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Buttigieg (The Rooster Crows)

On or about 12 December 1942 on the fall of Libya to the German army, and due to the fact that Antonio was of Maltese descent , and a British subject, he along with his family was interned and sent to the Fossili concentration camp in Reggio Emilia in Italy.

While in the camp a young local girl caught his eye, as every day she walked by the camp doing messages for her mother. And she, I might mention was also taken by the young man behind the fence. Over time a bond grew between these young people. Her name was Rosina.

At wars end when the prison guards fled the camp, so too did Tony, straight to the arms of his beloved Rosa.

On January the 2nd 1945 the couple eloped and were married, a short time later Tony and Rosy along with his family were repatriated back to Tripoli.

As is always the case in war things are never the same as were left. Tony and his family discovered that all the belongings they had accumulated prior to being imprisoned had long since been looted leaving them with nothing.

Let it not be said that love cannot find a way. Tony and Rosie found accommodation and in the next eleven years they had seven children. Two boys did not survive their first year.

In about 1956 Tony and Rosie decided due to the political situation in Libya they would have to migrate. They made enquires, and with a choice of England, Canada or Australia, they chose Australia.

In late 1956 Tony leaving his family, sailed for Melbourne, Australia with the intention of finding a job and some where to live. It was not an easy task, as Melbourne had a shortage of housing at this time and also jobs were hard to find.

In 1957 Rosina and her five children, after crossing from Tripoli to Naples by ferry, boarded the ?Neptunia? for the voyage to her new home in Melbourne.

Tony and Rosie had borrowed the money to pay their own fair to Australia, so for the first few years things were tough.

Tony found a job with General Motors Holden at Dandenong and with Rosie finding work, in 1958 they moved into their own home in Doveton. From there things could only get better and they did.

In 1981 sadly, Alfredo the second eldest son died in a car accident.

As you relize there is a lot more to this story than I can write here. The family has grown in leaps and bounds. Where once the family in Australia consisted of only seven members, now when the family gets together there are four children and their spouses, fourteen Grandchildren and their spouses, sixteen Great Grandchildren and a further seven foster and step Grandchildren.

Witick from Walsall, Staffordshire, England

Wittick also known as Wrightwick, Whitwick, John and Walter transported to Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania, Australia) in 1822