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Moore Family

Looking for members of Edward and Mary Moore of Maidstone,County of Kent around 1840
as they had a daughter by the name of Emma who was born on the 8th of December 1848.
Mary Moores maiden name was Marshall. It maybe possible that Marys mother could be Mary
Marshall ? of maybe Maidenstone.
Edward and Mary i believe according to Emmas birth cert were living in Carey Street in
I would like to if possible please have any information on Edward and Mary Moore,basically
i would like to know if Emma had any other siblings please if so how many and maybe someone
may have a tidbit on Marys mother that could open another branch.
At some stage the Moore family must of come to New Zealand as she married a Stephen Walter Sharp
of New Zealand

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Titterton-Alderman Families

i am trying to find please the following families
Elsie Titterton she married ?Alderman and they had 5 children,Elsie,
Annie,Albert,Lillian and May.
Elsies parents were William and Mary Titterton they were from Lancashire.
William and Marys children were 1.Elsie,2.Ethel,3.Horace URUQUART Titterton.
and Lorna Titterton.
Horace married Lillian Dorothy Crosby.
Lillian was the daughter of John and Mary Crosby[nee Dean]Horace and Lillian had 3
children a set of twins[ Joyce and Laurence Crosby Titterton.
My relationship to this family is through Horace and i have just found that he had
siblings and would like to know a bit more on the family background.Horace was in the
Machine Gun Corps and fought in the Battle of Passendale and he died 12th November 1926

Searching for a bit of information please

Looking yet again please for Hickson /Holland families.
I am looking for any information on these 2 families as a member of the Hickson family
has married a relative of also of mine who married a Holland,however it has become like
a pickle in a jar trying to find anything about them.
However i do have this info on the ones im seeking.
Mary Hickson d/o John Hickson and Elizabeth Balfour
Mary was born in St Chad,Over in Cheshire not quite sure when she had two brothers William [1755-] and James 1753
SO Im not sure if shes the youngest or middle
Mary has been married 2xs,a widow to Randall Burgess ,and this is where the Holland side starts as she married John Holland[1761-1845. I know that they all had sons,and he was the son of William Holland Ann Vernon
CONFUSED ME TOO? Hoping someone can sine a little light on this family honestly what a mixture.

mark meaker

Looking for any information please on this person
Name=Mark Meaker Born 1915. Where Idaho/Nevada U.S.A
Parents=Reginald & Elsie Heward Meaker
Mark had siblings Patricia[deceased] Hellen [DECEASED]and Reginald 'Eddie Meaker,
Im not sure if Mark died at a young age as i dont seem to be able to find anything
about him at all.
Im hoping that someone from this area maybe able to help,there is also the possibility
that he maybe or could be found in Reno,Nevada.

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hoping that

to everyone who participate in helping myself and many others over this year i would like to say a big thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also i wish you all a wonderful holiday and a bright start for 2015 and keep safe.

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looking for any information please on the following family please

would like some help please with trying to trace this persons family
Mary Dean born 1869 in staffordshire live in st marys staffordshire.
she has one sister named elizabeth ann dean born 1857 there may be other siblings but this is unknown
mother name was martha dean/father possible; theodore or thomas unsure
be grateful for help

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looking for Richard Hickson

Looking for Richard Hickson or higson born around 1792-1862
Richards family is from around the chesire region As yet i have not been able to find him
He could have come from Winsford or Over or Wharfton.
That is generally where the family comes from.
Many of the males of that family worked in the Salt Industry as workers.
Can anyone shed some light on Richard please.
Also it is believed[ not verified as yet] that he married a lady by the name of Mary ?

Looking for Samuel Dawson [1817-1818] from Lancashire

Looking for any information on Samuel Dawson born 1817-1881
fATHER jOSEPH Dawson may have been a trader

General James Durham [1754-1840

Would like to find out some information please on General James Durham
He was born in Largo,Scotland.
He was one of the sons of James Calderwood Durham [i believe] and ANN?
h WAS BROTHER TO SIR PHILLIP CHARLES CALDERWOOD Henderson Durham,also William Durham and sister
Margaret Strange[nee Durham
If there are any books that have any information on General James Durham could anyone direct me to them please
so i can get more history about him please.
Thanking you,

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