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Jack Forsyth BRISTED + Isabel Stuart REID - Wellington

Journal by ngairedith

Jack Forsyth BRISTED (1896-1984)
was married 24 August 1937 at First Church, Dunedin to
Isabel Stuart REID (1910-1973)

* Isabel's sister, Betty Stuart Reid (Mrs Kenneth MASON) travelled down from Karori, Wellington to be her matron of honour.
* They spent a month in Sydney, Australia for their honeymoon, leaving on the Tasman passenger liner "WANGANELLA" on 2 Sep 1937

JACK BRISTED was born 4 May 1896, a son of:
Arthur Henry BRISTED (1859-1943) of Avonside, Christchurch, a well known sportsman and editor of the "Weekly Press" and the "NZ Reference" and of Kathleen 'Kate' GRIFFITH (1868-1926)

Jack's known siblings were:
* 1895 - 1917 - Edward Griffith "Ned" Bristed
Edward was KILLED IN ACTION Ypres Belgium 3 Dec 1917

* 1902 - 1941 Frank Griffith Bristed
- married Frances Jean McDOUGALL (1901-1988) in 1928
Frank DIED OF WOUNDS Egypt WWII 20th Infantry Battalion, Egypt

* 1904 - Kathleen Griffith Bristed
Kathleen she was a champion NZ swimmer & diver and the Secretary of the Shirley Golf Club, Christchurch in 1929
she married W. G. HEWSON and moved to Bride, Cornwall in 1942 (they had been living in South of England before they moved to Gibraltar in 1931) where her husband was secretary to the Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet
- she returned to Christchurch in 1937 for a visit, giving a 5 o'clock party at her brother Frank Griffith Bristed's home in Fendalton, Christchurch (which has a reputation as one of the country's more well-to-do and refined suburbs)

ISABEL REID was born 18 June 1910, a daughter of Charles Stuart REID (1867-1912), a Stock Agent of North Taieri, Otago who died aged 35 after a motor accident when Isabel was 21 months old and of Elizabeth PATRICK (1872-1949) of Dunedin

Isabel's known siblings were:
* 1898 - Mira/Mina Isabella Reid
- married Robert Gemmell Burnett SINCLAIR in 1925

* 1900 - Donald MacGregor Reid
- married Olive Margaret EMERSON in 1924

* 1904 - William Patrick Reid
- married Kathleen SPENCE in 1925

* 1906 - Betty Stuart Reid
- married Kenneth Randall/Randel MASON in 1928

* 1908 - Frances Margaret Macgregor Reid

During the 1930s "5 to 7 o'clock parties" were very popular and often held as a social get together for many reasons such as pre wedding parties, "pre dancing" get togethers, farewells, entertaining dignitaries, etc etc
Jack attended may of these parties before and after his marriage - his sister had married Paymaster Lieutenant Commander W. G. HEWSON R.N. (Jack & Isabel spent the Christmas holidays of 1937 at their seaside home with the Hewsons in South Raumati and the following week they all motored up to Taupo)

On the evening of the 21st March 1939 Jack and Isabel entertained a number of their friends at their residence of 187 The Terrace, Wellington at a 5 o'clock party

As the Hostess, Isabel wore an afternoon frock of black tulip wool crepe with a single rope of pearls at the high neckline. She had arranged beautiful flowers in the reception rooms

Among the invited guests were:

ASHTON, Charles & his wife

BLUNDELL, Barry & his wife Marjorie (nee MORICE, a granddaughter of the Hon Richard John SEDDON, see link below)
- Barry was a son of Walter Blundell of the "Evening Post"

BOOTH, Miss Grace Spencer. From Frizinghall, Yorkshire, England. She married George 'Duncan' Dunbar GRAY in September 1939 at St Paul's Cathedral. She was given away by Jack Bristed. The reception was held at Jack & Isabel's home. Her brother, Spencer BOOTH was given several hours leave from his anti-aircraft battery to attend the wedding

BRADSHAW, Gerald Belfield (1894-1977) & his wife Eileen Annie (nee BRIDGE 1901-1962). In 1939 they lived in Friend St, Karori

BRANDON, Mr Alfred de Bathe D.S.O., M.C. was a Flying Officer in WWI and was awarded the M.C. for a gallant attack on a Zeppelin and the D.S.O. for services in the destruction of Zeppelins. He was to marry Ada 'Mabel' PERRY (1903-1993) in January 1942. Mabel was given away by her brother Roland Maunsell Perry (1899-1991) shown at that link with his aunt Frances Pigott MAUNSELL (1865-1959). The parents of Mabel & Roland were George Henry PERRY & Ada Mary MAUNSELL of Masterton. Mabel had been living in Heretaunga for a number of years where she had a riding school. They lived for a time afterwards at 17 Hobson St Thorndon

BRANDON, Philip (1900-1992) & his wife Vivienne (nee MORRIS). Philip was a Solicitor and a brother of Alfred de Bath Brandon above (see link). They lived at 15 Oban St Wadestown, Wellington in Octobr 1934 when a son was born - a day before a son was born to Colin & Catherine CLAYTON (below).


CLARRY, Wilfred Masey & his wife Cecil? Margaret Wentworth (nee STOCK). Wilfred was born in Australia. Cecil's grandfather was the Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Stock of Wellington. Her father was Bernard Robert Stock, well known in yachting and goling circles and manager of the AMP Society in Dunedin, he died in London in 1936, her mother, Mary Florence COOKSON died in Wellington in 1929. Wilfred was promoted to Corporal of the G Company in 1917 by the Commandant of Trentham Camp, Lieutenant Colonel H. R. POTTER. He served as Sergeant Major #40664, with the New Zealand Rile Brigade, Reinforcements G Company, embarking on 12th June 1917 on the HMNZT 86 MAUNGANUI. In July 1936 Cecil & her sister Audrey Florence (Mrs Norri Stephen FALLA) travelled together on the "Makura" for a visit to England. Wilfred served in WWII as a Liutenant, enlisted in January 1940, entered asa probationary n.c.o. at Trenthamwas reported missing, later found to be a Prisoner of War in February 1942, repatriated in 1944. His next of kin was his wife at 56a Hobson St Thorndon, Wellington. Wilfred was a very keen golf player, played badminton & tennis and played bowls for the Thorndon Club

CLAYTON, Colin Rhuddian (1907-1991) & his wife Catherine Marya (nee HARPUR-NIXON 1907-1999) of Fancourt St Karori. A number of these guests often attended their 5 o'clock parties also. They had a son on 28th Octobr 1934, a day after the BRANDON's (above) had a son

COLLEDGE, Geoffrey
- a baritone singer of radio and stage & Captain of the Kiwi Concert Party
COOKE, Philip & his wife Valmai Digby (nee GORE 1901-1990) of 6 Halswell St Thorndon - sister of Eru Digby & Ross Digby GORE below. In June 1937 they held a 'sherry party' for 70 people at their home in Halswell St prior to them all attending the Thorndon Lawn Tennis Club annual dance at the Mayfair Cabaret. They gave a 5 o'clock party in March 1938 for Paymaster Liuetenant Commander W. G. Hewson and his wife Kathleen Griffith (nee BRISTED) who were leaving for a months visit to Kathleen's father in Christchurch, a number of these guests attended that party

GAMBLE, J. & his wife

GILMER, Miss Mae, sister of Patricia Gilmer below

GILMER, Miss Patricia
- married Eric REEVES in June 1939. Some of the people here attended her wedding; Tripe, Mason, Blundell, Levin,

GILMOUR, Lindsay Ritchie (1899-1983) & his wife Linda Annie (nee POST 1902-1983). Linda was from Invercargill. They lived for a time in 1931 in Lower Hutt. Lived at 243 The Terrace in 1938, and moved to Sayes Court The Terrace.

GOODWIN, Geoffrey Denzil Mallaby & his wife Mildred (nee HEWETT). He was a Flight Lieutenant with the R.A.F. serving in Malaya, the Dutch West Indies and Ceylon. In 1931 they lived in Lower Hutt. They were among the first in New Zealand to fly their own private aeroplane, ZK-AAF, making frequent flights around the country when aerodromes were few. He was the first overseas competitor in the King's Cup Air Race and the first member of the Wellington Aero Club to go solo and get his A licence. In February 1932 they flew down to Marlborough for a tennis party at Mrs Everard WELD's, returning that afternoon

GORE, Eru Digby (1906-1947)
- son of Henry Morland GORE & Annie Elizabeth MILLER
- Eru was a Land Agent on The Terrace and Secretary-Manager of the National Art Gallery in Wellington, also a brother of Ross below and Valmae (Mrs Cooke) above

GORE, Ross Digby (1904-1981) & his wife Barbara (nee STANDISH)
- brother of Eru and Valmai (Mrs Cooke) above

GRAY, George 'Duncan' Dunbar . He married Grace BOOTH in September 1939. They lived at Grant Rd, Thorndon


LEVIN, Charles & his wife of Homewood Ave, Karori

MacDONALD, John & his wife

MALFROY, Margaret

MARCHBANKS, Charles & his wife

MASON, Howard & his wife Anne (nee MARCH)

MASON, Kenneth & his wife Betty (nee REID), see above link at Howard

MAUDSLEY, Miss Valmai June
- Valmai married Leiutenant Henry Edward Martin WILLIAMS N.Z.M.C. in 1940

MILNE, George & his wife

NOAKES, Mrs Norman of Auckland. Possibly a sister of Erna Porter. Her husband Norman was a well known Waihi dentist who received a commission in the Dental Corps in 1916

PATERSON, B & his wife

PATERSON, Morton & his wife

PORTER, Miss Erna, lived in Bolton St, Wellington in 1935

REEVES, Major Eric
- in July 1926 his motor car valued at 300 ($25,651 in 2010) was stolen and driven about for 2-3 hours by Norman Francis SANDBROOK.
- married Patricia GILMER (above) in 1939
- a Wholesale Agent, Eric Reeves & Co., in Ford Building, Courtney Place Wellington
- an Officer of the NZ Ex Libris Society, President of the Wellington Tennis Umpires Association, Chairman of the National Relief Fund for Spanish Refugee Children, Dominion organiser of the NZ Defence League
- lived in Tinakori Rd in 1939 & Lower Hutt in 1941

REID, Brian & Mrs

RIDDLER, Stanley (1890-1967) a Surgeon Dentist & his wife Irene Irene Elizabeth May "Betty" (nee GORST-TRAVIS 1902-1995) of Eastbourne & Heretaunga

ROBERTS, George & his wife

TODD, Andrew & his wife

TRIPE, Richard Edward (1906-1968) & his wife
- son of Joseph Albert TRIPE (B.A., LL.B. Barrister & Solicitor in partnership with Thomas Young, son of Dr Tripe of Wellington) & Mary Elizabeth RICHARDSON of Heretaunga
- graduated in 1930 from Auckland Unversity with a LL.M.

TURNBULL, W. G. & his wife

WARD, Hon Vincent & his wife Sybil Mary (nee PETRE)
- the Hon. Vincent Aubrey Ward was born in Bluff on 4 January 1888. He was the son of Right Honourable Sir Joseph George WARD, 1st Bt, 17th Prime Minister of NZ and Theresa Dorothea de SMIDT. He married Sybil Mary PETRE, daughter of Robert George Petre and Elizabeth Grace FERGUSON, on 14 December 1926. He died on 9 February 1946 at age 58.
WEBSTER, Daniel Garcia "Dan" & his wife Letty (nee Levien) of Heretaunga. A son of Dr Garcia Webster an Ophthalmic Surgeon

WELSH, St Vincent his wife

WHITCOMBE, Alexander "Alec"

WHITCOMBE, Basil Cuthbert Hawkes (1899-1976) & his wife Jennie "Billie" Spotswood (nee BEAN 1895-1951). Billie's parents were the Reverend Walter Stanley Bean and Jane Ann SEDDON, eldest daughter of the Right Hon. Richard John Seddon, Premier of NZ

WHYTE, Douglas & his wife

WHYTE, Miss Helen

WHYTE, R. A. & his wife

WILLIAM, T. W. & his wife

WIREN, Sidney Archibald (1899-1970) & his wife Marjorie Halstead (nee CARR) - Sidney graduated from the Victoria University with a B.A. & LL.B. in 1919

YOUNG, Russell - eldest son of Arthur Young of Kelburn Wellington. Attended Victoria University College where he studied Chemistry and gained his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees. Represented Victoria College in Tennis. Held the NZ University Boxing title. Received his lawn tennis full Blue at Cambridge University in 1926. Lived in Wadestown in 1935

In 1937, shortly after their marriage, Jack & Isabel were living at Carlton Flats, The Terrace, Wellington

In 1939 Jack & Isabel were living at 187 The Terrace, Wellington

In 1940 Jack & Isabel were living at 23 Everton Terrace in Kelburn, Wellington

In May 1937 Jack attended the wedding held in the Wellington Basilica of Alison May Pearce of Wellington & Bryan Martell Silk of Wanganui both of two well known families, Bryan being an amateur golf champion, Kirk-Windeyer Cup representative and holder of the Wellington Provincial title. There were over 400 guests

In July 1937, a month prior to their wedding, Jack & Isabel attended the
Annual Ball of the United Services Club held in the St Francis Hall in Wellington
Among the many guests were:
the Governor General, his Excellency Sir George Vere Arundell Monckton-Arundell Galway Viscount GALWAY GCMG, DSO, OBE, PC
Major A. PURVIS and his wife
Lieutenant Colonel R. W. FENTON, N.Z.A. and his wife
Captain R. D. OLIVER, R.N. and his wife
Captain J. MERCER and his wife
Captain JERVIS N.Z.S.C. and his wife
Doctor & Mrs J. ZOHRAH
Squadron Leader A. de T. NEVILLE
Major General Sir William SINCLAIR-BURGESS
Liuetenat Colonel O. H. MEAD and his wife
Liuetnant Colonel R. A. ROW
Wing Commander T. WILKES and his wife
Commander V. G. WEBB and his wife
Colonel W. H. CUNNINGHAM and his wife
Colonel R St J. BEERE
Colonel F. T. BOWERBANK and his wife
Major W. G. STEVENS and his wife
Major R. S. PARK and his wife
Major D. A. CARTY
Major W. H. BULL and his wife
Major C. H BEACH and his wife
Major W F. SHIER and his wife
Lieutenant B. D. FITZGERALD
Captin M. J. R. McBRIDE and his wife
- read the above link for a list of the guests -

Jack's mother Kate died in Christchurch in May 1926 aged 58.
She was a daughter of E. G. Griffith an English journalist

In 1926 Jack was a Supervisor for the Eastern Extension Telegraph Co., Adelaide

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