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DAR.... needs some help in finding information....

I am posting this for a cousin who has the desire to obtain her DAR,,, Daughters of the
American Revolution.

She is related through Richard Montgomery and Hannah Smith... her parents are
John Smith and Rebecca Chapman. Rebecca Chapmans father is Nathan Chapman b. 1734
Rebecca s mother is Hannah Tyler b 1743-1814... her father is Bezalell Tyler b.
1716-1796. Both Nathan and Bezalell fall into Revolutionary war time frame.

Sorry but she did not mention where they were living.

Has anyone seen these names.... She has to have a direct line... no Uncles...

I hope someone might be able to help with suggestions in this search or information.

Thank you.


Henry John McCARTY-- Indiana

Does anyone have Henry John McCarty in their tree.

He married Charlotte Heather (Hillock) 12 Nov. 1895, Terre Haute, Indiana. He is also known as John H. McCarty. On the marriage record
it reads that his mother is Maud Clowser. On the 1910 census, John
and Charlotte are located in Ashmore, Coles, Illinois. On the census
record it states that both his parents were born in Pennsylvania.

I can not find John or Charlotte on further census records following

I hope that someone may have a clue or bit of info about this couple.

Thank you for your interest and help in this search.

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John H. McCarty or Henry John McCarty/ Charlotte Hillock

Hello. I have been looking and I need another pair of eyes.....

I found on the 1910 usa census. Ashmore, Coles, Illinois.

John H. McCarty. age 42, says born 1868, Indiana.

Charlotte his wife age 64, says born 1846, Canada.

I have looked on the 1920 census and I can not find either of them.

They were married 12 Nov. 1895, Terre Hauta, Indiana. On the marriage record it says Henry John.

Thank you for your help.

SIDDALL, John/ WARD, Elizabeth..Haxey, Lincolnshire, England.

Hello fellow familytreecirlces friends.... Happy New Year.

Do you have John Siddall, who married Elizabeth Ward, 21 May 1883, Haxley, Lincolshire, England in
your tree???

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you.


Where did they go?? on 1920 census, then cant find...GORDON

I am helping someone with their research.

I am hoping that someone out there is related to this family or may have better eyes than me.
I would like to know where this couple died, or moved to, or where the daughter ended up, who she married.

Chas B Grodon, born, Georgetown, Ohio, was 34 (1884) single when he married 13 Aug. 1918 in Manhattan, New York.
married Edith P. Moran, 24, (1894), born, London, Ont. Canada.

On the 1920 census, found this couple under GORDEN. they have a daughter Violette 5/12.

I can not find the parents in further census.

A friend from familytreecircles found in 1930 Violette A. Gordon, in Cuyahoga, Ohio age 8, born 1922,
but it say her mother was born in Ohio. she is listed as a niece. living with Oberlin family.

Thank you for any assistance with this family.

Are they in your familytree or connected??? Newton/Baker

Are they in your familytree or connected to your familytree????

James Newton.... Caroline Baker.. marriage 26 Feb 1825, Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England.

Child. William Newton, christening.... 16 Feb. 1828, Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England.

child: James William Newton, birth 22 Dec 1831, ..christening 6 Jul 1832, Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London,

I am not asking you to do my research for me, it would be nice to find someone that is related to this line
or connected.

Thank you.



HELLO OUT THERE..... does anyone have a connection with the couple John Daley and Sophia Maypin.

I have a John Daley married 7 May 1865, Christ church North Brixton to Sophia Maypin...father

John Maypin. I am not asking you to look up information .... just looking for someone that might be

connected to this line.

thank you ....

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Looking for owner of ancestry tree..... HAROLDBLACK24

I am looking for the owner of an Ancestry Tree.

The owners name is HAROLDBLACK24.

I would like to discuss their tree information.

If anyone can obtain his email... please send it privately.

thank you.

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