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Google YUROKE, COUNTY OF BOURKE to get the Yuroke parish map.

The land east of Section Rd, Greenvale, allotment C of section 2 parish of Yuroke, was granted to Leonard James and George Wolfenden Muchell (sic, Machell) in 1843. This was subdivided and sold to Messrs Lavars, Bond, Salisbury, Johnson, Davidson, and in 1854, John Lawrence bought lots 6 and 7. Part of lot 6 became the church site in Providence Lane. (Greenvale: Links with the Past by Annette Davis found in the Bulla file at the Sam Merrifield Library, Moonee Ponds.)

Leonard James Machell and George Wolfenden Machell sold portions of their grant, allotment C of section 2, parish of Yuroke to:
Her Majesty the Queen (Volume L folio 692)*, James Simpson (N 340), Thomas Dutton (U 120), William Bond (no reference to volume etc in index), John Johnson (U 382), S.Davidson (U 689), John Salisbury (U 691), John Lawrence (Z 510) and John Lavars (13 404). (1st series index vol.11 folio 204)

This would have been in about 1850 when the Governor proclaimed a road from the village of Broadmeadows to the northern boundary of the parish of Yuroke. There was no Mickleham Rd at that stage, just a line showing the boundary between 2C and 2D, so land would have had to be purchased from landowners.

According to John's death notice, William Bond arrived in about 1852 when his son John was about 8 years old BUT THIS SEEMS TO BE WRONG. (SEE JOHN'S 1888 BIOGRAPHY BELOW.) William may have purchased his land on PROVIDENCE PLAINS soon afterwards. However it was probably not the huge northern part of c/a 2C occupied by Bonds Lane. This would have been a subdivisional road and much of the northern part (ABOUT 200 ACRES- SEE MORE TITLES INFORMATION BELOW) was purchased by John Lavars who built the Greenvale Hotel at the north west corner of the crown allotment. John later sold much of his purchase, possibly to William Bond.

In 1863, William Bond was leasing a farm from James Pearson and was also assessed on a house and land with a net annual value of 18 pounds, which almost certainly he owned and was on c/a 2C. By 1879-80, (Page B77, DICTIONARY HISTORY OF TULLAMARINE AND MILES AROUND.)

When John married in 1869, his father's address was given as Providence Place and as Sam Mansfield owned the 40 acres between Swain St and this lane*, he would have been on the north side of Providence Place, perhaps through to Bonds Lane.
* VOLUME 143 FOLIO 996.
On 14-10-1864, Samuel Mansfield (related through later Johnson & Hickox weddings) bought lots 1,2 and 3 of the Machells’ subdivision from John Johnson for 250 pounds. This was almost certainly the farm (N.A.V.18 pounds) on which John Johnston was assessed in 1863. Lot 1 consisted of 13 acres 1 rood and 8 perches. Lots 2 and 3 each consisted of 13 acres and 2 roods. The western boundary of lot 3, which was at the south west corner of allotment C, adjoined allotment B (the eastern half of the former timber reserve).
Lots 1-3, described as 40 acres and owned by Sam Mansfield and later Harry Swaine, were bounded by the line of Swain St, a southerly extension of Section Rd, Providence Rd and Mickleham Rd. ( Melway reference 178, H/11.)

BOND—CUTHBERT - On tho 20th instant, at the bridegroom's residence, Providence-place, BroadmeadowS, by the Rev. M. Clarke, John Bond, son of Mr W. Bond,farmer, Euroke, to Mary Ann Cuthbert, daughter of Mr D. Cuthbert, Providence place. (P.2, The Age, 22-1-1869.)

BOND, John, Broadmeadows, is a native of Huntingdonshire, England who came to the colony with his parents in 1848, then being five years of age. He lived with his father for six months in Melbourne and for two years at Boroondara**; the followed the mining and carrying trades for some years, and afterwards took to farming with his father on the farm he now occupies at Broadmeadows, leased from Mr John Kerr Snr. He has 370 acres, principally under hay.He has bred some very good draught horses, and is at present breeding pure Ayrshire stock.
He has been married about eighteen years and has a family of five sons and three daughters living. His parents are still living on their freehold of 2000 acres at Yarrawonga***.

*Those who had their biographies published had to pay 6 pounds 6 shillings for a copy of the volume in which they were included but this was not made clear to them. John Bond and Robert Shankland had not agreed to pay. The canvassers got them to sign their provided biographies (answering questions without mentioning siblings!) and their signatures were probably copied onto an order form.

** The Port Phillip directory of 1847 lists John Bond as a settler at the River Plenty. The Plenty River feeds into the Yarra within the parish of Bulleen about two miles north of the parish of Boroondara but perhaps the area near the junction of the two rivers was known as Boroondara in the 1840's or River Plenty was as imprecise a locator as Moonee Ponds was in those early days. This John Bond may have been William Bond's brother and the reason that William spent two years at Booroondara.
***Bundalong, which is 13 min (13.4 km) east of Yarrawonga on the Murray Valley Highway.

The following comes from correspondence with Keith Brown of Canberra, whose request for information about Gellibrand Cottage was referred to me by the Broadmeadows Historical Society. Luckily I'd saved my titles research information onto a word file. John Bond would have known those mentioned in bold type well. His mother in law's death notice reveals that one of her daughters became Mrs Papworth. John's brother, David, married a Lavars girl. (See David's obituary link below.)
U 120.
On 27-1-1853, Thomas Dutton paid 67 pounds 10 shillings for lot 5, which was on the northern side of Providence Rd (to which it had a 13 chain frontage starting 14 chains from the eastern boundary of Allotment C- this included the one chain width of Mickleham Rd.). The western boundary of 10 chains separated it from lot 4. William Bond was to have access along the un-named Providence and Section Roads. I have a feeling that Dutton actually acted as an agent for William Bond as Dutton’s index pages (from 4 302) do not mention him selling this land.
U 689.
On 4-2-1853, Samuel John Davidson paid 74 pounds 5 shillings for what seems to have been lot 4. Consisting of 13 acres 2 roods, it was bounded on the west by the government (timber) reserve, on the north by land bought by Lawrence (see Z 510) and on the east by Dutton’s (lot 5). In my haste, I traced later owners thinking I was dealing with the supposed Gellibrand Cottage site. Davidson sold to James Hooper (Y 529) who then sold it in two portions to Thomas Mallows (95 955) and Henry Papworth (195 573). Mallows also seems to have bought land from John Lawrence and sold the site(on lot 6) of the Wesleyan Church, which opened in 1869. This seems to have been belatedly memorialised on folios 559 and 560 of volume 814. Mallows also sold land to Enoch Hughes (296 774) and James Musgrove (327 72). Hughes sold his land to James Haberfield who sold it to Paul Clegg.

13 404.
On 7-6-1854, John Lavars paid 2400 pounds for what seems to have been 200 acres, based on lot 7 (64 acres- 13. 5 = 50.5) being about a quarter of its north-south extent and hence its size. His boundary commenced at the north west corner of allotment C “being the centre of the Deep Creek and Sydney road”. Its boundaries measured:
36. 90 (north), 54. 50 chains (east and west) and 39.11 chains (south).
I believe that Lavars purchased lots 8, 9, 10 and 11, each with a Mickleham Rd frontage of 13.6 chains, making up the 200 acres that Annette Davis claims he owned (Greenvale:Links with the Past).

Near Broadmeadows.
The Propertv of Mr Jno. Kerr, Glenroy.
FARMS to be LET by TENDER, for Seven Years, from the 1st February, 1887.
NORTH SPRINGFIELD. 183 a. 3r. 6 p., occupied by Mr. Robert Trotman.
SOUTH SPRINGFIELD, 181 a. 3 r. 12 p., .occupied by Mr. Wm. Shankland.
FAIRFIELD., 185 a. 0 r. 25 p., occupied by Mr. John Bond.
MOUNT PLEASANT, 125 a. 1 r. 8 p., occupied by Mr. John Bond.

BROOKHILL, 183 a. 3 r. 14 p., occupied by Mr. M. Hoctor.
VALLEY FIELD, 177a. 1r. 3 p., occupied by Mr. M. Hoctor.
PROSPECT, 188 a. 1 r. 2 p. , occupied by Mr. M. Hoctor.
ROCKLAW, 192 a. 0 r. 13 p., occupied by Mr. Jas. Darmody.
(P.4, The Age, 1-4-1886, column 6 halfway down.)

Fairfield was 185 acres of crown allotment 3 E's 365 acres and Mount Pleasant's 125 acres probably accounted for 125 acres of the remainder, leaving about 60 acres of John's 370 acres in 1888 to identify. Valleyfield was never mentioned again and may have been broken up by Kerr's assignee by 1888 with John Bond buying the remainder of c/a 3E and perhaps another 5 acres in c/a 3F, also granted to Pearson, if John wasn't rounding off his acreage.

John and Mary Ann had moved directly north from Fairfield,sometime between October 1898 and 1900, across Somerton Rd to Glen Arthur, c/a 8N of the parish of Yuroke, which now lies beneath the western half of Greenvale Reservoir.

CUTHBERT.-On the 31st March, at her son's residence, Greenvale, Hannah Cuthbert (relict of the late John Cuthbert), beloved mother of John and Charles Cuthbert, Mrs. George Papworth, Sale; Mrs. John Bond, Greenvale;
aged 75 years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus."

CUTHBERT.-The Friends of the late Mrs.HANNAH CUTHBERT are respectfully invited to follow the remains to the place of Interment in the Bulla Cemetery. The funeral will leave the residence of her son, Mr. Charles Cuthbert, Greenvale, to-morrow(Wednesday, 2nd inst.), at 1.30 o'clock p.m. (Both P.1, Argus, 1-4-1902.)

SUNBURY, Sunday.
A fatal accident happened to Mr. John Bond, farmer, of Broadmeadows. While out driving he was thrown from his cart, and the horse and conveyance arriving home without him an immediate search was made. Mr. Bond was found on the road unconscious. He did not again become conscious, and died within about 24 hours. Deceased was 58 years of age, and had been a colonist for 50 years.(P.6, The Age, 1-12-1902.)

BOND.--On the 26th November (suddenly through accident) at his late residence, "Glen Arthur," Broadmeadows, John Bond, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann Bond and eldest son of the late William Bond, of Bundalong, aged 58 years. A colonist of 50 years.

BOND.—The Friends of the late Mr JOHN BOND are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, in the Bulla Cemetery. The funeral will leave his late residence, "Glen Arthur," Broadmeadows, THIS DAY (Friday, 28th inst.), at 1 o'clock p.m. (Both P.1, Argus, 28-11-1902.)

The funeral of the late Mr. John Bond, of Greenvale, Broadmeadows (who was killed at his own gate by a buggy accident), took place on Monday afternoon, the remains being interred in the Bulla Cemetery. A large concourse attended, including Mr Gair, M L A, Councillor A Tait(of the City Council), and Mr John Grant(the veteran Ayrshire breeder) The Rev.H Richardson of the local Methodist Church conducted an impressive service at the house and grave. Mr. Bond was a colonist of 53 years' standing, and was widely known as a successful breeder of Ayrshire cattle and a popular judge at agricultural shows. (P.5, Argus, 2-12-1902.)

In 1909, Mary Ann had a clearing sale to wind up the estate.
Twelve O'clock.
DISPERSAL SALE Of GLENARTHUR AYRSHIRE STUD, The Oldest* Founded Herd in Australasia.
ROBERT GUNN and Co. have received instructions from Mrs. John Bond, "Glenarthur," Greenvale, two miles from Somerton railway station, to SELL, as above,
The whole of the Glenarthur Ayrshire herd, of 110 head, comprising 15 males and 95. females, every one of which is for absolute sale, as Mrs. Bond intends winding up the estate. (etc.)(P.2, Argus, 3-11-1909.)
*Founded from McNab/Grant herd!

BOND. - On the 19th July, at the residence of her son-in-law (W. Blackler), Echuca#, Mary Ann, dearly beloved wife of the late John Bond, late of Broadmeadows, dearly beloved mother of Ernest, Florence*, Herbert** (deceased), Hurtle, Leigh, May, John and Cecilia, aged 82 years. Colonist of 74 years (Private interment.) At rest. (P.1, Argus, 21-7-1930.)

*John and Mary Ann's family obviously visited John's parents and siblings often enough for romance to blossom for Florence.
WILKINSON—BOND.—On the 12th September, 1899, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. William Harris, Walter George, eldest son of Charles Wilkinson, of Yarrawonga, to Alice Florence (Flo), eldest daughter of John Bond, Greenvale, Broadmeadows. (P.1, Argus, 12-10-1899.)


Herbert was married and living in Broadmeadows township near what was called Munro's Corner*,which apparently was at the bottom right corner of Melway 6 C7.
*John Munro was in the township by 1880. He may have named "Milton Libourne" after a village and land parish in Wiltshire.
If this should meet the eye of JOHN ORR, or agent,who has land on Broadmeadows township, please send address to John Munro, Broadmeadows. (P.1, Argus, 5-3-1880.)

BOND.—On the 25th August, at his residence,"Milton Libourne," Broadmeadows (the result of an accident), Herbert Julius, the beloved husband of Maud Bond, and second eldest son of Mary Anne and the late John Bond, of Greenvale, and beloved brother of Ernest, Mrs. Wilkinson, Hurtle, Leigh, May, John, and Cecelia Bond, aged 34 years. Deeply regretted. The funeral, at Bulla, left from his house in Broadmeadows township.
(P.1, Argus, 26-8-1908.)
BOND. - The Funeral of the late Mrs.MAUD BOND will leave 14 Ellesmere road, Windsor, THIS DAY, at 9 a.m. for the
Bulla Cemetery.(P.19, Argus, 22-9-1945.)

BENCE-On the 12th August (suddenly), at Bacchus Marsh John Bence brother of George,Fanny, Thomas, Mrs Cargill (deceased), James,Maud (Mrs. Bond) and Richard. (P.1, Argus, 14-8-1929.)

The Bence family had been running the Broadmeadows Hotel in 1898.
The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 27 August 1898 p 22 Article
... the young crops are looking first-rate. We soon sped down a few steep slopes, and landed at Bence'e ... Broadmeadows Hotel one hour and a quarter after leaving the Melbourne Post-office, the cyclometer registering ...

# It looks as if somebody has misread the gravestone inscription or the Victorian BDM index re place of death. The latter has a bad habit of supplying just three letters for the place of death and ECA might have been written for ECHUCA. Neil has been informed about this being interpreted as East Carlton in his cemetery records below, and replied, just 58 minutes later:
Thanks for this - I have corrected my master file and will update the web shortly.
Neil Mansfield.

149 BOND Albert Leigh 79Y 00/00/1879 00/10/1959 28/10/1959 Meth. 4 10 Son of John Bond & Mary Ann Cuthbert. Born and died in Greenvale, Victoria, Australia.
150 BOND Aubery Fuller 12Y7M 00/00/1915 00/10/1927 04/10/1927 Meth. 3 5 Son of Charles Hurtle Bond & Eileen Lenore Russell. Born in Ascot Vale, died in Melbourne East, Victoria, Australia.
151 BOND Charles Hurtle 85Y 00/00/1876 00/06/1961 27/06/1961 Meth. 4 11 Son of John Bond & Mary Ann Cuthbert. Born in Greenvale, died in Parkville, Victoria, Australia.
152 BOND Herbert Julius* 34Y 00/00/1874 00/08/1908 27/08/1908 C of E 2 6 Son of John Bond & Mary Ann Cuthbert. Died in Melbourne East, Victoria, Australia.
153 BOND John 58Y 00/00/1844 26/11/1902 28/11/1902 Meth. 2 5 Son of William Bond & Susannah Horton. Died in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia.

155 BOND (nee CUTHBERT) Mary Ann 82Y 00/00/1848 19/07/1930 21/07/1930 Meth. 2 5 Daughter of John Cuthbert & Hannah Cooper. Died in East Carlton#, Victoria, Australia.

457 CUTHBERT Charles 62Y 00/00/1856 10/03/1918 11/03/1918 Meth. 1 11 Son of John Cuthbert & Hannah Cooper. Died in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia.
458 CUTHBERT John 63Y 00/06/1825 00/06/1888 07/06/1888 Meth. 1 5 Son of William Cuthbert & Susan Unknown. Died in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia.
459 CUTHBERT John 73Y 00/00/1851 00/11/1924 22/11/1924 Meth. 1 13 Son of John Cuthbert & Hannah Cooper. Died in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia.
460 CUTHBERT William 4M 00/07/1888 00/12/1888 05/12/1888 Meth. 2 19 Son of William Cuthbert & Sarah Ann Cooper. Born and died in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia.
461 CUTHBERT (nee COOPER) Hannah 75Y 00/00/1827 00/04/1902 02/04/1902 Meth. 1 5 Daughter of Samuel Cooper & Unknown. Died in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia.
462 CUTHBERT (nee COOPER) Sarah Ann 24Y 00/08/1864 00/08/1888 11/08/1888 Meth. 2 19 Daughter of Samuel Cooper & Susan Moore. Born in Tullamarine, died in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia.

On page B78 of DHOTAMA, I had listed six BOND burials at Will Will Rook Cemetery. The Friends of the Will Will Rook Cemetery, who are launching the second edition of their cemetery records on 18-6-2018 at the Hume Global Learning Centre Library, have added information about 8 burials in the 1st edition, of October 2014.

324 William Bond buried 17-7-1874 aged 84 was born to unknown parents in England and was a Primitive Methodist. As John's parents were still alive in 1888, he may have been John's grandfather.

644 Sydney Clive Bond, buried on 17-2-1897 died at the age of 3 months, possibly while his parents Ernest Bond and Sarah Jane were visiting "Fairfield". Ernest was involved at Bundalong and competed in the inter-colonial ploughing competitions at Werribee on a regular basis.
Werribee Champion Ploughing Match.
Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic. : 1869 - 1954) Saturday 4 August 1894 p 13 Article
... Prize at the Intercolonial Champion Ploughing Match, held at Werribee, in 1S83 ; Ernesc Bond, Bundalong ... . Heard, Highton. ' 1, David Bond, Bundalong (Garde and Chrystal) ;

722 Elizabeth Bond the 18 year old daughter of Elizabeth Bond of Glenroy, was buried on 3-1-1903.

John and Mary Ann were the parents of the following:
339 Annie, buried 8-5-1875. age 1 day;
364 John Albert, buried 17-4-1876, age 2 years 4 months, Primitive Methodist;
441 William Bond, buried 8-3-1882, age 12 days;
480 Lily Alexander, buried 22-4-1884, aged 1 month.

No Reg No. Nellie (Ellen) Bond, buried 8-3-1883, was stillborn and her birth record could not be found. She could have been the second of three tragedies for Mary Ann in 1882, 1883 and 1884.

It is no wonder that John Bond mentioned "five sons and three daughters living" in his 1888 biography.

David apparently married John Lavars' daughter.

BOND.-On the 11th ult, at Glen Horton, Peechelba*, Susanna, the dearly beloved wife of Wm. Bond of Peechelba, and mother of J. Bond, Broadmeadows, aged 76 years. A colonist of 48 years.(P.1, Argus, 29-1-1896.)
*PEECHELBA is 19 min (25.0 km) via Murray Valley Hwy/B400 and Wangaratta-Yarrawonga Rd/C374 from BUNDALONG.

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