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Looking for Birth record for Cynthia SHERMAN, 1808

Cynthia SHERMAN married Ebenezer PREBLE, in Newcastle, Lincoln, ME in 1830. Records imply she was the daughter of Roger SHERMAN and Elizabeth DUNTON. But records of Roger's children do not include Cynthia. Either there is an omission in the birth records, or ...

I have found SHERMAN family pedigree information with conflicts so I question some of the SHERMAN data. Researchers keep associating wives with the wrong person and adding or loosing generations. Of course my data could be wrong. The SHERMAN family settled (1600's) in the Plymouth county of Massachusetts, but one son, Eleazer moved to the Boothbay, ME for some unknown reason.

I suspect Eleazer's move might have something to do with the political feelings of many people in Marshfield, MA leading up to the Revolution. That area was a Tory stronghold.

Does anyone have access to Lincoln county Maine birth records for early 1800?s? Could Cynthia have come into the family group of Roger from relative (maybe a child of a parents sibling, maybe from Mass.)? Any other suggestions?

Looking for Emigration to New England of FOSTER abt, 1630

I have two (assumed to be unrelated) FOSTER immigrants to New England in the first half of the 17th century. No information has been found about what ship, or where they originated other than from England. Most of my information comes from the ?Foster Genealogy? book by Pierce.

One is named John FOSTER. He is believed to have been in the company led by Roger Conant who founded what is now Salem, Massachusetts (1628). I question his year of birth which some records suggest was 1626. If he was with Conant, he would be an adult and not born in 1626. He first appears in the records of Salem in 1657. He married in Salem, MA Miss Martha TOMPKINS about 1649.

There are no records, to my knowledge, of the members of the Roger Conant Company, or what ship they came over on. The Conant Company might only refer to the group that moved from the South Shore to the North Shore of Massachusetts Bay and not the trip from England.

The other is Reginald FOSTER. He is believed to be a passenger on one of eight ships help up in England (prevented from sailing) but eventually released by a decree from King Charles I in about 1638. Assumed to be born in Brunton, England, he came to America with his wife Judith Wignol) and seven children. He settled in Ipswich.

There appear to be no records of passengers, or even what ships, were in that fleet. I have researched King Charles I looking for records of this fleet, but find only side notes with no details. It appears Charles had bigger worries.

I would like to connect both of these FOSTER lines to the Northumberland FORSTER families. There seems to be a little more information on the Reginald line. The ancestors and real birth date for John FOSTER would be a real find. Any suggestions? I will help others where I can.

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Looking for William IRVING/Irvine, New Brunswick Canada before 1860

I'm seeking information on one William IRVING (IRVINE) prior to 1867. How and when he came to be in New Brunswick, Canada (from Ireland).

William Irving married Anna Adeliade Seely in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1867. I have copies of the church and town registration of this event. William was born in Ireland and based on his age recorded in the 1881 census, he was born about 1808.

We suspect he had an earlier wife (Jane ___), who may have emigrated with him from Ireland. That information was gleamed from a book "A library of Stone Pages" (an accounting of grave stones in the Wesleyan Methodist church yard). But we are not sure this is the same William IRVINE. I suspect the IRVING - IRVINE difference is due to verbal misunderstanding based on pronunciation and accents by record keepers.

His three children and wife came to the Boston, MA area after William's death. I have records for these individuals in Massachusetts. All the children use the surname IRVING (not Irvine).

William lived in the Portland District (now North Saint John), according to his marriage documents, and all census records for this district have been lost.

There is significant information about the SEELY family available, but that only confirms this marriage event and provides no additional information about William or whence he came.