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lam looking for Catherine Smith age 60yrs she married willie torrance they had childern called Pauline and mathew and then catherine live with stan young plz help me find them


iam lookin for robert smith married to ina they have children called Jean,Janet,Robert and they live at craigens dont know where they are now anyone now them plz contact me thanks


iam looking for Stephen Mathew Smith age 56yrs born 1951 he live in scotland and then moved to cheshire dont know if he got married or has kids plz help me find him


Agnes hanilton smith age 62 married dave harris and they had 2 son dont now there names plz help me find them for my mum


iam looking for Sarah Jane Smith age about 66 married to hugh mccolm stayed at tarboltan scotland and thay have a son called billy and a daught called catherine if u now them plz tell me


lookin for my muns brother george smith married too elspeth they had 2 son called gary and kerwin who live in catrine in scotland and then move to saudia arabia and he will be about 66 now

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My huddy is called darren postlethwaite and his dad is called keth he got married in 1954 to hazel dont now surname and they had a son called john who we dont now his surname and he was born in 1954 and he will be 53 years old and was born in manchester iam look for john who with be darren step brother plz can u help


My surname use 2 be Robertson and iam lookin 4 ppl who are in my family my mum name is dorothy smith and my dad name is john robertson i have a sister called wendy and a brother called struan if u can help me let me know and my hubby darren is lookin for his step brother john his dad name is keth postlethwaite and mum name is hazel dont now his mums surname