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Charles MAIDMENT + Hannah PICKERING - New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

CHARLES MAIDMENT was born about 1816 in UK

he arrived in Marlborough, New Zealand, prior to 1859 when he married Hannah PICKERING at Wairau

they had 9 chilren and can be seen at above link
1860 - Sarah Maidment
1862 - Edment Maidment
1864 - Mary Esther Maidment
1866 - William Henry Maidment
1868 - Walter Maidment
1869 - Eliza Maidment
1871 - Mary Elizabeth Maidment
1873 - Emily Maidmet
1875 - Maude Maidment

1883 - Samuel Maidment Rowe, see story below

a TIMELINE for Charles Maidment:
- all this info is at his link above with a number of extra links -

16 July 1859 - MARRIED
- On the 16th July, at Wairau, by the Rev. T. D. Nicholson, Mr. Charles Maidment, of Manuka Cottage, Fox Island, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. William Pickering, of Richmond

1 November 1862
Victoria, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, to SAMUEL KINGDON, of Trafalgar-street, in the City of Nelson, in the Province of Nelson, in the Colony of New Zealand, soliciitor, greeting
... WHEREAS, an ACTION is now pending in our Supreme Court of New Zealand, in the Middle District, between THOMAS BATCHELOR, of the City of Nelson, in the said Province of Nelson, Shoemaker, Plaintiff, and CHARLES MAIDMENT, late of Wairau, in the Province of Marlborough, in the said colony, Grazier, now out the said colony, Defendant, and in order that the plaintiff may proceed in the said action, we command you that you do RETAIN and KEEP all and singular, the moneys and Chattels, Books of Accounts, Bills, Bonds, Notes, Securities, and other PROPERTY of whatsoever nature, in the custody or under the control of you at the time of the service of this writ, belonging to the above-named CHARLES MAIDMENT, or to or in which the said CHARLES MAIDMENT shall at that time be legally or equiably entitled, or otherwise beneficially invested, and all debts of every kind then due by you to such defendant, although the same or part thereof may be payable only at a future day:
And we further command you that you in your own proper person be and appear before our said Court, or a Judge thereof, sitting at Chambers, at the City of Nelson aforesaid, on the 19th day of January next, at Ten o`clock in the foremoon, then and there to be examined, touching the premises, and to do and to receive what shall then and there be considered of you in that behalf, this you shall in no wise omit
- (Seal of the Supreme Court of New Zealand) - Witness,
- ALEXANDER JAMES JOHNSTON, Esquire, a Judge of the Supreme Court
- of New Zealand, at Nelson, the 28th day of October, 1862
This writ was issued by HENRY ADAMS, of Hardy-street, in the City of Nelson,in the Province of Nelson, in New Zealand, Solicitor for the plaintiff. If you part with any of the defendant`s property or pay any debts due to him, you will become personally responsible to the plaintiff

6 December 1866 - ELECTION OF WARDENS
An election of Wardens for the Horikiwi Road District was held on the 9th ult., when Messrs. Francis Fisk and Charles Maidment were elected in the room of Messrs. John White and Noel Camerson resigned
For the Tukapu Road District, Messrs. George Morris, Edward Edwards and William Woodman have been elected in the room of Messrs. John Ford, Friend Hook, and Henry Taylor

- Provincial Secretary`s Office Wellington
NOTICE has been given to this Office, under the hand of the undermentioned Chairman, that at a meeting of the Ratepayers, held on the 19th of November, 1867, the following persons were elected members of the Board of Wardens for the ensuing two years, viz, Mr:-
Francis FISK
Richard RELF
Henry DAMANT, Chairman
W. HICKSON, Provincial Secretary

4 December 1869 - TENDERS
Provincial Secretary`s Office, Wellington, 10th Nov., 1869
The following Tenders are published for general information - For Rock cutting at the Gorges, 5 Chains more or less:
C. Maidment ... 78 15 0d - accepted
W. Bassett ... 80 0 0d - delined
John Till ... 2s 2 per yard - declined
C. White ... 185 0 0d - declined

7 February 1873 - SUB CONTRACTING
Charles Maidment sued A. A. Hunter for 48 2s 6d due upon one contract, and 24 2s 4d upon two others. The contracts were all entered into at differnt times, though all were being carried on simultaneously. Mr Buckley, who appeared for the defendant, pointed out that the case did not come within the jurisdiction of the Court, as the payments which had been made to plaintiff had not been made on any particular contract, but on the whole work in hand. Mr Ollivier combatted this view of the case, on the plea that all the contracts were not only disjoined as well as takem at different periods, but the conditions and rates of pay were also different. After portion of the evidence had been taken the magistrate said he felt considerable doubt as to the question of jurisdiction, and as the absence of a material witness for plaintiff would prevent the case from being concluded at once he suggested a short adjournment. By mutual agreement Saturday next was fixed for the rehearing

12 April 1873
I will on MONDAY, the 14th day of APRIL, 1873, at 12 0`clock noon, sell, or cause to be sold, all the right, title, and interest of C. Maidment, in and to a certain horse, cart, and harness, seized by me under warrant issued from Resident Magistrate`s Court, Wellington, in above case
- BLAKE BUTLER - Constable

19 January 1874 - TENDERS
The following tenders for road metal were accepted:-

Gorges to Mungaroa, JAMES BROWN, 2s per yard
Ngahauranga to Hutt Bridge, F. ROE, 2s 6d per yard
Hutt Bridge to Black Bridge, C. MAIDMENT, 2s 6d per yard
Black Bridge to Gorge, C. MAIDMENT, 3s per yard
7 April 1876 - TENDERS
Teners were directed to be called for work in the Peninsula and Ohiro districts. The tender of Charles Colson and Elijah short, for metalling the Taita road, was acepted, subjet to the approval of the overseer. The tender of W. Rouse, W. R. Welch, C. Maidment, and Giles Edwards were declinded

12 November 1878 - EPUNI RATEPAYERS
WE, the undersigned Ratepayers of the Epuni Riding, request that you will allow yourself to be Nominated at the forthcoming Election, to represent us in the Epuni Riding, and we will do our utmost to ensure your return:-
Robert SMITH
Frederick BROWNE
George HILL
Thomas BURT

20 February 1883 - DOMESTIC INFELICITY
Charles Maidment was charged with having made use of threatening language towards his wife, Hannah Maidment, wherefore she prayed that he might be bound over to keep the peace towards her. Mr. H. H. Travers appeared for the complainant and Mr. Edward Shaw for the accused, who denied the offence. The prosecutrix deposed that she had lived a most unhappy life with her husband, and had been obliged to leave the house and go to service. Some days ago she met the defendant, who said he would blow her brains out if she continued to go to Roe`s house at the Lower Hutt. In cross-examination by Mr Shaw, the witness said that she had deserted her husband for the purpose of living with Roe. She was not cohabiting with that person. She admitted that she had shown her daughter linen intended for a child about to be born, but denied she told the girl that it was for a child by Roe. She had been separated from her husband for over a year. At this stage Mr Travers said the revelation had taken him by surprise, and he did not intend to proceed further with it. The information was dismissed with costs

1 March 1883
- 9Samuel ROE is also written ROWE in other publications)
Samuel ROE & Charles MAIDMENT - At the Resident Magistrate`s Court, Lower Hutt, yesterday, before Mr. H. S. Wardell, R.M., Samuel Roe and John Gooch were charged with having assaulted Charles Maidment. Mr. W. T. L. Travers appeared for the accused, and pleaded Not Guilty. Mr Shaw was for the complainant, who desposed that he was 61 (? 67) years of age. Two years ago his wife left him and went to live with Roe. She had borne him nine children. On the 15th instant Roe and Gooch struck him over the head with a whip, and one of them kicked him two or three times. Elizabeth Maidment, daughter of proseutor, also gave evidence, in the course of which she said that her mother had told her the youngest child was not the complainants. For the defence, Roe deposed that he struck prosecutor after the latter had assaulted him. Elizabeth Gooch gave evidence that she heard Maidment threaten to split Roe`s head open. Mrs Maidment was living with Roe as his housekeeper. John Gooch and Mrs Maidment were also examined. The evidence disclosed a sad state of affairs. The Court held the offence proved, and Roe was fined 40s and costs, being also bound over to keep the peace. Gooch was mulcted in a penalty of 20s and costs

9 April 1883 - MAIDMENT v MAIDMENT
- divorce and matrimonia, causes jurisdiction.
Charles MAIDMENT petitioner, of Wellington, contractor, sues for dissolution of marriage on the ground`s of the repondent`s alleged adultery with the co-respondent, Samuel ROWE, of the Hutt, settler. The parties were married at Wairau, in the Marlborough district on the 16 July 1859, the wife`s name being Hannah PICKERING. Since the marriage petitioner and his wife lived together at Wairau, and subsequently at the Hutt, and there have been issue of ten children, the eldest of whom is married to a resident in Palmerston North. The petitioner alleges that on or about the 13th June 1881, and on other occasions since that date, and on the 28th March last, the respondent committed adultery with the co-respondent at the Hutt, wherefore the petitioner prays for a decree granting the annulment of his marriage, and further seeks that the co-respondent may be ordered to pay the sum of 1000 by way of damages, together with the whole of the costs incidental to the proceedings

20 November 1883 - PARALYSIS OR DRINK ?
Charles Maidment pleaded Not Guilty to having been drunk and incapable yesterday afternoon. Constable Madden and Sergeant Lyons proved the case. The accused stoutly denied that he was drunk, asserting that he was suffering from paralysis, and not from intoxication. A fine of 5s was imposed

3 October 1890
FATAL AFFRAY AT LOWER HUTT - involving Walter Maidment (Charles`s son)-
a fight occurred at the Lower Hutt at an early hour on Tuesday morning between a number of young men and three or four Chinamen ...
the the Coroner`s Juries
the final day of the case

New Zealand Times, 27 January 1877
The Anniversary Day was marked by more accidents than we ever remember to have known previously, occur in one day. In addition to those alluded to yesterday, a fatal accident occurred at the Hutt. It appears that a lad named Henry Maidment, son of an old resident in the district, was thrown from his horse and received injuries which resulted in death. Inspector Atcheson received the following telegram from Constable Stewart yesterday:- "Mr Maidment, of the Hutt, fell off his horse on his head at 6pm yesterday, and died at 6am today. Inquest at 10am to-morrow."
- would like to know who this `lad` was ??

28 December 1897 - DEATH
MAIDMENT - On 27th December, 1897, at Petone, Walter John Maidment; aged 28 years
... the Friends of Mr E. J. Maidment are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late brother, Walter John, which will leave his residence, Jackson-street, Petone, for St James cemetery, Lower Hutt, on Wednesday, 19th December, 1897, at 2.30pm
- who was this ??

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