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Cold there still be a royal Member of the French Bloodline?

Journal by jsaufley514

For over 200 years people have tried to answer this Question, An some still are trying to find this out. When most think of the French Royal Bloodline Of France they think of Louis XVI. The last King of France an the 1st of the specific branch of the French monarchy to be beheaded within the country of France. I tell you at this moment that I have found the one question most have filed to answer. Some are appalled by what I have found, an some turn a blind eye. Because they say none it matters anymore an that its not worth pointing out because there is no more French monarchy. Well I beg to differ, if its no use pointing out then why was there a big huge event taking place around 1850-1860.Where scientist spent over a good decade with facts (theories none the less) to prove that the hole Bourbon Branch had been wiped out by the French revolution. Yet some are still convinced tell this day that some where out there is still a descended of the throne to France. An with the small hope in the back of there minds they hope they are connected in some way. Well Like I said before I have found that one question that has been dormant for over two hundred years. Is there still a French descended to the French Throne still alive tell this day, An if (not well there is no French monarchy so bla bla bla bla) No if there still was a French Monarchy tell this day. Yes there would still be a descended to the French throne none the less, this person that I have connected to the French Throne is the only one according to the French Salic Law, an stack of documented Facts bare Claim the title an surname. As its written in the scrolls many of the laws which we live by tell this day, it is his,.. birth right. (or different forms of Birth Right)

If there is any anyone willing an able to take action under the terms of the Salic law an in some way contact someone of the French government to hear what I have to say I would be very grateful.

Noted; The person for which I am appointing this story to is not on here because, We live in a world of such an such as to were such info can not be posted because of the fear of someone corrupting all that I have worked for. Also this is only a small amount of what I have to say. Contact me if you want to hear more.

Noted; I can not get a hold of anyone to hear me out on this story, based on harden facts. I need someone of the French Government. (French Government) Not the U.s French Government.

I would be more then happy to answer your ??

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on 2014-02-22 23:42:31

I am trying to prove that there still is a French Descended of the Royal Bloodline an at the same time restore that person family sur-name an title. I will get this done regardless with or without anyone help, but im just trying to speed up the process. Anyone who can get me in with direct contact with someone of the French government, Not the French u.s.a Government as I come to know they have no authority over this creation subject. what I ask is simple, Restore the Last name sur-name an title. Im sure this is possible giving that queen Elizabeth is still considered a queen, all in all this all depend on what im asking, so on a professional level, anyone of power welling an able to hear my story and grant me the request of sure-name an title to the person for which I am reppusenting at this time tell I can verify your help, I would be very grateful.

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by joann70 on 2016-11-16 04:40:18

I have traced our family back through many Kings of France as my great grandfathers. You can reach me through [email protected]

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