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Peter Nadauld BRUSHFIELD went to America in 1832 and seems to have disappeared. His wife Sarah HYDE and baby son Peter William Milton BRUSHFIELD returned to England in 1834, to have the baby christened, and seem to have gone back to America after 1841.

Two BRUSHFIELD brothers, Benjamin and George had also emigrated in 1832 and settled in Indiana but there is no evidence of the elder Peter having settled.

IF Peter Nadauld, who apparently preferred to be called William, had settled, Sarah and son may have been reuniting the family and maybe even adding to it.

The younger Peter eventually wound up in Australia gold mining in 1858 and since his occupation was given as 'miner' he may have been in the American gold fields first. He was the first BRUSHFIELD in Australia and any others now are his descendants.

I would really love some information about the two Peters in America as they are my 2 and 3 times GGrandfathers.

John SHARP, where did he come from?

Originally thought to be a family legend but seems to be true, that
John Sharp married an aboriginal woman and had a family, including a son named Richard whose line I am trying to follow.
Very little is known date wise beyond John may have been born about 1810, and may have died about 1884.
Australian records contain a lot of 'unknowns' and this appears to be one of them.
I have looked at the lists of convicts sent to Australia and there are up to ten possibles.
Any help would be really appreciated.

William BALDOCK was a bricklayer

WIlliam BALDOCK was born in England, probably about 1790. Two sons Joseph and Thomas came to Sydney New South Wales about 1839. Both married and had iron mongering businesses, Joseph in Sydney, Thomas in Geelong, Victoria. I have death certificates for both brothers, with both stating that William BALDOCK, bricklayer, was their father, and mother was Ann Wilson.
No record seems to exist of a marriage between these two people, and birth records for the two sons and others born to the couple give the father's occupation as bricklayer and mother's name as Hannah which was often shortened to Ann.
The family lived in Sweet Apple Crt, White Hind Crt and Gun or Gunn St in Tower Hamlets, London with children baptized at St Botolphs Bishopsgate, London.
Unfortunately, William BALDOCK was not an unusual name and more than one was a bricklayer. It appears that Ann/Hannah must have died about 1826 and I am hoping that a William BALDOCK who married a Susan in 1837 is the one that I am looking for. That William died in 1851 in Spitafields, Middlesex.
Help with this wall would be great.

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What happened to Mary Morgan?

Mary Morgan of Glamorgan in Wales, married Thomas John Morgan in Clunes, Victoria Australia in 1866. They had 6 six children, one died, another posthumous after Thomas's death in a mining accident in 1877. The two sons remained in Victoria, however I have found no trace of Mary or her three remaining daughters after his death. A record of probate in 1878 bequests his estate under 100 pounds sterling to Mary, which says she was at that time still residing in Clunes. Victorian BDM Registry does not show any records. Did they return to Wales? If so when and where to?

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