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John Marshal Whitenton

Looking for information on John Marshal Whitenton, Date of Birth, December 27, 1843 - May 2, 1885. Married to Lavina King, October 30, 1865. Marriage record indicates August 18, 1885 in Pemiscot, Missouri to Albert M. Taylor after death of John Marshal Whitenton. My Great Grandfather was the only surviving member of this union and lived to the age of 58. Rufas H. Whitenton, later respelled with two "t"s. Whittenton. Known as "Bonnie" or Boney. Rescued from Mississippi by an Aunt, Emma King, Lavina King's sister from Thayer, Missouri. She took Rufas to rear. At that time she was married to J.W. Jones. They returned to Oregon, to Clatskane.

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Emma Jane Banks, born May 26, 1900 in Endee, Kentucky Married William R. Romine Feb 6, 1919.

Father: Andrew Jackson Banks: He was born 1/20/1874. He died 1/10/1960. Buried in Kellyville Cemetery He married Nan Garret Banks -Her mother was Susan Latish Bowman Garrett. Her father was Britton Garrett.

His Mother:

Martha Jane (Jenny) Banks: Born 1834 - Owsley County, Kentucky
Mother of Andrew Jackson Banks. Also, mother of William Henry, Phillip, Richard, John Riley, Solomon.

Lansford Banks, son of Cassandra Banks and Anderson Fields.
Lansford Banks, born 9/1/1846, Died April 8, 1908-
Lived in Jayhawk Jackson County, Kentucky. Preacher. Third wife, Harriet D. Hunter Banks.

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John Romine 1815 (Great, Great Grandfather.
Son (my Great Grandfather) Josephy Berton Romine Born Feb. 9, 1861, Maryville, Tenn, Died, March 4, 1956 in Kellyville, OK.
Married: Adeline Matlock from Maryville, TN.

My Grandfather, William R. Romine, Born May 23, 1893 in Maryville, TN, Died Dec. 29, 1962 Burried in Kellyville Cemetary
Mother: Jane Elizabeth Archer, Born Dec. 15, 1867 in Rome, Georgia
Died September 25, 1944 in Kellyville, OK Buried in Sunrise Cemetary in Kellyville.

My Grandmother, Married Emma Jane Banks Feb. 26, 1919; married William R. Romine.


Vera (Edna) Tarr (maiden ) Whittenton (My Grandmother)

Mother: Edna Elizabeth Gray DOB: 3/13/1884 DOD: 02/02/1954
Buried: Sapulpa Cemetery on the NW Corner - 2nd plot from road.

Grandmother: Eupha Elizabeth Hopkins DOB: 07/24/1858 -07/22/1907
Grandfather: Warner Leland Gray DOB: 11/23/1850 - 11/30/1892
Daughter from previous marriage - Maude Gray

Children together:

Father: Charles Harry Tarr DOB: 9/27/1882 DOD: 07/08/1957 Burried in Sapulpa, OK Cemetery

Father: James Tarr

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John Marshall Whittenton married Lavina King from Oregon
Father to Bonnie Whittenton from Mississippi - could have had one t- Son of John Marshall Whittenton. Bonnie was survivor of "swamp fever" and relocated to Missouri as only survivor. Whitenton was the spelling until he married and was required to add another "t" making if Whittenton.