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George Sherman Graham and Elizabeth Bellville in MO

Today was exciting, I received and Email from a descendant of the above couple. I sent a long reply with copies of photographs of the subject individuals and their childrend.

George Sherman GRAHAM's father has been elusive in my research which I started in 1982. George's sister, Louisa B. GRAHAM, married George's wife's father, Marion BELLVILLE in 1870 in Missouri. There was 13 years difference in age between Louisa - the stepmother and also the sister in law to Elizabeth, known as Lizzie. I assume they became very close.

The father, Charles Wilson GRAHAM, est 1803-1870, has some odd family stories related to me by my Aunt Louella GREEK and my mother, Imogene GREEK.

#1 - Charles was married and fell in love with the household maid [Mary Helms]. He left the family home in VA or KY with the maid and daughter Louisa in tow, they settled in Iowa, where they had additional children: Charles Wilson #2 1858-1923; Franklin Jasper 1862-1931 and George Sherman 1868-1945. There were other children who died early in life, Johnnie 1864-1875 died of measles; William Henry, fell out of chair and broke his neck, and Luellen - no dates or cause of death for Wm Henry or Luellen. This information came from a family history written for George Sherman GRAHAM by his grandson, Lawrence GRAHAM.

#2 Charles Wilson #1, was murdered in Rockport, Atchison, Missouri. He was going back to Iowa or Boliver, MO and was ambushed. I can not find confirmation of this story.

Mary HELMS married Seth GOODWIN about 1874 after Charles W. died. I have read the Civil War Widow's Pension application on Marian BELLVILLE and there are several affidavats signed by Mary GOODWIN.

It's been an excitying morning and I am going to to review Lawrence GRAHAM's entries.

Charles Wilson Graham, 1803-1870 im Iowa, MO

I have been searching for Charles Wilson Graham SR since 1982. I have been unable to locate a hint of who his parents were.

1860 Census in Iowa; with wife Mary and daughter Louisa B. and son Charles W. JR. I can find Louisa and Charles JR thru the 1920 Census.

1870 Census; in Iowa living with his wife Mary and sons; next door to daughter Louisa Belville and her family. Charles was killed/murdered near Rockport Illinois? estimated 1870-1875.

A Graham family history written by George Sherman Graham and Ira Graham about 1970, indicates that Charles W. Graham was born in Virgina; had an Aunt or Sister named Florence but no proof of this connection is available.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with a hint of a connection or a new direction to research.


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