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CORBETT - Corbett has been incorrectly listed sometimes as Corlett. This Corbett family came from Gloucestershire, England. George Corbett was born in Hartpury, Gloucestershire in 1838, he married Sarah Houldey who was born in 1833 in Gloucester.
They had five children: Florence M. Corbett (b: 1864), Agnes Corbett (b: 1866), Gertrude Corbett (b: 1867), Beatrice M. Corbett (b: 1869), Winifred Corbett (b: 1871). What little information I have about these children is mainly about Agnes, she was a Nurse, and in 1891 was in charge of the Comscote Road, Mission Houses in St Nicholas, Warwickshire.
I would like to find out more about this family.

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DAVIS ? The Davis line I have been following begins as this point with Joseph Davis who was born in Ireland in 1815, his occupation was a ?spiker? as listed on the British 1851 census, and his wife was Jemmima; she was born in 1820 in Shorpshire, England.
Between them they had four children: Ann Davis (b: 1842), Joseph Davis (b: 1844 ), Allis [Alice] Davis (b: 1847) & Thomas Davis (b: 1849). Joseph Junior is my ancestor, and he married Hariett Henn. Of the other three children I know very little. I would like to find out what happened to Joseph siblings, and also find out who Joseph senior?s parents were.


CREBBIN - Variations to the spelling of Crebbin include: Crebbin, Crebben, Cribbin, Cribben, Crabbin, Crabben, Crabbing, Cubbin.
No Crebbin?s or variations of have been found in NSW until 1903. Nor in Tasmania between 1803-1899. There has been a book written about Crebbin?s coming to Australia and it listed the first Crebbin in Australia as having come on the first fleet as an Officer.
The Crebbin line I am researching begins with Thomas Crebbin who married Elizabeth Naomi White in 1874, in Victoria, Australia. However, Thomas came from the Isle of Man, UK.
Thomas and Elizabeth had 8 children and lived mostly in the Richmond area of Melbourne, Victoria. Their children were: Richard Crebbin (1874 ? 1940), Emily Elizabeth Crebbin (b: 1876), Ada Annie Crebbin (b: 1878), Elizabeth Jane Crebbin (1880 ? 1934), Thomas George Crebbin (b: 1882), Henry Crebbin (b: 1886), Allan Crebbin (1888 ? 1889), Elsie Crebbin (b: 1889).
I would like to find out who Thomas? parents were and what happened to all of his children.


WHITTEN - Whitten is sometimes been spelt incorrectly as Whitton/Witten/Witon. The line I have been researching starts with George Whitten who was born in 1833 in Ireland. George married Francis Sarah Ewing (Ewins/Ewings), and they had seven children. George and Francis emigrated to Australia with the first 5 of their children between 1850 & 1855. The family settled in the Ballarat area.
The children were: Jane Whitten (1841 ? 1921), Mary Witten (1843 ? 1905), Alicia Whitten (1846 ? 1917), Elizabeth Ann Whitten (1848 ? 1931), William John Whitten (1850 ? 1918), Sarah Whitton (1855 ? 1856), & George Whitten (1858 ? 1901).


TOWN ? This Town family originated in England; in Kent. The line begins to my knowledge with John Town who was born in 1737. His father according to christening records was Daniel Town, but his mother was not listed.
John married a girl named Elizabeth, and they had 7 children: John, Elizabeth, Thomas, Robert, Anne & John. I do not know anything about 6 of the children except their birth year. Thomas is the line I was following, and he married Elizabeth Jeffrey and had 12 children.
I would like to trace Thomas? brothers and sisters and find out who they married where they moved to. If I can I would like to find out who John?s parents were as well.

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HENN ? My Henn family originated in Birmingham, England. John Henn is the first of this line so far known to me. He was born in 1814 in Birmingham, and married Elizabeth Foxall who was also born in Birmingham, in 1816. They had five children before John died, sometime before 1861.
The children were: George Henn (b: 1838), William Henn (b: 1840), Sarah Henn (b: 1842), Hariett Henn (b: 1845) & James Henn (b: 1846).
I know that William married a girl named Elizabeth, and they 13 children (or possibly more). Hariett married Jospeh Davis and they had 4 children. James married Sarah Grice and had at least two children.
Hariett is my ancestor, but I would be keen to know what happened to her siblings and also to find out who John and Elizabeth?s parents were.

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HOLLOWAY - from Southampton, Hampshire, England

HOLLOWAY ? James Holloway is the beginning of my line. His father was Isaac, and James was born in 1835 in Southampton. James had two wives, however I do not know anything at all about his first one. When James married Elizabeth Gillard, in 1873, he was listed as a widow. I would like to find out more about James? parents, and his first wife.
James and Elizabeth had nine children: Thomas Holloway (b: 1869), James Holloway (b: 1871), Henry Holloway (b: 1873 ? 1950), Alfred Holloway (b: 1878), Mary Ann Holloway (b: 1880), George Holloway (b: 1881), Agnes Holloway (b: 1883), Charles Holloway (b: 1884), William Holloway (b: 1888). Henry is my ancestor, but I would like to find out more about his brothers and sisters too.

RANDELL & RANDELL-MAJOR - from Southampton, England

RANDELL OR RANDELL-MAJOR ? I believe this was a hyphenated surname, but often the second half was left off.
My line begins with George Randell, who married Mary, I have no birth or death dates for this couple at all. They had five children between them, but I believe George died whilst the children were still young. The children were: Jane Randell (b:1848), Rebecca Randell (b:1853), Thomas Randell (b:1855), Ellis Randell (b:1858), Georgina Randell (b:1864). Rebecca is my ancestor, but I would like to determine what happened to her brothers and sisters, as well finding out more about her parents/grandparents.

MACEY - From Southampton, Hampshire, England

MACEY ? My Macey line cam from Southampton. Isaac Macey was born in 1852, and his fathers name was Charles. I know nothing else about Charles or Isaac?s mothers name, but would like to find out.
Isaac married Rebecca Randell-Major on June 6th, 1875. They had 10 children to my knowledge all born in Southampton. The youngest son was Albert Richard Macey, who was my great grandfather. He came to Australia with his wife Florence Minnie Holloway in 1925, but I believe all of Albert?s brothers and sister remained in England.
I would like to trace their family lines too, they were: Charles William Macey (b:1877), Mary Georgina Macey (b:1878), Frederick George Macey (b:1880), Annie L. Macey (b:1882), Margaret Jane Macey (b:1885), Isaac H. Macey (b:1887), George Macey (b:1889), James Ellis Macey (b:1890), John Macey (b:1893), Albert Richard Macey (1895 ? 1976). I do know that Mary married a Frederick J. Flood.

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JENNINGS - England

JENNINGS ? My Jennings line begins with Joseph Jennings, who was actually Joseph Henry White!
Joseph was born in 1858 in London and was a wire worker, as a family listed as JENNINGS were living at 10 Goldsmith Buildings, Haggerston, London in 1901.
Joseph appears to have had two wives. The first being Harriett Martin, and the second Annie unknown, possible this is where the Jennings came from.
Joseph and Harriett had 8 children (that I can find): Elizabeth Harriett, Joseph F. S., Albert E. M., Arthur E., Annie E. A., Jessie H., Alice J. & George H. These childrens births were registered as White, but the family name changed between 1891 and 1901.
My line decends from Albert Edwin Martin Jennings, born 21 March 1884, Hertfordshire. I would like to find out what happened to the rest of these children, but also to find out more about Joseph and his wives.

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