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Who are the parents of John BASSETT born Madron, Cornwall circia 1788 - 1790?


Hopefully somebody can help - There has been a fair amount of confusion around who the parents of my John Bassett who was born in England and died in Victoria, Australia. I would value any help that could help me (and other descendants) get over this brick wall. I've tried to lay out the logic of my conclusion so that others might be able to show me where I'm wrong or perhpas an altervative way of approaching the same problem


Sandra from down under in Australia

When was John Bassett Snr Born?

On John Bassett's death certificate (died in Eaglehawk) in 1868 his age was 80 (birthdate would then be 1788)

In the 1841 census he was listed as being aged 50 born possibly in 1787-91

In the 1851 census he was listed as being aged 60 born possibly born in 1791

In the 1861 census he was listed as being aged 70 born possibly born in 1791

On his death certificate is states that was 80 years old when he died in 1868 which would have made his birth date 1788

From the above evidence it would seem that John Basset was probably born between 1788 and 1790.

Possible Candidates for the position of our John Bassett

John Bassett christened 27 March 1788, St Izzey, Cornwall his parents were William Bassett and Mary Symons. This John Bassett however died 7th Oct 1851 in Fairwater House, Taunton Somerset. John was a lunatic confined to Fairwater House Lunaic Asylum for many years admitted July 1828 having previously been a patient at a similar establishment near Tauton, Fivehead House since 25 Oct 1822. This was a wholesale move and transfer of licence from the one to the other asylum by the same surgeon/owner. Private patient. Cause of death peritonitis and effusion in the chest (Somerset RO 1/5/87)

John Bassett christened 5 September 1790, Madron, Cornwall Unfortunately only one parent is given, the father, to a William Bassett according to the Madron Parish records see below

"5 Sep 1790 John s/o William Bassett, pauper at Madron"

This could be MY John Bassett however on his death certificate it stated that John Bassett's parents were farmers (which may or may not be accurate), if his parents were farmers it is unlikely they would have been listed as paupers on his christening record.

Any one got any ideas?


Looking for the parents of William LOVELL, Compton Martin, Somerset, England

William LOVELL, born possbily between 1806 and 1807 in Compton Martin, Somerset, England
William married Mary.
Mary was born about 1801 in Chillcott,Somerset, England

They had seven children:
1. Ann, born about 1826 in Compton Martin, Somerset,England
2. William, born about 1826 in Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
3. Francis, born about 1829 in East Acton, Middlesex, England(Francis married Hannah. Hannah was born about 1836 in East Acton, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. They had five children: Edward Francis, Emily, Albert, Walter and Louisa.)
4. Mary, , born about 1834 in Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
5. Elizabeth, , born about 1838 in Compton Martin,Somerset, England
6. James, , born about 1840 in Compton Martin, Somerset,England, UK
7. William, .born about 1844 in Compton Martin, Somerset, England, UK

Hannah BOGIE born circia 1827 in Scotland who married John MILLIGAN in KIRKCALDY, FIFESHIRE, SCOTLAND

I am looking for information on a Hannah Bogie born cirica 1828 possibly in Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland who married a John Milligan according to the IGI on 30 Oct 1846 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland.

I have found a Hannah Ropper Boggie who was born 05 AUG 1828 and christened on the 24 AUG 1828 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland and child of DAVID BOGGIE & ISABEL FYFE but I 'm not sure if she is the same person. I think I have found the family in West Gallatown North Side, Dysart in the 1841 Scottish Census; which would have been close to where my Hannah would have been born and got married.

Any information would be most helpful.


Looking for John MILLIGAN in Scotland

John Milligan born in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland in 1827
In 1861 he lived in Dawell Brae, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland his wife and children and was running a grocer shop.
By 1871 and till after 1881 he was living in Duddingston Midlothian Scotland and was a spitit merchant.

He married Hannah but may have another wife before Hannah called Margaret but I am not sure
Hannah maiden name unknown was born about 1828 in Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland
John appears to have died between 1881 and 1891, although this has not been confirmed as the Scotish census does not give the maritial status of the people listed in the house hold, however John was not present and his wife was living with her daughter Margaret's family.
Children of John are:-
1. Alex Milligan born about 1849 in Haddington, Haddingtonshire possibly the son of the first wife Margaret
Children of John & Hannah appear to be:-
2. Isabella Milligan born about 1854 in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
3. Margaret Milligan born about 1857 in Dunbar, Haddingtonshire, Scotland
4. Robert J C Milligan born about 1860 in Dumbar, East Lothian, Scotland
5. Hannah Milligan born about 1862 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
6. Elizabeth Milligan born about 1865 in Drummore, Midlothian, Scotland

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Two Thomas CRUMPs came from England to Australia - almost a case of mistaken identity

When doing research for my illusive Crump Ancestors, I thought I had finally located my mysterious x3gr Grandfather alas after considerable delving I discovered that he couldn't have be mine. Close but not close enough.

Both Thomas Crumps came to Australia around the early 1840s,
Thomas Crump(1) my ancestor
Thomas Crump(2) the guy who I originally thought might have been my ancestor -Thomas Crump(1)
Both Thomas' were born in in the early between 1800s, within 3 years of each other.
Thomas Crump(1) c1815
Thomas Crump(2) 1818

Both Thomas' were out of general English population by early 1840s:-
Thomas Crump(1) according to his death certificate he had been in Victoria Australia for 32 years before he died, making his arrival date to Victoria in 1842
*the first positive record of Thomas in the Port Phillip District and was found in the 1845/46, in the LaTrobe Ward of the Melbourne Rate Books. He was the owner of a 4 roomed house with a Kitchen, Stable and Yard.
*There has been some speculation that may have immigrated on the Marquis of Hasting on 11 Oct 1840. arrived Sydney 4 February 1841 under Captain T.A Carr left Plymouth 11/10/1840, however nothing has been confirmed yet)
Thomas Crump(2) was convicted at the Central Criminal Court on 19/10/1840 of Larceny: Stealing a roll of flannel at the age of 22 and was sentenced to 7 years. He spent 1 year, 5 months on a Hulk. Before he was transported to Tasmania in Australia on the Candahar left Portsmouth on the on the 17/3/1842 and arrived in Van Demons Land on 21 July 1842

My original thought was that it could be possible that possible that Thomas Crump(1) & (2) were the same person and that Thomas had been convicted in England and transported to Van Demon's Land and then somehow traveled to Victoria were he married my 3x great grandmother Selina Wheeler.

Thomas Crump(2) married Lydia Johnson and they were married on the 6 April 1846 (Yr 1846, Reg#2321) in Hobart. This is still consistent with the possibility that Thomas (1) & (2) were the same person as on Thomas Crump(1)'s death certificate it stated that details of his first wife were unknown, therefore when Thomas (1) remarried in 30 Dec 1850 in Melbourne, I initially thought that Lydia Johnson may have died between 1847 and 1850, making Selina Wheeler his second wife.

It wasn't until I found that Thomas Crump(2) died in 1866 according to an inquest held in Hobart on 7 Nov 1866, was accidentally killed, that I knew he could not be my Thomas(1) who did died until 1874 in Victoria, Australia.

In Summary

Thomas Crump(2)
Birth c 1818, his native place of origin was listed as Bethnal Green, London
Thomas was convicted at the Central Criminal Court on 19/10/1840 of Larceny: Stealing a roll of flannel at the age of 22 and was sentenced to 7 years.
He spent 1 year, 5 months on a Hulk. In the records only one family was mentioned an uncle whose name was John.
He was transport to Tasmania on the Candahar left Portsmouth on the on the 17/3/1842 and arrived in Van Demons Land on 21 July 1842

August 1842 he spent his probation in a Station gang for seven months at Lovely Banks, which is north of Hobart on what is now known as the Midlands Highway.
He then moved to the Prisoner's Barracks where on the 19/5/1843 he was found to be neglecting his work and as punishment he was given 6 days solitary & then on the 17/6/1843 in the Probation Prisoners' Barracks where once again he neglected his work as punishment he was given two months hard labor on the roads presumably near Browns River.
He returned to the Prisoner's Barracks on and onto various work assignments in Sandy Bay, Hobart, & Bridgewater and then back to Hobart where on 4/11/1844 in Abbott, Hobart he was charged with misconduct in resisting a constable in the execution of his duty he was put in solitary for 14 days.

He was granted permission to marry Lydia Johnson and they were married on the 6 April 1846 (Yr 1846, Reg#2321) in Hobart.
Together they had 6 children
Thomas Henry Crump born 12 Dec 1846 (Yr1846, reg#2857)
John Walter Crump Born9 Oct 1848 (Yr1848, reg#3285) (died 22/11/1897)
1. Lucy Lydia Crump born 14 Apr 1851 (Yr1851, reg#3842)
2. Eliza Crump born 4 May 1853 (Yr 1853, reg#1853) (died 4/5/1853)
3. Eliza Crump born 3 May 1853 (Yr 1853, Reg#2249)
4. William Crump born 6 Apr 1854 (Yr1854, reg#4340)

He received his first ticket of freedom on the 7/7/1846 and his Free Certificate on the 19/10/1847
Inquest held on body in Hobart on 7 Nov 1866, verdict accidentally killed. Crime report 11 January 1867

Thomas Crump(1)
In contrast my ancestor Thomas Crump was born in 1815 - , Kent, England and died in 13 Apr 1874 Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia. Immigrated: arriving in Victoria in, 1842. according to his death certificate. He married twice, details of his first wife are unknown.
His second wife however was Selina Wheeler (Abt 1834 - 24 Jul 1899) married on 30 Dec 1850 in Melbourne, , Victoria, Australia
their children were:
1. William Crump (1851-1866)
2. Theophilus Crump (1853-1930)
3. Albert Crump (Abt 1855- )
4. Walter Crump (Abt 1862-1923)
5. Christina Crump (Abt 1864-1882)
6. Thomas Crump (1866-1948)

I have not yet been able to find any reference to any of Thomas' family of origin making it very hard to go back any further.

Still looking for the puzzle pieces


Isabella Munro nee Jennings born in India died in Australia

Isabella Munro nee Jennings born in India died in Australia
Isabella was born 26 Dec 1837 in Maharashta, Bombay, India and christened on 14 Jan 1838 according to her birth certificate. Her father George Jennings was a Gunner Artillery (presumably in the India or British armies, I am not sure which) and her mother was Catherine. We think Catherine's surname may have been Jacob this has yet to be confirmed. married Alexander Andrew Munro aka Palmer(29 Sep 1826 - 13 Nov 1901) on: 28 Apr 1853 - St. Andrew Church, Bombay, India. Alexander was born in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland and Alexander had 12 Children:
1. Blanche Angelina Louisa Munro (1857-1920)
2. James Palmer Munro (1858-1920)
3. Ruth Isabelle Munro (1860- )
4. Andrew George Munro (1861-1958)
5. Mary Ann (Minnie?) Munro (1863-1945)
6. Caroline Munro (1864-1968)
7. Margaret Jane (Maggie) Munro (1866-1895)
8. Catherine Eva Munro (1869-1950)
9. Francis William (Frank) Munro (1871-1960)
10. Sammuel Jennings Munro (1873-1945)
11. Isabel Mary "May" Munro (1876-1943)
12. Phoebe Munro (1878-Bef 1938)
The first 8 of the children were born in India, the last four were born in Australia.
Isabella died Nov 1938 - 8 Greeves Street, Fitzroy, , Victoria, Australia and was burred on the 14 Nov 1938 - Melbourne General Cemetery, College Crescent, Parkville, Victoria, Australia at the age of 104.
Interested in making contact with fellow researchers and family.

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Hezekiah Bennetts from Perron, Cornwall to Australia first to Chewton and then to Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

Hezekiah Bennetts who was born c 1818 in Perron, Cornwall, England, son of Philip and Nancy Bennetts.

His first wife, Mary Nance1805 - died on 15 Aug 1878 in Chewton, where she is also burried. They were in 1839, Perranzabube, Cornwall, England.

He married his second wife almost 6 months later, Mary Bullus born c1808 - died 22 Mar 1895. Mary Bullus also died in Chewton and was also burried in the Chewton cemetery, she was 10 years Hezekiah's senior.

Hezekiah Children from his first marriage
1. Mary Bennetts (Cal 1840- )
2. Unknown Bennetts ( - )
3. Mary Jane Bennetts (Est 1842-Bef 1878)
4. Nancy Bennetts(Est 1842-Bef 1900)
5. Rebecka Bennetts (Est 1849-1912) who married Joshua Jackaon 3 Jul 1869 Chewton, Victoria, Australia
6. Mary Anne Bennetts (Est 1852-Bef 1878)

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a connection with this family, Hezekiah Bennetts IS my 3xgreat grandfather.


Descendants of Thomas Wheeler, Gloucestershire, England

Thomas Wheeler
On his son Reuben's death certificate his fathers was given as as William. However although WHEELER is a common enough Gloucestershire name, there is a Reuben WHEELER bapt Bisley Gloucestershire on the 12 Nov 18 02, therefore I feel that Thomas is likely to be correct name)
Thomas married Hannah Eagles on the 11 Nov 1800, in Bisley Parish, Glouchestershire, England, UK
Children of Thomas Wheeler and Hannah Eagles
At present I have only identified one child, my direct ancestor, there are possibly more yet to be found
Reuben Wheeler b. 1801, Gloucestershire, England, UK, c.14 Nov 1802, Bisley Parish, Glouchestershire, England died 19 Jul 1873, Napolean Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, buried 28 Jul 1873, Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, Victoria, Australia
Reuben married Elizabeth Thomasb. 1802, Gloucestershire, England, UK, c. 28 Jul 1804, Pitchcombe Gloucestershire,England on the 27 Jan 1833, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth died 9 Jul 1871, Napolean Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, and was burried.on the 12 Jul 1871 in Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, Victoria, Australia, par. Edward Thomas and Sarah Gardiner
Grand children of Thomas Wheeler and Hannah Eagles via Reuben
1. Selina Wheeler b. Abt 1834, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, UK, d. 24 Jul 1899, Yarra River, Kew, , Victoria, Australia, bur. 28 Jul 1899, Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, Victoria, Australia
Selina married Thomas Crump on 30 Dec 1850 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2-George Wheeler b. Abt 1836, Gloucestershire, England, UK, d. 16 Nov 1865, 9 Napoleon Street, East Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
George married Mary Humphrey Spear in 1853 in Victoria Australia.

Who was Thomas Crumps first wife?

Thomas Crump is my brickwall.

Thomas was born circia 1815, in Kent England. His first marriage, partiuclars of first marriage unknown according to his Australian death certificate,. was pre-1850 as this is when he married his second wife on the 30 Dec 1850 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Selina Wheeler, who was 19 years his junior. Thomas lived in Victoria, Australia for 32 years before he died.

It is thought that he may have imigrated to Australia on MARQUIS OF HASTINGS a private ship arriving on the 11 Oct 1841 in Botany Bay, this has yet to be verified.

I have not been able to find any record of his first marriage in Australia.
He may have been married in England before he came out to Australia. Presumably his first wife died or was deserted when he came out, as it is believed he travelled alone.

Thomas was a brickmaker, he lived and worked in and around Melbourne.

Let me know if there is a connection, I have found the Crump line a very difficult nut to crack.


John THOMAS born Tavistock, Cornwall died Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia

There is an unusual headstone for one of my ancestors John Thomas in Eaglehawk Cemetery, Eaglehawk, Victoria, Australia.

It is unusual because it has ceramic tiles inlaid into the headstone that are quite ornate.

The headstone has three sections

The top section reads
In / loving memory / of / John Thomas / aged 70 years, / born in Devonshire, / Died at Sandhurst / May 22nd 1879 / The faith the conquers all, / And doth the mountains move, / And saves who'er on Jesus call, / And perfects them in love.

The section carved into the granite below the tiled section
Also / Maragaret Thomas / unable to read next four lines that are engraved into the granite under the tiled decorative section of the headstone

Bottom section an atached cement plaque
Greatly beloved / by their children

According to his death certificate, the informant was his son Michael Thomas he was born in Tavistock, Cornwall.(source John Thomas Death Certificate Year 1879 registration #4501)

I would like to know if it was common for people born in this region to have their headstones decorated with ceramic tiles?
I feel there must be some significance with the tiles but am not sure what it could be and would interested in other peoples thoughts or ideas on the subject?
I would also be interested in making contact with anyone connected to John Thomas and his family.