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Marion Elizabeth Hastings McMillan

My Grand-mother lived at 25 Chancellor Street, Leeds 6(as it was then before postcodes) Yorkshire, England ; my Aunt Ivy (who was a widow) & her daughter Jeanne lived with her, the house was a two up two down with an outside toilet.

Lizzie was 72 years old when I was born, I did not see her often as we lived in the
South but I remember being scared of this old, wrinkly lady, not because she was nasty but I did not know anyone so old or wrinkly and as a child I was a bit frightened.

There was one entrance into the house, directly into the ?house? this was the term everyone used for what we today call the lounge, this room had a huge fireplace, my gran was always in her chair in front of it and as the door opened she would pick up the kettle from the side and hang it over the fire, any excuse for a cup of tea.

My Mum and I used to stay at my aunt?s house but on one occasion we stayed at my gran?s, I slept with my cousin Jeanne and it was the first time I ever came across a ?po? (chamber pot); we all had to go to the outside toilet before we went to bed so we did not fill the po. The key to the toilet hung just inside the door, I was about 4 at the time, that key in my memory was HUGE. You went out of the door, turned left walked the length of the house, then the length of the back of 4 toilets, turn left and left again and ours , of course, was the furthest away, unlock the door and there was this enormous toilet seat which I was sure I would fall down and they would never find me.

My Mum always told me my grandmother?s name was Marion Elizabeth Hastings McMillan but checking with the family no-one had heard of this they just all knew her as Lizzie, I also knew she was born in Scotland but the family moved to Leeds when she was a few weeks old. She was married and widowed twice, I knew that my grand-dad had died when my mum was young (14 as it turned out) and that he was Morton, but I also knew that her first husband was Whittaker as my Aunt?s Margaret & Lillian were Whittakers so this is where my research started.

I ordered her marriage certificate?s assuming this would give me her name, age, fathers name & occupation however on both she is listed as just Elizabeth, although I did find her father?s name James McMillan (deceased) and occupation Lead Pipe Maker. Her sister Lillian McMillian was witness at her first wedding and another sister Mary Jane (Jordan) was witness at her second.

From this I was able to trace her Birth and was so pleased to discover her full name was exactly as I had been told. This also told me her father?s name & occupation (which tied up with the marriages certificates) mother?s name, married and maiden, plus when and where they married, Glencairn, Dumfries Scotland. I then started on census working backwards from England & Wales 1911 Elizabeth married to
Charles Morton, with my mum Kate & her 2 half-sisters & brother. 1901 census Edward Whittaker & Elizabeth with three daughters live next door to her brother in law Ernest Jordan her sister Mary Jane Jordan, his wife & another sister Lillian McMillan. In the 1891 census she is a 19 year old general servant and in 1881 she is living with her mother and 3 sisters, Agnes, Margaret & Mary. She died in 1963

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Ancestors Photos

Ah, so difficult to choose which is my favourite, I am lucky that I have quite a choice of old photographs, mainly from the paternal side.

My paternal grandmother predeceased my grandfather and when he died, my father cleared out their house and brought home all these wonderful photographs. This one is probably one of my favourites; it is of my paternal Great Grandparents, John William Warwick 1859-1930 and Margaret Arnold 1859 -1950. It was taken on the occasion of their Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1907, they were both aged 48.

The story goes that when my mother was pregnant with me my parents could not decide on a name. My Father would come home each day, pat my mum on the stomach and say ?How?s our little Nancy today then?, this became such a thing that they decided to call me Nancy. I obviously had other plans and was born 6 weeks early on my Great Grandmother?s birthday and so they named me Margaret in the hope that she would leave her money to me (us) ???not so, but I love the story. As was usual in their time, their eldest son (my Grandfather) was named John Arnold, carrying his mother?s maiden name, this has continued through each generation, my favourite cousin is Arnold, his grandson is Arnold and so it continues.

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Searching for parents of Hannah Parker born about 1801 Moortown, Leeds, Yorkshire

I just seem to have hit a brick wall here. Hannah has stated in all the census that she was born in Moortown and her Year of birth is always about 1801 but cannot find any record of her birth and therefore a clue to her parents.

Can anyone in America tell me when Pawson Culley returned to UK.

I have access to UK BMD, census, Emigration etc so I know when he went but not when he returned. I know he was in New York in the 1930 census and Married in New York in 1940 but he died in the UK in 1977. He was born in 1892. Appreciate any information

Information on when and why Pawson Culley returned to UK

Pawson emigrated to New York in 1923, he is in the 1930 New York census with wife Mary and son's Leonard & William. He re-married in 1940 in New York but died in England in 1977, his son Leonard also died in England in 1993 I cannot find when he returned to England and would love to know when and why.

Death of Mary Culley, wife of Pawson in New York

Mary Culley is shown in the 1930 New York census, her husband re-married in 1940 so I assume she died between 1930 -1940.

Looking for Mary Culley (nee Bull in Barrow in Furness) in New York

Mary Bull married Pawson Culley in 1918, they had 3 children 1 of whom died at birth. He sailed to New York in 1923 and apparently she joined him in 1925. I have her in the 1930 New York census with Pawson, and 2 sons eldest and youngest, what happenedd to the middle one Alan N T. I can find no record of her sailing for NY. She must have died there as Pawson remarried in 1940 but cam back to Barrow in Furness and died there in 1977. I would like to know what happened to Mary, what happen to son Alan N T who was born in 1923 and died in 1997 in Barrow in Furness and why Pawson came back to England. Any clues?

Fanny (Frances) Tindall married John Dickson in Ledsham Yorkshire 1802.

Searching information on John, where and when he was born, his parentage etc