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Seeking source documents for wive(s) names for CAPT Charles Saxon (c 1734-1816 SC)

So tired of all the misinformation out there about this Patriot. He is my ggg grandfather. It is viral. Books, Web, even some DAR records that could not possibly be true -- listing his death in GA. Some people list the wife named "Mary X".. or "Mary Washington Brewer LEwis" etc etc etc. I have never found a reliable record or source for a wife named Mary at all. ??? I know his wife was named Judith around 1755 from land transactions, deeds, in NC or SC.. but I'd love to know her last name. I have a suspicion it was Judith Smith, dau of Ambrose Joshua Smith, a neighbor to Charles Saxon but no proof other than children and grandchildren carry names for that Smith family ancestors (e.g. Yancey, Joshua Ambrose, etc.)

CAPT Charles Saxon, 1734-1812, SC- Wife name(s) with sources.. for proof

I am looking for legitimate "source documents" from the 1700-1850 period that prove Charles Saxon had a wife named Mary X.. Also looking for "source documents from same period that prove that Charles Saxon was married to Judith Smith or Judith Lewis or Judith Graves. (I know he definitely married Judith X-- but not sure about last name. I think it might be Judith Smith -- daughter of Ambrose Joshua Smith. ) Also looking for ANY source documents which show Charles had a wife with last name of Washington or Lewis. (There is so much misinformation out there on this man. So much! I would love to find a Bible or records about his wife-- not current books or gossip. ) Also, does anyone have any source documents proving Tabitha Saxon is a daughter of Charles Saxon? Does anyone have any source documents proving Lewis Saxon (son of CAPT Charles Saxon) had a middle name of Washington? i.e., Lewis Washington Saxon. I have never seen a source document using that middle name. I have researched 2-3 years and a friend has researched for 50 years and we have not found a source document for these questions which we would consider "reliable evidence." Just because something is posted 10 times on the internet does not make it become a fact. Thank you. Just trying to prove or dispel so many things I see in current books (without any citation of proof.) I am a descendant of CAPT Charles Saxon and of Tabitha SAXON Guyton, his daughter. She married Moses Guyton, S C.

Also, I have a BRICK WALL. My ggg grandfather was Hezekiah Thomas (06 Aug 1780 NC-- 10 Feb 1864, Decatur Co, GA). Married to Mary Brooker. I cannot locate his parents or birth records or marriage records. Nothing ... before he moved down to GA. In GA, got lots of info. But nothing before 1800 approximately. Who was his father? Some say "Isaac"--but I have no source records to prove that. Thank you..