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PETONE Pioneer order of ODDFELLOWS - 1922

Journal by ngairedith

I have taken some extracts from the Hutt City Library site from the page
Lower Hutt Past and Present (1941)

I highly recommend a visit to their site for some wonderful info and photos of that district and the early settlers.

I am doing some short overviews from their database:

journal 1 - settlers of LOWER HUTT 1839 - 1941

journal 2 - the PILGRIM MOTHERS of the Hutt Valley

journal 3 - PETONE's first 100 years, - list of names

journal 4 - PETONE men who fell WWI - list of names

journal 5 - FREEMASONRY - Ulster Lodge No. 62

journal 6 - LOYAL PETONE LODGE - No, 6542

journal 7 - Ancient Order Of Foresters - COURT EPUNI, 7314


journal 9 - PETONE Branch - Hibernian Australasian Society 1910

journal 10 - PETONE PIONEER BRANCH - Oddfellows


journal 12 - PONEKE LODGE - Ancient Order of DRUIDS

journal 13 - PETONE Town Board - formed 1881

journal 14 - HUTT RIVER BOARD - formed 1879

(additions in italics or capitals are mine)
- (remember the article was written in 1941)


... This branch was formed on November 7 1922, when twelve members were initiated, and the following officers were installed:
* Bro. C. H. DAVIS., P.N.G.,
* Bro. W. N. W. BAIN., N.G.,
* Bro. F. H. EDWARDS., V.G.,
* Bro. C. H. MARTIN., F. Sec.,
* Bro. A. L. KERSE., Treasurer,
* Bro. G. THOMPSON, E. Secretary,
* Bro. A. S. WATSON., Warden,
* Bro. P. N. MANNING., I. GUARD,
* Bro. C. C. HASEMAN., R.S.N.G.,
* Bro. N. A. JOHNSON., L.S.N.G.,
* Bro. H. J. SUTHERLNAD., R.S.V.G.,
* Bro. E. J. FULLER., L.S.V.G.
Brothers DAVIS, BAIN, and EDWRDS were elected as Trustees. Brother KEEGAN, organising secretary of New South Wales, carried out the duties of dedication of the opening of the branch, and installation of officers.

The following members have held office on the Grand Lodge:
*Bro. W. N. W. BAIN.(Grand Master, 1923, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30)
* Bro. A. L. KERSE (Grand Director, 1923, Junior Grand Trustee, 1924, 25, 26, Senior Grand Trustee, 1929, 30, 31)
* Bro. C. H. MARTIN (Grand Secretary, 1923)
* Sister YEITCH (Grand Director, 1926)
* Bro. L. L. MARTIN (Grand Director, 1926, 27, 28).

District Council officers have been as follows:
* Bro BAIN (District Master, 1923)
* Bro. S. H. PALMER (District Master, 1938)
* Bro. C. H. MARTIN (District Secretary, 1923).

The register shows that there have been 308 initiations since the inception of the branch. We have paid out 2,121 10s. 5d. in sick pay and death benefits during the 17 years that the lodge has been in existence.

The present officers of the Lodge are:
* Bro. A. L. KERSE., N.G.,
* Bro. H. NANKVILL, P.N.G.,
* Bro. W. TITO, V.G.,
* Bro. C. E. BROWN., F. Secty.,
* Bro. A. C. BUTLER., R. Secty.,
* Bro. A. J. CHORLEY., O. Guardian,
* Bro. S. H. PALMER., I. Guardian,
* Bro. F. J. APPERLEY., Warden,
* Bro. KNEEBONE, R.S.N.G.,
* Bro. COUPE. L.S.N.G.,
* Bro. S. SMITH, R.S.V.G.,
* Bro. N. DICKENS, L.S.V.G.,
* Bro. L. J. P. MILLS., Treasurer.

The Branch is still going ahead and membership is increasing. Social activities have been well catered for, including two sets of indoor bowls, which are very popular

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