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I have been researching the rare name of CONISBEE for 20 years now, it being my mothers maiden name. Originating from the name CONINGSBY the CONISBEEs appear to have originated in northern Hertfordshire in the mid 1600s. I have, together with several relatives traced three branches from the family starting from St Ippolits in Hertfordshire with John CONINGSBY

By 1700 the family were living in Lilley in Herts but were begining to move outwards, by late 1700's one Branch was in Northern London, another in Horsley, Surrey (my Branch)and another was about to beget a huge branch that forsake the UK for Australia, albeit a Sarah Conisbee. Her married name was MANN and she has well over 300 recorded descendants in Australia.

The London Branch were bakers and grocers, although one eminent CONSIBEE was a printing engineed inventing a series of fast lithograph machines.

The Surrey branch were butchers by trade and stayed in the area until the present day, the family living and still tading as butchers in East Horsley and Ripley a few miles away.

I have over 3500 Conisbees and their descendants should anyone be interested. I run a one name study on the family name and have stories and photos of many of them.

I have been researching this name concurrently as both names are often interchanged in documents. I now have over 16,000 descendants, both direct and indirect of Baron Roger Coningsby (alive in John 1st time) through to the mid 19th century. Worl is now starting to try and link the current Coningsbys t the tree.

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The Conisbees and Coningsbys

I run a one name study on the name Coningsby which over time has also become Conisbee.

I have spent 20 years piecing together a pedigree of the Coningsby family from 1180 through to 1850ish,I also have the Conisbee family (and many of their descendants)from 1650 through to the preseent date in 2011.

In particular the Coningsby pedigree deals with the myth of one Amphylis Coningsby who is alledged to have been born in Rothbury in Cumberland before marrying a John Tyndale.

The will of her father Sir Humphrey Coningbsy as reproduced in "Genealogical Memoirs of the extinct family - The Chesters of Chichley" by Robert Edmund Chester Waters; changed the descentant line quite considerably but put in no doubt that she married Sir John Tyndall and not Sir Thomas as previous authors had suggested. Further more she did not have a child Margaret Tyndale who is alledged to have married the English Martyr.

SIR JOHN TYNDALL KT., the only son of Sir 'William by Mary Mondeford, was ten years old when his father died, and was then already contracted to marry one of the daughters of Humphrey Coningsby, Serjeant-at-Law (afterwards a Knight and a Judge of the King's Bench), to whom his wardship and marriage had been sold by his father. He married accordingly Amphillis Coningsby, who died before him on 18th Jan. 1532-3, leaving nine children, none were Margaret!

anybody wanting information on the Coningsby Pedigree please contact me

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