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Successful Wellington District Candidates 19 Feb 1913
The results of the Civil Service senior examinations, held last January, are to hand. The appended list includes the names of those candidates from Wellington and district who have passed the examination or who have succeeded in two or more subjects. The results of former examinations and of equivalent examinations have been taken into account.

- denotes died while on active service
- (some birth dates may be approximate, based on age at death) -

The list is as follows:-
George Edward ALLEY (1894-1963)
Thomas William Mark ASHBY (1892-1957)
Bernard Carl ASHWIN (1896-1975)

Arthur Edwin BATE (1896-1966)
Francis Evenson BEAMISH (1876-1942)
James Henry BEAUMONT (1895-1983)
Nellie Ellis BROWN (1894-1983)
- Nellie married Carl August BERENDSEN (1890-1973) in 1917
- Sir Carl was knighted in 1946
Enoch BRUCE-LEVY (1892-1985)
Howard Francis BUCKLEY
Ambrose Patrick BURKE

Charles Samuel CARRAD (1888-1972)
George Herbert CHESTERMAN (1886-1978)
Fred CHITTENDEN (1890-1959)
Alice COCKER - New Plymouth (1895-1986)
- Alice married William Hector SCARROW (1892-1975) in 1926
Francis William COMERFORD (1883-1871) - Palmerston North
Thomas Collins COMRIE
Ronald Webber COOPER (1895-1971)
Ernest COYLE (1882-1964)
Thomas Henry CROSBIE (1897-1971)

Victor Leonard Marie DANIEL (1888-1980)
Roy John Montgomery DAVIES (1895-1973)
Arnold Fielder DOWNER (1895-1984) - Palmerston North

Veronica FLANAGAN (1895-1982)
- didn't marry
Cedric Victor FORDHAM (1891-1968)

Arthur Milne GILL (1890-1984)
Amos William GODSELL (1897-1917)
- son of John GODSELL & Margaret Eleanor MEAGHER
- KILLED in ACTION 7 June 1917 in Belgium. His next of kin was Mrs Katherine McKeowen (sister), 50 Ohiro Road, Wellington
Reginald Henry GREVILLE (1894-1972)

Samuel HALE - Wanganui
Douglas Stuart HAMILTON (1894-1989)
Margaret Amy HARLE (1895-1988) - New Plymouth
- Margaret married John Joseph McKAY (1885-1971) in 1923

Thomas Joseph KING (1891-1971)

Levi Albert LOWE (1886-1957)

Alfred Alexander McARTHUR (?-1916)
- Alfred served in WWI as Sergeant 10/4505. He was KILLED in ACTION 2 July 1916 in Somme, France. His next of kin was Mrs J.J. McArthur (mother), Francis Street, Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia
William Ross McCULLOCH (1896-1982)
Samuel McDOWALL (1891-1976)
Richard Thomas McELLIGOTT (1892-1949)
Robert Harry MARTIN (1895-1976)
Evelyn McLaurin MONTEATH - New Plymouth
James Alexander MUNRO (1882-1922)

Lucy O'DONOGHUE (1876-1970)
Peter Joseph O'SULLIVAN (1890-1969)

Robert Adams PATTERSON (1892-1971)
Ebenezer PEARCE (1896-1957)

Frank Stanley READ (1890-1972)
Edwin Walter Horace RIDDELL (1887-1959)
- formerly of Wanganui, in Auckland 1917
Stephen ROBERTS (1893-1963)
Frederick Charles ROBINSON (1889-1977)
John Thomas RUTHERFORD (1889-1962)
George William SCOTT
Francis SHAW
Robert Patrick SMYTH (1894-1981)
Leslie Harvey STEEL (1899-1975)

Robert John TAYLOR
Alfred Charles THOMSON (1892-1967)

James Stanley WAITE
Harold Beanland WALTON (1891-1968) - Wanganui
Gerald Hill WEIR (1891-1971)
Ernest Charles Beresford-WILKINSON (?-1915)
- Ernest served as Rifleman 23/678 with 1st Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, C Company. He was KILLED in ACTION Xmas Day 1915 in Egypt. He enlisted from Paeroa, his next of kin was Mrs M. Beresford-Wilkinson (mother), Broadway, Reefton
Nevill Lushanus WRIGHT
- served in WWI as Sergeant 22743 with NZ Rifles, 7th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He was a Chemist. On 13 August 1948: a British Subject, of 25, Kitchener Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, do hereby declare the nature of this invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, to be particularly described and ascertained in and by the following statement: The invention relates to building board of the type comprising matted or interlocked wood or other cellulosic fibres, and has for its object the provision of improvements designed to render said type of building board fire-resistant.
Irene Kathleen WYLLIE (1895-1958) - New Plymouth

Victor Raymond BERNARD (1891-1918)
- Victor was the 7th of 9 children of Manuel Joseph BERNARD (1847-1928) & Ann Eliza Newcomin RAYNER (1856-1912). He served in WWI as Private 1/306 with Samoan Advance Party, B Company, embarking from Wellington 15 August 1914. His next of kin was M.T. Bernard, 87 Tainui Terrace, Lyall Bay. Victor died aged 27 during the Flu Pandemic

John Joseph O'CONNOR
Reuben James CORNWELL (1894-1962)

Herbert Kerr EDIE (1891-1965)

Albert Barton-GINGER (1891-1969)
- sometimes named Barton or Albert, surname may or may not have been hyphenated. Barton starred in the 1927 NZ movie "Under The Southern Cross" as Robert Fenton, an English fraudster who framed the hero for crimes he himself had committed. He married Irene STONE (1901-1971) in January 1936. He is mentioned in the book The Trials of Eric Mareo

Harry Cecil HEAYS (1884-1965)

William Moore ISITT (1892-1978)

Michael Joseph LAWLESS (1894-?)
- 4th of 6 known children of John LAWLESS (1869-1905) & Bridget FRANCIS (1875-1935). He served in WWI as Staff Sergeant 66224 with the NZEF, Army Pay Corps. His next of kin was J. Lawless (father), 48 Broughton Street, South Dunedin
note his mother Bridget is buried in Block 0R at Southern Cemetery, Dunedin with 159 others

Charles Edward Claud MILNER (1889-1972)

George Felgate PENLINGTON (1891-1979)

Thomas Cedric Victor RABONE (1892-1970) - New Plymouth
Hugh Miller Christie ROBERTSON (1882-1927)

Leonard SPILLER (1884-1949)

Charles Gardiner WILSON (1895-1968)
- son of James John WILSON & Emma GARDINER

Bazilius de BAKKER (1865-1922)
- 1 of 3 sons of Bazilius de BAKKER & Henrietta THIELE
Robert Charles BARNETT (1890-1986)
Samuel Alfred BENNETT (1884-1945)
Roland Yorke BOYES (1882-1972)
Joseph Downes BURNS (1891-1957)
Russell Grant CAIGON (1891-1971)
- born in brighton, Victoria Australia to Charles Daniel CAIGOU & Sarah Jane ALEXANDER (who married in NZ as Caigon). Russell died in Rotorua as Caigou. He married Esther Ann LAWN (1895-1982) as Caigou in Greymouth in 1921
Harry James CAMERON (1890-1918)
- Harry served in WWI as Company Sergeant Major 1/9 with the NZEF, 25th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company. His next of kin was his father, William Cameron, Manan Road, Whangarei, North Auckland. He was KILLED in ACTION 18 July 1918 in France aged 28
Charles CATES (1894-1971)
Francis Leslie CHAPMAN (1891-1971)
Charles Oliver COAD (1894-1975)
Philip Sydney Newell CONNELL (1896-1986)

Royden Robert DAWLER/DOWLER - New Plymouth
Kouru EREATRA - New Plymouth

William Thomas FINDLAY (1891-1937) - Wanganui
William James FORSYTH (1895-1967)
William James FURRIE (1885-1932)
Charles Jeremiah March FAIR (1895-1915)

John Hugh Zealand GEDDES (1895-1915)
- John was born at Coalbrookdale Mine on the West Coast of NZ, 3rd of 9 known children of William GEDDES & Harriett Matilda ROWLEY from Newcastle, NSW. John served in WWI as Private 8/726 with the Otago Infantry battalion. His next of kin was Mrs Harriet Geddes (mother), Millerton, Westport, Greymouth. He enlisted from 3 Lipman Street, Wellington and he DIED of his WOUNDS 9 May 1915 at sea on the HMT Southland from Gallipoli. See photo below
William Alexander GORDON
Ian Burman GOW

George Moffatt HAIGH (1892-1916)
- George was the 1st of 9 children of George HAIGH & Anne Isabella JAMES. He served in WWI as Rifleman 24/173 with the 2nd Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, A Company, embarking 9 Oct 1915. He enlisted from 30 Papanui Road, Canterbury, his next of kin was: G. Haigh (father), 8 Wilson Street, Wellington. George was KILLED in ACTION 15 Sep 1916 on Somme, France
Thomas Robert HANCOCK (1895-1966) - New Plymouth
James Stanley HUNTER (1898-1972)

Charles Ronald KREEFT (1892-1949)
- Charles was a son of Charles Vaughan KREEFT (1859-1924, born Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, played Right-hand batsman, fast bowler for Wellington 1882-83) & Annie Henrietta LAWSON (1864-1923)

Henry Alexander LAMB (1885-1953)
Horace George Hewett LARKING (1895-1916)
- Horace was 1 of 6 men killed in a tunnel in a Premature Railway Quarry Explosion in Ohakune ... On the 15th May 1916 at Ohakune, accidently killed, Horace Gregory Hewitt, eldest son of mr and Mrs J. F. G. Larking, of Duncan St., Wanganui East; aged 21 years. Friends are informed that the Funeral will leave deceased parents' residence, Duncan St., at 2.45 p.m. to-day (Thursday), 18th inst., connecting with the tram leaving town at 3.10 p.m. at Aramoho Terminus
Ernest Thomas LAYBURN (1894-1986)

Joseph Leo McALISTER (1896-1952)
Garland Oswald MORGAN (1893-1915)
- Garland was the only son of 4 children of Tom Henry MORGAN & Mary Amelia Ann EVERETT. He served in WWI as Sapper 4/558 with the New Zealand Engineers. He enlisted from Bealey street, Saint Albans, Christchurch, his next of kin was Mrs Mary Amelia Morgan, 35 Wilson Street, Hawera. Garland was KILLED in ACTION in Gallipoli 11 May 1915
George Richardson Onslow MULHOLLAND (1890-1944) - Dannevirke

Ivan Comrie ROBINSON (1896-1965)

Walter George SAGE (1893-1917)
- Walter was THE 11th of 11 children of Clifford SAGE & Mary Eliza ASHBY. Walter served in WWI as Sapper 17008 with the NZEF, 16th Reinforcements Divisional Signallers, New Zealand Engineers, embarking from Wellington 19 Aug 1916. His next of kin was Clifford Sage (father), 230 East Belt, Ashburton. Walter DIED of his WOUNDS 15 Oct 1917 in Belgium aged 24
Joseph George SCHMIDT (1888-?)
- Joseph was a son of George SCHMIDT & Hannah KANE. Joseph married Mary Patricia BAILEY in 1911. They had a son 21 Jan 1913 at 212 The Terrace, Wellington. He was an active member of the Victoria University Debating Team & was elected Treasurer in March 1916 & the Hon. Auditor in April 1917
Walter Edmund SHANAHAN (1887-1953)
Laurence William SIMPSON (1895-1940)
Charles Spencer SLOCOMBE
Norman Robertson SMELLIE

Leonard Walter TATTLE
Harold Mill TREMEWAN - Palmerston North

John Bruno WALTER
James Browning WATSON
Stewart Lyons WHITE
Edward James Lister WHITING 0- Wanganui
Rowland Williams WILLIS


Mark Campbell AULD - New Plymouth

Charles Hugh BEGGS
Francis Henry BRIGGS - Wanganui

Herbert Stanley CLARKE
William Harold COOP
Harold James CRAIG
Mathew William CUMMINS
James CURTAYNE - Palmerston North

George Edward DINNISS (1879-1955) - New Plymouth

Percival GRANGER

Henry Lloyd HALLIDAY
Herbert HARRIS

Cecil Albert JEFFREY

George Thomas KELLEWAY
Frances Isabel KNIGHT

Chrissie LAW - New Plymouth
Ernest Wellesley LEE
Philip Arthur LEWIS
Horace Campbell LUSTY
Michael James LYNCH

William Osborne OXENHAM

Frederick Joseph PASSMERE

William Roy ROBSON

Michael Patrick SHALE - Wangaui
James Alexander Graham SIMPSON - Wanganui
Alfred Walter SMITH
William Ernest STEVENS
Karl Justus STRACK

George Austin THOMSON

Herbert Oscar WISELEY

Frederick Benjamin ABURN (1895-1975)
- 1st of 4 children of Stephen Samuel ABURN & Bessie DAVIS, Frederick served in WWI as Lance Corporal 26/1559 with the NZ Rifle Brigade, 2nd Reinforcements 4th Battalion, H Company, embarking from Wellington 1 April 1916. His next of kin was Mrs S.S. Aburn (mother), 82 Harbour Terrace, Dunedin. Frederick married Lucy Eleanor MILLINGTON (1893-1944) in 1921. His probate was in Masterton in 1976

Launcelot Thornton BOYES
William James BROOKE
Lionel Robert St Pierre BRUCE

William Vincent CHEGWIDDEN
William Henry COULTER

Claude James Hunter DAVIDSON


George Albert HAMPSON
Melville Earl HANKINS
William Henry HOCKING - Palmerston North
Paul Donellan KOSHINS
Charles HUNT

John Howard Leigh JAMES

Ernest Biuckley KAY
Tom Chisholm KENNEDY

Arthur Henry Douglas MacDOUGALL
Denis Thaddeus NORONEY

Niels Israelsen NIELSEN - Palmerston North

Frederick George PARKER
Edgar Morgan PHILLIPS
Leonard Rahiri POUTAWERA

Richard RYALLS
Francis Newport RYAN

Robert Joshua SINGENOR

Roy Cameron WATSON
Annie Millicent WEBB
Reginald Norman WILTON - Masterton

, birth place of John Hugh Zealand GEDDES
taken from the site Denniston, 8th Wonder of the World

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