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YARBROUGH in Houston, Texas USA


Lady Marion Yarbrough was a Daughter of the Americal Revolution (I remember her talking about it when my children were babies in the 1970's). Now that she is grown, my daughter may be interested in the details of that information.

Lady Marion Yarbrough married William George Martin and they had a number of children in Houston, Texas likely between 1920 and 1940. She was still living in Houston, Texas from the 1960's to the 1990's. If I remember correctly, her birth day was December 3rd, however, I do not know the year. If I had to guess I would say early 1900's. I think she passed away in 1993.

She is the great-grandmother of my children and I am looking for any information on her extended family; her parents names, birthdates and locations, etc. Kenneth (I called him Kenny) passed away in 2003 and so I am the only one that can get this information together for my children. I would certainly appreciate some help.

If you are a family member, please let me know.

Sandra Smith
I was Sandra Gregg Martin.

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I am researching the Perkins family which is my grandfathers line of my geaneology. Even though I was adopted at birth, my adoption was privately arranged and as soon as I asked I was given the information to contact my birthmother. I met her and my grandmother Elsie in April of 1984, long before we had computers at home.

I started working on my family tree in 2005. That's another story.

So far, my research shows my mother's family is from Louisiana and Southeast Texas, however, it is possible that the older generations came from Georgia, Tennessee or the Carolinas. Some could have lived in Oklahoma or Arkansas. I was told that my grandfather was Cherokee, and that his family was from Oklahoma, however, in the 1920 Census my Grandfather, William Thomas Perkins was only 15 years old and is listed as W (for white). At that time he was being raised by his oldest brother Monroe L. Perkins.

My great-grandfather - Bernard Warren Perkins b 01/14/1874 d 10/19/1928 (54)
My great grandmother - Clarrenda Sharp b 12/20/1874 d 10/26/1908 (34) she died a couple of days after childbirth
My grandfather - William Thomas Perkins b 11/20/1904 d 05/04/1984 in California (79) he had 5 siblings (He died in California, less than a week after I met my grandmother and my mother in Louisiana. We did not have an opportunity to meet.
My grandmother - Elsie Marie Guillory b 12-03-1909 d 1993? (We met in Louisian in April of 1984)

Elsie's mother (my great grandmother) was Marie Blanche Amee or (Amy) she married 12/17/1901 Alcee Guillory who was my great grandfather (and Elsie's father) I has traced the Guillory's to 1605 France.
Marie's father (my g-g-grandfather) was Victor Amee (or Amy)
Marie's mother (my g-g-grandmother) was Clara Parcelle
My birthmother is Shirley Perkins b 09-06-1933(we met in 1984)

If you have any information on the Perkins family, the parents of Bernard Warren Perkins or his wife, Clarrinda Sharp; even siblings of Clarrenda (not sure of the spelling of her name) please let me know by posting a response her or post your own journal and I should see it if I at least check this site weekly. For a while, I will try to check it daily.

I am still new to this site and appreciate your patience as I learn how it works.

Sandra Smith
Austin, TX

BAKER & SHAVER near Beaumont, Texas - I was adopted in 1952 & never met my birthfather or his family which are my family too. Now, we are all getting too old to wait any longer. Please respond!


I was adopted at birth, through a privately arranged adoption and now I am doing research on my birth family.

My birthfather and his family were living in the Beaumont, Texas area at the time of my birth 03/28/1952. Since, my adoption was privately arranged by my birth grandmother Elsie and her friend; as soon as I asked, I was given the names of my birthparents and contact information for my birthmother. I wrote a letter to my birthmother and we met in 1984 about a week later.

Since my adoptive parents told me about my adoption when I was very young, this was never a secret while I was growing up. However, I waited until my adoptive mother was in the final stages of cancer, before I looked up my birthmother and even then, kept it a secret from my adoptive parents, who are now both deceased (my mother died in 1984 and my father died n 2003).

The surnames of my birthfather's family are Baker, Shaver and possibly Ivey. At the time of my birth, his family was living in the Beaumont, Texas area.

The surnames of my birthmother's family are Perkins, Sharp, Hennings, Guillory, Amy, Parcell and Landry.

If you are a memeber of my family or if you have information on my extended family, the names of the Parents of my Grandparents, GGGrands, GGGGrands, etc. as well as, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters or Brothers, etc., please post and let me know or send a private message through this site. None of us are getting any younger and I just think it is time to try and make contact. If for no other reason than to complete "Our Family Tree" for our children and their children and all the generations of their children that come in the future.

You may not have been told about me, however, my birthmother says that my son looks just like my birthfather.

I am still working on all the links to my birthfamily and would like to go as far back as possible.

It is up to me to gather this information for my children, especially since I was adopted. I want to complete my part of the family tree for my children and then start working on their father's part. He died at 52 yrs of age a few days before Christmas in 2003.

I am new to this site, so I appreciate your patience as I learn how this works.

Sandra Smith