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De Courcy lines

Thanks to some assistance from members, I have been able to trace the de Courcy name back to 220. So much to look at . . . where do I start.It is amazing to find how the spelling of the surname varies.

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Meade 1315 - 1750

Meade, Richard Thomas
ABT 1802 F: Thomas Meade

M: Elizabeth Campbell

S: Elizabeth Dunscombe

Father: Richard Meade b: 1 JUL 1750 [see A]
Mother: Mary de Courcy

Name: Mary de Courcy
Sex: F

Father: John 25th Lord Kingsale

A ID: I00955
Name: Richard Meade
Sex: M
Birth: 1 JUL 1750
Death: AUG 1823

Father: James Meade b: 1716 in Commons [see B]
Mother: Hester Williams b: 1730 in Wales

B ID: I00166
Name: James Meade
Sex: M
Birth: 1716 in Commons
Death: 1766
_FA1: of Kilkeiran,Co,Cork

Father: Martin Meade b: 1684 in Commons [see C]
Mother: Mary O'Hea b: 1688 in of Killkeiran

C ID: I00963
Name: Martin Meade
Sex: M
Birth: 1684 in Commons
Birth: 1684
Death: 17 OCT 1753 in Killaney

Father: David Meade b: ABT 1658 in Commons [see D]
Mother: Jane McCarty b: ABT 1638 in Carrignavar Castle,Cork.

D ID: I01208
Name: David Meade
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1658 in Commons
Birth: ABT 1658
Death: AFT 1724
Note: His great-nephew, David Meade of Tisaxon, mention him and his son, Martin, in his will, dated December 1724.

Father: Robert Meagh b: in Tissaxson [see E]
Mother: Margaret Roche

E ID: I00973
Name: Robert Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: in Tissaxson
Death: 1672

Father: David Meagh b: 1574 in Tissaxon [F]
Mother: Ellice Galway b: in Black Rock Castle, Cork.

F I00978
Name: Robert Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1537 in Tissaxon and Kippagh
Death: 1614

Father: Patrick Meagh b: ABT 1510 in Meaghstown Castle [G]
Mother: Margaret Galwey b: in Tissaxon

G I00996
Name: Patrick Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1510 in Meaghstown Castle
Death: 1577
Note: Beheaded 1577 for rebellion.

Father: James Meagh b: ABT 1488 in Meaghstown Castle [H]
H James Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1488 in Meaghstown Castle
Note: Citizen of Cork and Kinsale. Land owner and Merchant Adventurer. Shipowner.

Father: John Meagh b: ABT 1467 in Meaghstown Castle
I I00998
Name: John Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1467 in Meaghstown Castle
Death: 1514

Father: William Meagh b: ABT 1445 in Meaghstown Castle [J]

J I01000
Name: William Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1445 in Meaghstown Castle
Death: ABT 1488

Father: John Meagh b: ABT 1423 in Meaghstown Castle [K]
K I01001
Name: John Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1423 in Meaghstown Castle
Note: John Meagh the Younger. Mayor of Cork 1467

Father: John Meagh b: ABT 1392 in Meaghstown Castle [L]
L I01002
Name: John Meagh
Sex: M
ALIA: John Meade the /Great/
Birth: ABT 1392 in Meaghstown Castle
See various law suits of the period for these descents. JAM's Book, The Meades of Meaghstown Castle and Tisaxon give full details.
Mayor of Cork 1440. Known as John Meagh the Great.

Father: David Meagh b: ABT 1339 in Buttevant [M]
M I01003
Name: David Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1339 in Buttevant
Note: 1361, David Meagh of Buttavant held Kilbrin, Killaney, and Killinery. Killbrin alone was 12,631 acres. He was Sovereign { mayor} of Kinsale in 1379 and 1381. An ancient document of 1362 states that he was the son of Philip Meagh of Buttevant.

Father: Philip Meagh b: ABT 1315 [N]
Name: Philip Meagh
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1315
Death: ABT 1361 in Buttevant
In 1341 Adam Meade [ Meagh] of Buttevant made grants of 19 Manors to various people. This document was still extant in 1898 bearing a seal with the coat of arms identical with the present Meade family. It is not known whether he was the brother or father of Philip Meagh.
Previous to this the Advowson of Liskeary was granted to the O'Mide or Meagh family. It remained in the Meade family untill 1502, when it was granted to Holy Trinity , Dublin, by James Meagh.
Edward MacLysaght in his "More Irish Families" [Irish Academic Press, 1982] says that from the begining of the 14thC. the Miaghs were amung the leading families of Co. Cork. and nearly all early references relate to Munster. He suggests that they were amung the early settlers in Co. Meath after the Anglo-Norman invasion. He thinks it is very unlikely that they came from Bristol to Cork, but rather the other way round and it was the Bristol Meade's who anglisised their name. Being rich landowners, merchants and shipowners they set up a branch office in Bristol to run their affairs!!! This has caused endless confusion with the old english words for green meadow and the resulting names of " atte Mede", "de Pratis", etc., depending on whether the document was written in Latin, Norman French or old English.

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
Married: ABT 1336
1. David Meagh b: ABT 1339 in Buttevant

Beresford , Meade and de Courcy

Looking for relatives of Lord Charles de Poer Beresford - Irish- Admiral British Fleet.
Also looking for relatives of Thomas de Courcy Meade, came to Australia [Kilmore, Victoria] from Ireland around 1851.
Both of these people are related to me and I hope to find information lwhich will be a coomon link.
I have downloaded [thanks to modern technology] previous ancestors and can go back to 1315 with Meade, Beresford, around 1400 and some time ago went back with the de Courcy name [spelt in various ways] to when people did not have a christian name [somewhere around -250]. It took me a long time and now I cannot access that web link -the mormon site]

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