of, birth or death.

John, had two sisters, that I've found thus far. Dorothy M. Fella, was his oldest sister. Dorothy, was born born in Indiana, in about 1915. However, I have no further information, regarding Dorothy. Helen L. Fella, was his younger sister. Helen, was botn in about 1912, also born in Indiana. I have nor information on Helen either.

I would appreciate anyone, who might have any information, on this man and his family. Thank you.